A Special Day in the Ikebukuro Hotel Metropolitan’s Suica Penguin Room!

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Tabi Moco
Tabi Moco 

How would you like to spend a night at a special room for a anniversary or a vacation? There is a room called the Suica Penguin Room at the Hotel Metropolitan Ikebukuro. It is a super adorable room that is fully decorated with the Suica Penguin character! In 2015 the hotel celebrates its 30 year anniversary and is updated. Enjoy an awesome night view all to yourself! There are special cute benefits for staying and a breakfast.

This is limited to the end of the year so hurry before you miss out!

An extra-large Suica Penguin greets you

a special day in the ikebukuro hotel metropolitan’s suica penguin room! | an extra-large suica penguin greets you

The Suica Penguin Room is reserved by many who are celebrating something or even proposing. It is a special room offered for a limited time only at Hotel Metropolitan Ikebukuro. Many men make the reservation just to see the look on their girlfriends faces. When you open the door a very large Suica Penguin is there to greet you making it easy to imagine what the wife or girlfriend would say or the surprise on their face when walking in.

It is a round penguin’s face on a large bed. There are penguins everywhere from the walls to the windows all the way to the sofa. It is an adorable room that makes your heart skip a beat when you enter. The large penguin standing is a light. When you turn on the switch the belly glows softly.

Even if you aren’t a fan of the Suica Penguin as soon as you enter this room your feelings will change. This writer is one of them but it is easy to understand why many make repeat stays here. This room isn’t just for couples but for friends, families and those traveling with children. It puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Virtually a museum with a sketch of the Suica Penguin signed by the creator!

a special day in the ikebukuro hotel metropolitan’s suica penguin room! | virtually a museum with a sketch of the suica penguin signed by the creator!

There are only the Suica Penguin Room and the Suica Penguin Room Premium that are like this. The Suica Penguin Room is located on the 21st floor and has a pop feel to it with the cute pictures and decorations. Either room has many little details that make you not want to leave the room all day.

Of course the bed, floor, walls, bath, wash area, refrigerator, mug and many others don the penguin symbol. But there are hidden penguins that you can search for. Have fun searching throughout the room for them.

On top of that there are drawings of the Suica Penguin that are signed by the designer Sakazaki Haru. There are even drawings that the artist drew while staying here! This is that special sauce that makes this room unique. The other room Suica Penguin Premium is themed as a museum and has many paintings and pictures decorating the interior.

The premium room is on the top floor that is restricted by a special key and has all of the Metropolitan’s special rooms. This room retains the cuteness of the Suica Penguin but has a mature and chic feel to it. This is a room suggested for those that have stayed at the standard Suica Penguin Room.

A moment of joy with a Suica Penguin cake and a fantastic scenery

a special day in the ikebukuro hotel metropolitan’s suica penguin room! | a moment of joy with a suica penguin cake and a fantastic scenery

From the window you can see all of Tokyo and at night the nightscape lends to a romantic atmosphere. On the window in the premium room is an adorable frame. Take a unique picture with the frame in the frame. If the skies are clear you may even see Mt. Fuji!

There are many things to photograph throughout the room making picture taking an attraction in itself.

While you are looking at the scenery enjoy the special Suica Penguin Season Cake only available to guests. Head to the bakery on the first floor with the coupon to get the cake. It is shaped like the face of the Suica Penguin and almost a shame to eat such an adorable cake.

Have a relaxing dinner with room service

a special day in the ikebukuro hotel metropolitan’s suica penguin room! | have a relaxing dinner with room service

Many guests seem to not want to leave the room unless absolutely necessary. For those people I suggest room service.

If you order before 6pm that day you can get an Original Suica Penguin Dinner! On the menu is Suica Penguin Onigiri 2420 JPY, and a Suica Penguin Hamburg Steak 3080 JPY. Check it out if you have a chance. *this menu has a 10% service charge added on.

There are also many restaurants in the hotel so if the special dinner doesn’t appeal to you head out to have dinner there.

After a filling meal and you are about to lay down in bed you will notice a Suica Penguin emanating from the light warming your heart. Fully relax in this comforting room (pictured is the Premium Room).

A room service breakfast with adorable pancakes

a room service breakfast with adorable pancakes

Breakfast is served as room service. Making breakfast an easy ordeal where you don’t have to get dressed just for breakfast.

The main dish is a cute Suica Penguin Pancake. Other than that there are eggs, hash browns, fruits, yogurt, juice, and a coffee set. It is more than enough to get full.

Check out is a leisurely noon. Allowing you to really take your time and stay until the last minute to enjoy all of the Suica Penguins.

Many specialty items available only for staying guests!

There are many benefits to staying! Many items can be had by staying that are limited edition and not for sale. Not only that you can buy special items that can only be bought here.

• Suica ballpen x1 • Suica memo pad x1 • Original Suica sketchbook (with a coloring section) • Original Suica Penguin card holder for each guest • Suica Penguin fork for each guest • Suica Penguin spoon for each guest *In addition to the above for Premium Room guests a mini totebag is added

This room which started in the fall of 2011 is unfortunately going to end at the end of 2015. Although the offerings have changed between season 1 and season 2, 2015 is the final season 3 and is the best version because of the 30th anniversary of the hotel.

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