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11 Amazing Hotels Around The World

Updated May 27, 2016

From quirky, incredible, to downright cool (literally!), hotels have taken on a whole new form in this list of eleven unusual hotels. Here, you’ll find hotels that rise up from t​he snow every winter, bubble hotels with panoramic views, and a tiny inn in the middle of a lake. If you’re tired of generic hotel rooms that are all starting to look the same, why not try one of these? We guarantee you’ll have an amazing time.

1. Attrap’Reves - France

At Attrap’Reves, you get to stay in bubble tents that give you a surreal and sensory experience of being surrounded by nature, with no compromise on quality.

The hotel’s main location is in Marseille, France. Located in a field near a pine forest, you’ll be surrounded by nature, and might even catch sight of little critters like rabbits or squirrels.

There are packages offered for different kinds of bubbles – you can opt for a stargazing package, where a telescope and a star chart will be provided. Another package is a package for couples, where you can have a private, open-air Jacuzzi session.

A breakfast basket is provided for guests, and dinner baskets can be booked in advance on their site. If staying in a giant plastic bubble makes you a bit worried about privacy, you can relax. The bubbles are tucked away in private spots, and you can also opt for tinted bubbles. The bubbles have all the amenities of a hotel room – the only downside is that the washroom is separate from the bubble.

A stay at Attrap’Reves is sure to leave you feeling enthralled with nature. You can fall asleep under the stars and wake with the rising sun.

More information can be found here.

2. Fairy Chimney Inn - Turkey

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Cappadocia is famous for its fairy chimneys, which are tall, cone-shaped rock formations. The rock inside them is soft and easily excavated. Because of this, centuries ago, the Fairy Chimneys were hollowed out and turned into a network of dwellings and caves. They were first inhabited by cave dwellers in the Bronze Age. Later, the Byzantine Christians fleeing persecution used them.

In the Fairy Chimney Inn, you’ll stay in caves that once served as part of a 1,500-year-old Byzantine cave monastery. They were later used as general housing for Turkish families. Most of the rooms are named after the families that lived there once. The owners of the hotel wanted to retain the authenticity of the dwellings, so the rooms are fairly primitive. They come with a bed, traditional rugs, tables, chairs, a wardrobe, and a hot-water kettle. Of course, nowhere is too primitive for Wi-Fi, which is available in all the rooms.

A rich buffet breakfast is available every morning with traditional Turkish food such as cheese-filled pancakes, and home-made bread. You can also go on customized hiking tours and horse-riding activities during your stay. The owners, Andus Emge and Gulcan Yucedogan-Emge, live on-site, and are a wealth of information about how to best enjoy your trip to Cappadocia. If you’re looking for a stay that gives you a truly authentic experience of life in the Fairy Chimneys, a stay here is sure to leave you feeling drenched in culture and history.

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3. Utter Inn - Sweden

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Utter Inn is a tiny little red inn plopped in the middle of a lake in Sweden. In English, it’s called Otter Inn. While the idea of staying in a house in the middle of a lake is cute enough, Utter Inn has another twist to it. It’s actually an underwater accommodation. You climb down a little ladder to your sleeping accommodations, where little windows allow you to see the fish surrounding you in the lake.

The conditions in the inn are camp-like. There is no electricity and shower, so be prepared to rough it out a little. Most stays only last a night, so it’s bearable. You will be driven out to the Inn and left there, so make sure you pack everything you want to bring from the mainland. A breakfast basket will be provided, and you can make arrangements for a dinner basket to be provided if you’d like.

Otherwise, you can sit on the little deck and watch the ships pass by on the lake. At night, you’ll fall asleep with the fish peeking in on your tiny little room.

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4. Cocoa Island by COMO - Maldives

For a luxurious, private island getaway, you’ll have to opt for Cocoa Island. Located in the Kaafu Atoll, Maldives, this resort offers an experience that can’t be beaten.

The resort snakes out over crystal-clear water, with suites spreading out from the main walkway. The suites were inspired by the design of the dhoni, a local fishing boat. All suites are luxuriously appointed, and come with air-conditioning and a large bathroom. Each room has its own private terrace, and you can slip into the sea at any moment.

The resort works hard to tailor your experience to your needs. Anything that you want, they can arrange for you. The resort also boasts a world-class spa, yoga lessons, gourmet cuisine, and two private reefs. You can enjoy dinner on your private over-water terrace, in the restaurant, or as a candle-lit beach dinner.

