30 Best Things To Do In Hvar, Croatia - Updated 2022


Found in the Adriatic Sea, Hvar is a stunning island in Croatia that is popular for its pristine beaches, summer resorts, charming nightlife, exquisite food, and exciting watersports. It also boasts fascinating heritage sites such as the 13th-century walls, the Renaissance-era Hvar Cathedral, a hilltop fortress, and more. If you are a sea lover, you will surely love the crystal clear waters of Paklinski Island. For a wine tasting experience, you should come and visit the beautiful area of Stari Grad Plain. Also, you cannot end your Hvar adventure without getting to visit the ruined monastery in Scedro. For a more in-depth guide of what activities you should try and places to visit in this majestic island, here is a list of things to do in Hvar, Croatia that might pique your interest. Feel free to browse below.

1. Learn the region's wine-making heritage in Jelsa (from USD 102.0)

Hvar is a stunning island with a vibrant culture and a rich heritage. Aside from the fascinating party culture of the island, you can also dip into its wine-making heritage. If you like the idea, you might be interested in this Hvar Wine Tasting Tour. Through this tour package, you will get to see charming vineyards and get to meet a local winemaker that will show you the ropes about the winemaking industry. You will also get to taste premium wines that the island is most proud of. The tour lasts for three hours. Included in this package are a professional tour guide and transport services.

Hvar Wine Tasting Small Group Tour

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

36 reviews

2. Explore the abandoned village of Malo Grablje (from USD 157.0)

One of the many well-preserved heritage sites on the island is the fascinating Malo Grablje. Located within a short distance from the stunning town of Hvar, Malo Grablje is an abandoned village that features stone houses and historic town ruins. From this village, you will see the majestic Milna Bay. Visit this area and learn about the heritage of this side of Croatia. Book this tour package and enjoy a three-hour tour with a three-course authentic Dalmatian dinner. This tour package includes a professional tour guide and transportation services.

Hvar Charming Abandoned Village Small Group Tour and Local Dinner

Duration: 3 hours

3 reviews

3. Visit the French Fortress (from USD 172.0)

If you are done with the pristine beaches on the island and already have your desired tan skin from basking in the warmth of the sun, you might be interested in visiting the fascinating French Fortress. This tour package boasts the hidden gems of town that not everyone gets to see. Some of the places you will get to visit through this tour, aside from the French Fortress that was built to the ground by Napoleon’s troops, are Velo Grablje, which is a fascinating 14th-century village, and a charming restaurant where you will be treated with a sumptuous Dalmatian meal.

Hvar Hidden Gems Small Group Half Day Tour with Lunch or Dinner

Duration: 4 hours

5 reviews

4. Go local olive oil sampling with Hvar Point Tourist Agency (from USD 91.0)

If you are a professional culinary master or a regular Tom with a liking for cooking, you will surely enjoy this Hvar Island Tour and Olive Oil Tasting Package. Marvel at scenic views and the towns majestic landscape through this tour. Also, you will get to witness lavender fields, fascinating stone houses, old-town villages, and a glimpse of Korčula and Brac. Plus, when you get to Jelsa, you will be introduced to a professional wine and olive oil producer that will satisfy your tastebuds with his masterpieces. This tour package includes a local guide and transport services.

Hvar Island Tour and Olive Oil Tasting

Duration: 3 hours

2 reviews

5. Gorge on gorgeous gregada at Giaxa

You cannot end your Hvar adventure without tasting one of the town’s most favorite dishes - gregada. Though originally introduced by the Greeks, Dalmatia has adapted this recipe and has become a popular way of preparing fish in the island. If you want a taste of the best gregadas in town, head over Giaxa, and get your hands on those sumptuous fish dishes. Giaxa features a stunning old-town architecture just like most of the establishments in Hvar. Adorned with brick walls, lovely plants, and charming table setting, this place has a romantic feel to it. Though its interiors might be of old architecture design, its menu is guaranteed up to date. Not to mention, the ingredients of their dishes will tickle your palate and make your heart cry happy tears.


Address: Petra Hektorovića 3, 21450, Hvar, Croatia

Website: Giaxa

6. Dine in the deserted village of Humac

dine in the deserted village of humac
Source: ines_83 on Instagram

One of the many magical places in Hvar is Humac. It is a charming Hamlet with a majestic view of the area and the breathtaking waters. For a romantic experience, why don’t you treat your special someone to a romantic date at Hvar while marveling at the beauty of the surroundings? Aside from a lovely dinner, there are lots of other activities that you might want to do while in Humac. You can swim in the stunning waters of Mala Stiniva. You can also check out the marvelous Grapceva Cave and take souvenir pictures. Plus, you might want to visit the fascinating museum in Etno Village.


