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Posted Jul 14, 2016

Rich, grand and delightful. Now those adjectives do not just refer to the internationally famous original Sacher Torte but also the five-star Hotel Sacher Salzburg, which few have the privilege of experiencing. However, in this article, I am going to give you an insight into this beautiful hotel and suggest that you start saving-up as visiting this incredible establishment is a must, for so many reasons. This is a hotel that should be a poster child for all other hotels and is the one to watch and visit!

At the end of each section I will give you an “Insider Traveler’s Tip” to help make sure you have the best experience possible at Hotel Sacher.

World famous five-star hotel

Part of the corridor between the reception lounge and the hotel-only entrance to Café Sacher is filled with an abundance of photographs of some of the most famous people in the world who have visited and stayed at the Hotel Sacher Salzburg. Examples of individuals that have enjoyed the luxurious ambiance, perfect service and all-round hospitality include Mel Gibson and even the Dalai Lama. Hotel Sacher is located at Schwarzstraße 5-7, 5020 Salzburg and it overlooks the Salzach River and the beautiful Old Town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. All of these views can be enjoyed from the bar terrace, the Salzach Grill terrace and the Café Sacher terrace. Certain guests that reserve a first, second or third floor river facing room will also have the opportunity to enjoy these views in day and night.

Insider Traveler’s Tip: Engage with the helpful front desk and concierge whose favourite word is, “Yes” to your requests. They are happy to make reservations/bookings for you in advance of your arrival to their exceptional hotel, provided that your reservation has been processed.

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Lounge around in style

Comfort, variety and charming style is consistently provided throughout the entire Hotel Sacher Salzburg and it is unsurprising that there are various lounges and seating areas, which include different types of seating areas for you to luxuriate in. My favourite area would have to be between the bar and the Zirbelzimmer Restaurant as the light grey sofas, dim lighting and black polished furniture create a relaxing and pleasurable environment in which to spend time with one’s loved ones. Whilst I am a non-smoker, this location is also convenient for those that either smoke or have smokers in their group because the bar area is the only smoking area of the hotel and is in close proximity.

Insider Traveler’s Tip: There is a large and glorious open red staircase in the centre of the hotel overlooking the ground, first, second and third floors; there are some wonderful armchairs on each floor upon which you can sit. Check them out as the views looking down into the hotel and the reception lounge are wonderful.

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Splendid exclusive facilities on site for you

Alongside the multiple seating areas where you can re-charge and relax, there is also a fitness centre and spa on site for those of you that re-energise through exercise and treatments. These amenities are exclusively available to guests of the hotel so you won’t be queuing up to use a resistance machine or experience a massage in this five-star hotel. I have to explain this due to my experience of staying in other five-star hotels that offer monthly membership to non-guests, which can be quite frustrating if you’re only staying at a certain destination for a limited time, and want to utilise the amenities on offer. For Hotel Sacher Salzburg, your experience is most important and they prioritise you to the top of their list.

For those who are traveling on business and want to work somewhere other than their room and want some privacy, the Hotel Sacher can offer them a complimentary office where with access to a computer, printer and telephone. This is perfect if you want somewhere exclusive to conduct your work or have a meeting and want to keep your room as a place for leisure and relaxation only. I can resonate with those that prefer this as I used to live in a building in London where I had a separate office, which I could hire out on a complimentary basis, and it really does help one to be more productive when working and having some real space when relaxing. Please do note, however, that there is strong Wi-Fi across the hotel grounds that is free of charge for guests and visitors.

Insider Traveler’s Tip: Don’t take your water bottle down to the fitness area if you decide to use it. This is because there are multiple complimentary drinks available including fresh lemon and mint infused water. For those of you that choose to use the spa facilities, please note that there are also hot drinks available including a variety of herbal teas.

