The 34 Ultimate Things To Do In Kraków, Poland

The 34 Ultimate Things To Do In Kraków, Poland

If you are coming to Kraków, here’s your one-stop guide to all the things you just have to do in Kraków:

Kraków lays claim to being one of the oldest city in Poland, and is one of the leading centres of Polish academic, cultural, and artistic life. Famous for its preserved medieval core, the Kraków Old Town, and the Jewish quarter, there are numerous attractions to visit here. If you’re looking for the best places to stay in Krakow, then there are plenty of options available to you - from the best hotels to the top Airbnb vacation rentals. With your accommodation sorted, you can go out and explore all that this wonderful city has to offer. Check out these 34 ultimate things to do in Kraków, Poland.

Kraków activities for the day

Enjoy the main square that holds food markets, scenic river walks and the multiple cathedrals! Read on for some great recommendations!

1. Wawel Castle

Wawel Castle is a one of the most popular Krakow tourist attractions due to the unique architecture and royal history. It is situated on a hilltop and overlooks a beautiful river, giving you a wonderful view. The beautiful Wawel Castle was build in 14th century during the reign of Casimir III and was a home to many Polish kings in the times before the capital of Poland was moved from Kraków to Warsaw. The architectural style of the castle is incredibly gothic as well as slightly Romanesque.

The castle is a home of one of the most popular Polish legends about the Wawel dragon. The statue of the dragon located just outside the castle on the boulevard by the Vistula River can breathe fire on demand and if you want to an in depth study of the dragon’s history, you can always join a guided tour and learn more about this colorful legend.

Today it is used as an art gallery and a tourist attraction. It is free to wander around the castle and enjoy the view. However, you will need to pay a small amount to view the art exhibitions.

Wawel Castle

Address: Wawel 5, 31-001 Kraków, Poland

Opening Hours: 6 am to 6 pm

Duration: around 3 hours required.

Contact: +48 12 422 16 97

Website: Wawel Castle

2. Main Square

The Main Square is always buzzing during the summer months. It is home to a very quirky market that offers everything from traditional food to authentic homemade jewellery. It’s a great place to visit if you’re looking for things to buy in Kraków. There are often street performers playing traditional music and horses drawn carriages occupying the streets. During the evening, more food stalls arise to offer traditional meals to the hungry tourists. Speciality Polish dishes include perogi (polish dumplings), goulash (meat stew) and Borcht (beetroot soup). As Poland is a relatively cheap country, you can easily purchase a full meal for 3 USD.

Do take the chance to go for a Horse-drawn carriage ride there as well. Horse carriages are usually located in the Main Square and that is also where you will start your journey around the inner city of Kraków. Not only will this attraction make you feel like you are a part of the royal family, but it is also probably the best way to hear more about the city.

Usually, the guided tour is not included in the ride, but if you kindly ask to hear more about the destinations you will pass on your way around the city, they will be more than happy to tell you the story of their town. If you want to just relax — that is perfectly fine, too! Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the sun and the clicking of horses’ hoofs on the concrete.

Horse carriage

Address: Main Square, Krakow

Price: around 100 PLN / 25 USD

Opening Hours: varies

Duration: around an hour

3. St. Mary's Basilica

Adjacent to the market, you will find St. Mary’s Basilica, the most famous church in Kraków. It was built in the 14th century and stands at 80m tall! The architecture is gothic and cathedral style.

The basilica holds two great attractions — Wita Stworz’s altar and a trumpet player in the tower playing “hejnal.” Starting with the altar from the 15th century, carved by a Polish artist Wita Stworz is one of the most beautiful pieces of sacred art in all of Poland. Accompanied by the beautiful, marble interior of the basilica, it creates an unforgettable experience.

Another part is the “hejnal,” which is played at noon and chosen full-hours of the day. It cuts off in the middle as a tribute to the trumpet player killed by an arrow to his throat during the invasion of Tatars, where he played “hejnal” to warn citizens about the danger.

St. Mary's Basilica

Address: Main Square, Kraków

Price: around 10 PLN / 2.5 USD

Opening Hours: varies

Duration: around an hour

4. The Jewish Quarter

Kraków City Tour
Source: Photo by Flickr user Colin Madland used under CC BY-SA 2.0

If you’re wondering what to do in Krakow, then head over to the city’s famous Jewish quarter, a district located just south of the old town. For over 500 years, this area was the centre of Jewish life, before it was systematically destroyed during World War 2. It is considered as Krakow’s most exciting district due to the bustling, bohemian atmosphere, historical sites, art galleries and quirky cafes.