Address: Hamlet in Hvar, Croatia

7. Party in a formerly secluded spot called Majerovića

In an island as beautiful as Hvar, it’s no wonder that the party scene in this area of Croatia is very vibrant and lovely. Why don’t you maximize your Hvar adventure and take the partying to the secluded spot of the breathtaking Majerovica Beach? Featuring crystal clear waters, gorgeous natural views, and nearby eateries, you will definitely have a memorable time in Majerovica Beach. It is a favorite spot for both tourists and locals who like a more intimate and less crowded swimming spot.


Address: 21450, Hvar, Croatia

8. Sample Croatia's best wines at Wine Bar Pršuta 3

If your idea of a wonderful night is an intimate gathering with your best friends or with someone special together with the presence of some premium and flavorful wines, Wine Bar Pršuta 3 is the place to go. It showcases a charming authentic Hvar architecture design with a relaxing and romantic ambiance. Plus, live music will make your night more unforgettable. You can sway by your table or step into the dance floor, your choice. Not to mention, the food is also as good as the drinks in Wine Bar Pršuta 3, and the locals are warm and hospitable.

Wine Bar Pršuta 3

Address: Trg Tv. Petra Hektorovića 5, 21450, Hvar, Croatia

Website: Wine Bar Pršuta 3

Opening hours: Mon - Sat: 6pm - 2am; Sun: 6pm - 12am

9. Sail the Pakleni Islands

Also called Paklenski Island, Pakleni Island is a paradise on the southwest part of Hvar. It boasts pristine beaches and a fascinating party scene. If you are into crystal clear waters and exciting watersports, you should definitely visit Pakleni Islands during your Hvar adventure. Some of the most wonderful places to visit while in Pakleni Islands include the Jerolim Beach, the stunning Sveti Klement, Marinkovac and others.

10. Enjoy a night out at Veneranda Club

Located in Kroz Burak and operational from 10 pm to 5am daily, Veranda Club is a fantastic go-to spot for tourists and locals who are seeking for a fabulous nightlife and party scene. It features a high-energy club with an open-space setting. Plus, its live performances will make you groove to the beat. Try the food in Venerada Club as it is guaranteed mouthwatering, and the premium drinks are overflowing as the moon hits its apex.


Address: Kroz Burak 55, 21450, Hvar, Croatia

Website: Veneranda Club

Opening hours: 10pm - 5am (daily)

11. Head to Carpe Diem Hvar with your party animals

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Another fabulous nightclub on the vibrant island of Hvar is the Carpe Diem Hvar in Riva. It is a high-energy bar with an open-space setting and a view of the breathtaking waters. Its interior design features a charming coastal area architecture with bright furniture. Plus, live music is present on a daily to make your partying experience more fun and unforgettable. Bust off your dancing shoes and be ready for a night of grooving to the beat at Carpe Diem Hvar.

Carpe Diem Hvar

Address: Riva 32, 21450, Hvar, Croatia

Website: Carpe Diem Hvar

Opening hours: 9am - 2am (daily)

12. Meet the Flintstones at Grapčeva špilja

The Grapčeva špilja is one of the many marvelous tourist attractions and landmarks in Hvar. It is a fascinating cave that features majestic rock formations of stalactites and stalagmites. On record, it is one of the most prominent archeological sites in Croatia. Some of the relics in the Grapčeva špilja even dates back to as early as 4 B.C. You cannot end your Hvar adventure without seeing this one of a kind landmark on the island.

13. Discover the Croatian Renaissance at Tvrdalj Castle

Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Gampe used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Found in Stari Grad, Tvrdalj Castle is a majestic castle that features Croatian renaissance architecture. It used to be home to an iconic Croatian poet named Petar Hektorović in the 16th-century. It features marvelous stone walls adorned with lush greens and a pond. This landmark has survived the test of time including the attack of the island from the Ottoman Turks. If you are into culture and history, you will surely enjoy a visit to Tvrdalj Castle.

Tvrdalj Castle

Address: Priko b.b., 21460, Stari Grad, Croatia

Website: Tvrdalj Castle

Opening hours: 10am - 2pm, 5:30pm - 8:30pm (daily)

Price: from 2.58 USD

14. Pay a visit to the Arsenal

If you are brainstorming with your friends for a fantastic place to go to one boring afternoon in Hvar, you might want to check out the Arsenal in Kroz Burak. The Arsenal bills itself as the most beautiful and useful building in the whole of Dalmatia. It used to be an important venue during the war as this is where the soldiers repair and prepare their weaponry. Though the inside of Arsenal is no longer accessible to the public, you may climb the stairs toward the top of it and enjoy the views from above.


