20 Best Things To Do In Positano, Italy

things to do in positano italy

The Amalfi Coast’s most famous and legendary hillside village, the picturesque and romantic Positano is an idyllic place to spend a few days. The sight of the beige, pink, yellow and terra-cotta houses cascading down the side of the coast to crystal blue Mediterranean waters is famous across the world and has been mesmerizing visitors to this captivating section of the Italian coast for centuries.

Like stepping into a dream, Positano is the perfect place to live out your Italian fantasy. Positano also has both the best luxury hotels and budget hotels, so you’ll definitely find one that fits you can afford. With winding characterful streets, incredible restaurants, and breath-taking views, there’s so much to do; you’re sure to have a trip of a lifetime. If you’re still wondering what to do in Positano, then just read on to find out more about the best things to do in Positano, Italy.

Where to stay in Positano, Italy

Make your way in one of these authentically Italian neighborhoods close to all the dining and drinking establishments, as well as the breathtaking sceneries in Positano.

Lower Positano

This is a must-stay area for nightcrawlers who enjoy exploring the vibrant drinking establishments and looking for fun things to do at night. Lower Positano is decked with luminous bars boasting stunning sunset views of the Amalfi Coast. It’s also a great spot for first-time travelers to Italy since it’s surrounded by the best Positano tourist attractions. Those who enjoy water sports and underwater excursions like snorkeling or scuba diving can also make the most out of their day trip when they set up base here.


A more secluded area, Montepertuso is a small village in the northern part of Positano where families and couples would appreciate its romantic location. It’s decked with lush emerald landscapes wherein waking up to morning views of the Italian hillside is just one great way to begin your vacation. Active travelers and adventurous souls will definitely find Montepertuso a climb. This village is only reachable on foot and by walking up 1,500 flights of stairs.


Travelers who enjoy being near the water makes Fornillo an ideal base when in Positano. It’s home to the famous Fornillo Beach, just west of Positano’s city center, as well as the Gulf of Salerno where kayaking and water sports often take place. This charming part of Positano is a family-friendly area where all the essential establishments are easily accessible. Fornillo boasts some of the most rustic wineries and serves notable shellfish and seafood.

For a top-notch vacation in Positano, we recommend booking these amazing places to stay:

Things to do

1. Learn the art of making pizza and tiramisu at a local's home (from USD 193.0)

While you are in this beautiful village in Italy, you can go for a pizza- and tiramisu-making class. This three-hour activity is held in a local’s home, so you can be sure to enjoy a comfortable yet educational experience.

Here, you can learn to create an authentic pizza dish and get to try it afterward. It is best enjoyed with a glass of wine, which is also included in this package. Afterward, you can enjoy your sweet treat, which you will also be making from scratch.

Positano Pizza and Tiramisu Lesson with a Local Cook

Duration: 3 hours

3 reviews

2. Discover creative works at Franco Senesi Fine Art

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Posted by Franco Senesi Fine Art on Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Art enthusiasts can surely enjoy a visit to Franco Senesi Fine Art, which features contemporary art collections. The small art gallery’s team makes sure to select only the finest artworks by local artists. This gallery not only features colorful and artful paintings, but it also showcases beautiful and unique sculptures. If you like collecting art pieces, then this attraction in Positano is definitely worth a visit.

Franco Senesi Fine Art

Address: Piazza dei Mulini, 16, 84017 Positano SA, Italy

Website: Franco Senesi Fine Art

Opening hours: 9:30am - 12am (daily)

3. Try some local wine at Swirl the Glass

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Italy is well-known for its lush vineyards and flavorful wines. If you are a wine enthusiast, you may want to consider visiting Swirl the Glass, which offers wine tours and wine tastings. Here, you can learn all about the wine-making process. While you savor a glass of wine, you can enjoy a homecooked lunch meal at the beautiful estate. Wine tastings are often held before dinner, served with cold starters. You can choose from a wide variety of wines to try while you are here.

Swirl the Glass

Address: Via Pestella, 70, 84017 Positano SA, Italy

Website: Swirl the Glass

4. Walk the famous Positano streets (from USD 61.0)

The colorful streets of Positano
Source: Pixabay

One of the best things to do in Positano to know more about it is by and spending an afternoon walking its winding stone streets. It is also a great way to explore this fascinating town. Head straight to the colorful Church of Santa Maria Assunta, Positano’s most famous sight, which features a dome made of majolica tiles.

