Sites Like Airbnb: Meet the Competitors And Alternatives

Sites Like Airbnb: Meet the Competitors And Alternatives

Most of us would have heard about Airbnb, one of the world’s leading vacation rental websites today. Developed in August of 2008, Airbnb is dedicated to listing some of the world’s best and most unique accommodations, giving travelers options beyond the standard hotels.

Whether it be online or via their app, a comfortable accommodation is literally right at your fingertips. There are plenty of filters you can utilize to decide which is the best accommodation for you. You can choose to see if the accommodation packs a swimming pool, or matches your budget, you’re sure to find the perfect accommodation with a few clicks and taps. With it soaring with popularity, many travelers are using it as their go-to choice for vacation rentals. However, there are numerous alternatives and competitors to Airbnb, providing similar services, usually with an additional unique feature! These competitors offer alternative accommodations should you be looking for something more specific, be it a luxurious villa or a simple couch to crash in.

Read on to find out about Airbnb’s competitors and alternatives. Pick one that matches your travel goals, such as halldis promising luxury vacations in Italy, so you can pick out an accommodation that best suits your needs. There are numerous sites like Airbnb out there, leaving you with a whole range of options to consider when picking out your next vacation rental.

Airbnb vs. Competitors that have it all

Perfect accommodations
Source: Pixabay

These Airbnb competitors feature a wide range of accommodations. From hotel listings to vacation rentals, they provide a whole plethora of options that may be what you are looking for.

1. Hotels, apartments and much more with

At this moment, lists close to 1,200,000 and counting properties in over 200 countries, so you’re sure to be able to find the perfect accommodation for your dream vacation. Most travellers think that only has hotel listings, but the website also lists a multitude of different properties, from apartments to Bed and Breakfasts! One of the positives of is that most of the listings have very detailed descriptions of the accommodation and also mention some of the most popular facilities. This competitor lets you cancel your bookings for free within a time period as well.

The website also gives you a look at the different types of rooms available and how many guests it would fit, so you’d know what’s being offered. It’s also forefront about the reviews and you can filter results by reviews and even review scores! However, we think the best feature of the website is how it shows users all the facilities available at the accommodation and the closest landmarks and restaurants.

So, if your dream accommodation on Airbnb is all booked, how about giving a shot? With launching a range of vacation rental selections on their site, it is aiming to provide vacation rentals to the travelers out there, making it similar in offerings to Airbnb.


2. Fantastic vacation rentals for all with HomeAway/VRBO

Many consider HomeAway to be Airbnb’s biggest competitors and we can understand why. It’s only been growing ever since its launch in 2005 and now has close to 1 million different listings ranging from farm houses to castles! The website is easy to navigate and showcases some of the best accommodations on the main page alone! You can sort accommodations by different filters, from the default ‘HomeAway Sort’ to the most popular accommodations, it’s easy to choose from the results. HomeAway also shows all the available dates you can book the accommodation on a calendar and offers you a quick look at all of the amenities that will be made available to you during your stay.

Information is easy to obtain on the HomeAway website, making for quick navigation and perusal, so information is literally just a few mouse clicks away. But one of the best features of HomeAway is that there are booking costs, so the cost you see on the website is accurate and you won’t be hit by any hidden charges.


3. Agoda

Agoda is an extremely popular name amongst many travelers, and it currently hosts several types of lodging, from hotels to villas and so much more. However, Agoda really specialises in the Asian hotel marketplace, so if you’re planning a trip to a destination in Asia, it might be the best choice for you. Despite having similar prices to many other websites, there’s one thing that sets Agoda apart, and that’s their reward system - PointsMAX!

PointsMAX allows guests to earn rewards by firstly, choosing your favourite loyalty program. And then, with every booking you make on Agoda, you’ll earn points that for your chosen loyalty program. With all the points that you save, you’ll earn perks with your loyalty program, and potentially get great discounts or even free nights stay! So if that appeals to you, consider booking your next hotel with Agoda!


4., the 'Kayak for long term rentals'

To describe, I think we should first introduce Kayak. Kayak is a service that searches the web for the best prices for your vacation, from air tickets to rental cars. And that’s a special feature that you’ll notice when you get to It’s considered to be the world’s largest search engine for vacation rentals and it showcases over 5 million different accommodation from a variety of different websites like, HomeAway, VacationRentals. makes it easy to compare prices of many of the different properties being featured on the website, so you can find a beautiful accommodation for some competitive prices. So if you want to find affordable and amazing accommodations for a vacation, do consider checking out!


