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Experience Japanese Traditional Hot-Spring Mist Stone Bath With A Twist Of Modernity At Le Furo In Tokyo

Updated May 16, 2017

Stress management is crucial in modern societies. Japanese people are well known internationally for their hard working ethics, making them willing to try all sorts of things to reduce and manage their stress. Le Furo in Nishi-Azabu is what Japanese people call “kakurega teki salon” “a hidden, secret salon” where traditional hot-spring mist stone bath, touji, meets modern day twist in busy Tokyo city.

Le Furo in NishiAzabu, a hidden Tokyo city oasis

Le furo in nishiazabu  a hidden tokyo city oasis1

Le Furo is located in Nishi-Azabu, at a walkable distance from the famous landmark, Roppongi Hills. If you have been to Roppongi Hills, you know that it is one of the busiest parts of Tokyo! However, Le Furo is a little hidden, off the main street, providing a quiet and relaxing city oasis for busy professionals. As well as the relaxation it provides, touji, a Japanese traditional balneotherapy treatment is well known for its benefits on health and beauty.

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What is Le Furo? It is an onsen mist stone bath!

Onkatsu, is a very recent Japanese term, which has got a lot of recognition among those who care about their health and beauty. Onkatsu simply means to do activities to heat/warm up your body. Especially among women, it is not good when your body gets too cold. Nonetheless, being in the heavily air conditioned office during summer or simply cold harsh winter in Japan makes your body experience cold, which could lead it to be more prone to illnesses. Thus, going to the hot-spring is a very popular activity among Japanese men and women of any age. Le Furo is a hot-spring facility, but with a twist. You are not going to soak into a hot bath, but you will be lying down on various mineral stones where you get heated hot-spring mist warping your body from every direction.

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After a shower, get into a special gown to be ready for spa time!

Here is how you do onkatsu at Le Furo. First, you take a shower to clean everything from head to toe. The mineral mist is really great for your skin and hair so you want to get rid of anything that is on your body before going. This way, your body can absorb all beneficial elements in the mist. Then you wear a special gown, which is separated into two pieces, top and bottom. If you are a woman, you will also wear a paper pantie and a bra underneath the gown. Once you are done with showering, the salon staff will help you get started. The changing room is separated between men and women, but the refresh room and the touji spa areas are co-ed.

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Drink plenty of water and cool down at the refreshment area

Something you want to keep in mind is to keep hydrated at all time. Le Furo provides unlimited water at the refreshment room, so each time you go in and out the touji room, you want to keep drinking water. When you first go in, you want to go face down so you heat up your internal organs first, which will help you prepare your body not to get overheated quickly, and slowly warm up internally. You want to stay in the spa for 10 minutes at a time, and then come out to get fresh air so that your body can cool down in between. Never stay in the spa for longer than 10 minutes, even when you feel you can because you will have to repeat this action 3 to 4 times to gradually heat your body up. If you have a particular pain or an issue with your body, you might like to grab a few stones and place them on the problematic area to target precisely.

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Experience Japanese traditional healing power, "Touji"

If you are a traveler and seek a special Japanese traditional spa experience with a modern twist, you would like to give a few hours at this detox spa, Le Furo. On top of Tokyo, Le Furo also has a branch in Kamakura, so if you are in either of these locations and need some pampering, you might like to dedicate a morning, afternoon, or evening to relax and refresh. Le Furo is a membership based spa, but a first timer can use the facility at the cost of 4,500 JPY (37 USD). If you prefer to get a facial and a massage on top of hot-spring mist stone bath, you can have extra services as options. There is also a private touji room where you and your partner can enjoy some privacy.

This article was originally published on Sep 14, 2015

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Drink plenty of water and cool down at the refreshment area 4
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