This area is a massive tourist attraction and is even used as a pilgrimage site for Jews. Every summer, there is a huge festival here in the quarter to celebrate the Jewish culture and educate guests and residents about the city’s prewar history. The Jewish quarter is also the best for nightlife in Kraków!

5. Vistula River boat trip

Vistula river
Source: Pixabaya

Another relaxed attraction that cannot be missed in Kraków is the boat trip around the city on the Vistula River. Although only enjoyed in the summer, it is one of the best ways to see parts of the city that would not be otherwise accessible.

There are many companies operating the boat trips and they all offer different experiences. Would you like a guided tour? Sure thing! A quiet and romantic sail along the river? You got it! Getting from point A to B? Of course! The possibilities are endless and the sky, or should I say water, is the limit!

Boat trip on Vistula River

Address: Vistula River

Price: varies

Opening Hours: varies

Duration: around 2 to 3 hours

6. Schindler’s Museum (Oskar Schindler's Enamel Factory)

Schindler's Factory, Kraków, interior 12
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Zorro2212 used under CC BY-SA 3.0

If you enjoy learning about WW2, I would suggest visiting Schindler’s museum. Here, you will find an innovative exhibition that tells the moving story of the city from 1939 to 1945. The exhibition covers the war, everyday life under the Occupation, the fate of the Jews and the city’s underground resistance through photos, radio and film recordings and artefacts. It will cost you 19 PLN (5 USD) for a day pass. This museum is considered world class!

Oskar Schindler's Enamel Factory

Address: Lipowa 4F, 30-702 Kraków, Poland

Price: regular tickets: 21 PLN / 5.50 USD with deals available

Opening Hours: Winter season (November – March) Monday 10.00 am - 2.00 pm Tuesday - Sunday 10.00 am - 6.00 pm | Summer season (April – October) Monday 10.00 am - 4.00 pm (with every first Monday of the month - open to 2 pm) Tuesday - Sunday 09.00 am - 8.00 pm

Duration: around 3 hours

Website: Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory

A popular thing to do is to explore the city by bike. This way you can get around quickly, but also enjoy the scenery and relaxed atmosphere. There are many places around the city that offer bikes for hire.

7. Escape Room in Krakow

Escape Room
Source: Pixabay

After hearing about the adventures of the brave shoemaker and the Wawel dragon, you might crave some adventure in your life as well. Escape room is, as name suggests, an escape room type activity where you can put your deductive skills to use and have fun with your groups of friends. This activity known all around the world is currently all the rage in Poland and is definitely worth giving a shot. So, an escape room is basically a puzzle that will eventually get you out of a locked room. To participate, you usually need a group of 4 to 6 people. The task is to find clues and solve puzzles that will eventually lead your way out of the locked room. You have an hour to complete the task and the shorter you take to solve the puzzle, the better. This is one of the most fun things to do in Krakow that will engage all of your senses and will be a great bonding activity for you and your friends.

Escape Room

Address: Kremerowska 5, Kraków

Price: 100 PLN / 25 USD for a group/hour

Opening Hours: 8 am to 11 pm

Duration: an hour

Contact: +48 690 022 547

Website: Escape Room

8. Wawel Cathedral

Wawel Cathedral, Kraków
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Marek used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Wawel Cathedral is an icon representation of Gothic art and architecture, but for the Polish people, it is much more symbolic than that. Catholicism is deeply ingrained in Polish history and culture. To Poles, Wawel Cathedral symbolizes this history.

Unfortunately, if you’re interested in participating in a Catholic Mass, the Cathedral only offers services in Latin and Polish; however, there are plenty of churches and cathedrals in Krakow that offer English language Mass. To learn about royal history in Poland, the Cathedral is also the burial place of early Polish nobility. Entry to the Cathedral is free, but if you’re interested in a tour, they begin at roughly 3 USD.

Wawel Cathedral

Address: Wawel 3, 31-001 Kraków, Poland

Website: Wawel Cathedral

9. Kayak on the Wisla River

Wisla Krakow
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Radosław Drożdżew... used under CC BY-SA 3.0

For the nature lover or adventure traveler, one of the most popular activities is kayaking on the Wisla River. Walking around Old Town, you’ll see plenty of advertisements for different kayaking tours. Getting out on the river can be a refreshing way to escape the summer heat or work on your tan. In the spring, you’ll be treated to views of the wildflowers that grow around the river.

