30 Best Places To Visit In London, England - Updated 2024

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London–who does not want to visit the most famous city in England, if not in Europe and in the whole world? The Big Ben, the Royal Family, and English tea are among the most famous things about London. It is probably the wish of every globetrotter to travel to London and spend as many days as they there can because there are just a lot of things to see, especially the top-notch attractions. If you are one of those travelers who are excited about exploring every single corner of London, you have come to the right place. Read on to learn about the best places to visit in London, UK.

1. London Eye (from USD 40.67)

best places to visit in london | london eye

No one leaves London without getting a taste of what it is like to be inside the majestic London Eye. Situated on the South Bank of the River Thames, London Eye is not only the tallest observation wheel across Europe, but perhaps is also the most popular on Earth. Having attracted millions of tourists, London Eye promises sweeping views of London from high above. As you are boarding the observation wheel, take a look at every direction because everywhere you look, the view is just incredible.

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London: The London Eye Entry Ticket

Duration: 30.0 minute

23144 reviews

2. Madame Tussauds London (from USD 44.45)

best places to visit in london | madame tussauds london

Who has never heard of Madame Tussauds? It can be found in many places across the globe–and of course, one is found in London. You cannot skip this world-famous attraction once you are in the city. Pose with your favorite celebrities that come in life-size wax replicas. In addition to public figures, Madame Tussauds also features historic and popular icons in galleries with special themes.

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Madame Tussauds London

Duration: 2.5 hour

11868 reviews

3. Churchill War Rooms

best places to visit in london | churchill war rooms
Source: www.klook.com

Everyone who has ever learned about the history of the world, especially the history of Great Britain, is familiar with the iconic figure Winston Churcill. His role during World War II was of high significance. As soon as you step foot inside Churchill War Rooms, you will be able to explore Churchill’s bunker along with his annotated maps, the transatlantic telephone room, and the underground headquarters. There are also historical documents that are on full display so that you can understand more about what happened during the war.

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Churchill War Rooms Ticket in London - Klook

4. The O2 Arena (from USD 44.45)

best places to visit in london | the o2 arena

Welcome to The O2 Arena, one of the largest multi-purpose indoor arenas in London, regularly hosts concerts, live performances, and other kinds of entertainment and leisure activities. The musical concerts, for example, are not just ordinary performances. They are performed by world-class stars which makes the arena so special. If you are interested in attending an event, you can check the upcoming events online. Else, take a tour of the impressive structure. Breathe in the vibrant atmosphere as there could be as many as 20,000 people gathered together inside the arena.

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London: Climb The Roof of The O2 Arena

Duration: 1.5 hour

2735 reviews

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Robert Woolf

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5. Sea Life Centre London Aquarium (from USD 35.56)

sea life centre london aquarium

It is time to say hi to some fascinating underwater animals by making a visit to Sea Life Centre London Aquarium that can be reached within minutes from the London Eye. Look out for ray lagoon, octopus, jellyfish, and more. Be sure to not miss the Shark Walk experience where you get to walk above a glass window that offers you the breathtaking views of sharks swimming right beneath you.

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London: SEA LIFE Entry Ticket

2572 reviews

6. St. Paul's Cathedral (from USD 31.75)

st. paul's cathedral

What a magnificent cathedral St. Paul’s Cathedral is. Serving as the seat of the Bishop of London, the Anglican cathedral stands tall on the lush Ludgate Hill. The most prominent feature of the cathedral is perhaps the paired columns that are made of Portland Stone, a special type of limestone. To make you even more amazed is the fact that to build this very cathedral, approximately 70,000 tonnes (63,503 metric tonnes) of Portland Stone were required. What is more, the cathedral holds a special place in the hearts of the local people because it used to be the tallest building in the city until 1967. Its dome remains among the tallest domes across the globe.

