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At Hotel Nemu in Mie prefecture’s Shima city guests can participate in three special resort therapy activities for the good balance of the autonomic nerves. Let me introduce you this program offered under the motto “Beautiful skin, healthy body, cheerful heart” which is especially popular among women.

Hotel Nemu is a popular resort in Ise Shima

Hotel Nemu is located in the resort area “Nemu no Sato Hotels & Resorts” inside the national park of Ise Shima. Surrounded by sea and mountains, this hotel owns attractive resort facilities like a golf club and a marina.

The guest rooms emphasize on the use of natural wood and provide a luxurious environment. The hotel was renovated in 2013 and now the entire space is clean, fresh and offers great natural views from the windows. On the photo you can see the twin deluxe room. Two big and relaxing sofas are placed in this spacious 47-square meter room. There are also premium deluxe rooms equipped with amenities for women and an air freshener, so this hotel is ideal for travelling girls.

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Fitness, walking or yoga – all for free!

Guests of Hotel Nemu can participate for free in three different activities combined under the name “Ise Shima Resort Therapy”. This original program was developed by Professor Hiroyuki Kobayashi from the Medical Department of Juntendo University, who has rich experience in advising top athletes and celebrities about their health. The therapy’s keywords are “exercise, breathe and digest” and it’s led by a professional instructor specializing in activities targeted towards women.

  1. Fitness on the hill (4 pm ~ 5 pm) This original exercise stimulates the blood circulation and the digestion. It’s held on a top of a forested hill in order to liberate your body and soul from any stress.

  2. Silent walk (9 pm ~ 10 pm) Walk under the moonlight and stimulate your parasympathetic nerves through breathing and meditation. This activity ends with a special soup for treatment of the bowels.

  3. Morning yoga (7 am ~ 8 am) Refreshing yoga performed under the sunlight of the open terrace on the top of the hill. Learn the proper ways of breathing and heal your nerves. At the end you will receive fresh vegetables, fruits and a juice. Note: All activities require a booking on the day before. They might be held indoors depending on the season and the weather conditions.

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Healthy cuisine for healing your body from inside

Dinner differs according to your accommodation type, but at Hotel Nemu’s restaurant “The Dining Room” you can taste exquisite Ise Shima cuisine that can’t be found anywhere else.

Ise Shima region is a paradise of food. You can try local delicacies like Ise shrimps, abalones, Matsusaka beef and pearl pork, as well as locally grown fresh vegetables and herbs. The dinner utilizes all of those ingredients and complements the hotel’s health therapy.

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Beautify your skin in the free flowing open air hot spring

Next to Hotel Nemu is a hot spring facility called “Onsenkan Yume no Seki”. The admission fee is typically included in your hotel fee so you can freely enjoy the hot spring.

This is a top-class hot spring facility in Ise Shima equipped with a large indoor observatory sauna and a jacuzzi. On the top of the building stands an open air bath with a great view to the forested hills and Ago Bay. You can relax your body and soul in the hot water of this bath which has a good healing effect.

Have a little rest on the reclining chairs in the lounge after your bath. There are also other facilities inside like a restaurant, a karaoke and a Ping-Pong corner.

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Enjoy also outdoor activities in the nature

There are many other outdoor activities in the resort area that you can take part in for an additional fee. You can try sea kayaking, fishing, golf, tennis, forest trekking and other activities according to your taste.

Best recommended for female guests is the sunset cruise in Ago Bay. The view of the red sky and sea during the sunset seen from the ship with a glass of rose wine is truly fantastic.

Sunset cruise Operation: All year round Time: Depends on the season (needs prior reservation) Fee: Adult 2060 JPY, child 1030 JPY

See our full list of recommended Hotels in shima and also compare the prices with airbnbs in shima

This resort is the best place to spend your holiday if you are a travelling girl

Hotel Nemu’s healing therapy is an ideal opportunity to relieve the everyday stress from work and home and enjoy some precious time with yourself. Spread your wings and fly in the natural space of this resort.

“Nemu no Sato Hotels & Resorts” Hotel Nemu Telephone: 0599-52-1111 Address: Mie prefecture, Shima city, Hamajima-cho, Hazako 2692-3 Access: 10 minutes by car from Kintetsu Ugata Station (there is a free shuttle bus available from Kintetsu Kashikojima Station for guests of the hotel) Hotel fee: 17 480 JPY per one night with two meals

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