Kayak on the Wisla River

Website: Krakow Adventure

10. Appreciate nature and art on the Bernatek Footbridge

Father Bernatek footbridge (Kraków)
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Premia used under CC BY-SA 3.0

The Bernatek Footbridge crosses the Wisla River, ideal for pedestrians to appreciate the beauty of the river and surrounded architecture. The bridge is often hosted to modern art installations as well, granting a great opportunity to appreciate local artists. The Bernatek Footbridge is also beloved by bicyclists. Renting a bike in Krakow begins at about 2 dollars for an hour.

Bernatek Footbridge

Address: Kładka Ojca Bernatka, 31-061 Kraków, Poland

Lucky Bike

Address: Szewska 25, 31-009 Kraków, Poland

Website: Lucky Bike

KRK Bike Rental

Address: Świętej Anny 4, 31-008, 31-008 Kraków, Poland

Website: KRK Bike Rental

11. Take a stroll through the Botanical Garden of the Jagiellonian University

Kraków - Botanical Garden of the Collegium Śniadeckiego of the Jagiellonian University no. 6
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Wuhazet used under CC BY 3.0

From orchids to carnivorous plants, the Botanical Garden hosts a wide array of flora. The Botanical Garden is also a good option for families; the Garden offers discounts for children and families, while there is no need for a ticket for children under 4. The Botanical Garden hosts educational tours; however, you must book a week ahead of time. Tours are not offered during the summer months (July to August).

Botanical Garden of the Jagiellonian University

Address: Mikołaja Kopernika 27, 30-001 Kraków-Śródmieście, Poland

Website: Botanical Garden of the Jagiellonian University

12. See vintage pinball machines at Krakow Pinball Museum

Krakow Pinball Museum (phone)
Source: Photo by Flickr user Mig Gilbert used under CC BY-SA 2.0

One of the most unique museums to visit in Poland is Krakow Pinball Museum. As the name suggests, it is a museum dedicated to pinball and visitors can check out a variety of vintage and modern pinball machines from across the globe here. You can also play retro arcade games, some going all the way back to the ‘60s! Kids and adults will enjoy spending time at Krakow Pinball Museum.

Krakow Pinball Museum

Address: Stradomska 15, 31-068 Kraków, Poland

Website: Krakow Pinball Museum

Opening hours: Mon - Thu: 2pm - 9pm; Fri: 2pm - 11pm; Sat: 12pm - 11pm; Sun: 12pm - 9pm

Price: 10.65 USD

13. Get befuddled at Krakil - Museum of Illusions

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

If you’re looking for a fun thing to do in Krakow, then head over to Krakil - Museum of Illusions. This unique attraction has a range of deceptive and engaging illusionary exhibits that will mesmerize as well as befuddle you. Besides optical illusions, there are various interactive exhibits that play with light, shadow, colors and scientific principles that will entertain as well as enlighten you. Helpful staff is always available to assist you or take pictures too.

Krakil - Museum of Illusions

Address: Straszewskiego 15, 31-101 Kraków, Poland

Website: Krakil - Museum of Illusions

Opening hours: 10am - 7pm (daily)

Price: 13.31 USD

For the Night Owls: Kraków at night

Besides heading down to the Jewish Quarter, here are the other places you just have to visit to make the most of your night. Check out these suggestions for the best things to do at night:

14. Cybermachina Game Pub

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Another stop on the Krakow nightlife adventure is Cybermachina Game Pub. This place is reserved for those who want a geeky night out in the city. The bar offers drinks inspired by famous franchises and games such as Star Wars or Mario Bros. Here you will be able to unleash your inner geek with video and board games. Having a large variety of video games, for example Guitar Hero or Just Dance, and just as diverse an assortment of board games, such as DixIt or Catan, Cybermachina Game Pub will make sure you will not be bored for even a second.

The interior goes perfectly well with the theme of the bar. Being located in a raw basement with bright lighting inside, it creates an atmosphere of an old school arcade to put you even more into a geeky mood. The Mario Bros inspired lamp shades are a nice finishing touch appreciated by most of the bar’s guests.

Cybermachina Game Pub

Address: Stolarska 11, 31-043 Kraków, Poland

Price: from 6 PLN / 1.51 USD

Opening Hours: 2 pm to 3 am

Duration: around 3 hours required.