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5. ICEHOTEL - Sweden

The ICEHOTEL is the epitome of transcendence. Each year, over 5,000 tons of natural ice are harvested from the Torne River in Jukkasjarvi. From the months of December to April, the ICEHOTEL is built. Then, it all melts away, till the next winter.

ICEHOTEl is the very first ice hotel in the world. Located in the village of Jukkasjarvi, in Northern Sweden, the ICEHOTEL is made entirely of snow and ice. Even the glasses in the bar are made from ice. The entire structure remains around −5 °C (23 °F).

Aside from the fact that the entire hotel is made of ice, the ICEHOTEL also prides itself on the fact that it is a meeting place for ice and art. From as early as May, artists all over the world submit designs for rooms. The selected artists gather in November to watch their ideas become temporary reality. Because of that, the ICEHOTEL is different every year, and every suite is unique. Designs have ranged from a tram carriage to having a life-sized elephant in the room.

If you’re worried about toughing it out in the icy weather, don’t be. Guests usually spend only one night in the ICEHOTEL, and the other nights are spent in warm accommodations next to the ICEHOTEL. In addition to the once-in-a-lifetime experience of sleeping in the ICEHOTEL, guests are also highly encouraged to book activities such as dog sledding, riding in a snowmobile, or river rafting. The hotel also has wake-up calls for those who want to see the Northern Lights.

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6. The Caves - Jamaica

Looking for the perfect honeymoon getaway? The Caves in Jamaica welcomes adults and couples who are sixteen and older, making it a great place for a romantic vacation. The resort is perched on limestone cliffs that overlook the Caribbean Sea. You’ll stay in one of twelve custom-designed cottages that sit atop some of the most spectacular sea caves in the world. Every cottage is different and has a distinct atmosphere. The cottages are naturally ventilated, which is to say there’s no air-conditioning. Cooling off won’t be an issue though – along the cliff walls of the resort, cut-outs lead to platforms where you can take a 30, 40 or 60-foot-jump (9, 12, or 18-meter-jump) into the crystal-clear water below. You can go snorkeling or scuba-diving, or just laze around in the water. Another big part of staying at The Caves is getting to know your fellow guests – the friendships that you make here are a big highlight of the trip.

Everyone who has stayed at The Caves has raved about the food, which is amazing and tasty Jamaican fare made from locally-sourced ingredients. The bar at The Caves is made from two limestone grottos, and is tucked away amongst the volcanic cliffs.

The Caves is an all-inclusive resort, and because of its rather remote location, it’s more suited to guests who are looking to just chill and relax in the water and sun.

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7. Eco Camp Patagonia - Chile

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Located in the heart of the Torres del Paine National Park in Chile, the EcoCamp is the region’s first fully-sustainable accommodation. Guests stay in geodesic domes that were inspired by the traditional Kawesqar huts. EcoCamp believes in promoting environmentally-friendly tourism. Much of the camp is powered by solar or hydroelectric power, and waste is recycled or turned into compost.

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While at the EcoCamp, you can take time to get back in touch with nature. The camp offers guided walking, hiking, or cycling tours through the National Park. All the guides are highly experienced and friendly. At the end of a long day of hiking, you can unwind at a yoga class in the Yoga Dome. There is no Wi-Fi at the camp, because the owners believe in putting devices away and truly connecting with people and the nature around you during your stay. Meals are eaten together in the Community Domes. A complimentary buffet breakfast is provided, and there is a station for you to pack your own lunch for the day’s expeditions. In the evenings, dinner is served once everyone has returned from the day’s hikes.

You can choose between a standard, suite or superior dome. The domes are all cozy and comfortable, but do note that the standard dome does not have heating. It can get quite chilly in the colder months, so you might want to opt for another dome. During the peak season, from December to March, the national park can be packed with people. If you’d like to experience peace and quiet, go during the shoulder seasons such as April, May, September, and October.

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8. No Man’s Fort - UK

No Man’s Fort is a sea fort that was built between the years of 1867 and 1880. It is one of the Solent Forts that were built in response to a perceived French invasion of Britain at the time. The French invasion never came, but the four hulking masses of steel and iron still stand in the Solent today. Now, travelers come to No Man’s Fort to stay in one of the quirkiest places in Britain – an abandoned fort turned into a luxury hotel.

