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Mansion Rentals

With magnificent facades, sprawling indoor and outdoor spaces, and unmatched comfort, mansion rentals redefine luxury and elevate your stay to the next level. Imagine living in an expansive mansion with lavish amenities, grand rooms, and stunning outdoor recreation spots far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. These spacious mansion rentals, with multiple rooms and gathering areas, are perfect for group reunions, weddings and celebrations, and getaways for multi-generational families.

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So, for your next getaway with friends and family, splurge on a splendid mansion rental and have the most memorable retreat. Keep reading our guide on mansion rentals, in which you can also find some of the best rental options across top destinations.

Why should you choose mansion rentals over other luxury rentals?

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Even though you can find plenty of luxurious vacation rentals for a lavish retreat, they differ greatly from mansion rentals. Check out a few of the additional benefits mansions offer as compared to other luxury vacation rentals:

  • Space for large groups

Mansion rentals usually feature over four rooms and spacious gathering areas, making them ideal for large groups. So, with multiple rooms, mansions usually offer a comfortable retreat for ten or more people.

  • Luxurious amenities that can be enjoyed in privacy

Unlike some luxury rentals that offer communal amenities, mansion rentals feature amenities that guests can have all for themselves. Whatever luxurious facilities a mansion may include, be it swimming pools, fitness rooms, movie rooms, or game rooms, guests have the added benefit of enjoying all of it in complete privacy.

  • In-house services such as butlers and chefs

Select mansion rentals also include in-house butlers and chefs, making for the most hassle-free retreats. From getting the butler to ready the pool and barbecue station to savoring special recipes cooked by the chef, you can take advantage of luxurious services and just lie back and have a leisurely time.

  • Hosting events and celebrations

Select mansions and estates are event-friendly and allow guests to host ceremonies, gatherings, and parties. Since mansion rentals have extensive outdoor spaces, they make for an outstanding option for hosting an event. Before booking, don’t forget to check the house rules and confirm the event with the host.


Even though a retreat in a mansion rental is a vacation in itself, you can still choose from a range of excellent destinations to serve as a backdrop to your stay and make it even more special. You can find many destinations with mansion rentals in the world, especially in the USA. Choose a destination nearest to you or plan a getaway to one of the top locations:

Mansion rentals in top US cities

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The USA boasts plenty of bustling metropolitans with pleasant suburbs. Check out the top metro cities with sprawling estates and elegant mansions:

Los Angeles

One of the most upscale cities in the USA, Los Angeles features plenty of mansions and estates for rent. Apart from gorgeous mansion rentals, some of which are in and near Hollywood Hills, you can also find several Airbnb mansions in the City of Angels.


Philadelphia sits along the shore of the Delaware River and offers plenty of things to do outdoors. For history buffs, the city boasts several historical places and landmarks. On your quest for luxurious accommodations, you will also be able to find various historic and magnificent mansion rentals in and near Philadelphia.


For your next retreat, admire the hauntingly beautiful Arizonan desert landscape while staying in one of the mansion rentals in Phoenix. For more luxurious estates in the city, you can also choose from one of the Airbnb mansions. When in Phoenix, you can check out its buzzing nightclubs or embark on one of the scenic drives in and around the city.


This bustling and pleasant metropolis on the shore of Lake Michigan boasts plenty of mansion rentals and various Airbnb mansions for a lavish retreat. If you are at a family reunion, you can take your little ones to check out plenty of things to do with kids in Chicago. However, if you are with friends, head to vibrant nightclubs and check out the several things to do at night.

Mansion rentals in the USA’s top tourist hotspots

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Instead of a metropolis nearest to you, plan a lavish retreat in one of the tourist hotspots in the USA. Check out a few of the top tourist destinations that include grand mansions:

Las Vegas

Set within the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas features a vibrant entertainment scene amidst dramatic landscapes. The city is also famous for its architecture and boasts several distinct and famous buildings. Representing its upscale vibe, the city has plenty of mansion rentals and several Airbnb mansions that make for a lavish getaway.


Set amidst the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, Aspen is one of the most famous and high-end ski resort towns in the world. Offering hiking and camping in the summers and skiing and snowshoeing in the winters, Aspen is a year-round destination perfect for outdoorsy travelers. It also boasts plenty of opulent mansion rentals high up in the hills, making for a scenic and lavish stay.

Miami Beach

A tropical paradise with high-spirited nightlife, Miami Beach is as magical as it can get. For luxury travelers, the city boasts plenty of gorgeous mansion rentals, which, with swimming pools and palm trees, perfectly depict the city’s vibe. For more lavish accommodations, you can also find Airbnb mansions near Miami Beach.

San Diego

From scenic waterfall hikes to fancy restaurants, the Pacific Coast city of San Diego features the perfect blend of indoor and outdoor fun. For a luxurious retreat, it also boasts several mansion rentals, a few of which are set on the oceanfront, making for a magical getaway.

Mansion rentals in and near the USA’s natural landmarks

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Apart from bustling metropolises, the USA also features diverse landscapes and stunning natural landmarks. Check out a few of the most charming regions where you can find Airbnb mansions:

Lake Michigan

Offering hiking and biking trails, campsites and various stunning islands, Lake Michigan is one of the best recreational areas in the USA. With several mansion rentals in its vicinity. You can either stay in for a lavish retreat or have an adventurous day out on the lake.