After admiring the architecture of the impressive building, it’s up to you. Positano is a small village, so wherever you are, you can find your way back to the harbor area and you never know what you might find when you get lost somewhere. Spend time photographing the colorful buildings, or take in the beautiful views overlooking the harbor while enjoying an Italian coffee or wine.

There are hidden treasures to be discovered around every corner and with many fashionable boutiques and ceramic shops, it’s also a great place to spend some of your hard-earned cash. So if ever you’re wondering what to see in Positano, it’s just a matter of walking around this awe-inspiring sea-side town.

Positano Walking tour

Duration: 2 to 3 hours

6 reviews

5. Visit Mt Vesuvius and Pompeii (from USD 134.0)

Source: Photo by Flickr user Glen Scarborough used under CC BY 2.0

One of the best day trips from Positano, and arguable the most impressive archeological sites in the world and with daily trips running from Positano, Pompeii is well worth a visit. Buried in ash from the 79D eruption of Mount Vesuvius, the ruins offer an unrivaled glimpse into what life was really like in everyday ancient Rome. Explore the ruins and visit the forum, the baths and some out-of-town villas and marvel at the everyday items recovered in the excavation.

Not far from Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius is another favorite Positano attraction. It’s where you can take a drive up its slope and hike to its crater. There are trips running daily from Positano that offer the chance to combine both these sights, usually with a delicious lunch provided.

Pompeii and Vesuvius Full-Day Tour from Amalfi Coast

Address: Positano, Italy


Amalfi Coast to Pompeii and Mt Vesuvius Full-Day Tour

Duration: 8 to 10 hours

42 reviews

6. Take a wine tour through the Amalfi countryside (from USD 373.0)

Explore the countryside
Source: Pixabay

The hills around Positano are blessed with some of the best vineyards in Italy and with sumptuous reds, refreshing whites and aromatic roses on offer; a wine tour is an ideal way to sample the local delights.

What could be better than tasting the aromatic flavors and developing your palette, all in the beautiful surroundings of the Amalfi Coast? Guided by a local expert you will be a swirling and smelling professionally in no time. Most tours will take you to a selection of vineyards, so you can really see how wine is produced in this area, and they usually provide lunch.

Irpinia Winery and Wine-Tasting Tour from the Amalfi Coast

Duration: 8 hours

10 reviews

7. Discover the wonders of Capri (from USD 121.0)

The Island of Capri
Source: Pixabay

Capri is the legendary island of paradise, found in the southern corner of the Bay of Naples. Long a favorite with the rich and famous, over the centuries everyone from Roman emperors, royalty and Hollywood superstars have fallen in love with its rugged beauty.

You can join that list too by taking a day trip to the spellbinding resort and see for yourself why this small island has captivated so many over the ages. With Roman ruins, fine Italian cuisine and designer boutiques lining the streets, there’s plenty to keep you entertained. Enjoy a glass of wine at the picturesque Marina Piccola or, if you want to leave the glitz behind, beyond the town there is unspoiled countryside to discover.

The main tourist attraction of the island is the Grotta Azzura, the Blue Grotto, which is a special cave discovered in the 19th-century. It’s well worth a visit and as well as the blue pool, there are the remains of an ancient rock, with a narrow cavern to admire.

Small-Group Capri Cruise from the Amalfi Coast

Address: Positano, Italy


Capri Island Cruise from Amalfi, Praiano, or Positano

Duration: 8 hours

10 reviews

8. Relax on one of Positano's famous beaches

The famous Spiaggia Grande
Source: Pixabay

With some of the most iconic and glamorous beaches in the world, you cannot visit Positano without spending at least one day relaxing underneath one of its colorful umbrellas. The Spiaggia Grande is one of the most popular Positano attractions as it’s a picture-perfect beach, a great place to sip on a cocktail while you top up your tan. With a string of restaurants, cafes, and even the resort’s only nightclub, Music On The Rocks, Spiaggia Grande is definitely the place to go for a lively afternoon and evening.

If you want to avoid the crowds, try Laurito Beach, which can either be accessed by boat that leaves Positano’s Spiaggia Grande every 30 minutes or via a flight of steps coming from the square opposite the Hotel San Pietro. This smaller beach is divided into a free and private beach, which is attached to a small hotel. As it is small, reservations at one of the restaurants or just to use a sun lounger are necessary so book ahead if you want to enjoy a day here. If these don’t take your fancy, why not try Fornillo and Arienzo Beach.

