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12 Airbnb Vacation Rentals In Maine: Be Surrounded By Nature - Updated 2020

12 Airbnb Vacation Rentals In Maine: Be Surrounded By Nature - Updated 2020

Maine is the easternmost state of the United States and is well known for its beautiful natural landscapes. With its luscious and expansive forests, low and rolling mountains, and an azure blue coastline, any nature lovers would love to visit Maine.

To top it all off, since many parts of Maine are located close to the coastline, it’s well known for its fresh seafood, especially lobsters. So foodies should definitely stop by for some delicious seafood. If you’re planning on visiting, here are 10 beautiful Airbnb vacation rentals in Maine that are surrounded by nature.

1. Adorable yurt in a famous brewery (from 100 USD)

This beautiful Airbnb yurt is located right on the grounds of a local brewery. The expansive and lush green forest acts as a beautiful backdrop and makes you feel as though you’re living away from modern civilisation. Lie back and fall asleep easily on the sturdy and comfortable queen-sized bed. It’s also the perfect space to look up at the sky above you to star or cloud gaze. There’s also an additional bunk bed, and they’re both double beds, so you can easily accommodate 4 more people. Let your inner child out and have fun climbing up to the top bunk. Hang out on the large and colourful hammock and laze the day away surrounded by the beautiful forest. You’re on vacation after all! When you have some extra time, how about exploring the brewery you’re living on temporarily? Live music, freshly-made pizza and as much beer as you want, doesn’t that just scream fun? So warm by the fire and interact with other visitors while nursing your drink.

Fire Fly Yurts on Funky Bow Lane

Address: Lyman, Maine, United States

Price: from 100 USD

Number of Guests: 6

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2. Cosy, waterfront home with a view (from 100 USD)

Make use of the spacious and extremely well-appointed kitchen in this vacation rental to whip up a delicious meal. And, while the food’s still piping hot, serve it up immediately at the large dining table. Sit back, relax, and watch some of your favourite TV shows in the cosy living area. Also, when you think it’s time to head to bed, the sofa can be used as an additional bed to accommodate 2 more people. So just close your eyes and sleep tight. The bedroom may be simple looking, but it’s extremely comfortable. The plush queen-sized bed is just about the perfect space to catch up on some well-deserved sleep. Even better, the bedroom comes with a dresser and closet so you can put your belongings away neatly. To top it all off, you have access to the private deck, the perfect place for a quick hangout session. Interact with your friends or family, or just share the gorgeous view with them.

Mid-Coast Maine Waterfront

Address: Edgecomb, Maine, United States (see map)

Price: from 100 USD

Number of Guests: 4

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3. Minimalist black home in the woods (from 120 USD)

Nestled in the woods of Maine’s southern coast, this Airbnb historic home has recently gotten a well-deserved facelift, with all the modern trimmings, to make your stay in Maine comfortable. When you enter the living room, a smile will surely cross your face as it’s bright and vibrant. Comfort was obviously the priority when decorating this space, so sink into that plush sofa, grab a soft pillow, and just relax. The master bedroom is large and minimalistic, but some simple additions, like the carpet and wall decorations, help make the room pop. Lie back on the plush bed and rest your tired head on the pillows, you’re sure to have a complete night’s sleep. The other bedroom looks more simple, but the view outside the window more than makes up for it. Also, the bed is equally as comfortable as the one in the master bedroom so you shouldn’t face any problems falling asleep here. You even have access to the patio in the private backyard! You could fire up the grill and have barbeque for dinner, or you could just relax on the lounge chairs and watch the day pass by you slowly.

The Bracy House

Address: Cape Neddick, Maine, United States

Price: from 120 USD

Number of Guests: 4

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4. Vibrant and cheery home on a farm (from 120 USD)

This charming vacation rental is both bright and colourful, which makes it feel so cheery and welcoming. It has an open-concept living space, which is so beautifully decorated, so you’ll feel right at home. Cook to your heart’s content in this spacious and fully-equipped kitchen. It comes well stocked with things like spices and cookware to ensure you’ll have a fuss-free cooking experience. The brilliant and homey bedroom loft is the perfect space to retreat to after a long day out. That large and plush bed beckons you into its warm embrace, so just lie back and feel yourself fall asleep. Go about completing your daily business with ease in this bright and fully equipped bathroom. As the farm you’ll be living on is still operating, how about having a seat on the deck and soaking up the farm atmosphere?