Contact: +48 507 458 119

Website: Cybermachina Game Pub

15. Cocon Music Club: LGBTQ+ dance bar

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Posted by Cocon Music Club on Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Check out the best dance club in Kraków — Cocon Music Club. The LGBTQ+ dance club welcomes everyone to join in the fun. After all, fun is fun, no matter your sexuality. This place will let you have the night of your life among a crowd that is pulsating with life, where the energy never ends and getting yourself out of the crowd just to get a drink at one of the three bars can be a challenge. With the best music in town and a party that rarely ever stops, Cocon is guaranteed to make even your stiffest friends wiggle in the rhythm with the music. With its crazy parties, while still maintaining a reasonable level of safety, and karaoke nights every Thursday, Cocon will steal your heart from the minute you step inside.

Cocon Music Club - LGBTQ+ dance bar

Address: Gazowa 21, 30-001 Kraków, Poland

Price: from 10 PLN / 2.5 USD

Opening Hours: 10 pm to 6 am, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays

Duration: around 4 hours required.

Contact: +48 12 632 22 96

Website: Cocon Music Club - LGBTQ+ dance bar

16. Alternatywy Bar

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Dziś otwieramy się dla Was o 18 Z kim się widzimy?

Posted by Alternatywy on Saturday, May 23, 2020

Next up is Alternatywy Bar, a small bar located in one of Kraków’s basements just 5 minutes away from the Main Square. The place can be described as a hybrid of a relaxed dance club and a bar. With dim lights and exposed bricks walls, it creates an amazing atmosphere for both a relaxed night with a gin and tonic as well as a little wiggle on the dance floor. The place has a large seating area with three different rooms, which will assure you a seat, even on a busiest night.

The bar has a large assortment of liquors and an extensive cocktail menu consisting of both local and common ingredients. The bar also hosts weekly karaoke nights, so if you want to unleash your inner Celine Dion, here is a perfect place to do that. If you do not like large crowds but would still like to dance a little and have a calm place to relax with your beverage, this is a venue worth checking out.

Alternatywy Bar

Address: Mały Rynek 4, 31-041 Kraków, Poland

Price: from 7 PLN / 1.77 USD

Opening Hours: 5 pm to 5 am

Duration: from 2 hours

Contact: +48 12 422 16 67

Facebook: Alternatywy Bar

17. Frantic Club: exclusive night club

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Posted by Frantic Club on Monday, September 9, 2019

Finishing up with Kraków’s most popular — and biggest — club, Frantic. Frantic is definitely a place for you if you are seeking a more authentic club experience. This glamorous venue will greet you with three bars, two dance floors, and a chill out zone for those with sore feet. A host to many amazing Polish and international DJs, Frantic will make sure that you will never want to keep your feet still. The club has quickly gained popularity among young Cracovians — but not only.

This party destination can hold up to 500 fun-craving, energy-filled party animals and keep them entertained all night long. The interior is a typical decor for a Kraków’s bar/club scene — raw-bricked basement with brightly illuminated interior. Often describe as one of the best dance clubs in Krakow, Frantic will make sure you will have an unforgettable experience and will not want to leave the club, even after the music stops and the lights go on.

Frantic also serves great cocktails that will keep you hydrated and going during long hours on the dance floor. Cocktails are made by well-trained staff that will make sure to entertain you from the moment of order until the last slices of garnish are put onto your cocktail glass.

Frantic Dance Club

Address: ul. Szewska 5, 31-009 Kraków

Price: from 15 PLN / 3.80 USD

Opening Hours: from 10 pm

Duration: around 4 hours required.

Contact: +48 12 423 04 83

Website: Frantic Dance Club

Poland has a well-developed and deeply-rooted drinking culture; therefore, it is essential to go out drinking with your newly-acquainted Polish friend, because as the Poles say, you do not know a person before you drink with them. I, therefore, deeply encourage you to try out this amazing beverage culture while you are there and remember not to attempt to out-drink a Pole — drink responsibly!

For the history lovers: Kraków's magnificent culture

If you are into seeing genuine Polish medieval architecture, come to Krakow instead of Warsaw. Most parts of Warsaw, Poland’s capital city, were destroyed during the second World War. Kraków’s is so small that you can explore almost all the main spots on foot. The most popular attractions are located in the historic centre including the Old Town and the Kazimierz .

Besides Wawel Castle, St. Mary’s Basilica, and Schindler’s Museum, here are the places that are steeped in history.