While the beaches around Positano are beautiful, why not venture further afar? There are many incredible beaches only accessible by boat for you to explore around the coast. Boats, kayaks and paddleboards are all available for rent at Spiaggia Grande, where the friendly vendors are happy to give you advice on the best places to go.

SUP Positano

Address: Spiaggia Grande, Positano, Italy

Website: SUP Positano

9. Hike the Path of the Gods (from USD 174.0)

Sentier des dieux-Positano-gb
Source: Photo by user Gilbert Bochenek used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Positano sightseeing wouldn’t be complete without checking this out. Whether you’re a fan of hiking or not, the Path of the Gods is a magical way to see the incredible and breathtaking beauty of the spell-binding Amalfi Coast.

The path itself is an impressive trail that has been carved into the landscape over centuries and is still used by farmers, shepherds and anyone else to navigate their way along this, at times, inhospitable coastline. In recent years it has attracted tourists, who come to admire the incredible views of this stunning piece of the world. The most popular portion is between Bomerano and Nocelle, which offers panoramic views from the pass of Colle Serra. Ancient Nocelle, is around 440 meters (1,442 feet) above Positano on the slopes of the Monte Sant'Angelo a tre pizzi and can be accessed via a steep, 1,700-step staircase.

The best way to tackle the path is from east to west, so you will be required to take a bus to Bomerano first and then walk back to Positano. It’s best to get some further information about the path, buses and the best time of day to tackle it after you have arrived in Positano, as this can change from day-to-day and depends on what time of year you visit.

The Path of the Gods

Address: Bomerano to Nocelle

Website: The Path of the Gods

Amalfi to Positano Path of the Gods Private Hiking Adventure

Duration: 4 hours

22 reviews

10. Explore the Amalfi coast by boat (from USD 616.0)

The stunning Amalfi Coast
Source: Pixabay

Positano might be the jewel in the Amalfi coast, but it’s far from the only place to explore. The Amalfi actually stretches 50-km (31 mi) along the Sorrentine Peninsula, in the Campania region and a great way to explore this incredible coastline is via a boat tour. You can appreciate the sheer cliffs, jagged shoreline and landscape dotted with vineyards and olive groves all from your private boat and with untouched coves, beaches, and grottos not accessible by land to visit, it makes for an amazing day.

There are many boat tours available from the harbor, and it is one of the top things to do in Positano. Enjoy a guided tour of the hidden beaches and grottos along the coast that you would have otherwise missed. The Amalfi is also regarded as one of the best places to scuba dive in the Mediterranean, so if you have experience or wanted to start, it’s a great place to try.

Boat Tour of the Amalfi


Amalfi Coast boat tour

Duration: 6 hours

11. Dance at Positano's legendary cave club

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Posted by MUSIC ON THE ROCKS on Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Positano isn’t known for its party nightlife, but Music on the Rocks is well worth a visit. The only club in the small village, it is one of the best in the region and not just because of the amazing location. Found at the eastern end of the Spiaggia Grande beach, Music On The Rocks is in a cave carved into the rock face and you can actually hear the waves crashing below as you dance and sip cocktails.

Attracting some of the top DJs in the region, a mix of electronic, house, and disco can usually be relied upon to provide a good night and it’s the perfect place to let your hair down in a unique location.

Music On The Rocks

Address: Via del Brigantino, 19, 84017 Positano, Italy

Website: Music On The Rocks

12. Appreciate the beauty of Santa Maria Assunta

Positano Santa Maria Assunta tower and front
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Arnoldius used under CC BY-SA 3.0

The church of Santa Maria Assunta in Positano features a beautiful Byzantine design that effortlessly attracts tourists. However, it is not only known for its distinctive architecture, it also has a rich history that visitors will definitely want to explore. Join a guided tour and let your host answer all your questions regarding the church’s past. You can enter the church to see its grand gold and white interiors as well as to see the statue of Black Madonna. If you want to take photographs with the magnificent structure, check out the angle from the cliff side overlooking beautiful ocean waters.

