Honolulu, US

Honolulu, located in Oahu Island, is for sure the most famous city in Hawaii. The city hosts Hawaii's tourists mecca, Waikiki Beach.

Many of the tourists who visit the island of Oahu are likely to stay in one of the many gigantic luxurious hotels are located in Waikiki. Honolulu provides a wide range of exciting activities, from beach sports to shopping. Most of the businesses in Oahu are located in downtown Honolulu, so you will find fine dining restaurants and an amazing nightlife. If you are into nature, you can easily take a bus to get to the island's wilderness, but you can also hike Diamond Head, one of the most symbolic Hawaii landmark situated in the heart of Honolulu.

Honolulu also hosts the worldly famous Honolulu marathon. It is indeed a very healthy active city so there are numerous sports events happening all year around from marathon races to surf competitions. Food in Hawaii is so good so you want to make sure to exercise allowing your body to burn all the calories!

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Honolulu, US
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