Unique Charm on Small Private Farm

Address: Freeport, Maine, United States (see map)

Price: from 120 USD

Number of Guests: 2

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5. Two yurts are better than one (from 125 USD)

Yurts offer a unique living experience, but what is better than one yurt? Two yurts of course! These are the “Peace” and “Quiet” yurts, with “Peace” being the sleeping quarters while “Quiet” is the kitchen area. The spacious sleeping quarters come with a wood-burning stove so you can keep the entire yurt warm during the cold. Pictured are two of the four futons, and they both come complete with bedding for a comfortable stay. Pictured are the two other futons and each of them can comfortably accommodate two people, so you can have more people over. The kitchen-cum-dining area is large and extremely modern, which seems a little shocking since it’s in a yurt. It’s well appointed with all the appliances and cookware you’ll need to cook with ease. Located just a few steps away from your yurts is the outdoor shower and toilet area, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to get clean.

Norumbega Green Double-Yurt, "Peace & Quiet"

Address: New Gloucester, Maine, United States (see map)

Price: from 125 USD

Number of Guests: 8

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6. Gorgeous apartment with waterfront view (from 125 USD)

Providing a gorgeous view, this roomy and comfortable living area will surely help perk you up every time you step foot into this room. Sit back, relax and just admire the views that surround you. The bedroom is large and cosy, and it comes well decorated with paintings reminiscent of Maine’s oceanfront. The comfortable bed that’s tucked into a corner is a great place to sleep if you enjoy a view outside the windows. Just imagine waking up with the sun’s gentle and warm rays caressing your face. The second bedroom is definitely more spacious, and is clean and simple. The bed is still as comfortable, so you can have a peaceful sleep throughout the night. It also comes with some storage and hanging space to put your clothes and belongings away tidily. Spend some quality time with your friends or family in this beautiful and bright screened-in porch. The rocky backdrop helps to make you feel as though you’re living amongst the mountains, which is truly a fun experience. Alternatively, spend some time outside on the deck. Enjoy cloud gazing under the expansive sky, or just watch the slow movements of the large body of water.

Gorgeous Waterfront Apartment

Address: West Bath, Maine, United States (see map)

Price: from 125 USD

Number of Guests: 4

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7. Contemporary and quirky home (from 189 USD)

Well lit and beautifully decorated, this living room comes with a mesh of modern and rustic decor pieces, making the space feel quirky yet welcoming. It truly is a comfortable space, so spend some time bonding and interacting here. Budding cooks will surely be impressed by this contemporary and well-appointed kitchen, as it truly comes with everything you’ll need to cook efficiently. So feel free to make use of it and come up with a delicious meal. The dining area is well decorated with some rustic pieces, and the dining set comes with some mismatched dining chairs, so the space feels unique and comfortable. You’ll be able to dine well with everyone in this wonderful space. When you first enter the master bedroom, you’ll feel extremely welcomed as it’s roomy and well decorated. The bed is fairly large and plush so you won’t have any problems falling asleep in it. The second bedroom is slightly smaller than the first one, but it’s still equally as comfortable. Fall asleep on the plush, full-sized futon with ease. Even better, there’s a TV right across from the futon, so you can watch some programmes before or after you wake up.

Willard Beach. 3 br. Driveway for 2

Address: South Portland, Maine, United States (see map)

Price: from 189 USD

Number of Guests: 6

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8. Beach cottage with a great marsh view (from 210 USD)

This living room truly feels like a home away from home. Just kick back and lounge on the comfortable sofa, and have a relaxing movie night with your friends or family. Spacious and comfortable, this open-concept kitchen-cum-dining area is great for anyone who loves cooking. You won’t face any trouble whipping up a meal in this well-appointed and modern kitchen, and you can serve it up immediately in the bright and cosy dining area. The large master bedroom is bright and welcoming. The bed is large and comfortable, so you’ll be able to sleep peacefully in here, and the room also comes with some storage space to keep your belongings. The second bedroom is simple and cosy and comes with two comfortable beds. Anyone who sleeps here definitely won’t face any troubles falling asleep. Grab a cup of your preferred beverage and head out to the covered back porch of this Airbnb. Sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful view of the expansive marsh.

2 Bedroom Pine Point Beach Cottage

Address: Scarborough, Maine, United States

Price: from 210 USD

Number of Guests: 4

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9. Cabin-style home with a private swimming cove (from 250 USD)

Sit back, relax and enjoy the sunrise and sunset from the large open porch at this vacation rental. Also, you’ll have an unparalleled view of the Beech and Western Mountains! When you first enter the kitchen, it looks very much like a cabin. However, despite looking very old fashioned, it is well equipped with modern appliances so you can cook and eat well here. From this comfortable living room, you’ll have an amazing view of Long Pond. It even comes with an indoor fireplace to keep the space warm when you feel too cold. This quaint and well-decorated bedroom comes with a comfortable queen-sized bed so you can sleep tight here. The bedroom also comes with some storage so you’ll be able to put your belongings away neatly. The additional bedroom is simply decorated and comes with two additional single beds. It truly is comfortable and it’s the perfect place to sleep after a long day out. There’s also a hammock out back that overlooks the dock and a swimming cove. So how about have a quick lie in it before enjoying a swim in the cool waters?

