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[3% CashBack] 5 Dreamy HomeAway Vacation Rentals Under 150 USD In Naples, Italy

[3% CashBack] 5 Dreamy HomeAway Vacation Rentals Under 150 USD In Naples, Italy

A city that lives in the past, with ancient structures forming the historic centre at the heart of civilisation, that, at the same time, is breathing to the pace of modern life, that’s Naples. To some, the array of street art scattered across old buildings is nothing compared to the romantic palazzos that stand tall in Rome.

Peel off the aged grime, however, and you will find yourself in a city that thrives quietly amongst warm locals, delicious food, and a rich local culture. Immerse yourself in the authentic Naples experience by staying in one of of these five idyllic and yet inexpensive HomeAway vacation rentals nestled in the unassuming neighbourhoods of Naples:

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Due to the recent increase in the number of confirmed cases in Northern Italy*, travellers are advised to postpone all non-essential travel to Northern Italy until further notice. Travellers who have returned from Italy should monitor their health for two weeks and minimise contact with other people. Travellers who develop symptoms of a cough, fever, or shortness of breath should seek medical attention immediately.

*Northern Italy refers to the eight administrative regions of Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto, Piedmont, Liguria, Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, Aosta Valley and Trentino-Alto Adige

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1. Rustic ruminations: elegant apartment by Via Toledo (from 56 USD)

After a long day of travelling, step into your apartment and prepare to be greeted by the clean sight of your homely abode. With touches of vintage artistry everywhere, take some time to admire the unique prints of the sofa and wall art hanging around the house.

Source: HomeAway

Make yourself comfortable on the double bed, and, if you are travelling with more than two people, someone can take the sofa bed. Catch up on your much-needed sleep without worries in this quiet neighbourhood, away from civilisation’s noise.

Source: HomeAway

If you find yourself waking up hungry, head over to the cosy kitchen by the living room and cook up something tasty for breakfast. With basic kitchen utensils and a coffee machine, you can satisfy your caffeine cravings at any time of the day.

Source: HomeAway

Spend a peaceful afternoon by the window reading your favourite book, or venture out to La Pignasecca, a street market just 10 minutes away, for a mind-boggling experience. From wriggling octopuses to rare 90s hip-hop CDs, this place has everything you could possibly want. Bring home a fresh catch of trout, and your dinner is set!


Address: Via Toledo, Naples

Price: from 56 USD

Number of Guests: 4

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2. Speranzella studio in central Naples (from 57 USD)

Source: HomeAway

Look beyond the rustic ruins of this neighbourhood, and you will find yourself in this recently refurbished studio. Found on the third floor of an old palace, this location is situated mere metres away from all the attractions in the central district.

Source: HomeAway

Live the life of modern royalty with a plethora of useful appliances to choose from. Heat up last night’s leftovers in the small microwave, and spend your rainy afternoons indoors with a plate of hot lasagna while watching local programmes on television.

Source: HomeAway

After your filling lunch, climb up the ladder to your own private terrace, with a spacious chase lounge and sufficient shade for you to practice some quiet meditation at the day’s end. Surrounded by sweet-smelling flowers and greenery, indulge in the stillness this age-old palace has to offer.


Address: Spagnoli Quarter, Central Naples

Price: from 57 USD

Number of Guests: 3

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3. Dreamy loft by Via Pasquale Scura (from 80 USD)

Located in a building from the 17th century, the contemporary interior may come as a surprise to you after passing by the antique streets. Adorned with modern wall art and quirky furniture (spot the lopsided door?), this space will prove to be an unconventional piece of art.

Climb up the flight of stairs to your crisp white sleeping quarters. Unpack your luggage and use the closet right beside you as your storage, and you can even plan out your outfits for the rest of the week by hanging them on the racks!

Head up the staircase if you prefer a dimmer environment to sleep in. With 2 single beds and a spectacular view hidden behind the striped curtains, you can see the world beneath your feet from this room.

Luxury loft in the heart Unesco World Heritage. More Central would be impossible

Address: Via Pasquale Scura, Naples

Price: from 80 USD

Number of Guests: 6

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4. The royal glow: sunrise structure (from 82 USD)

Source: HomeAway

Take a step into this apartment, and you will feel as though you have gone back to the 19th century. Carefully decorated with specially crafted vintage pieces, live in style and comfort under the swinging chandeliers of your new home.

With two bedrooms accommodating up to four people, choose between a simply furnished room for spiritual healing and reflection, or the ornately furnished room for a more immersive experience. Both rooms come with a snug queen-sized bed and clean towels, so that you can rest in comfort after a tiring day.

Source: Wikipedia

If you are a history geek, head on over to the Piazza del Plebiscito, walking distance away, for a breathtaking view of the massive structures that line the skies with looming figureheads. Famous bands and singers, such as Elton John and Maroon 5, have graced the grounds with open-air concerts in the past, so always check to see if there’s a gig coming up.

Source: HomeAway

Come home to a whiff of fresh air by accessing the open-air balcony. Here, you can spend some connecting with your friends or family over a cup of hot tea, and rest your aching legs from all the exploring you did with the comfy armchairs provided. Enjoy watching the soft rays of the sun slowly melt into the shrouded darkness of the night with your loved ones.

SUNRISE is a structure with a range of apartments in the city center. - LIGEA

Address: Vico Santo Spirito di Palazz, San Ferdinando, Naples

Price: from 82 USD

Number of Guests: 6

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5. Casa Ciuciu Napoli: luxury apartment in the historic centre (from 147 USD)

Source: HomeAway

Wrapped by the warm embrace of the sun from the moment you enter the house, the autumnal tones that colour this room extend a friendly invitation for you to find solace after a long flight.

Source: HomeAway

With bohemian-styled tapestry hanging from the walls complemented by dancing flames from the tabletop candles, you can take a break by lounging on the mini sofa while reading the newspaper over a cup of coffee.

Source: HomeAway

Retire back to your room after dinner, and sink into the heavenly gold-brown sheets as you watch the night sky light up with an array of stars. Fall asleep to your favourite YouTube video playing in the background thanks to the superb Wi-Fi connection.


Address: Near Piazza Cavour, Naples

Price: from 147 USD

Number of Guests: 7

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Don't compromise quality for your budget

Forget about sleeping in a dingy hostel with no privacy; with the emergence of innovative hosting platforms, such as HomeAway, comfortable living quarters like the ones mentioned above are now available with an affordable price tag. Gone are the days of scrimping on shopping for a decent hotel. Shop till you drop in Naples and come home to large mattresses and a clean space waiting for you!

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