5. TripAdvisor

Did you know that the world’s leading travel site also allows you to book a vacation rental now? Yes! TripAdvisor not only provides reliable and useful information to any traveller, you can also book your accommodation right on the website. It’s extremely convenient and it completely helps that the website is just as easy to navigate so you can find the perfect home for you. TripAdvisor users are always willing to leave honest reviews and this translates to the vacation rental section of the site too. Most of the reviews are reliable and all of the owners are knowledgeable about their home area. So if you want to immerse yourself into the local life, consider a vacation rental from TripAdvisor.

Website: TripAdvisor

6. FlipKey

Part of the TripAdvisor family, FlipKey provides reliable reviews for their properties. FlipKey is one of the world’s leading vacation rental marketplaces with over 830,000 properties from over 190 locations listed on the website.

What stands out to us is that all the owners featured on the website has to undergo strict checks before being verified to list their homes. This ensures safety and reduces the number of potential scams. Even better, guests can easily filter via rental types on the first page they access. So if you’re looking for a home where you can bring along your pets. Or even have a soak in a hot tub at the end of the day, FlipKey has your back!

Website: FlipKey

7. HouseTrip

Another great member of the TripAdvisor family, HouseTrip is safe, easy to use and is also one of the largest vacation rental websites available. Compared to other providers, HouseTrip only lists entire properties instead of having you share an apartment or even a room with others.

This is great for vacationers who are looking for more privacy while on holiday. Not only are the homes listed amazing, you’re in extremely safe hands. Both hosts and guests have mostly nothing but praise for HouseTrip. With an 8.8/10 rating on Trustpilot, it makes it one of the highest rated accommodation sites on the market right now.

Website: HouseTrip

8. 9Flats

9Flats provide a variety of affordable vacation rentals, with over 6 million properties available worldwide. Suitable for business trip-friendly apartment rentals in many popular and dynamic cities, hosts are carefully evaluated and personally selected by the 9Flats team. The hosts also have a really obvious star rating on the profiles so you’ll be choosing from the best homes from the most reliable hosts.

Website: 9Flats

9. Vacation Rentals

Another extension of the HomeAway family. You’ll find the system to be similar to the ever reliable HomeAway. Transparent with no hidden fees, you won’t suddenly be charged with any online booking fees. A one-stop destination to find the best vacation rentals, Vacation Rentals compiles and lists all the other rentals from the HomeAway family sites. At the moment, there are over a million different listings and they only feature the top notch accommodations, so you’ll have your pick of the litter.


10. Likibu

Founded in 2012, the French startup has thrived and grown into one of the top vacation rental meta-search platforms. With more than 4.5 million listings found all over the world, you are able to book a beach house or penthouse apartment through the site. This broad range of offers available makes Likibu highly attractive to travelers open to a wide range of options. You are able to compare deals from multiple marketplaces, ensuring that you will get the best prices on your next stay.

Website: Likibu Vacation Home Rentals

11. Wyndham Vacation Rentals

With over handpicked 117,000 homes in nearly 650 unique locations, you’ll be able to find your flawless vacation rental. You’ll be able to avoid extra costs as they don’t have any hidden fees and they also try to make rates as competitive as possible. Wyndham Vacation Rentals delivers an excellent customer service that’s sure to make your booking adventures go more smoothly. If you face any issues regarding the accommodation, the on-site team will help answer any of your questions or messages.

Website: Wyndham Vacation Rentals

12. Roomorama

Roomorama has taken a break while it decides on its path. Its services are unavailable at this stage.

Started in 2009, Roomorama offered more than 80,000 properties worldwide.

Website: Roomorama

13. Holiday Lettings

Based in Oxford, England, Holiday Lettings offers 600, 000 privately owned properties across more than 150 countries. Part of the Tripadvisor Rental family, Holiday Lettings gives you access to properties from their network of 25 websites. You can search for your listing there in French, and Italian as well.

Website: Holiday Lettings

14. Wimdu

Based in Berlin, Wimdu has since expanded to have over 350,000 holiday apartments worldwide. Wimdu offers deals of up to 70% for their quality apartments, all of which goes through their Wimdu Triple Check. The Triple Check has an on-site check, where the Wimdu crew heads down to the property to examine it, before following up with spot-checks throughout the year. Wimdu then keeps an eye on the guests reviews, making sure everything goes well. This is complimented with their free 24/7 customer support.