18. The Royal Way

The Royal Way
Source: Huong Nguyen

One of the ultimate routes to explore Kraków is the Royal Way - a ceremonial route that kings and other celebrities paraded through Kraków when it was the capital of Poland. The Royal Way starts at St. Florian’s Gate, goes down Florianska street, across the Rynek Glowny Central Square, and down Grodzka to the Wawel Castle. The Wawel Castle was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage in 1978. Kraków’s busiest areas are Florianska Street and the Rynek Glowny Square - Europe’s largest medieval city plaza with the Renaissance Cloth Hall in the middle and the Town Hall Tower nearby.

19. Show respect for Krakow's history by visiting the Galicia Jewish Museum

Galicia Jewish Museum, 18 Dajwór street, Kazimierz, Kraków, Poland
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Zetpe0202 used under CC BY-SA 4.0

The Galicia Jewish Museum is a great way to pay respect to the past while exploring Krakow’s re-emerging Jewish cultural scene. Located in the Jewish Quarter, the museum is surrounded by Krakow’s best Jewish restaurants. Once you’ve walked through the museum, you’ll enter a bookstore.

Although the museum offers a wide selection of literature about the Holocaust, they also spotlight the best in Jewish fiction and non-fiction. The bookshop is accompanied by a small coffee shop, where you can look over the literature while your process the museum. The Galicia Jewish Museum may not sound like a family friendly attraction; however, the museum frequently hosts events for children like toy building workshops. The museum also hosts blues concerts, walking tours, and similar events for adults.

Galicia Jewish Museum

Address: ul. Dajwór 18, 31-052 Kraków, Poland

Website: Galicia Jewish Museum

20. Kraków Old Town

Kraków Old Town (9159192118)
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Jorge Láscar used under CC BY 2.0

Although the Royal Way already covers the major attractions of Krakow, there is so much more to see of the historic centre. The Old Town is the home to various squares, palaces, churches, monasteries, and museums. Krakow medieval town is surrounded by Planty Park, which offers ideal paths for locals to jog, have a picnic or simply go for a nice walk. You can also roam around the Old Town’s main squares driven in a horse cab, a carriage or an electric cart of a cycle rickshaw. Some of the main squares to check out are the Rynek Glowny (Main Marketplace), the Maly Rynek (Little Marketplace) and the Plac Mariacki (Mary’s Square).

21. Learn about Slavic history at the Archeological Museum of Krakow

Krakow Archaeological Museum 32
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Simon Burchell used under CC BY-SA 3.0

If you’re interested in history or religion, the acclaimed Archeological Museum of Krakow offers a beautiful exhibit on the ancient peoples that inhabited Eastern Europe. At 150 years old, the museum itself is a piece of Krakow history. From a medieval mansion to a convent to a prison, the building itself, originally a 14th-century fortress, has lived many lives.

The museum is especially important to the study of Slavic history because it hosts the only representation of a Slavic god ever found. The museum hosts two permanent exhibits: one about the gods of ancient Egypt and another that traces Eastern European history across 75,000 years from Neanderthals to the medieval period. Check out their website to see what temporary exhibits they’re hosting.

Archeological Museum of Krakow

Address: Senacka 3, 31-002 Kraków, Poland

Website: Archeological Museum of Krakow

22. Head beneath Krakow for the Rynek Underground Museum

Rynek Underground museum Krakow 2018 2
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Steven Lek used under CC BY-SA 4.0

The Rynek Underground is an archaeological museum located underneath the market square in Old Town Krakow. Although the museum is modern and provides cutting edge audio and visual experiences, it covers 1,000 years of Krakow history. Once you get underground, you’ll be walking through medieval market stalls with beautiful exposed brick. Tickets begin at about 6 USD and can be purchased online or at the museum.

Rynek Underground Museum

Address: Rynek Główny 1, 33-332 Krakow, Poland

Website: Rynek Underground Museum

23. Night Walking Tour (from USD 24.0)

Every night starting from St. Mary’s Church at 7 PM, you can join a free walking tour around the dark and mysterious Kraków. This 1.5 hour exotic tour focuses on medieval methods of punishment, ghosts of unhappy lovers and a scary dragon. Admire the alternative magical sides of the city and enjoy its lively nightlife at the oldest nightclubs of Kraków afterwards. The local travel professionals also offer many other tours for you to discover Kraków such as the daily Old Town Tour and the Food Tour.

