Athens, Greece

If you're a fan of Greek Mythology, you would know the story of how Athens got its name. The Olympians Athena and Poseidon competed to become patriot of the city and eventually it was Athena who won out after offering the city an olive tree, which grew on the city's acropolis (an ancient citadel). If Athena and Poseidon were travellers in this modern day and age, they probably still would have fought for this beautiful city that's now a world-renowned tourist destination.

Athens is known as the cradle of modern civilisation and the city bears many physical and cultural links to its ancient past. The Acropolis is the main attraction of the city of Athens. Explore the Parthenon, the iconic ancient Athenian temple dedicated to Athens' patron goddess. In the surrounding area of the Acropolis, you can also find the Agora, which is the equivalent of a city centre back in Ancient Greece.

Athens is a labyrinth of narrow walkways and exciting discoveries. When in Athens, one simply must visit the Monastiraki Flea Markets. Statues and figurines of the Olympian Gods are the order here, although there are also other local trinkets and goods for anyone looking for a meaningful souvenir.

Athens is a beautiful city with scenery that is both reminiscent of its ancient civilisation and a reflection of its status as a modern European city. The uniqueness of Athens can only be expressed through personal experience so start planning your trip to Athens now! Athena awaits your arrival!

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Athens, Greece
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