Santa Maria Assunta

Address: Via Marina Grande, 84017 Positano SA, Italy

Website: Santa Maria Assunta

13. Enjoy a selection of beautiful footwear at Safari - The Positano Sandals

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Want to incorporate culture with shopping? At Safari, you will see the locally sourced high-quality leather used to make beautiful shoes for all genders and ages. Committed to working with passion, their handmade products such as loafers and sandals let you experience comfort without having to compromise on design. Safari even lets their customers customize their own footwear so they can get the look they truly desire. Explore the different styles this shop has to offer and you will surely find something you will love.

Safari - The Positano Sandals

Address: Via della Tartana, 2, 84017 Positano SA, Italy

Website: Safari - The Positano Sandals

Opening hours: 9am - 9:30pm (daily)

14. Have a lovely meal at Da Vincenzo Positano

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

One of the most sought-after Positano activities is, of course, trying out the delectable authentic Italian dishes the town has to offer. If you’re looking for a great restaurant with a welcoming ambience, Da Vincenzo Positano will certainly not disappoint. Witness a variety of food options from delectable pasta dishes to seafood courses. Want some wine to pair with your delicious meal? Explore the different choices of refreshing wine this restaurant has to offer. If you’re not sure what to get, you can always ask the accommodating staff for suggestions as they will surely know what the best sellers are. Spoil yourself and indulge in a wonderful dining experience in Positano.

Da Vincenzo Positano

Address: Viale Pasitea, 172/178, 84017 Positano SA, Italy

Website: Da Vincenzo Positano

Opening hours: Sun, Wed - Sat: 12:15pm - 2:45pm, 6:45pm - 10:45 pm; Mon: 12:15pm - 2:45pm, 6:30pm - 10:45pm (Closed on Tue)

15. Enjoy a cocktail at Blu Bar Positano

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

With a welcoming ambience and a beautiful view, Blu Bar will surely delight its customers. Not only do they offer deliciously refreshing cocktails, but the bar also offers authentic Italian snacks visitors will want to savor. If you are out with your friends, you can get something for sharing such as pizza, or if you prefer, you can also have some sandwiches. They also offer scrumptious desserts like ice cream and fresh fruits. Up for some wine tasting while you take in the beautiful views of Amalfi Coast from your very own comfortable seat? Indulge in locally made wines and discover the alluring taste of Positano.

Blu Bar Positano

Address: Spiaggia, Via Marina Grande, 4, 84017 Positano SA, Italy

Website: Blu Bar Positano

Opening hours: 11am - 11pm (daily)

16. Bonus: Town-hopping and limoncello tasting (from Rome) (221.96 USD)

Source: Photo by Flickr user VV Nincic used under CC BY 2.0

If you’re looking for a scenic coastal trip from Rome, this is easily one of our favorite tours. It’s a mini trip packed with lots of activities and memories to bring home.

The trip starts with a high-speed train out of Rome to Salerno. You will then take a ferry ride along the Amalfi Coast, where you’ll get to see picturesque towns along the coastline. The first stop at Amalfi Town to stretch your legs for a stroll, some shopping and of course, limoncello tasting. The next stop is Positano, where your guide will give you tips on the best spots to check out before you explore on your own. Enjoy a special lunch tasting the region’s freshest local ingredients and be sure to take a dip in the sea too.

Town-hopping and limoncello tasting


Price: 221.96 USD

17. Go back in time at MAR Positano Villa Romana

Villa Romana di Positano
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user MaR Positano used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Go back in time by visiting this renovated Roman villa in Positano. This ancient dwelling was buried during the catastrophic Vesuvius eruption in 79 AD, which, incidentally, also struck Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Despite being underground for centuries, the beautiful structure remained mostly intact. Excavation and restoration started in 2003, and it was finally completed in 2017. Now, tourists from all over the world flock to the site to see first-hand what it was like to live in ancient times.

When you book a tour in this time-worn residence, you will still get to see for yourself the colorful frescoes adorning most of the interior walls. Most of the pictures depict mythological creatures from ancient Roman times, including cupids and winged horses. Amazingly, jugs, cups, and other everyday items also remain intact, giving a glimpse of how ancient Romans lived.