#### Night Walking Tour

Address: Main Square, Kraków

Price: Free

Opening Hours: 7 pm

Duration: around 1.5 hours

Krakow Old Town Ghosts, Vampires, and Legends Tour

Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes

52 reviews

24. Seek thrills at the Lost Souls Alley

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Lost Souls Alley is part maze, part haunted house, and part museum, inspired by horror films and designed to trigger intense fear. You must participate in the experience as a part of a group. Groups must be a minimum of two people and a maximum of six. Children under 14 are not permitted. Once in the museum, you will lead yourself through the dark halls with nothing but a torch, while actors and audio/visual projections try to rouse your fear.

Lost Souls Alley

Address: Floriańska 6, 31-021 Kraków, Poland

Website: Lost Souls Alley

Experience Authentic Polish Cuisine: Kraków's Bounty

“Food to a large extent is what holds a society together, and eating is closely linked to deep spiritual experiences.” Peter Farb

Polish cuisine - often forgotten and underrated, is one of the best ones to find in the Eastern part of Europe. The land of pierogi and sour cabbage will surprise you with the diversity and flavor fullness it provides. If you ever find yourself in Krakow - Poland’s former capital and the most beautiful old city in the whole country, you might want to eat something. Here is a list of Kraków’s best Polish places to eat for every taste and budget.

25. Pod Baranem

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Posted by Restauracja Pod Baranem on Thursday, November 10, 2016

Starting with “Pod Baranem”, this restaurant is a perfect start when venturing into the Polish cuisine. This fancy, yet not too pricey restaurant will surprise you with its variety of different menu items that are largely inspired by the Polish cuisine, but are also influenced by flavors from all over Europe and even the world. This makes Pod Baranem a perfect place to ease yourself into the, sometimes a little eccentric, cuisine, as it will involve familiar elements, yet will still provide a true Polish experience. The interior is also inspired by traditional Polish motives with modern inspirations, which perfectly match the menu. A place of the true Polish experience, where you can slowly get accustomed to the Polish cuisine without experiencing a major culture shock.

Pod Baranem

Address: Sw. Gertrudy 21, Kraków 31-048, Poland

Price: from 12 USD

Opening Hours: 12pm - 10pm

Duration: around two hours

Access: 5 minutes away from Wawel castle

Contact: +48 124294022

Website: Pod Baranem Restaurant

26. Wesele

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Posted by Wesele on Friday, May 7, 2021

Continuing with the fancier, yet still quite affordable theme, I present to you “Wesele”. Wesele directly translated means a wedding, but it can also be translated as a great happiness or happy event. The latter goes perfectly with the nature of the establishment. This lively restaurant located in the middle of Kraków’s Main Square will definitely bring a huge smile to your face. The menu consists of typically traditional Polish cuisine staples that locals love and foreigners need to try. The interior is a bright, inspired by traditional motives, cozy restaurant, with the possibility of eating in the outside table garden, emerging from the front of the restaurant and overlooking the beautiful Main Square. Wesele is more typically associated with pure, uninfluenced Polish cuisine, so it is definitely a great next step on your culinary adventure around Kraków.


Address: Rynek Główny 10, 31-042 Kraków

Price: from 12 USD

Opening Hours: 12pm - 11pm

Duration: around 2 hours required.

Access: At the Main Square

Contact: +48 124227460

Website: Wesele Restaurant

27. Milkbar Tomasza

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Posted by Milkbar Tomasza on Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cutting down the costs, we are now moving on to one of the last milkbars left in Poland, that were broadly popular in Communistic Poland. Milkbar’s concept is inexpensive, home-made food. This is exactly what you will find in “Milkbar Tomasza”. Unpretentious and humble interiors may not scream “glamour” or “luxury”, but the flavors you will find there will rock your world. The bar offers a short menu consisting of Polish staples that are known to all humble Polish households. The place is not a typical tourist destination, but do not let the locals keep this gem to themselves. Step in to Milkbar and relive the experience of a Polish family meal from the 80s, but also very commonly served today in many households. Treat yourself to this unique Polish hearty culinary experience for close to no money, you will not regret it!

