An onsen you stand to bath in? a surprising 1.25m deep onsen! Fujisan Ryokan in Namari Onsen, Iwate

Review of 岩手 花巻温泉郷 鉛温泉 藤三旅館 | 岩手県花巻市鉛中平75-1
岩手 花巻温泉郷 鉛温泉 藤三旅館
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Onsen Sommelier Gucchi
Onsen Sommelier Gucchi 
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Fujisan Ryokan is a secluded onsen bathhouse in the Namari Onsen, part of the Hanamaki Onsen Resort.

Inside is the famous Shirozaru no Yu which is a bath that you stand inside of with its amazing 1.25m depth! Not only that, this is one of those rare onsen where the water wells up from below your feet.

There are also 4 other baths inside where you can do some onsen hopping without leaving the premises. Furthermore, all of these baths are fed directly from the source springs with no added water, heat or antibiotics.

Fujisan Ryokan with its shining red roof tiles

an onsen you stand to bath in? a surprising 1.25m deep onsen! fujisan ryokan in namari onsen, iwate | fujisan ryokan with its shining red roof tiles

In the summer of 2012 I did an onsen hopping trip to the Tohoku region and stopped here for a visitor bath.

The Fujisan Ryokan was named a Japan Heritage Onsen and ranked as one of the 100 best onsen in Japan. Also this was used as a backdrop for Tamiya Torahiko’s novel Shirogane Shinjyu.

They draw directly from 5 different springs and each of these baths are 100% pure hot spring water!

The building itself as you can see above is really ornate with lots of characteristic charm. It is extremely beautiful as recently some parts of the building have been renovated. You can stay the night here for a reasonable cost although costs for stays here for medical retreats haven’t changed.

The famous Shirozaru noYu

an onsen you stand to bath in? a surprising 1.25m deep onsen! fujisan ryokan in namari onsen, iwate | the famous shirozaru noyu

When you open the door to the Shirozaru no Yu my jaw dropped..

It’s HUGE!

Not only that but there is no changing room! It’s all just one big bath.

The emotion, the charm, the history, it all makes you happy you came here just by looking at it.

From the door is a set of stairs and a place to disrobe inside the bathroom.

I hurriedly disrobed and rinsed off and stepped in with a splash!

It’s deep. VERY DEEP!

From the bottom of this tub which is dug out of a natural boulder, clear hot water straight from the spring flows up at a steady rate. Yes, it is one of those rare baths where the water wells up from beneath your feet. It is the deepest boulder bath with unpumped water.

The clear water here is a bit hot but very soft simple onsen water. The water didn’t have an aroma or anything but the freshness of it was totally awesome.

Normally the Shirozaru no Yu is coed but there are women only times so not to worry.

The second bath Shirogane no Yu

an onsen you stand to bath in? a surprising 1.25m deep onsen! fujisan ryokan in namari onsen, iwate | the second bath shirogane no yu

「銀の湯」is read as Shirogane no Yu.

It is a small cozy bath but the water flows heavily here.

For those that like unadulterated hot spring water this is close to perfection with its small tub and copious flow. The water is always fresh because it continuously is flowing.

I was able to have a really luxurious time.

The third bath Kajika no Yu

an onsen you stand to bath in? a surprising 1.25m deep onsen! fujisan ryokan in namari onsen, iwate | the third bath kajika no yu

In the back of the treatment onsen was the Kajika no Yu which I bathed in too.

Although I was already a bit worn out from bathing in two onsen already, I was determined to try another since I didn’t want to miss this chance.

This was also all to myself as well. Although it is an indoor bath the windows are large enough to give the illusion that you are outdoors.

But the water here is pretty hot so I could only stay for a few minutes.

One hotel I hope to stay at the next time I'm here!

one hotel i hope to stay at the next time i'm here!

This time I didn’t have the time to stay the night and was only able to bathe as a visitor so I was only able to enjoy 3 out of the 5, but the next time I want to take advantage of all 5.

I can’t decide whether to stay in a treatment room or should I stay in the hotel room.


The next time I visit will have to be in the cooler spring or fall. I definitely want to take more time in the Shirozaru no Yu

[Name] Fujisan Ryokan [Address] 025-0252 Namari Naka Hira, Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture [Tel] 0198-25-2311 [Hours] 7am to 9pm (reception till 8pm) [Closed] always open [Price] 700 JPY (children 500 JPY)

[Onsen type] basic onsen, alkaline basic onsen [Water use] straight from spring (no added water, heat or antibiotics.) [pH] 7.8 (slightly alkaline, Shirozaru no Yu) [Temp] 45.5? (Shirozaru no Yu)

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岩手 花巻温泉郷 鉛温泉 藤三旅館
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