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London: St Paul's Cathedral Entry Ticket

5651 reviews

7. Kew Gardens (from USD 15.03)

kew gardens

If you are looking for a place in which you can escape from the busy atmosphere of London and enjoy a rather peaceful moment, you need to make a visit to Kew Gardens. Discover how powerful the plants and flowers can be for your body, mind, and soul inside one of the most idyllic botanical gardens. You will be offered an opportunity to observe a variety of plants both in the field and within the gardens’ glasshouses.

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London: Kew Gardens Admission Ticket

2698 reviews

8. British Museum (from USD 70.72)

british museum

Those who are fond of art and culture, as well as human history throughout the eras, should visit British Museum that is located in the Bloomsbury area. The museum features both special and permanent exhibits to help you understand more about the diversity of life. The permanent exhibits are known to be among the largest in the world as you will be able to enjoy around eight million objects ranging from reliefs, sculptures, paintings, and stones.

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London: British Museum Guided Tour

Duration: 2.0 hour

923 reviews

9. London Transport Museum (from USD 30.5)

london transport museum

London is loaded with tons of museums and with the unique things that each museum offers, it would be nice to explore as many museums as possible. Your next museum stop should be London Transport Museum. Learn about the fascinating history of transportation in London through different time periods. You will be presented with a collection of vehicles along with interactive exhibits and stories that are told through art pieces such as posters and paintings.

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London: London Transport Museum Entrance Ticket

Duration: 1.0 day

1010 reviews

10. Emirates Stadium (from USD 38.12)

emirates stadium

The English just love football very much. It can be seen from the number of football clubs in the country. Other than Chelsea, another popular football club that has won the hearts of many people is Arsenal. Now, you get the chance to enter Emirates Stadium, the home of Arsenal. Having the capacity to accommodate up to 60,704 football supporters, Emirates Stadium is among the largest football stadiums across the country. Tour the stadium and feel the excitement that comes from the crowd. Even get behind the scenes for the most ultimate experience at the stadium.

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London: Emirates Stadium Entry Ticket and Audio Guide

Duration: 1.5 hour

2843 reviews

11. ArcelorMittal Orbit (from USD 18.34)

arcelormittal orbit

Set in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, ArcelorMittal Orbit is an important sight to see because you get to see the largest sculpture in Europe here as well as get the opportunity to enter the observation tower to enjoy the sweeping views of London, particularly the lush meadows of the park, from high above. The fun does not stop here. Challenge yourself to ride the longest and tallest tunnel slide in the world or to abseil in free space. You do not have to worry because there will be expert instructors who are always on the watch.

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ArcelorMittal Orbit: Skyline Views with Optional Slide Ride

560 reviews

12. The Sherlock Holmes Museum (from USD 21.59)

the sherlock holmes museum

Perhaps most famous fictional detective in the world, whose intelligence in solving criminal cases has blown minds for generations, is Sherlock Holmes. His popularity is an undeniable fact, so much so that there is even a museum in London that was specially built as a dedication to him. As soon as you set foot in the museum, you can see the imagined living room, study room, and even the bathroom of Sherlock Holmes. Many items that were mentioned in his stories, such as his magnifying glass, pipe, ink bottles, and more are on display as well.

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London: Immerse Yourself in the World of Sherlock Holmes

Duration: 2.0 hour

588 reviews

13. Shrek's Adventure London (from USD 34.0)

People of all ages love Shrek, the green and friendly fictional creature from the popular movie franchise. The good news is, there is a cool place in London where you can have fun with everything related to Shrek. A 4D movie is ready to welcome and entertain you along with interactive shows of fairy-tale themes. Depending on whom you are visiting the tourist attraction with, you will have a different experience. The entertainment options for those traveling with children and those traveling with adults only may be different. Create unforgettable memories as you board a flying bus that is driven by Donkey and visit the fortune teller and see what is in the store for you through the crystal ball. You will also be asked for help on a mission to find Shrek.

