Santiago, Chile

Santiago is not only the capital city of Chile, but it is also a city full of life, culture, and history. When travelers arrive in Santiago de Chile, it is usually for a quick transfer at the airport. Of course many know that Chile is a beautiful country with many natural destinations to explore, but Santiago is not to be overlooked.

Santiago is a great city, which caters to different types of travelers. For foodies, head on to Calle Pío Nono, the street where locals go to have a drink, eat, and chat for hours. Participating in a cooking class and experiencing Santiago’s hectic but fun local markets is also a good choice. For those who love architecture and photography, why not head out and take a free walking tour? Free walking tours are very popular in Santiago, and there are many options to choose from. Visit popular attractions in the city including Plaza de Armas, House of Pablo Neruda (La Chascona), the hills of Santiago, and also the different barrios (neighborhoods)! In Santiago, there is always something for everyone!

Accommodations and transportation is not something to worry about. There are hotels and budget hostels around the city for all types of travelers. Santiago’s transportation system is also very accessible, and many destinations are within walking distance. Wait no further, begin your journey at Trip101 to be inspired!

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Santiago, Chile
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