MAR Positano Villa Romana Tour

Address: Piazza Flavio Gioia, 7, 84017 Positano SA, Italy

Website: MAR Positano Villa Romana

Opening hours: Apr 1st - Oct 31st: 9am - 9pm (daily); Nov 1st - March 30th: 10am - 4pm (daily)

Price: 15 EUR (18 USD)

18. Enjoy an authentic Italian meal at La Piazzetta Di Palumbo Francesco

Editor's Note: There's no photo available at the time of writing

La Piazzetta Di Palumbo Francesco is located on the street of Viale Pasitea, which sits on a hill in the middle of the town. This means that it’s easy to find as it’s pretty much situated near most hotels, inns, shops, and other establishments. The restaurant serves authentic Italian meals that would certainly satisfy your pasta and pizza cravings without hurting your wallet, perfect for adventurers on a tight budget.

La Piazzetta Di Palumbo Francesco

Address: Viale Pasitea, 237, 84017 Positano SA, Italy

Opening hours: 8am - 10pm (daily)

Activities near Positano

19. Try tandem skydiving from 4500m (14763 ft) over the Amalfi Coast near Naples (228 USD)

things to do in positano italy | try tandem skydiving from 4500m (14763 ft) over the amalfi coast near naples

The Amalfi Coast is a 50-kilometre (31-mile) stretch of coastline in the south of Italy. Time and time again, people are blown away by its luminous blue waters, enchanting multi-coloured houses hugging the side of the cliffs, and its surrounding countryside. Get the best view of the coast from above with this skydiving experience. This is suitable for first-timers as you are strapped to your tandem master from the moment you jump until you safely land to the ground. take a plane ride reaching 4,500 metres (14,000 ft) from where you’ll take the plunge, engage in a 60-minute free fall as you enjoy panoramic views, and bask in the beauty its luscious greenery as you descend to landing site. The price includes all the skydiving equipment and insurance. Complement this once in a lifetime experience with a photo & video package at a minimal cost.

Tandem Skydive from 4500m (14763 ft) over the Amalfi Coast near Naples

Price: 228 USD

Duration: half day

20. Experience tandem paragliding flight over the Amalfi Coast (137 USD)

things to do in positano italy | experience tandem paragliding flight over the amalfi coast

Discover the rustic charm of the Amalfi Coast and refresh your weary spirit with sublime views of its naturally beautiful coastline and gorgeous Mediterranean towns. Make the 25 to 40-minute tandem-paragliding flight the highlight of your visit. It is the closest thing to reaching the sky. Gently soar high up and glide into the air while you are mesmerised by the coast’s exquisite beauty. See the gigantic Mount Vesuvius, the only active volcano on mainland Europe known for its disastrous eruption which buried the town of Pompeii. A licensed paraglider pilot will look after the launching, navigating and landing for you. Paragliding equipment, insurance and transfers are all included in the package. Time to defy your limits. Book now and Experience the excitement!

Tandem paragliding flight over the Amalfi Coast

Price: 137 USD

Duration: half day

Fall in love with Positano

Falling in love with Positano and everything this romantic, Italian resort has to offer is easy. After walking the ancient streets, discovering the authentic restaurants, and the historic houses nestled on the hillside, and sampling the authentic food, you might wonder how you will ever leave.

Positano might be the Italian dream, so it is worth venturing out to discover the best Airbnb vacation rentals and other exceptionally beautiful stays that dot this incredible coastline. The villages of Praiano, Conca dei Marini, Castiglione, and Maiori lie between Positano and Salerno and are well worth a trip and can be accessed by local ferry services. Or if you are feeling more adventurous, a ferry from Naples will take you to the island of Sardinia.

Frequently asked questions about best things to do in Positano

1. What are the top attractions to visit in Positano?

Positano is a postcard-perfect village that you’ll surely want to see even its nooks and crannies. But if you have limited time then you shouldn’t miss a few of its top attractions, including Fornillo and Spiaggia Grande.

2. What are the best outdoor activities in Positano?

Most of the best outdoor things to do here are water activities, like swimming on its pristine beaches and boat tours. But if you’re not into water activities, you can also try tandem paragliding, wine tasting tours, and hiking trips.

3. What are the best day trips from Positano?

Positano is a great jump-off point if you’re planning to visit other nearby villages and cities. Some of the must-do day trips here include Capri, Pompeii, and Amalfi.

4. What are the most popular things to do in Positano with kids?

One of the most popular kid-friendly activity here is boating around the area for them to see the marvelous sights from the water. If they’re older, you can join the boating tours that will let you explore other nearby islands and towns. Also, another must-visit for them is Spiaggia Grande, which is the main beach of Positano, and where they can swim and make sandcastles.

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