14 Best Beaches In Zanzibar - Updated 2023


Off the coast of Tanzania, the heavenly archipelago of Zanzibar is an island paradise that you have to visit, even just once. This stunning island is not new to tourists, with its tranquil atmosphere and genial charm that makes it an ideal getaway destination. The nerve center is Zanzibar City, boasting the World Heritage Site of Stone Town, the city’s historic side. Though the history is important, you’re probably on the island to enjoy the sun and sand. With some of the world’s most enchanting scenery, this destination feels ethereal. To help you prepare your getaway to this archipelago, we have a guide on the best hotels and other vacation rentals for your arrival. Of course, we’ve also listed below some of the best beaches in Zanzibar. Keep reading to find out more.

1. Fumba Beach

Fumba Beach Lodge
Source: Photo by Flickr user dutchman_svh used under CC BY 2.0

Fumba Beach is one of Zanzibar’s hidden gems, so to speak. It is set in one of the most secluded stretches on the southwest side around the Menai Bay Conservation Area. It is also where you’ll find the luxurious Fumba Beach Lodge, which has free-standing cottages that are designed with elegance. Honeymooners flock to this particular area for its tranquility since it is not frequented by a lot of visitors. If you’re on a romantic holiday, this place in Zanzibar is will suit your needs.

Fumba Beach

Address: Fumba Road 1 Fumba TZ Fumba, Zanzibar TZ, 3705, Tanzania

2. Chukwani Beach

Editor's Note: There's no photo available at the time of writing

Chukwani, located on the west side of Zanzibar, is one of the more known beaches on the island, especially when it comes to nightlife. The area is a suburb on the south of Stone Town and is about 20 minutes of driving from the airport. You will find various entertainment activities in the area such as bars, restaurants, and party venue resorts. If you want to visit someplace convenient where the best of Zanzibar is close by, choose among the beach resorts of Chukwani.

Chukwani Beach

Address: Chukwani, Zanzibar, Tanzania

3. Bwejuu Beach

high tide, Bwejuu, Zanzibar
Source: Photo by Flickr user Kent MacElwee used under CC BY 2.0

Located on the southeastern part of the island, particularly on a small village in Unguja, is Bwejuu Beach. This attraction has a 12-mile-long (19-kilometer) sandbar and is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in the world. While it is a popular beach, it has maintained peace and serves as a nice retreat when visiting Zanzibar. All its stretches are crystal clear and the waves are tame enough for visitors to enjoy long bouts of swimming.

Bwejuu Beach

Address: Bwejuu, Zanzibar, Tanzania

4. Michamvi Beach

Source: Photo by Flickr user lucianf used under CC BY 2.0

Another one of the romantic beach getaways in Zanzibar is Michamvi Beach. The village remains remote and has maintained true to its origins with no major tourist developments except for a small number of luxury resorts. This white sand beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, with its line of palm trees and vast turquoise waters. The town is a fishermen village located on the southeastern coast of the archipelago. If you’re keen on splurging for your Tanzanian trip, consider spending your time in this village.

Michamvi Beach

Address: Michamvi, Zanzibar

5. Fuji Beach

Editor's Note: There's no photo available at the time of writing

One of the roads less traveled in the archipelago is Fuji Beach, which is located close to Bububu Village. It isn’t highly developed yet, and only a small dirt road leads to it, but we guess that’s how paradise is discovered, no? It is said that a Japanese engineer was once on the island to lead road constructions and decided to stay after starting a relationship with a local. The engineer was said to have opened a bar called Fuji Beach Bar which, at one point, was the best in the area, and the name stuck ever since.

Fuji Beach

Address: Bububu Village, Zanzibar

6. Nakupenda Beach (from USD 58.0)

Nakupenda Beach in Zanzibar is a heavenly beach and possibly the world’s most beautiful. The pristine golden sand, flanked by a collection of palm trees, gives this beach a quintessential oceanside look that makes it a very exquisite destination. However, Nakupenda seems even more heavenly than other beaches: maybe its the natural charm of the Zanzibaris, or perhaps the sparkling, translucent water. When here, you should definitely do more than just lay on the sand – try snorkeling, which is a popular activity.

Nakupenda Beach Tour

Duration: 4 hours

12 reviews

7. Jambiani Beach

If you’re looking for a beach that’s unassuming, visit Jambiani, found on Zanzibar’s southeast coast. This beach is so non-touristy that there are no hawkers trying to sell you overpriced trinkets. At Jambiani, all you need to do is enjoy uninterrupted time at the beach – and what a beach it is. The water is an enchanting blue and there’s a view that’s hardly believable. You can enjoy this stunning scenery while seated in one of the beachside, grass-thatched cabanas, where the genial locals will teach you how to play a game of ‘bao’ if you so wish.