Milkbar Tomasza

Address: ul. Sw. Tomasza 24 | 31-027 Kraków, Poland

Price: 1-4 USD

Opening Hours: 8am - 8pm, closed on Mondays

Duration: less than an hour

Access: 10 min from Main Square

Contact: +48 124221706

Facebook: Milkbar Tomasza

28. Przystanek Pierogarnia

Przystanek Pierogarnia 1
Source: Photo by Flickr user Chuck Moravec used under CC BY 2.0

Another inexpensive stop on your Polish cuisine exploration journey is “Przystanek Pierogarnia”. Pierogi - Polish boiled flour dough dumplings, are one of the classics that you need to try during your visit to Poland. Loved by all age groups, pierogi come in all variations, from traditional fillings such as mushroom and sour cabbage, to more modern-inspired flavors such as pizza. At Przystanek Pierogarnia you will encounter a large menu, from which you will definitely find something that will make your taste buds go crazy. Pro tip: Pierogis are usually best enjoyed in places that serve them exclusively, because the dough is usually hard to master. Places who are devoted to pierogi tend to serve them better than restaurants that have a more varied menu.

Przystanek Pierogarnia

Address: ul. Bonerowska 14, Kraków 31-030, Poland

Price: from 2 USD

Opening Hours: 11am - 8pm, closed on Mondays

Duration: less than an hour

Contact: +48 796449886

Facebook: Przystanek Pierogarnia

29. The Black Duck

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

“The Black Duck”. This restaurant is often referred to as “the diamond in the rough”. It is another example of a typically Polish cuisine served at the highest quality possible. Small and cozy interiors provide a home-like atmosphere, with a menu that matches perfectly. Consisting of a small selection of Polish cuisine staples, The Black Duck not only further puts emphasis on the home-like experience, but also assures its guests of the top quality of the food. The Black Duck is like a warm hug on a cold, rainy night - essential to try and heart-warming. If you do not have a polish grandma that could prepare a hearty, local meal for you, The Black Duck will give you the closest experience possible, just without any actual hugs.

The Black Duck

Address: ul. Poselska 22, Old Town, Kraków 31-002, Poland

Price: from 5 USD

Opening Hours: 12pm - 11pm

Duration: around 2 hours required.

Contact: +48 124265440

Website: The Black Duck

Polish cuisine may seem a little intimidating at first, but once you get past the initial shock, it will welcome you with a warm hug of pierogi and hearty soups and stews. If you ever find yourself in the beautiful city of Krakow, do not forget to visit at least some of the establishments on this list for an unforgettable culinary experience that will last a lifetime.

30. Explore Krakow's foodie scene at the famous Good Lood

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

With flavors like Polish strawberry, caramelized figs, and peanut butter and jelly, Good Lood is a great way to sample the best fresh ingredients Krakow has to offer. Because of their wide variety of flavors, you can stick with an old classic or try one of their innovative creations. If you’re really in love with the ice cream, you can buy pints to go too. Listed below is their original address; however, there are 7 locations in and around Krakow.

Good Lood

Address: plac Wolnica 11, 33-332 Kraków, Poland

Website: Good Lood

Kraków's food options: Vegetarian edition

If you happen to be traveling to Poland, specifically Krakow, here is a list of must-try vegetarian foods.

31. Krowarzywa

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Czarodziejska szarlotka działa jak wehikuł czasu – jej niepowtarzalny, domowy smak sprawia, że do każdego wracają...

Posted by Cocktail-bar Cukiernia "Czarodziej" on Monday, May 10, 2021

Starting off with this amazing vegan burger place - Krowarzywa, as your first step into Krakow’s best vegetarian cuisine. Krowarzywa is a growing Polish chain found in some of the larger Polish cities. This place offers burgers only, surprising with the variety in which these meat-less creations can come. Having its staple menu choices, as well as seasonal items, Krowarzywa attracts not only vegans but also meat-eaters who are looking for a lighter version of the conventional fast food item.

The menu provides with it the possibility of constructing your own burger from around 6 different patties, a few breads and a multitude of topping options, that even accommodate some of the most common food allergies like peanut or gluten allergy. All of the used ingredients are organic. The interior of the restaurant is raw, but quite cozy at the same time, with raw, wooden tables and farm-like wall decor. The staff is always welcoming and friendly, adding on to the home-like, cozy atmosphere.

This flavorful plant-based alternative will not only make your taste buds happy, but also the environment and your health.


