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A Guide To Mount Batur - Updated 2020

A Guide To Mount Batur - Updated 2020

Nestled on the island of Bali, right in the middle of two calderas within a short distance from Mount Agung, Mount Batur is a breathtaking active volcano that is popular among nature-lovers and adventure seekers. It is a piece of heaven on earth that features scenic climbs, which are a challenge to conquer for hardcore hikers. If you plan to reach the top and marvel at the marvelous views above, expect at least two hours of trekking journey. The sweat and exhaustion will be worth it as you come across lush vegetation and the abundance of wildlife in the mountain. Not only that but once you reach the crater of Mount Batur, you will be treated to the most enchanting views of Lake Batur and the cotton candy clouds above. To help you with your upcoming adventure, here is a guide to Mount Batur that will surely come in handy.

1. Things to do / highlights

A guide to Mount Batur

Before you start your journey towards the top of Mount Batur, be sure to learn everything you need to know. Especially the things that you bring for your adventure. Also, you can not go on a hike to the remarkable volcano without an experienced guide. For further insight, here is a list of what you should do and expect as you explore the stunning paradise on earth that is Mount Batur.

Toyabungkah Village

For tourists who plan to conquer the stunning Mount Batur, know that the journey starts from the charming little village of Toyabungkah. It nestles on the side of Lake Batur and offers marvelous nature views. If you plan to take the adventure in an afternoon, you can arrive early at the village to go on some side trips. There, you’ll find the Batur Natural Hotsprings where you can dip into some warm refreshing waters to prep you up on your upcoming escapade. Also, the village has superb eateries where you can savor local dishes that will also be helpful for your energy.

The crater of Mount Batur

The way to the top of Mount Batur will take you two hours at least. It might be exhausting, but the way up is filled with picturesque views that will help you take on the massive physical exhaustion triggered during this hike. Plus, when you reach the crater, you will be able to soak in the most jaw-dropping views of the Lake Batur.

Kintamani Restaurant

If you plan to stay at the village after a satisfying hike to Mount Batur for a day or two, be sure to try the food and the vibes at Kintamani Restaurant. It is an exceptional restaurant that features a buffet-type dining setup, but that’s not what the restaurant is most famous for. It is known for having the coziest ambiance with a relaxing view of the picture-perfect Mount Batur and the lake around it.

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2. What to eat

Nasi Goreng
Source: Wikipedia

While in Bali, take the opportunity to sample some local delicacies that will surely make your escapade a more memorable one.

Nasi goreng

If you want a meal that will give you that energy boost that you need before or after a satisfying yet exhausting nature adventure in Bali, nasi goreng can provide you just that. Aside from being a complete meal, it has rice, which makes it a high-carb fare. Nasi goreng is a fried rice dish with lots of ingredients added to it, such as pieces of meat, vegetables, and spices.


If you love Mexican barbecues and the Indian kebabs, you will surely love the Indonesian satay. Just like those two mentioned dishes, satay is a skewered dish that is marinated in special sauce. Not only is satay popular in Indonesia, but it is also a classic street food favorite in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, and other Asian countries.


Also referred to as lotek, gado-gado is a type of Asian salad that is made from slightly boiled vegetables, lontong, tofu, potato, and hard-boiled eggs. Topped with a savory peanut sauce, a gado-gado is a blockbuster in every Indonesian restaurant in Bali. It is even considered one of the five chosen Indonesian national dishes.

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3. Travelers tips

Hiking equipment
Source: Pixabay

Here are some important details that you should keep in mind as you embark on an adventure to Mount Batur.

Get a guide

Going on a hike to Mount Batur the DIY way is impossible and a risk too. You should book a knowledgeable guide that knows the routes, the twists, and the turns on the mountain.

Wear appropriate clothing

As it is an adventure in nature, you might come across slippery pathways and grassy routes. Plus, the way up can make you sweat buckets. So, be sure to wear appropriate and comfortable clothes. Starting from sports shoes, leggings, shorts, to a loose breathable shirt.

Bring hiking tools

Aside from appropriate clothing, you should have the necessary hiking tools ready before the climb. Be sure to bring an insect repellant, alcohol, and hand-sanitizer. Additionally, potable water is just as essential as well. Also, be sure to have a flashlight, some mats if you want to set up camp for some time at the crater of Mount Batur, ropes, and camera equipment. To top it all off, don’t forget some heavy snacks.

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4. How to get there

Bali taxi

Airport pick up

If you booked a tour to Mount Batur, you can ask your tour agency for an airport pick up. Most tour agencies offer this in their adventure packages.

Hail a cab

Bali has thousands of taxis all over the city. Hailing a cab to drive you to Toyabungkah Village won’t raise such a fuss. Just be ready to pay a metered fare.

Book a Grab

A lot of locals in Bali make a living by driving Grab rides. If you have the app ready on your smartphone, all you have to do is key in your location and your destination.

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5. Book a sunrise tour (from USD 28)

You wouldn’t want to miss the sunrise at Mount Batur - that’s the whole point of the expedition. Book a tour and witness the most amazing sunrise of your life.

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Experience

1711 reviews

See our full list of recommended Hotels near Mount Batur and also compare the prices with airbnbs near Mount Batur

Mount Batur information

Guide to Mount Batur

Address: South Batur, Kintamani, Bangli Regency, Bali, Indonesia

Cost (if any): 8 USD onward

Department of tourism: Bali Tourism Board

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