Address: Kroz Burak 2, 21450, Hvar, Croatia

Website: Arsenal

Opening hours: 12am - 1pm, 5pm - 12am (daily)

Price: 2.28 USD

15. Have a fun day out in Jelsa

Croatia is full of stunning islands and charming towns. One of the is Jelsa It is located in the center of Hvar and like other areas on the island, it features a breathtaking waterscape, exquisite eateries and cafes, and friendly locals. While in Jelsa, you might like to wander around town and marvel at the beauty of renaissance buildings adorned with pine trees. You may also swim and party at the coastal side to your heart’s content.

16. Zip around Hvar by Piaggio

Hard-Feuerwehrfest-Piaggio Vespa-02ASD
Source: Photo by user Asurnipal used under CC BY-SA 4.0

In a paradise as beautiful as Hvar, you will surely love to explore every street, try every cafe, and see as many sights as you can. The best way to do so is by renting a Piaggio, which is an Italian motor vehicle manufacturer. This will make your touring and getting around the city more convenient. Every twist and turn in Hvar holds a gem you might have not heard of. Tour the area, make friends with the locals and get tips about getting around.


Website: Piaggio

17. Holiday amid palms, pines and yuccas at Villa Meneghello

VILLA MENEGHELLO - by the pool Booking: booking@villameneghello.com

Posted by Meneghello Palmizana Art Resort on Tuesday, 28 May 2019

If you enjoy fabulous accommodations with resort-like settings, you might want to book a room at Villa Meneghello. It is a charming villa with a stunning pool and has an excellent view of the breathtaking beach. It features a stylish interior design that is very fun and chic and the plants and flora that adorn the whole establishment add a relaxing feel to it. Not to mention, it has an on-site bar where you can order your favorite cocktails.

Villa Meneghello

Address: Ivana Vučetića 23, 21450, Hvar, Croatia

Website: Villa Meneghello

Opening hours: 24 hours (daily)

18. Attend a prayer service at Hvar Cathedral

You surely cannot end your Hvar adventure without visiting the Hvar Cathedral and saying a few prayers of thanks and wishes. The Hvar Cathedral is also known as the Cathedral of St. Stephen. It showcases a stunning renaissance architecture that you will surely admire when you see it personally. The area where it stands is a melting pot for tourists and locals alike as it is surrounded by excellent restaurants, cafes, and souvenir shops.

Hvar Cathedral

Address: Trg Sv .Stjepana, 21450, Hvar, Croatia

Website: Hvar Cathedral

19. Check out the cafes and restaurants at St. Stephen’s Square

Also known as Pjaca, St. Stephen Square is considered the vastest piazza in the whole of Dalmatia. It is where the St. Stephen Cathedral stands. A lot of people visit this place to relax for a while and even shop for some souvenirs. It also features excellent restaurants and cafes that you should try once you visit the place. From the St. Stephen’s Square, you can also see the bustling port of Hvar. Be sure to take as many souvenir pictures as you can when you visit this charming area on the island.

St. Stephen’s Square

Address: Trg Sv .Stjepana, 21450, Hvar, Croatia

Website: St. Stephen’s Square

20. Put on your dancing shoes at Pink Champagne Hvar

If you are into raving and you consider yourself a hardcore partygoer, you might enjoy the party scene at Pink Champagne Hvar. It is a fantastic and high-energy club with modern interior design and an energetic ambiance. Lots of tourists and locals come to this place to have a good time, eat, and drink to their hearts’ content. Plus, the live music brought by excellent DJs will make your night more unforgettable and fun.

Pink Champagne Hvar

Address: Ive Miličića 4, 21450, Hvar, Croatia

Website: Pink Champagne Hvar

Opening hours: 12am - 11:30pm (daily)

21. See exquisite works of High-Renaissance art at Franciscan Monastery

If you can’t get enough of Renaissance structure in the stunning island of Hvar, you should also see the Franciscan Monastery in Šetalište put Križa and see exquisite works of High-Renaissance art. It has been long-standing since the early 1400s. It boasts of stunning sculptures, decors, and artifacts that are most sought-after by tourists who visit the island. If you are into culture and heritage, you will surely enjoy touring the Franciscan Monastery.

Franciscan Monastery

Address: Šetalište put Križa, 21450, Hvar, Croatia

Website: Franciscan Monastery

Opening hours: 10am - 12pm, 5pm - 7pm (daily)

22. Take a tour of the Sveti Klement island

A part of the Adriatic Sea, Sveti Klement is one of the many stunning islands in Hvar. It is a secluded area that is well-visited by tourists because of its breathtaking beach and crystal clear waters. If you love the sun, the sea, and the sand, you will surely enjoy your time in this majestic paradise. Yacht parties and watersports are very in-demand in Sveti Klement Island.

23. Admire the panoramic views of the city from the Spanjola Fortress

The Spanjola Fortress, also known as the Spanish Fortress, is situated on a high hill that overlooks the whole of Hvar from above. Climbing towards it is hassle-free and convenient as the passages are well preserved. The fort was finished in the 1500s but its history stretches back longer than that. It is of great historical importance to the people of Hvar as it was established by Venetians to deflect ruthless pirates. It has also witnessed the attack of Turks on the island.