A little piece of heaven

Address: Mt Desert, Maine, United States (see map)

Price: from 250 USD

Number of Guests: 6

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10. Quaint, family-friendly historic home (from 275 USD)

This large and historic Airbnb home has undergone some renovations and is now modern. You’ll definitely have a great time in here. You’ll feel like you’re right at home in this bright and well-decorated master bedroom. The bed is large and plush, so you can lie back, close your eyes, and you’ll probably fall asleep easily. There’s also another bedroom with a bunk bed that’s perfect for families with kids. It’s extremely vibrant and comes with toys, so it’ll definitely put a smile on your children’s faces. The hosts have set out some chairs that rest right under the shade of some large trees, so you can have a relaxing seat while not feeling too hot. For families with kids, this garden has a play set that your children will love! It’s fenced in and very fun to play with for children of any ages.

Quaint 1890's farmhouse near ocean

Address: Saco, Maine, United States (see map)

Price: from 275 USD

Number of Guests: 6

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11.Upscale timber-frame cottage for four guests close to hiking paths

Experience staying in a luxury cottage in a private property, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This newly refurbished cottage has everything you could need from a vacation rental, but with style and fascinating outdoor facilities, guests can make full use of. This modern-midcentury styled cottage is big enough for four people and is located in the small town of Pownal, just a 20-minute drive away from Portland’s best restaurants, attractions, and bars.

Guests will be sleeping on a comfy high-quality king bed with high-thread-count linens. There’s also a functional bath with stunning minimalist tile work, along with provided toiletries for guests’ convenience. They can also take full advantage of the kitchen space with upgraded cookware and equipment for families who would rather cook indoors than eat out the majority of the time.

Upscale Timber-Frame Cottage, Shop/Dine/Hike/Bike
Pownal, Maine, United States
116 reviews
Entire cottage 2 Beds 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom
Top guest reviews
Amenities & Room:
there were fresh flowers in the bathroom
it had everything we needed from comfortable furniture and coffee to the eggs milk and firewood generously provided
the cottage itself is so cozy and comfortable that it made our stay incredibly relaxing
the amenities were top-notch the bed was extremely comfortable and the location was incredibly peaceful
this was our second stay and it will not be our last the cottage is adorable comfy and cozy
everything was very clean and organized when we arrived
the place was clean and very comfortable
very welcoming clean and relaxing
the place was spotless and super comfortable
it was clean and spacious for a couples getaway
the hosts are warm friendly and informative
she was always there when needed and was very kind and knowledgeable
vianna was a gracious host
and if you don’t know where to start vianna provided great recommendations and was very responsive to questions
vianna and gabe were very down to earth and responsive to any questions we had
wonderful cabin close to hiking shopping etc
just 10mins drive to scenic towns and restaurants make it a great location
the location is beautiful in the fall and a convenient distance from portland
it is the perfect romantic getaway location with close proximity to downtown freeport and the woods
perfect cottage and a perfect location to experience all maine has to offer
Read more reviews

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12. Tree dwelling one-bedroom home with stunning water views in Georgetown (from USD 189)

Take a few days relaxing in Maine from a unique accommodation like a treehouse overlooking the stunning waters of Georgetown. Stay in a charming minimalist-inspired treehouse with a spacious king bedroom and functional bathroom with provided toiletries and shower essentials. There’s hot water, heating, wifi access, and a kitchenette for basic breakfast meal prep. There’s also a great patio balcony space where guests can have morning coffee and bask in the beauty of the coastal water. Close to the property is the popular seafood restaurant, the Five Islands Lobster Co., with enchanting harbor views of the sunset.

Tree Dwelling with Water Views (I)
Georgetown, Maine, United States
92 reviews
Treehouse 1 Bed 2 Guests 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom

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Magnificent Maine: Beautiful natural landscapes everywhere

Maine is such a beautiful state to visit and, as you move around the entire state, you’ll see the differing natural landscapes. Anyone who’s a nature lover would love the gorgeous views from all around the state. If you’re ever planning on visiting Maine, definitely keep these Airbnb vacation rentals in mind!

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