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What Is Airbnb Plus: Refined Hospitality For The Modern Traveler

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For the next age of well-equipped, world-class international accommodations, the time is now. The newest manifestation of award-winning hospitality from the minds at Airbnb embraces public sentiment in the form of Airbnb Plus, a diversified portfolio of top-tier homes characterized by hosts with particularly exceptional guest reviews.

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Each stay is verified onsite by a confirmed Airbnb hospitality expert. These in-home visits are performed for the specific purpose of future satisfaction, saving prospective guests the trouble of self-verifying Airbnb getaways for select standards. With Airbnb Plus, world-class hospitality is embraced, represented uniformly under a single, easily identifiable online badge. Consider this a promotion for those Airbnb stays that exist as the highest echelon of available getaways.

What is Airbnb Plus?

Modern, well-lit spaces
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Valued characteristics set aside Airbnb Plus hosts from all others. To start, each new Airbnb Plus host already sports a review rating of at least 4.8 out of 5, a characteristic identifying this individual and their vacation rental as one of the finest representations of Airbnb rentals which exists on the platform.

On Airbnb Plus, not only are accommodations highly-rated, guests can also enjoy incredible service from hosts. These individuals are defined by their capacity to proceed “above and beyond” the typical guest expectations, for the establishment of an all-around guest experience like few other hosts can rival.

What separates Airbnb Plus properties from your usual Airbnb home?

More than one hundred individuals points of inspection will typify each home inspection, for the all-round assurance of high-quality accommodations guests deserve. Each Airbnb Plus stay will prove an accommodation of exceptional design, perceptive masonry, and choice creative license. Well-lit spaces, upscale vibes, and entertaining atmosphere will easily become the archetype for winning Airbnb Plus hospitality. Homes are combed over and graded on everything from your must-have guest essentials, to the art hosts elect to hang on their walls. The idea behind this complicated inspection is simple in nature: to provide each and every guest with a stay of unrivaled quality, for guests to have unrivaled memories.

Among the benchmarks each home must exceed and in order to qualify for this elite level of Airbnb stays, is a series of widely-regarded staples for a sensational stay. Each Airbnb Plus stay must exceed the traditional notion of comfort: each and every detail of the home must be painstakingly considered, in order to supplement, not detract from, each guest’s subjective definition of authentic hospitality. These stipulations for comfort include thoughtfully arranged furniture, pieces which allow for maximized space, items which tastefully augment the atmosphere already created by the lighting and the walls, often complete with additional artistry. Laundry essentials and pillows alike must be clean, unblemished, and first-class, and spaces must also exist for guests to store their items, including hangers for clothing, and drawers for other assorted items.

Each Airbnb Plus stay is also to maintain a well-equipped and well-maintained appearance. Each home will be preserved from one guest’s stay to the next, and will remain well-equipped to handle the complete array of necessities which each guest or series of guests brings along. A well-equipped stay will by definition include the offering of either filtered or bottled water on the premises, for the convenience of the guest; each stay will also allow for the provision of a fully-equipped kitchen, including oils, utensils, and items for a meal. Each well-maintained stay will furthermore exist inside strict, world-class guidelines: all appliances will exist in working, pristine condition, ready for expedient or extended use, and tidy spaces and you can secure valuables in tried-and-tested safes.

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Additional Plus features: A portfolio of world-class qualifications

Lavish exterior amenities
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These assorted, well-equipped spaces will also be marked as much by their cleanliness as by their noticeable designs. That is to say, impeccable design is an absolute must for all Airbnb Plus stays; each home on the Airbnb plus registry will present more than simply a winning interior vibe. Each will also represent itself with world-class supporting artistry, exterior, and interior style, and a flair for an individualized character that sets apart one stay from another, and each Airbnb Plus stay from other, regular Airbnb stays. In short, homes will prove equal parts inviting and inspirational.