Jambiani Beach

Address: Kikutani, Jambiani, Tanzania

8. Paje Beach (from USD 42.0)

Paje Beach is found on the eastern side of Zanzibar, about an hour from Stone Town. It’s no doubt that Paje is a stunning place, just like the other beaches on this list. However, Paje doesn’t need to work hard to get your attention over other beaches, offering plenty to do other than just lay about. You’ll find yourself torn between scuba diving in Paje’s clear waters or kitesurfing, if you manage to stop gaping at the entrancing view. However, you can still just lie on the soft, golden sand and marvel at the heaven that is Paje.

Zanzibar Paje Beach, Blue Lagoon Half-Day Tour Including Lunch

Duration: 6 hours

2 reviews

9. Kendwa Beach (from USD 42.0)

If there’s one thing Zanzibar’s best beaches have in common, it’s the clear waters that borrow the sky’s azure hue, blending in well with the golden sand. Kendwa Beach boasts this beauty, much like the other beaches on our list. This beach is popular among tourists, so expect lots of beach boys and hawkers seeking your attention. But, once you’ve nodded them away, (politely, of course), you’ll have a chance to fully appreciate this beach on Zanzibar’s west coast.

There’s no dull moment at Kendwa, with options to either snorkel, tour the village or go on a dhow cruise. What you really should experience to the fullest is the local food and, thankfully, there are more than enough restaurants on the beach for you to explore.

Kendwa Beach and Nungwi Half-Day Trip from Zanzibar

Duration: 5 hours

10. Nungwi Beach (from USD 85.0)

Found on the north coast of Zanzibar, Nungwi is about an hour and a half away from Stone Town. The reality of Nungwi’s popularity will only hit when you arrive, evidence of this being in its crowds. Nungwi gets so busy that it earned the moniker, ‘Jambo Square.’ But, with a bit of effort, you’re bound to find a silent spot where you can truly enjoy what Nungwi has to offer.

There’s something about Nungwi that makes it tranquil, even amidst the flurry of activity brought by the crowds, so don’t be afraid to immerse yourself in the excitement. If you want to keep your hands busy, there’s the opportunity to learn deep-sea fishing and, if you want to explore, you can sign up for a walking tour.

Nungwi Turtles and Cruise Excursion - Zanzibar

Duration: 5 hours

11. Matemwe Beach

Matemwe Beach bears a resemblance to Zanzibar’s other enchanting beaches, but what makes it stand out is its seemingly endless stretch of golden beach, perfect for an oceanside stroll. Any beach on this island is romantic, but Matemwe is even more decidedly so. Being a popular beach, there will be crowds, however, since the real estate is vast enough, you won’t feel smothered and, in no time, you’ll be in solitude, if this is what you like. Matemwe doesn’t offer electric beach parties and other boisterous entertainment options – this is where you retreat to for a peaceful getaway, thanks to its laid-back atmosphere.

Matemwe Beach

Address: Matemwe, Tanzania

12. Kiwengwa Beach (from USD 89.0)

Visit ‘Little Italy’, Kiwengwa’s nickname that comes from the numerous resorts run by Italians. Therefore, there are plenty of places to stay, if you choose to hang out for a while. Found about an hour from Stone Town, Kiwengwa is easily accessible from the city center. Undoubtedly, this beach has a striking beauty that will constantly leave you in a trance. However, Kiwengwa’s stand-out feature is the Kiwengwa Caves, laden with stalactites and stalagmites and recently opened to the public. Kiwengwa is home to some of the best beach resorts in Zanzibar. Find time to take a break from the enchanting ocean view and explore these caves, which bear significance to Zanzibar’s history.

kiwengwa caves

Duration: 4 hours

1 review

13. Pongwe Beach

Pongwe doesn’t share the popularity of the other beaches, but this doesn’t mean that it’s inferior to the rest. In fact, its relative obscurity means that you’re likely to have various spots on the beach all to yourself. Pongwe is a quiet place, with the now familiar azure waters and soft sand that make up the other beaches. If the crowds overwhelm you and all you want is some peace and quiet, Pongwe will receive you with outstretched arms. The trade-off for this tranquility is a scarcity of local eateries and shops, meaning all you’ll see for miles is palm trees and white sand – not a bad trade-off, if you ask us.

Pongwe Beach

Address: Pongwe, Tanzania

14. Kizimkazi Beach (from USD 125.0)

Finally, head to the fishing village of Kizimkazi, which boasts a stunning beach on Zanzibar’s south coast. What makes this a popular beach is the huge dolphin population that has transformed Kizimkazi from a quiet village to a bustling tourist destination. For the avid swimmers, experience the high tide, which completely engulfs the beach, making for a delightful swimming spot.

Kizimkazi Dolphin Tour

Duration: 3 hours

Heaven on earth

The beauty of Zanzibar is uncanny, with a view that’s only seen in movies and TV shows. If you have time, explore as many of the beaches on our list above as you can and gather memories that you’re bound to cherish for a lifetime. Zanzibar is the true definition of heaven on earth.

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