Great Smoky Mountains

With lush greenery, stunning waterfalls, meandering streams, and scenic hikes, the Great Smoky Mountains are a paradise for outdoorsy travelers. To relish the lush nature in the most opulent way, you can book your stay in one of the grand mansion rentals near the Great Smoky Mountains.

Florida Keys

For your upcoming reunion, book one of the sprawling oceanfront mansion rentals in the Florida Keys and have the most scenic and memorable holiday. Boasting access to both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, Florida Keys is perfect for relishing sandy beaches, the sun, and the water. For more upscale accommodation options in the Florida Keys, you can find a few mansion rentals in and near Key West.

Mansion rentals in other destinations across North America

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If you are planning a grand retreat out of the USA, then you can plan a stay in one of the luxurious estates and mansions across other destinations in North America. Check out a few destinations on the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea with the best mansion rentals:

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Revel in top-class luxury while enjoying the most gorgeous landscapes of the Pacific Ocean during your stay at one of the top mansion rentals in Cabo San Lucas. In these sprawling mansions, you can eat, sleep, gather, or take a refreshing soak, all while admiring the magnificent views. If you want to explore the town, you can find a range of attractions and things to do, including scenic surf spots.

Costa Rica

With the Pacific Ocean to its west and the Caribbean Sea to its east, Costa Rica boasts some of the best coastal landscapes, along with thrilling surf spots and stunning beaches. As for luxurious accommodations for large families and groups, it features various mansion rentals, either surrounded by greenery or water. For more options, you can also find some mansion rentals near Jaco Beach, a magnificent beach on the Pacific coast.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Featuring both a vibrant historic old town and an upscale and modern district, the Puerto Rican capital of San Juan boasts one of the best blends of history and modernity. For a luxurious retreat, you can also find several mansion rentals near San Juan, some of which are on the oceanfront, ensuring a scenic getaway.


Witness the best of Caribbean culture, landscapes, cuisine, and laidback vibes while staying in one of Jamaica’s stunning mansion rentals. If you want to spend a day out, you can take various rafting tours to admire its natural beauty or go carousing on one of the entertaining party boats.

What to expect on your mansion retreat

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During your mansion retreat, you can expect your stay to be an ultra-luxurious affair. Mansion rentals boast various areas for gathering, including huge family rooms, home theaters, and more, as well as recreational outdoor amenities such as swimming pools, lawns, and alfresco dining areas. Multiple entertainment options are also available, including indoor and outdoor games, which make the mansion rentals vacation destinations in themselves. Moreover, mansion rentals usually offers the services of a housekeeper, butler, or home chef to make your experience even more enjoyable. Combine these entertainment and recreational amenities and thoughtful services with plush comfort and lavish furnishings, and you get the most wonderful of retreats.

While staying in a mansion, you can also expect to have wonderful reunions with friends and family. Since mansions have multiple rooms and sprawling spaces, make sure that you are planning your getaway with a large group to make the most of it.

Redefine luxury in mansion rentals

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Staying in a splendid mansion with beautifully landscaped gardens makes for one of the most magnificent forms of vacationing. Engaging in friendly banter by playing indoor or outdoor games, soaking in your own private pool, or enjoying the barbecue while relishing the charming outdoors with your friends and family will make for a lifetime of memories.

So, if you are planning that long-due reunion, learn everything about mansion rentals by reviewing this guide and choose one from one of the top destinations in and around the USA.

Mansions in the USA

Mansions in North America

Mansions in Europe

Mansions in the Caribbean

FAQ's about Mansion Rentals

  • What amenities are usually included in mansion rentals?
    Out of the top luxurious amenities, mansion rentals usually include swimming pools and outdoor areas with barbecue grills, outdoor dining, and fire pits. Depending on the property, select mansions also include hot tubs, game rooms, and fitness rooms.
  • For how much can I book a mansion rental?
    In a top USA city such as Los Angeles, you would have to spend at least a whopping 1350 USD to book a mansion for a night. But in some other cities, such as San Diego, you can get a mansion for 850 USD per night. So even though the exact price range depends on the location, you should be prepared to spend a steep amount.
  • Can I host family gatherings in mansion rentals?
    Even though mansion rentals allow you to gather and have fun with your large group of friends and family, not all mansion rentals allow you to host people other than those declared at the time of booking. Select mansions allow events and parties, but make sure to check with the host and follow the house rules.
  • On which platforms can I search for mansion rentals?
    Most often, you can find mansion rentals on Airbnb and Vrbo. A few mansions are also listed on, so check the applications or websites of these platforms to find mansion rentals.
  • Are mansion rentals pet-friendly?
    Some mansion rentals happily welcome pets, especially service animals, and there is enough space for them to enjoy. You must contact the host or owner beforehand to check out the specific policies.
  • Where are mansion rentals usually located?
    Since mansion rentals boast expansive spaces, including extensive outdoor areas, they are usually located in suburban settings. At coastal tourist hotspots, you can also find mansion rentals in charming oceanfront settings.

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