Website: Wimdu

15. VaCasa

Centering around the Americas, VaCasa offers more than 5,100 vacation homes in the USA, Central and South America. It is slowly expanding to more countries. Aimed at small towns with vacation homes, VaCasa brings together employees with a myriad of housekeeping skills, making sure the accommodations are perfect for each guest. This emphasis on professional service eases the burden on hosts and provides a smooth experience for guests.


Airbnb vs. The Local Experts

Beautiful houses
Source: Pixabay

These Airbnb competitors situate themselves in specific regions. Instead of having properties around the whole globe, these sites only cater to those coming to their backyard, for now. Who knows? They may choose to expand one day.

16. Book A Bach - NZ

New Zealand is a brilliant country that definitely shot to popularity because of hit movies such as Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit. Many tourists are willing to make the pilgrimage to visit the diverse scenery that the country has to offer and to also re-visit the movie locations featured in major films! So, if you’re one of those tourists but don’t want to book a hotel, consider Bookabach!

Bookabach is part of the HomeAway family and is New Zealand’s favourite vacation rental website. Even better, it only lists vacation rentals from New Zealand, so you can stay focused on accommodations in New Zealand! The website also hosts guides about what to do in the city you’re planning on vacationing and also publishes a list of events happening in New Zealand, so you’ll have countless of fun while on vacation!


17. Stayz - Australia

When one thinks of Australia, they seem to think about their adorable animal mascots such as the kangaroo and koala. However, there’s more to Australia than that, and they’re well-known for several tourist attractions such as the Great Barrier Reef - the world’s largest coral reef system and is an extremely popular location for scuba diving. Australia is also well-known for the Sydney Opera House, which is one of the country’s most iconic buildings. So if you want to hit up some of the country’s most popular tourist destinations, try out Stayz.

Stayz is yet another member of the HomeAway family and is ranked the number 1 website in Australia when it comes to booking vacation rentals in the country. Almost 40,000 vacation rentals in over 2,000 unique locations are listed on the website, so you’ll definitely be able to find your perfect, temporary Australian home. Thus, if you’re planning a trip to Australia, skip every other website and hop right onto Stayz.


18. HomeAway Asia - Asia Pacific

As the name suggests, HomeAway Asia mainly features vacation rentals in the amazing continent of Asia! As it’s a subsidiary of HomeAway, the system used is very similar, so all the convenience that comes with HomeAway is available on the HomeAway Asia website. Find an accommodation that best suits your budget, choose from cities such as Tokyo and Manila, and book a home easily via the website. Without a doubt, HomeAway Asia is your best choice when it comes to finding a perfect vacation rental in Asia!


19. Alterkeys - Europe

Alterkeys is currently not available.

Compared to Airbnb, Alterkeys only allows for whole apartment to be rented out. You can check out properties for your Europe trip here, with options including apartments, villas and even castles. You don’t have to pay a booking fee, with Alterkeys taking a commission only from the payment to the hosts from each successful bookings.

Website: Alterkeys

20. Atraveo - Europe

Atraveo is one of Europe’s largest holiday rental markets available on the Internet, and currently has around 306,686 holiday homes available! Popular European locations with reasons why you should visit the area are featured on the website’s front page, so it can act as inspiration when you can’t decide which 1 of the many European cities you should visit. All vacation rentals listed on the website plenty of accurate photos and also a detailed write-up of the property, so what you see is what you get! So to avoid nasty surprises in your temporary boarding, check out Atraveo!

Website: Atraveo

21. Gowithoh - Europe

Gowithoh is yet another one of Europe’s best vacation rental sites, with 20 years of experience under their belt, you can surely put your trust into their reliable hands. All the vacation rentals and their owners have undergone strict checks by the Gowithoh team to ensure that guests only get the best experience when on holiday. The homes also come from a variety of European locations, so whether you want to be right in the middle of a city or far into nature, they’ll surely have a home that’s best suited to your needs. So what are you waiting for, book your perfect European getaway with Gowithoh!

Website: Gowithoh

22. Niumba - For Spanish Speakers

If you’re a Spanish speaker who’s looking for a perfect home for your sunny Spanish vacation, then you’re in luck! Niumba is owned by TripAdvisor so the method of searching for vacation rentals is simple and highly resembles the system used on TripAdvisor. Also, the payment protection plan also extends to Niumba, so you can ensure that making payments will be pretty safe. Therefore, just input your destination and search through the huge database of beautiful properties!