Other perks are available exclusively to users of the Airbnb Plus platform. These benefits include effortless check-in, either by way of keyless entry, an onsite keypad, a lockbox, or a host who awaits your arrival. Airbnb Plus users are also the privileged recipients of customer service specific to their world-class needs, a team of dedicated Airbnb Plus experts are available at extended hours of the day to cater to guests. A quality service, timely responses, and beneficial fixes to individual requests will establish the Airbnb Plus team as a select group of “hospitality first-responders” constantly at your service.

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What does this mean for Airbnb guests?

The promise of an upscale atmosphere
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Airbnb Plus has already debuted worldwide, it’s available in a wonderful variety of select cities and will soon grow to expand its availability as the platform develops.

For all of the benefits which the existing Airbnb template offers, it falls short of the luxurious estates offered only by Airbnb Plus. Select stays, set apart for their quality, convenience, and unsurpassed adherence to world-class hospitality, have been established into a portfolio all to themselves. Rest assured that existing Airbnb accommodations are still among the finest available escapes in the world; however, for those with a specific taste for a class of accommodation you’re not likely to find elsewhere, Airbnb Plus is the exclusive provider of top-tier quality, at affordable pricing you’re not going to find anywhere else.

Airbnb Plus availability

You can enjoy the premium benefits of Airbnb Plus stays in a portfolio of cities that includes Austin, San Francisco, Toronto, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Cities outside North America that have been outfitted with Airbnb Plus accommodations include Sydney, Melbourne, Rome, Barcelona, Milan, Shanghai, and Cape Town.

These cities has a winning selection of Airbnb Plus stays ready for your enjoyment, with each accommodation approved after extensive inspections. If you’re looking for a taste of world-class, Airbnb Plus excellence in a city not yet “Plus approved”, stay tuned! New regions are set to be added to the Airbnb Plus registry shortly. From London to Rome, discover the unprecedented quality of life that comes exclusively to users of the Airbnb Plus platform.

Besides looking at the various cities that offer Airbnb Plus properties, Airbnb has pushed out a range of categories that will appeal to every traveler. From listings promising endless views to swanky knockout kitchens, guests can now browse the top-range of properties and select one that appeals to their interest.

With a wide range of stays that are offered by the new Airbnb Plus platform, you can find a wonderful experience in a wide variety of locations, no matter your purpose in visiting the location itself. Whether you’re looking for a private dwelling, to complement the lifelong memories you’re sure to make courtesy of the new Airbnb Plus program, or if you’re looking to travel together with your entire entourage toward the discovery of new sights and sounds, this platform is the one for you. Particularly curated with specific, widespread guest usability in mind, Airbnb Plus makes it easy for you to search for your next prospective adventure. More than ever before, the provision of world-class hospitality is made easily available, at the same unbeatable affordability that made original Airbnb listings such a massive and immediate hit.

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The finest in modern amenities

The diversified stay fit for any demographic
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Airbnb Plus is yet another reason to choose vacation rentals for your next journey. With so much more in the works, this new, viral Airbnb platform will shortly host an entirely new assemblage of quality accommodations that allow you to visit nearly any location, on nearly any budget, for nearly any reason.

Airbnb Plus listings are already partitioned into both business and family listings, allowing you to maximize your experience no matter your reason for travel. On the docket for eventual Airbnb Plus approval is a portfolio of Airbnb Plus sites specifically tailored for wedding vacations, as well as social escapes and dinner parties. Also soon-to-be-released is a category of Airbnb Plus stays which cater specifically to the adventurer with an astute state for the extravagant: titled “One-of-a-kind,” these stays will prove among the most dynamic, unique locations to decorate the face of the planet. Whether you’re looking for a group getaway, a destination wedding, anniversary, or birthday, or even your next excuse to get out and see the world from a unique point of view, you may just find what you need exactly through Airbnb Plus.

If you are spoiled for choice, take a look around Trip101, where we provide curated guides on the top listings that Airbnb and other vacation rental sites have to offer. Even amongst the gems that Airbnb Plus is, there are some that may suit you better. We aim to provide those for you so that your next journey is an even better one.

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