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Maximize Your Stay In Waikiki With ABC Stores

Published Dec 25, 2015

If you are traveling to Hawaii, and need a few small things to make your trip a million times better, like something as simply as a cute postcard to send to your family, or a delicious local juice to refresh yourself, there are ABC stores! ABC stores are a mix between a convenience store and a supermarket, allowing you to find anything, and they are located everywhere, particularly in Waikiki. Seriously, you may see an ABC store on every block in Waikiki!

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What are ABC stores?


When you travel to Hawaii, particularly to the Waikiki area, you will most certainly run into an ABC store. ABC stores can be described as high quality convenience stores, which deal with many local Hawaiian goods and any daily necessities, which are useful for travelers. If you need to do any last minute souvenir shopping, this is the place to go. If you need to get a beach mat, this is where you can get an affordable item to make your beach time more convenient.

Of about 78 stores, 56 stores are located in Hawaii, and the rest can be found in places like Guam, Saipan, and Las Vegas. Many of the stores are found on the street level and are easily accessible. From the streets of Waikiki to the Ala Moana Center, it is always filled with many tourists.

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Leis, postcards, and Aloha shirts!

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If you are used to convenience stores in the US, ABC stores are a little different from what you are used to. It is really more like a supermarket because of the wide range of items that you can find at the stores. Most of the customers of ABC stores are tourists, and there are many items, which attract tourists who want to fully enjoy the aloha spirit on their vacation in Hawaii.

In ABC stores, you find something unique to Hawaii, which you don’t usually find at other convenience stores in the mainland. At the entrance, you often see beautiful postcards that you will be excited to share from your adventure in Hawaii with your friends and family back home. If you want to put a lei on your neck, or a plumeria accessory in your hair, this is where you can find what you are looking for. If you want to get an aloha shirt as a souvenir for your significant other, you can also find it here too. There are a wide range of items available at ABC stores, which make it easier for tourists to purchase unique souvenirs, so definitely stop by at one of the stores and see what you can find.

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Find Hawaiian Specialties

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At an ABC store, you will find items that are unique to Hawaii, which are great for souvenirs. If you are looking for Hawaiian coffee, you can get Kona coffee here. You can never go wrong with chocolates, and of course, you can get those famous Hawaiian macadamia chocolates at an ABC store too.

You might also want to enjoy local goodies on your own time while you are in Hawaii, and of course, you can find 100 percent all natural juice, that’s made in Hawaii, at an ABC store. Many of the ABC stores are concentrated on the streets of Waikiki, so you can get a drink at the store along with a snack, and just cross the street head to the beach to relax and enjoy a tropical day in paradise.

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ABC stores at your doorstep

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Seriously, you will be surprised to see how many ABC stores are in Waikiki. They are everywhere, from the Royal Hawaiian Center going all the way to beneath that of the Hyatt Regency in Waikiki. If you are living in Hawaii, the living cost is very expensive on the island, so you want to look for supermarkets and stores with great deals. However,as a tourist what you want is convenience, and the ABC stores provide the convenience that a tourist is looking for. If you cannot deal with doing a lot of shopping trying to find souvenirs, you just need to spend 20 to 30 minutes of your time at an ABC store and you will find great items for your family, friends, and coworkers. Hawaii is beautiful, so you really want to maximize your time there, not worrying too much about pleasing others with souvenirs, so this is a great place to find the Hawaiian items that everyone will enjoy. This is really the place to go as a tourist.

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Maximize your stay with ABC stores

You do not need to even look for it, but if you walk around a block or two in Waikiki, you will run into an ABC store. Knowing where ABC stores are in relation to your hotel would be useful if you suddenly need a midnight snack, need to get a last minute souvenir on the last day, or forgot to bring a toothbrush on your trip. It is a convenience store with the Hawaiian touch, where you can find plenty of goodies to make your trip to Hawaii more convenient and comfortable.

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