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7 Airbnb For Fun-Loving Families In Ocean City, New Jersey

Updated Aug 30, 2018

A common thing parents complain about when it comes to vacations is that it’s hard to plan vacations, especially when they have young children. They’re concerned that their children won’t be entertained or that it’ll be hard to find accommodation for everyone. Worry not … keep reading for a solution!

Welcome to Ocean City, New Jersey, USA. It’s touted as being one of the most family-friendly beach vacation spots in the US and its official city motto, “America’s Greatest Beach Resort”, reflects the pride the city has in that title.

Ocean City is well known for its luscious beaches, but the most iconic feature is the 2.5-mile-long (4-kilometer-long) Boardwalk. Many fun and, most importantly, family-friendly activities are located all over the Boardwalk, from miniature golf to amusement parks. Pack your bags and discover some family-friendly accommodations in Ocean City, New Jersey:

1. Convenience at its finest and a few steps onto the beach (179 USD)

You won’t get any closer to the beach and that iconic boardwalk than when you stay in this apartment! You’ll be able to see the Boardwalk right in front of you when you head out to the deck. So, for families who are all for convenience, this apartment is the perfect choice for you.

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Source: Airbnb

This is the view of the apartment from the boardwalk - you really couldn’t get much closer!

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Source: Airbnb

Can you imagine how amazing it would be to wake up to this view? Feel the first sun’s rays warm your skin, smell the salt-tinged air, peer into the distance, and watch the gentle crashing of the waves on the seemingly endless stretch of beach.

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Source: Airbnb

This modern-style kitchen is well-maintained and also stocked with sufficient cutlery and cooking equipment. Picture this: you guiding your child in chopping something for the first time, or you blowing on a spoon and offering the cooled concoction to your child helper, an expression of sheer delight as the delicious flavour bursts in their mouth. Cooking can be a glorious bonding activity that you can do with your child, and this kitchen is perfect for that!

B4dadc18 original
Source: Airbnb

Well-lit bedrooms are always a plus! Especially when you just want to enjoy the warmth of the sun from a snug and comfortable bed.

Ocean front apartment

Address: Ocean City, NJ, United States

Price: from 179 USD

Number of Guests: 6

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2. A perfect home for families near the beach (150 USD)

If you’re not a native of Ocean City, New Jersey, you should make sure to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture. One of the best ways to appreciate a culture is by having a local meal, and this home is strategically located close to many local restaurants. And, if you’re craving some beach fun with your family, the beach is also relatively nearby.

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Source: Airbnb

There are plenty of seats in this cosy living-room-cum-dining-area, so don’t hesitate to take up as much space as you want and take part in some fun-filled activities with your family members. We recommend a good ol’ board game.

03fdbe1d original
Source: Airbnb

The bedrooms are all lovely and comfortable; just imagine the springiness of the bed and how soft the sheets will feel on your face. Why not take a cheeky nap before your family and you head off for dinner after a fun day at the beach.

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Source: Airbnb

After a long, exhilarating day at the beach, you might have sand in places where sand should not ever be. This home has you covered as there are outside showers you can use to freshen up with before you drag yourself into the actual home.

20ba84d4 original
Source: Airbnb

After you and your partner have tucked your children into bed, kick back and relax on the deck. Crack open a bottle of red wine, and have slow sips as you catch up with one another.

2BR, sleeps 6, close to beach

Address: Ocean City, NJ, United States

Price: from 150 USD

Number of Guests: 6

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3. Nautical vibes, inside and out, at this home with an ocean view (125 USD)

This home makes for a relaxing getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s only moments away from the liveliness of the Boardwalk, but it isn’t too noisy.

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Source: Airbnb

If you can’t wait to visit the beach with your family, worry not, for you can have a sneak peek from the front decks of the house. Feast your eyes on the azure ocean and feel the sea breeze brush across your face.

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Source: Airbnb

The blue and white colour palettes complement each other and, along with the wooden floors, really help to make guests feel right at home.

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Source: Airbnb

This home was designed with an oceanic theme in mind; just look at those adorable sheets! It engages the senses and makes you feel as though you’re under the sea even when you’re lounging comfortably.

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Source: Airbnb

Have you ever fought with a loved one over a bathroom? Well you don’t have to worry about that in this home! It has three bathrooms, enough for most families to enjoy comfortably.