Website: Niumba

23. Only-Apartments - Europe

Only-Apartments may have plenty of vacation rentals listed worldwide, but it’s best used to book an accommodation in Europe as it focuses heavily on that region. Browse through their featured locations and peruse through the awesome listings available on Only-Apartments. So instead of heading right over to Airbnb when planning a short European getaway, how about making use of Only-Apartments?

Website: Only-Apartments

24. Owners Direct - Europe

Part of the HomeAway family, Owners Direct is perfect for anyone looking for a cheaper alternative to hotels in the amazing continent of Europe. Over 77,500 homes are listed on that website so you’ll most probably find a home in Europe that will suit your exact taste. Paying through Owners Direct is also extremely straightforward as there aren’t any booking fees, so the price you see is the price you pay. Even better, as they strive to protect their users from Internet scams, so you’re guaranteed a rental payment for free of up to 700 GBP (905.59 USD) automatically. With so measures to be accessible and reliable, Owners Direct is worth a try.

Website: Owners Direct

25. Top Rural - For Spanish Speakers

Our Spanish-speaking readers are truly in luck as we highlight yet another website that may suit your interest! Top Rural is yet another website that’s part of the HomeAway family so the website’s search engine is very similar to many other websites. However, what sets it apart is that Top Rural aims to promote rural tourism by only providing users with rural vacation rentals. So if you’re looking for a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, do remember Top Rural!

Website: Top Rural

26. SleepOut - Africa

To many of us, Africa is filled with exotic and adventurous nations that are always worth a visit, so if you’re planning a trip there, consider using SleepOut to book your temporary African home. They advertise themselves as having ‘Africa’s Coolest Places To Sleep", and browsing through their extensive collection of homes, I wouldn’t say they’re wrong. The website is easy to navigate so with a few clicks, you’ll be able to find a dream vacation rental. Two features make SleepOut stand out - there are other payment options outside of using a credit card and you can pay your host directly via mobile, cash or transfer. Also, they pride themselves on only providing guests with quality listings, and if the homes don’t match guests’ expectations, they will be relocated for free. With so many praises being sung about SleepOut and the fact that they seem to be an outstanding company, definitely, give SleepOut a shot.

Website: SleepOut

27. Aluguest - Latin America & South America

Looking to travel to Latin America or South America anytime soon? Well, consider Aluguest, a vacation rental website that only offers accommodations in the regions mentioned above. Its website is easy to navigate and offers Spanish, Portuguese and even English translation! So regardless of whatever language you speak, just enter your dream destination and go down a rabbit hole of your next potential vacation rental.

Website: Aluguest

Airbnb vs. Family-oriented sites for planning a hassle-free family getaway:

Family homes
Source: Pixabay

Travelling as a family can be loads of fun, creating new memories that will liven up the house. However, finding a place to stay for such a large party, especially with energy-filled children, can be a hassle. These Airbnb competitors are here to tackle this issue.

28. Family vacations won't be a struggle with Kid and Coe

Family vacations might be some of the most difficult vacations to plan because parents have to keep in mind the needs of their children. But with Kid and Coe, you might change your mind! Kid and Coe was created to make family vacations fuss-free, and the accommodations are all handpicked by their staff, and there are also insights by the local families as to how to enjoy a family vacation on location. All individual listings offer plenty of information so parents will know why they should book the accommodation. Even better, the hosts also provide information regarding why children might like the home, like where are the nearest playgrounds and also what kind of toys are available on site.

All parents who are planning a family vacation always does tons of research so as to ensure the best and most peaceful holiday possible. And with so much information offered on these handpicked, parents can pick the best home that’s suited to their entire family’s needs.

Website: Kid and Coe

Airbnb vs. Luxury providers

Luxury Accommodations
Source: Pixabay

Live the life of the rich and famous with these Airbnb competitors that aim to provide pure, unadulterated comfort.

29. Hand-picked, luxurious vacation rentals with Onefinestay

If you’re planning a vacation for a special occasion or a special someone, you should only pick the crème de la crème of vacation rentals, nothing less than perfect will do! And that is all easily attainable with Onefinestay, a vacation rental site that prioritises hand picked, luxurious accommodations with the finest of services. The perk to every accommodation with Onefinestay is that all guests will receive a complimentary iPhone that comes with free data and local calls, and all homes come with Wi-Fi, so you’ll never be disconnected from the rest of the world. Onefinestay seems too good to be true, but we assure you, it’s all it’s made-up to be!