Despite its hulking appearance on the outside, No Man’s Fort is all luxurious creams and nautical blues on the inside. The Fort has 22 bedrooms, and all of them offer sea views. Obviously! The rooms are designed for maximum comfort, and the only trace left to remind you of the fort’s history are the metal beams arching across the ceiling.

While you’re in the fort, you can hit biodegradable golf balls into the Solent, soak in the hot tub on the roof, or head up to the lighthouse. The lighthouse is undoubtedly one of the best places to spend time in the fort. The top floor has comfy seats and 360-degree views, so you can stay there for hours with a drink and watch the ships go by.

Find out more about No Man’s Fort


9. Iglu-Dorf - Switzerland

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Source: Iglu-Dorf

Iglu-Dorf is actually a collection of seven igloo villages that are spread throughout Switzerland, Germany, and Andorra. The different villages offer varied things and experiences, such as the views, or slopes that are great for skiing. The igloo villages are huge, interconnected structures, and being able to stay in them is one of the highlights of the trip. Villages are usually about 900 square-meters (9,688 square-feet) large, and take about 3,000 man hours to build every year.

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Source: Iglu-Dorf

You can opt to stay in a standard room or in a romantic igloo. Drinks can be bought at the Iglu-Dorf Bar, which is a fun place to hang out and meet the other guests who are staying at Iglu-Dorf or visiting for the night.

The villages are kept below zero-degrees Celsius (32-degrees Fahrenheit) so obviously you’re going to have to pack warm! Iglu-Dorf provides sleeping bags that are made for freezing temperatures, and a cheese fondue that heats you from the inside is also provided. There is also a variety of activities, such as a snowshoe walk at night. Perhaps best of all is the sauna and open-air Jacuzzi, which is perfect way to end a cold night.

Most people only stay one night at Iglu-Dorf. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and is a great addition to a longer holiday.

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10. Costa Verde - Costa Rica

If you ever dreamed of becoming a pilot, all those dreams can (almost!) come true with a stay at the 727 Fuselage Home. Created by the Costa Verde resort, it’s the most exclusive resort suite in Costa Rica. The resort converted a 1965 Boeing 727 into a two-bedroom, two-bathroom suite, which also includes a kitchenette, a terrace, and a dining room. The plane juts out of the rainforest from a purpose-built ledge, offering great views of both the sea and jungle.

The plane was salvaged from its resting place in San Jose Airport, and was transported to the resort on five huge trucks, where it was resurrected into the exclusive dwelling it is today.

Inside, the plane has been refurbished with hand-carved teak paneling, which was locally sourced. No expense has been spared in furnishing the suite. One bedroom has two queen-sized beds, and the other has one. You can sit on the terrace, which is perched on one of the plane’s wings, and try to spot the monkeys that Costa Verde is famous for.

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11. Palacio de Sal - Bolivia

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Palacio de Sal is the world’s first salt hotel. Everything in the hotel has been made from salt – the walls, floors, ceilings, and furnishings are all salt. Fittingly enough, the hotel is located in Bolivia, on the banks of the world’s largest salt flat, the Salar de Uyuni.

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Palacio de Sal aims to give its visitors a place to find balance with nature.The hotel combines modern, natural, and native elements to create a truly unforgettable stay. The hotel has 30 rooms that resemble igloos built with salt bricks. Despite it’s rather alien location, free Wi-Fi is available in all the rooms, and there’s no shortage of amenities that you’ll need for a comfortable stay.

Aside from the novelty of the whole hotel being made of salt, the hotel is also great place to experience the salt flats from. On clear nights, you can also see the stars.

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Where would you like to go?

Some of these hotels are popular just for the sheer novelty of it - like staying in a hotel made of ice, or sleeping in a tiny underwater room. Others, like EcoCamp or Attrap'Reves, are fun, reliable options that people can keep coming back to. Other places like Palacio De Sal and Fairy Chimney Hotel put you right into famous landscapes and cultures.

Sometimes, it’s fun to trade the familiar old hotel room for a bit of adventure - so many of these hotels offer you more than just a place to stay. They offer people to meet, some time alone, an immersion into local culture and nature, and an experience you’ll never forget.

This article was originally published on May 27, 2016
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