Ocean City 4 bedroom w/Ocean views!

Address: Ocean City, NJ, United States

Price: from 125 USD

Number of Guests: 10

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4. A conveniently charming central and quaint home (199 USD)

This charming rental is located very close to family-friendly locations, such as playgrounds and the beach, so definitely keep this home in mind if you’re planning a family getaway to Ocean City, New Jersey.

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Source: Airbnb

This open-concept kitchen and dining room makes for a perfect place for spirited family meals. Whip up a tasty meal and serve it on the welcoming dining table.

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Source: Airbnb

Or, if you’re up for grilling meats instead, you can do that too! Have a barbecue feast in the yard!

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Source: Airbnb

We’ve all been kids before, and we know how messy kids can get. So if you’re worried about not packing enough clothing, this home has your back. It comes with a washer and dryer, which allows you to have your dirty laundry done in a jiffy.

6d3d7a08 original
Source: Airbnb

Cool down on a hot day with the provided air-conditioning and watch your favourite TV shows, all while lazing in bed.

Charming OC Home Central Location!

Address: Ocean City, NJ, United States

Price: from 199 USD

Number of Guests: 8

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5. A perfect from top to bottom condo with a rooftop (177 USD)

A definite draw to this particular rental is its rooftop patio. Just being there and peering over the expanse of land, really makes you feel as though you’re at the top of the world.

F1ece791 original
Source: Airbnb

Start the day off with a high by catching the sunrise. Take in the sights and sounds of the city waking up, and feel invigorated, ready to start your own day, before heading into the home again.

9deb60ff original
Source: Airbnb

If you’re too tired to head out with your children to the beach, you can still have fun indoors. Cable TV is available and you can just watch some comedy programmes and enjoy the company of your favourite people.

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Source: Airbnb

After having an exciting day with your family, you’re probably exhausted! So what you need is a comfortable place to rest. These beds beckon you into their luxurious embrace, just lie back and relax after a fun day.

Bf60a141 original
Source: Airbnb

You started the day off with a sunrise on the deck, how about ending the day on the rooftop patio? Glance up and enjoy an unhindered view of the gorgeous and multi-hued sunset.

2nd Floor Condo with Rooftop deck

Address: Ocean City, NJ, United States

Price: from 177 USD

Number of Guests: 10

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6. Three-bedroom apartment close to the beach with free tickets to Totally Tubular Watersports (180 USD)

With its pair of complimentary tickets to the wet and wild action of Totally Tubular Watersports, families seeking a little holiday fun will certainly not have to look far if they book this spacious and stylish three-bedroom apartment. Not only that but it is just 10 minutes from the beach and boardwalk on foot, so those who prefer a little more sedate family time on the sands will also be well catered for. Those eager to explore the wider area will love the two bikes which are included in the rental price. And, after all of that fun, the flat’s location on Asbury Avenue places it close to a range of stores and eateries, for a little retail therapy or a tasty feast with loved ones. The amenities also include a full kitchen, as well as fast wi-fi internet and a large 55 inch TV for quiet family evenings in.

Beachy Downtown Apartment- with Free Gift!

Price: 180 USD

Number of Guests: 7

Travelers Review: Rating 5 out of 5 (from 45 reviews)

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7. Three-bedroom house close to the beach and boardwalk (150 USD)

This beautiful three-story wooden house is sure to prove appealing to families of up to six people. It is set just half-a-mile (a little under a kilometer) from the beach and boardwalk, placing it within an easy walking distance of family fun on the sands, but is also far enough away to enjoy the peace come the evening. It also comes packed with mod-cons to make your stay feel like a real home from home. These include a fully-equipped kitchen for whipping up tasty family meals, as well as a barbecue on the outside decking if you and your loved ones want to turn their hand to a little al fresco dining. The rooftop balcony will also make for a great place to unwind in the sun after a busy day taking in the sights.

Single Family Beach House Ready for You to Enjoy!

Price: 150 USD

Number of Guests: 6

Travelers Review: Rating 5 out of 5 (from 24 reviews)

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Ocean City is calling. What are you waiting for?!

Parents, bring the family to Ocean City, New Jersey, and have a fabulous time; life really is a beach here! And, your dream rental might just be amongst the ones mentioned above.

This article was originally published on Sep 27, 2016
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