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London Shrek's Adventure! Admission Ticket

Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes

703 reviews

14. The Shard (from USD 43.19)

the shard

You may be able to have a glance of The Shard from many places across London because this is a super tall building that consists of 95 stories in total. The skyscraper is also known as the Shard of Glass and offers you the opportunity to marvel at the amazing views of London from near the sky. Designed by a renowned architect from Italy Renzo Piano, The Shard’s best views of London are located on floors 68, 69, and 72. So, be sure to stop by the three floors before you recharge your energy at one of the restaurants available inside the skyscraper. One thing to take note if you are looking to dine at The Shard is that you should wear something other than beachwear or sportswear. Casuals like jeans and t-shirt would be acceptable, though.

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London: The Shard Entry Ticket

5637 reviews

15. Jack the Ripper Museum

jack the ripper museum

Jack the Ripper is perhaps the most widely known serial killer who was active in the 1880s. He was never apprehended for his crimes and that is why the story of Jack the Ripper is kind of fascinating. Jack was known to incite fear to the streets of London when he murdered and mutilated at least five women. What can you expect when you enter the museum? You will be able to learn that serious examination and careful investigation had been performed on criminal cases in an effort to identify the real identity of Jack the Ripper. Throughout different time periods, theories have been proposed yet the crimes remain unsolved until today. As you are climbing the stairs, you can get to know about the murder victims along with illustrations that describe what probably happened during the crimes.

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London: Jack the Ripper Museum Tickets

645 reviews

16. The London Dungeon (from USD 33.49)

the london dungeon

Just like every other dungeon, The London Dungeon is going to give you goosebumps as soon as you set foot in it. Many people think that The London Dungeon is similar to Madame Tussauds, but in a rather gloomy way. Things you are going to see include caged rats, dripping water, and skeletons scattered throughout the dungeon. But not all of the presentations will be scary. Some parts are presented in a humorous way. Once you reach the end of the dungeon, you can expect to understand more about the history of London.

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London: Entry Ticket to London Dungeon

Duration: 1.5 hour

2530 reviews

17. The National Gallery of London (from USD 116.0)

The world will not be as beautiful as it is now without the existence of art. Appreciate the joy and serenity that art brings by spending hours at The National Gallery of London. Situated in Trafalgar Square, the gallery boasts an impressive collection of thousands of paintings from the mid-13th century up to the 1900s. Artworks of Leonardo da Vinci and Diego Velazquez are among the most popular features of the gallery.

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The National Gallery of London - Exclusive Guided Museum Tour

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

56 reviews

18. Royal Observatory Greenwich (from USD 25.42)

royal observatory greenwich

Set in Greenwich Park with the view over River Thames, Royal Observatory Greenwich lets you have a once-in-a-lifetime experience of standing on the Meridian Line with one of your feet in the east and the other one in the west. At this observatory, you can also wonder at one of the world’s largest telescopes named the Great Equatorial Telescope. Let the world of the stars, the galaxy, and beyond take over for some time before you land back on Earth.

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London: Royal Observatory Greenwich Entrance Ticket

685 reviews

19. Buckingham Palace (from USD 91.5)

buckingham palace

Many of the palaces in London are closely related to the royal families, either to serve as residential places or to provide administrative support. Like Kensington Palace, Buckingham Palace is also one of the most popular and beautiful palaces to be enjoyed across the city. Set in the City of Westminster, the palace is the residential palace of Her Majesty The Queen in London as well as the administrative headquarters. You would not want to miss the changing guards and some important highlights such as the Grand Staircase and The Throne Room. You should also spend some time to admire the State Rooms, of which there are 19 in total, that are used for the purpose of receiving guests.

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London: Changing of the Guard & Buckingham Palace Ticket

Duration: 2.5 hour

949 reviews

20. Kensington Palace (from USD 30.48)

kensington palace

Nestled in the pretty Kensington Gardens, Kensington Palace is the place in which the British royal families live, which makes a compelling reason for you to have a tour of the palace. The best highlight of the palace is perhaps The King’s State Apartments. As you are wandering through all the rooms of the apartments, you will be amazed at how grand and lavish the rooms and the furniture are. You can also learn about the history of the palace and find out which royals resided here.