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Superb modern and traditional rooms on offer

Hotel Sacher has 111 rooms and suites, each which are individually designed and unique in their own way. Some of the rooms and suites are decorated in the more traditional Austrian style whereas others are more modern. This is because of the timing in which they were renovated. However, if I am honest, I preferred the traditional Austrian style rooms and suites and would recommend that you request for one of them rather than the newly upgraded ones. If you visit Austria why wouldn’t you want a more authentic feel to your room?

There are a number of types of rooms available including the superior and deluxe rooms, the top deluxe rooms (which have more impressive views), the junior suites, the deluxe junior suites, the one and two bedroom suites and the presidential one and two bedroom suites. Each and every room in the hotel includes original paintings with selected antiques and crystal chandeliers to really add to the glamorous and authentic feel to the rooms.

The rooms are spacious and all include a radio and satellite TV with international channels, telephone, individual air conditioning, a safe and a mini bar. In addition, the suites have iPod docking stations and DVD/CD players, which is perfect if you want to reminisce and watch the internationally famous The Sound of Music film that occurred and was shot in Salzburg. If you or your travel companion(s) are not too keen on having a TV in your bedroom; however, let the front desk know in advance as they will happily remove the TV or place it in another room, if you have a suite. I say this as I am not such a fan of watching TV, with the exception of the odd movie here and there (such as The Sound of Music), and would prefer not to have a TV in my actual bedroom.

Insider Traveler’s Tip: If you would like a room or suite that is a specific colour (the choices are white, red and green) and in a specific style, then make sure that you make such a request when making your reservation. If you have a disability, do notify the hotel as they will ensure that you have a disability-friendly room and will also ensure that you have easy-access to the room and hotel facilities.

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Prices and interconnecting rooms

The cheapest room available per night is a deluxe room, which costs 267 EUR (approximately 297 USD) whereas the most expensive room available per night is the presidential suite, which costs 2,592 EUR (approximately 2,887 USD).

If you are traveling in a large party and seek interconnecting rooms, then the Hotel Sacher Salzburg can definitely deliver on this front and the interior of the rooms actually disguises the ones that are interconnecting very well. Without having it pointed out to me, I would not have been aware that one room was connecting with another. In addition and most importantly, Hotel Sacher Salzburg thinks about your accommodation costs and can offer interconnecting rooms of varying types, which means that you can have a suite next to a deluxe room (rather than two suites), which means the total cost of your stay is reduced.

Insider Traveler’s Tip: As you walk down the corridors, take a note of the various names of the different suites as each suite is named after a famous Austrian and enjoy the informative history lesson. No doubt you will spot the Mozart suite and won’t need to Google who that is.

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Special treats and surprises

All the rooms and suites have a lounge area with seating; however, this can vary from a small space within the bedroom to an entire room attached to the bedroom (this is the case when you make a reservation for a suite). The lounges are absolutely superb and include furniture of the same colour scheme as the bedroom and are most certainly inviting. In some cases, some of the lounges can be converted into rooms for smaller children (and therefore, allowing you the option of not opting for an interconnecting room if you have very young persons in your party).

There will be no moment in which you will not feel welcome in Hotel Sacher Salzburg and that is especially true when you enter your room or suite for the first time. This is because there are some wonderful little touches including a welcome gift such as a mini version of the world famous original Sacher Torte for your consumption. The bathroom will be kitted out with Sacher-specific toiletries known as, “Time to Chocolate” so essentially the best you will ever find.

Insider Traveler’s Tip: The rooms and suites in Hotel Sacher Salzburg are possibly some of the most beautiful rooms that I have ever seen and are the type of places where you would want to stay to simply enjoy them. As a result, if you are traveling for pleasure, do make sure that you schedule some time to enjoy the room or suite itself and not only the museums and sites outside of it.

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Incredible bathroom with a TV

The luxury marble bathrooms include a bathtub and a separate shower cubicle and even have heated floors. The bathrooms are stocked up with ample amenities to make you feel even more wonderful whilst staying at this exceptional hotel. There are some bathrooms that have a TV screen built into the mirror and this certainly matches up to the highest demands of comfort, design and equipment.