30. Halldis - Europe

Halldis has always had a heavy emphasis on luxury vacations in Italy, but they’ve since expanded to showcase the most beautiful homes in other popular European cities, with homes in Paris and Milan. Over 1,600+ apartments are featured on the website and whether they’re in the city center or away from the bustling city, it’s guaranteed that you’ll have an excellent game in the most exclusive areas. Halldis aims to offer the best luxury rental experience whether it be for work or for leisure, so for an unforgettable vacation, book with Halldis today!

Website: Halldis

31. Windows On Italy - Italy

If you want a reliable and experienced staff to handle all your luxury vacation bookings, Windows on Italy might just be the website for you. They take pride in only renting out the best villas and luxury apartments in some of the most beautiful Italian locations. With 30 years of experience under their belt, you’ll be in safe hands. Windows on Italy only offers the best accommodations - from villas with pools to castles to even Renaissance buildings, you’ll feel like royalty while on vacation.

Website: Windows On Italy

32. Exclusive Resorts

You can sign up and “join the club” for huge savings and full-access to the website’s 400+ luxury rentals. Exclusive Resorts’ homes are gorgeous and extremely upscale, meaning you’ll have a fantastic vacation. Website also has a section on ‘featured vacations’, with every destination in that section showcasing destination overview so you’ll have an idea on what you can do.

Website: Exclusive Resorts

33. Worldwide and posh villas with Luxury Retreats

If you want to splurge a little more and stay in a villa while vacationing, then perhaps you should check out Luxury Retreats! All the properties listed on Luxury Retreats are carefully and personally vetted by a specialised team, which results in only the best accommodations being available for guests. That also means you won’t be greeted by any unexpected surprises when arriving at the accommodation. Information and details regarding the villas are also easily accessible to all guests, which means you can choose the accommodation that best suits your needs. To wrap it all up, one of the biggest perks when it comes to Luxury Retreats is the fact that all accommodations come with a personal, 24/7 personal concierge service to attend to all your needs, however big or small.

Website: Luxury Retreats

34. Luxury Rentals from HomeAway

Yet another website that’s part of the HomeAway family, if you’re planning a more upscale or special getaway and want to book the best luxury home from HomeAway, check out Luxury Rentals (which only showcases its exclusive luxury collection) All homes are subjected to rigorous and scrutinizing screening, so you can ensure that you’re getting the creme de la creme.


35. Oasis Collections - Perks in every city (USA, Europe, South America)

Oasis Collections offers hand-picked homes with a focus on its location in the best neighborhoods. Merging a hotel’s quality with the coziness of a home, with in-person check-in, fresh linens and toiletries, professional cleaning service, free Wi-Fi and amenity upgrades.

What stands out for Oasis Collections are the perks it provides in every city. You will have exclusive access to local gyms, discounts at boutiques, VIP treatment at restaurants and clubs.

Website: Oasis Collections

36. Resorts for all your family needs with Vacatia

If you ever wanted to merge the perks of a vacation rental, the great service offered by hotels and also a home that can fit your entire family, have no fear and check out Vacatia that’s the best of all worlds. Resorts offer you separate bedrooms just like a private vacation rental and also housekeeping and security services like a hotel, and it seems like all your needs are taken care of. The website is easy to navigate and showcases the review score from TripAdvisor, so you can easily understand what travellers are saying about that resort you’re planning on booking.

Vacatia also showcases the highlights of the resorts, such as if it’s near a ski resort or any hot tubs, and if they offer what kid-friendly amenities such as a children’s daycare! Resorts offer a lot of space and plenty of different facilities that cater to anyone of any age, so your entire family will be entertained while on vacation.

Website: Vacatia

Airbnb vs. Competitors perfect for adventure-seekers

Source: Pixabay

Not for the faint of heart, forget the comforting uniformness of hotels, these sites aim to break away from the usual mold and let you explore a whole new world of travel accommodation.

37. Campify (Australia-only)

Australia is world-renowned for its amazing, scenic landscapes that will truly make your jaw-drop. So if you want to experience first-hand, check out Campify! Campify is an Australia-centric rental site that allows you to hire your ideal caravan, motorhome or camper trailer for a vacation. The vibrant community of RV owners are always willing to share their tips and the joy of camping in Australia. You’ll come to realise that vacationing in an RV is economical and extremely homey, so you can be travelling across Australia while feeling as though you’re right at home!