Address: Sławkowska 8, 31-014 Kraków, Poland

Price: from 10 PLN / 2.50 USD

Opening Hours: 12pm - 11pm

Duration: around an hour

Access: 10 minute walk from Main Square

Contact: +48 531777136

Website: Krowarzywa

32. Koko

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Są tu miłośnicy serów ? Mamy dla Was niesamowitą gratkę Od dziś w naszej ofercie wyśmienita deska z serami regionalnymi ? Zapraszamy do degustacji

Posted by Gospoda Koko on Thursday, May 13, 2021

Another option on the list is Koko. This budget-friendly chain serving Polish cuisine, although not vegetarian, holds true gems on its unpretentious menu. Possibly one of the best budget-friendly, Polish cuisine locations in Kraków, Koko is always busy with hungry people walking in and happy, satisfied people walking out.

A novel would not be enough space to describe the absolute culinary artistry of Polish cuisine, therefore we will strictly focus on this destination. Items such as vegetable soups, pierogi and potato patties are rotating from day to day in the menu. Koko will never get boring, with its constantly changing menu there are no days with the same meals.

If you are planning a longer stay in Krakow, you might want to visit Koko more than once, even just for the budget friendliness of the menu. Located in a basement bar, this venue will make you feel at home, with cheap, hearty food that will never let you leave hungry. Just make sure to come and save yourself a seat in time before this popular destination overflows with hungry, local students!


Address: Gołębia 8, 30-001 Kraków, Poland

Price: from 8 PLN / 2 USD

Opening Hours: 8am - 3pm

Duration: around 2 hours

Access: 2 minutes from Main Square

Contact: +48 124302135

Website: Koko Gospoda

33. Chimera

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Od poniedziałku do soboty, 9:00-11:00 zapraszamy na śniadania! Każde pyszne i za 10 zł. A do tego kawa za pół ceny. Albo prosecchino za 5zł ;-)

Posted by CHIMERA on Monday, March 25, 2019

Another budget-friendly gem located in central Krakow is a vegetarian buffet. The variety of different dishes will accommodate everyone’s preferences. The main advantage of Chimera’s way of serving the food is that you pay exactly for how much you eat.

Each item counts as a dish and depending on how many dishes you choose to have, it will result in a different price at the check-out. Chimera offers a large variety of different items, from cold salads to soups to warm meals like vegetable pie or veggie patties.

The menu is constantly changing at Chimera, which make it a favorite place for many young people in the city, who are either too lazy to cook everyday or just purely enjoy the flavors served at Chimera’s.The interior is romantic and resembles a hybrid between a Parisian train station and a flowery green house.

The place will make you feel dreamy, both with its interior design and delicious food.


Address: św. Anny 3, 30-001 Kraków, Poland

Price: from 8 PLN / 2 USD

Opening Hours: 11pm - 12pm

Contact: +48 122921212

Website: Chimera

34. Czarodziej Bakery

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Czarodziejska szarlotka działa jak wehikuł czasu – jej niepowtarzalny, domowy smak sprawia, że do każdego wracają...

Posted by Cocktail-bar Cukiernia "Czarodziej" on Monday, May 10, 2021

Moving onto something sweet, Czarodziej Bakery will amaze you with its sweet creations. Poland is known for many typical confectioneries such as chrusty - deep-fried, crumbly, thinly sliced dough, usually served on a fat Thursday, before lent or Wuzetka - a layered chocolate cake with a light, creamy filling with its signature WZ on top.

Here, you can’t only try the mentioned above, but much more as well. One of the local delicacies that is especially tied to Krakow is Kremowka. Kremowka in a flaky-crust cake with a thick layer of fluffy cream in between. The significance of this dessert goes way beyond its heavenly flavor. One of the most important figures to Krakow’s history is the former pope John Paul II, who was not only a national pride at the time, but also grew up around Krakow. The Kremowka dessert was his openly proclaimed, favorite cake, which has ever since been tied to Krakow and is now known for among Poles.

Whether you care about the historically loaded Kremowka, or crusty chrusty, Czarodziej Bakery is the best place for you to venture into the world of Polish sweets, 100% vegetarian, of course.

Czarodziej Bakery

Address: Ulica Karmelicka 15, Kraków 31-133, Polska

Price: from 3 PLN / 0.75 USD

Opening Hours: 9am - 7.30pm

Duration: less than an hour

Contact: +48 124228208

Website: Czarodziej Bakery

Despite common belief, Polish cuisine has great vegetarian dishes that you can enjoy, to experience all the flavors of Poland, no matter your dietary restrictions.

Now you're all ready to explore Kraków

This list of attractions will ensure that your trip to Kraków is filled with activities that’ll let you appreciate the city to the fullest! If you find any other places of note, do leave a comment below telling us about it and we’ll check it out.

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