Insider Traveler’s Tip: If you’re worried about dropping the remote control for the TV in your bubblebath, don’t! Hotel Sacher has thought about everything and the remote control is waterproof.

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Panoramic views from balconies

Rooms on the first, second and third floors have balconies that face the beautiful Salzach River and the Old Town. The balconies include chairs and tables so that you can sit outside and enjoy the gorgeous area. Hotel Sacher Salzburg even gives guests the opportunity to have breakfast on their balconies, which is wonderful during the warm seasons as you can relax and enjoy the views. From your balcony, you will be able to sample wonderful Austrian breakfast whilst watching boats sail down the Salzach River and horse-drawn carriages pass the Old Town. The beauty of Salzburg will be at your fingertips and you won’t even need to leave the hotel to experience and enjoy it.

Insider Traveler’s Tip: I would recommend booking a river-facing room on the third floor so that you have the best view and are not shadowed from above by another balcony. This is because the fourth floor of the hotel has no balconies so you will be able to not only see the Salzach River and the Old Town but also the blue skies in the daytime and the stars twinkling at nighttime.

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Places to eat delish Austrian cuisine

The Hotel Sacher Salzburg has a number of restaurants including the Roter Salon, the Zirbelzimmer Restaurant and the Salzach Grill. However, my favourite would have to be the Café Sacher, which serves the world-famous Original Sacher Torte. Austria is known for its coffee house culture and the perfect place to enjoy this is at Café Sacher, where you will receive exemplary service in a beautiful dining room. There is something very formal and yet also cosy about the room and the welcoming staff make it an inviting place to visit. The Café serves all types of meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) as well as desserts unlike many other famous cafes in the area, which only serve breakfast and desserts.

Insider Traveler’s Tip: There are certain window-seat booths that have lovely views of the busy streets where you can watch Austrians go about their day whilst tourists enjoy traveling in horse-drawn carriages and I would recommend that you sit in one of these booths to maximise your experience.

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Spectacular original Sacher Torte

Café Sacher Salzburg is most famously known for the original Sacher Torte, which is known to be one of the most famous and favourite cakes of Austria. It was created in 1832 by a 16 year old apprentice, chef Franz Sacher, who made it for Prince Metternich.

It is a dark chocolate cake with an apricot jam and is accompanied by whipped cream. Every bit of the Torte is intended to be dipped into the whipped cream so that it moistens the firm cake layers and makes it sweeter! The recipe for the Torte is a well-kept secret and is known only to the the confectioners at Hotel Sacher Salzburg. However, you will find other cafes and restaurants selling the Torte on their menu, be warned that this is not the original Sacher Torte and is simply an attempt to make it.

Insider Traveler’s Tip: I would recommend that you have either lunch or dinner at Café Sacher as the food is five-star quality and after eating your meal, indulge in the original Sacher Torte.

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It has its very own confectionery

Next door to Café Sacher Salzburg, you can find the Sacher Confiserie, which is a shop dedicated the original Sacher Torte and includes different sizes of the Torte that you can either purchase on the spot or have sent to friends or family members anywhere in the world! There are also other original Sacher products that you can purchase as a souvenir.

Insider Traveler’s Tip: If you’re rushed for time and unable to visit the Café Sacher Salzburg to sample the original Sacher Torte, you absolutely must purchase it from the Sacher Confiserie and enjoy it when you’re free. However, make sure that you have whipped cream at hand to truly experience how this torte should be tasted.

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The sparkle in the gem

The Hotel Sacher Salzburg is not a big chain hotel. There are only two Hotel Sacher’s in the world, both in Austria, and it is one the most quietly elegant and charming hotels that I have ever experienced. The staff genuinely enjoy working there and this is clearly reflected in their high degree of professionalism that they show to everyone, including the most casually dressed in what clearly ranks as a luxurious environment. Salzburg is a gem on this earth; however, in order to make the gem truly sparkle, you need to stay at Hotel Sacher Salzburg. There is no doubt in my mind that you will have an unforgettable time and for the right reasons.

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