Spanjola Fortress

Address: Ul. Higijeničkog Društva 19, 21450, Hvar, Croatia

Website: Spanjola Fortress

Opening hours: 9am - 10pm (daily)

24. Catch a live performance at Hvar Public Theatre

One of the many tops visited attractions in Hvar is the Hvar Public Theatre. It is located in Kroz Burak and free for all. Imagine pausing for a while to watch a lovely movie under the starry skies with the relaxing ambiance of the coastal area. It is definitely a recipe to a memorable night. Plus, it is located above the Arsenal. So, its like visiting two landmarks in a single destination.

Hvar Public Theatre

Address: Kroz Burak 2, 21450, Hvar, Croatia

Website: Hvar Public Theatre

Opening hours: 12am - 1pm, 5pm - 12am (daily)

25. Pick up a lavender souvenir for friends and family

pick up a lavender souvenir for friends and family

Hvar is known for many things; one of them is its lavender plantations that adorn parts of the island. Because of this, Hvar produces lots of lavender products from soaps to lotions to delicacies with lavender essence and more. Before you leave the island, be sure to bag home some of these products and bring them home for your family and friends as souvenirs. They will definitely appreciate the sweet gesture.

26. Enjoy snorkeling in the clear waters of Mlini

Mlini is a charming village in Hvar that lots of tourists visit. Just like other parts of the island, it has fantastic beaches, excellent restaurants, and warm and friendly locals. While in the village, you might enjoy spending some time in the stunning Mlini Beach adorned with pine trees. You can also check out the Kupari Beach and Srebreno Beach while in the area. Mlini is not only a fantastic swimming spot, but it also ideal for watersports and even fishing.


Address: Ul. Vlade Avelinija, Hvar, Croatia

Opening hours: 9am - 7pm (daily)

27. Dine on yummy delicacies at Lungo Mare

If you are done with the sight and the sound of Hvar, you might also like to immerse in its eats. A fantastic place to do so is the Lungo Mare. It is a lovely family restaurant that offers authentic Dalmatian cuisine that will surely make your heart cry happy tears. Not to mention, the chef that prepares the food is one of the best chefs in town and has won notable culinary prizes in recognition of his craft. While in Lungo Mare, be sure to try some of their specialties such as Mussels Bouzzara, Prawns chef’s style, grilled scampi and more.

Lungo Mare

Address: Croatia, Veljka Kovačevića 16a, 21450, Hvar, Croatia

Website: Lungo Mare

Opening hours: 12pm - 3pm, 6pm - 12am (daily)

28. Take a leisurely walk along the Hvar Port

hvar port
Source: Photo by Flickr user cianc used under CC BY 2.0

If you want some peace and quiet and you would like to wrap up your Hvar adventure by taking a little time to yourself to reflect, why don’t you go to Hvar Port and enjoy alone time? The place is bustling with people, you might like to observe as they get on with their lives, or you can try some eateries that you have never tried during your vacation. Plus, the sunset from the port will leave you breathless.

29. Visit Devil Islands

Editor's Note: There's no photo available at the time of writing

If you enjoy swimming and partying, this fantastic Yacht in a Day — sailing trip on a yacht with skipper — Hvar tour package might excite you. This guarantees an intimate atmosphere as it is a strictly small-group tour package. You can play in the waters or party on the yacht during the tour. Also, the professional captain will sail you to uninhabited islands where you can enjoy more crystal clear waters and fine sand. Light food, drinks, and some snacks are included in this tour package. Plus, no need to bring your watersports equipment as they have them on board free to use.

30. Explore Fortica Castle (from USD 120.0)

Marvel at the beauty of the old-town architecture of the stunning Hvar by taking part in this exciting Hvar City Walking Tour. Guided by a professional tour guide, you will be brought to the most historic streets of the town, as well as its most marvelous landmarks such as the Fortica Castle, the Old Town, St. Stephens Square and other must-visit spots in town. This lovely tour package lasts for two hours, and you will surely enjoy those hours taking lots of souvenir pictures and marveling at the beauty of this island archipelago.

Hvar City Walking Tour

Duration: 2 hours

1 review

Beautiful Hvar

If you have a huge love for the sea as much as everyone else, you will surely enjoy an adventure in the stunning island of Hvar in Croatia. It boasts pristine beaches with crystal clear waters, exciting watersports to try and enjoy, and delicious food. If you like the idea, you better start packing your bags and booking accommodation in Hvar. To be of assistance, here is a list of the best things to do on the island that you should definitely try for your adventure. Use this as your guide in planning an itinerary. May you have a fantastic vacation ahead.

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