Batu Night Spectacular In Indonesia: A Must-Visit Theme Park For The Nocturnal

Batu Night Spectacular In Indonesia: A Must-Visit Theme Park For The Nocturnal
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Who say the title of “the city that never sleeps” is the monopoly of the metropolitans? Well, not anymore, as there is a remote mountainous city in the eastern Indonesian tropical island of Java named Batu that qualifies for this title. Batu is so remote that it can hardly be seen on map, but the heartbeats of this city’s theme parks are very much felt by visitors and local residents, attracting them to come and experience its spectacular. Besides the well-known secret zoo and many other day-time attractions, Batu also offers fantastic night attractions such as Batu Night Spectacular that you will not find anywhere else.

Nightlife wonder

BNS, Batu Night Spectacular

Welcome to Batu Night Spectacular (BNS) where nightlife flourishes! While amusement parks are normally open from 9 o’clock in the morning to around 5pm (before sunset), BNS opens in the afternoon at 3pm till midnight (11pm on weekdays, 12am on weekends). Be it day or night, there is no lack of fun and attractions to visit in the cooling city of Batu!

Gorgeous mountain and city view from an air bike

Views of Batu city and its surrounding mountains from an air bike

Since BNS is located in the mountainous area of Batu city, you can enjoy the breathtaking (and romantic) view of Batu’s surrounding mountains from within BNS. You are recommended to be there before sunset. The view is perfect from an air bike (a local term for sepeda udara. It is not actually a bike as you don’t do any paddling. It’s a kind of mini electric car that runs on rail, which is a few meters tall) as you can have a bird’s eye view of Batu city!

Lampion garden

Lampion lake at BNS

Within BNS, the most popular attraction is probably the lampion garden. Bright colorful lampion (a kind of electric lantern, but made out of glass instead of paper) animations of Eiffel towers, cartoon figures, trees and animals are everywhere! Don’t miss the eye-catching lake, which is full of breathtaking lampions as well as different animations in the garden. Some rather complicated technology is surely involved, otherwise these electric animations won’t light in the middle of the lake, especially under the rain! Although the garden may get crowded on weekends or during peak seasons such as Lebaran (Islamic holiday of Eid Al-Fitr) or Christmas, there is always room for photography. There are a few tables and chairs by the lake and if the seats are available, you can sit, relax and enjoy this magnificent garden! This lampion garden is not only a perfect place for you and your family to visit, but it is also a romantic spot for honeymooners to hangout.

Drive wild at BNS’ night drag racing

batu night spectacular in indonesia: a must-visit theme park for the nocturnal | drive wild at bns’ night drag racing

It’s now time for you to become a night drag racer. Get into one of BNS’ Go-karts and race with other racers. No speed limit, no stop light, no police! Moreover, the traffic isn’t bad at night and as a matter of fact, there are only racers including you in the arena. So run your Go-kart as fast as you can and drive wild. No speeding ticket!

Food court, night market and other attractions

batu night spectacular in indonesia: a must-visit theme park for the nocturnal | food court, night market and other attractions

While in BNS, you can have your dinner at its food court where there are many choices of local food such as lontong (sticky steamed rice wrapped in banana leaf), rujak (Indonesian spicy peanut salad), soto (yellow chicken soup) etc. However, if you don’t know what to choose as it is your first visit, you may want to buy from Krisna food counter. It sells Balinese cuisine and it has the best nasi campur (rice with seasoned beef, veggies, sweetened crispy tempeh, sliced potato and tofu) in the food court.

After enjoying BNS’ attractions, you should also visit the night market for souvenirs. They sell many things from garments, electronics to assorted local food products. Buy shirts, caps and socks with BNS logos printed on them for your friends, family and yourself. Also check out some local brands of apple juice where the apples are harvested from local farms.

Driving a car to BNS?

batu night spectacular in indonesia: a must-visit theme park for the nocturnal | driving a car to bns?

Batu Night Spectacular is a part of Batu tour package where you can buy the package in Batu’s nearest city of Malang or Surabaya. Nevertheless if you have a friend who will lend you his/her car, or if you choose to rent a car and drive the car yourself (many simply choose to book a local driver to drive them around Batu), no need to worry as Batu Night Spectacular is very close to Batu’s other attractions (Jatim Park/East java Park 1 & 2, Eco Green Park and Museum Angkot/Transportation Museum). From those places, simply follow the signboards that will direct you to BNS.

Get some nocturnal fun!

Batu Night Spectacular is not just spectacular and affordable, but other than that it is convenient too. This is a tourist spot you can’t afford to miss when in Batu!

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