Website: Campify

38. If you love hitchhiking, you might like Couchsurfing

If you have a sense of adventure and have ever considered hitchhiking, you might want to check out Couchsurfing! There are hosts from all-around the world and you can check out the different profiles of the various hosts, so you can pick the ones that best suit your personalities and needs. Most probably, you’ll have to interact with your hosts because you’ll literally be sleeping on their couch or a mattress somewhere. So you must be open to being uncomfortable while you’re on vacation. However, another side to this is that when you’re on vacation, you wouldn’t be hanging out in your host’s home for very long, and will only be there when you rest for the night!

Couchsurfing offers information as to how many guests a host can accommodate and what kind of sleeping arrangements are offered, whether it be just a couch or a shared room! Even better, hosts also have references so you’ll see if they are trustworthy and worth staying with. And the most attractive perk about Couchsurfing is that it’s completely free, so you can spend your money on more important things like food and souvenirs.

Website: Couchsurfing

39. Misterbnb

It’s an unfortunate fact that many people are still discriminating against people who don’t identify as straight, but this company is trying to solve that problem. Introducing Misterbnb, which promotes itself as offering ‘welcoming and affordable places from people like you’. Just like Airbnb, its platform is easy to navigate, and you can view the profiles of the host and see what their guests have said about them. Even better, Misterbnb also has a section for 'top gay destinations’ so you can check out where you can go on your next vacation. The website also has travel guides and a section for upcoming LGBTQIA events around the world so you can have fun and yet be safe while on vacation!

Website: Misterbnb

40. Outdoorsy, similar to Airbnb but only with RVs (USA-Only)

For guests who are passionate about living outdoors and also love adventure and travelling around, you might want to look into booking an RV off Outdoorsy. Outdoorsy connects great RVs and their amazing owners to guests who want to try living in an RV while on vacation. Not only does Outdoorsy offer amazing and modern RVs, it also offers information about what are some of the best campgrounds to park for the night and also what kind of attractions are worth visiting in the area.

And when we said that Outdoorsy is very similar to Airbnb, we definitely weren’t joking because the listings’ page are very similar to Airbnb’s format. A brief description written by the host is offered and also they can also mention what kind of amenities are available in the RV offered. So you can easily see what is being offered and choose the RV that best suits your needs!


41. RV Share (USA-only)

Did you know that compared to any other forms of travel, you’ll be able to save an average of 57% on vacation costs if you try to travel via an RV. So if you’re looking for an economical yet comfortable way to explore the United States, then RV Share might be an ideal choice for you. RV Share is a community-driven online RV marketplace that strives to show new vacationers the satisfaction of being on the road. RV Share has plenty of different RV options, from Class A motorhomes to wheelchair-friendly RVs, there truly is an RV out there for everyone. So if you’re planning a cross country trip anytime soon, consider renting a perfect RV with RV Share.


42. Unique, outdoor living with Yurt (USA-only)

A yurt is a round and portable tent that is often backdropped by beautiful nature. A yurt is also definitely not the first thought that comes to people when it comes to accommodation, but it’s definitely a great alternative to the most adventurous of travellers. The website isn’t the most attractive but it does its job well; it offers information regarding why people stay in yurts for vacation, and it also explains the benefits of staying in a yurt. The website doesn’t allow for you to book a yurt immediately, but it’s more like a directory of where yurt accommodations are being offered.

All the contact information and websites of the properties are easily accessible via the website so you can easily get in contact with the owners of the yurts. So you can learn more about the accommodation and prices, and to enquire regarding your specific needs!

Website: Yurt

43. Hipcamp (USA-only)

Want a unique travel experience such as sleeping over on places such as campgrounds, nature reserves or even vineyards? Well, then definitely check out Hipcamp, that’s available in all 50 American states! One perk to renting a space on Hipcamp is that you can pack light because several of the listings already come with their own ‘housing’. From tents to cabins to even a tree house, Hipcamp has got you covered! Just read the details about the space you’re planning on renting carefully before making a decision. Fall in love with a stripped down version of a vacation rental and retreat into nature peacefully.

Website: Hipcamp

There's more to the world than Airbnb

You now have the advantage of knowing just some of the best Airbnb competitors and alternatives! So next time when someone you know mentions that their dream Airbnb accommodation was booked, you can offer them a bunch of alternatives, from family-friendly ones to more luxurious ones!

Disclosure: Trip101 selects the listings in our articles independently. Some of the listings in this article contain affiliate links.

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