Oedo Onsen Monotogatari Nikko Kirifuri, the onsen resort in Nikko National Park!

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大江戸温泉物語 日光霧降
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Mi Channeko
Mi Channeko

Currently Oedo Onsen Monogatari is opening new satisfying resorts with high cost performance around the nation. In the lush nature filled Nikko National Park they have created one branch called Oedo Onsen Monogatari Nikko Kirifuri. It is the first building in Japan designed by a certain world famous architect; it is impressive while modern in design. Enjoy a tranquil outdoor bath with natural hot spring water, the Nikko delicacy Yuba Sashimi! Get comfortable in the onsen bath, sing and dance, everyone can enjoy what they want here.

The many room types of Oedo Onsen Monogatari Nikko Kirifuri a luxry resort

oedo onsen monotogatari nikko kirifuri, the onsen resort in nikko national park! | the many room types of oedo onsen monogatari nikko kirifuri a luxry resort

Oedo Onsen Monogatari Nikko Kirifuri was designed by Robert Venturi.who is the recipient of what is called the Nobel Prize of architecture, The Pritzker Architecture Prize in 1991. The Oedo Onsen Monogatari Nikko Kirifuri is his first work in Japan. It is post-modern in design. This onsen resort is in harmony with the surrounding landscape and nature, and is one of his best works receiving many high praises from critics.

The room types are western, Japanese, Japanese & western mix, maisonnette, family, and suite, so you can choose a room that fits the number of guests with you. Pictured above is the Family Type B room. It has two western rooms and a living room, and is perfect for when you have many people and want to party a bit. The bathroom has a hot tub which is really soothing.

Yuba Sashimi a Nikko delicacy

oedo onsen monotogatari nikko kirifuri, the onsen resort in nikko national park! | yuba sashimi a nikko delicacy

For food, both breakfast and dinner is available at the 1st floor Restaurant Kawanaga. Dinner is a buffet of both Japanese and western foods with 60 or so dishes which change by season. There is a live kitchen that cooks special dishes like the tasty grilled steak.

Even though there are many items on the menu one of the most recommended are the local Nikko Yuba dishes. Traditionally from Nikko’s Rinnoji temple’s vegetarian menu, it is been popularized and now a favorite. The Yuba here is different from the Yuba from Kyoto, with Kyoto style the membrane on the soy milk is pulled away from the edge. Here they pull it up from the middle making the 2 layer Nikko Yuba. The sashimi is when the freshly pulled membrane is eaten just like raw fish with a bit of soy sauce and some wasabi. We highly recommend this dish.

The large bath house on the highest floor and the outdoor bath

oedo onsen monotogatari nikko kirifuri, the onsen resort in nikko national park! | the large bath house on the highest floor and the outdoor bath

The 6th floor is the top floor here and on it, are the observatory big bath and the outdoor bath which both use natural hot spring water. The water is filled with hydrogen carbonate and is supposed to be good for nerve pain, muscle aches, and joint pain, so take your time in the bath to really feel the effects. Nikko Kirifuri Onsen is surrounded by nature and is 1000m above sea level. From the outdoor bath you can take in the scenery of the Nikko National Park.

The image above is the men and women large bath entrance lobby. Take a close look at those chairs in the lobby! Those into designer furniture will be wowed. If you guessed these chairs are Marcel Breuer pieces then you are correct. He is famous for being a modernism architect as well as a furniture designer. Because they were designed for the Bauhaus professor Wassily Kandinsky, they are called Wassily Chairs, and very famous. So many of these beautiful chairs all in one place! For those that know how much these are worth sitting down in one will surely be exciting. The Wassily chairs are not only in this lobby but in many places around the hotel, and you can tell that Venturi really put a lot of attention to the interior as well as the overall design.

Oedo Onsen Monogatari Nikko Kirifuri, an onsen resort surrounded by the beautiful Nikko mountains

oedo onsen monotogatari nikko kirifuri, the onsen resort in nikko national park! | oedo onsen monogatari nikko kirifuri, an onsen resort surrounded by the beautiful nikko mountains

The view from the hallway of the sixth floor lobby with the Wassily Chairs is stunningly beautiful! Pictured above left to right is Mt. Omanagosan, Mt. Komanagoyama, Mt. Nyohousan which are part of the Nikko Mountain Range, which boasts one hell of a view that can and most likely will take your breath away. This view with all its glorious nature is definitely best had at Oedo Onsen Monogatari Nikko Kirifuri.

An orange sunrise

an orange sunrise

The other attraction here in the morning is the brightly shining orange sunrise. In everyday life you probably will not see the sun rising while surrounded by nature, but here Oedo Onsen Monogatari Nikko Kirifuri you can enjoy a spectacle from any floor. In the picture above is the view from the second floor but if you get up to the sixth the view is even more spectacular.

The hotel facilities also include, 3 web enabled PCs, a manga and library corner boasting 3000 books, a table tennis set, and a kids room that can all be used free of charge, and is perfect for those staying a long time. There are also paid facilities such as the dance hall, karaoke room, and game corner, so children and adults alike can have fun.

Oedo Onsen Monogatari Nikko Kirifuri a resort in the Kirifuri Highlands

Getting to Oedo Onsen Monogatari Nikko Kirifuri is an easy 20 minute drive from the Nikko IC to the Nikko Utsunomiya Road (tolled). This way is fun because of all the nature you get to see along the way at your own pace. There are wild monkeys that you will see but because they are aggressive please do not stop the car or try to open the window. The monkeys are completely feral and feeding them in Nikko City is prohibited.

By train head to JR Nikko Station or the Tobu Nikko Station and from there you can catch the free shuttle bus, but check the schedule on the website.

Find comfort at Oedo Onsen Monogatari Nikko Kirifuri. It is a resort embedded in the Nikko National Park and is surrounded by some stunning nature.

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大江戸温泉物語 日光霧降
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