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London: Kensington Palace Sightseeing Entrance Tickets

2611 reviews

21. Wembley Stadium (from USD 31.75)

wembley stadium

Wembley Stadium is more than a casual football stadium–it is one of the most popular stadiums in the country. A lot of prestigious football matches were hosted here, including the 1966 Fifa World Cup and the 1948 Olympic Games. Opened to the public for the first time in 2007, Wembley Stadium also regularly hosts major football matches between England’s national football teams and it can accommodate up to 90,000 football fans.

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London: Explore Wembley Stadium on a Guided Tour

Duration: 2.0 hour

2337 reviews

22. Tower of London (from USD 43.58)

tower of london

Nestled in central London on the north bank of the River Thames, Tower of London is a castle with a rich history and classical beauty that has been charming visitors from all over the world for almost a thousand years. Throughout the years, the historic castle has served numerous purposes, from being a records office and a royal residence to keeping prisoners and housing the crown jewels.

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London: Tower of London and Crown Jewels Exhibition Ticket

18644 reviews

23. Cutty Sark (from USD 25.4)

cutty sark

Welcome on board Cutty Sark, a British clipper ship that is among the fastest ships and the last one of its kind that was ever built in England. Built on River Leven in Scotland back in 1869, Cutty Sark is now part of the most anticipated attractions at Royal Museums Greenwich. Experience an unforgettable moment as you are meeting face-to-face with the ship crew where they will tell you about exciting stories that happened on the ship, exploring every corner of the ship, and making your stomach and soul happy by sipping an afternoon English tea.

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London: Entrance Ticket to the Cutty Sark

209 reviews

24. London Zoo (from USD 34.31)

london zoo

Opening its gate for the first time in 1828 as the hub for scientific study on animals, London Zoo is among the oldest zoos that can be found in England. It then became a public zoo that has welcomed visitors since 1847. Experience a fun time meeting face-to-face with the zoo’s loyal inhabitants that include penguins, lions, and gorillas. The zoo is divided into several sections. The Rainforest Life is highly popular because it offers you an exciting opportunity to enjoy unique behaviors of sloth, tamandua, and bats, among other rainforest animals. You can also enjoy a nocturnal experience with animals who become active when the sky is dark.

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London Zoo: Entry Ticket

1454 reviews

25. Warner Bros. Studio (from USD 136.73)

warner bros. studio

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about Warner Bros. Studio? Since this article is about top-notch attractions in London, many of you would probably think about Harry Potter. Yes, Warner Bros. Studio in London is all about Harry Potter. You are cordially welcome to get lost in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. There is a permanent exhibit displaying a behind-the-scenes look at the filmmaking of Harry Potter. Explore the Diagon Alley and the Great Hall. And the magical creatures you see on the screen? You will gain some insights into how they were made and what effects were applied to make them look unbelievably real.

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Warner Bros. Studio Tour and Transfer from London

Duration: 7 hour

2472 reviews

26. Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum (from USD 31.0)

Are you into tennis? Do you have a favorite tennis player? Tennis fans from all over the country are invited to enjoy an interactive tour at Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum, the largest tennis museum there is on the planet. Even if you are not a huge fan of tennis, you are recommended to also visit the museum because there are just so many things to see and discover. Who knows, you may change your mind and become a tennis fan at the end of the day. Gain insights into the history and development of the game throughout different periods. Experience how awesome Wimbledon is through what is called the Virtual Reality Experience. Plus, you can also experience as the tennis players do while walking through the doors and sitting on their seats.

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Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum and Tour

157 reviews

27. BODY WORLDS London (from USD 26.0)

body worlds london

There is something truly astonishing about human bodies. When you are in London, you will be able to see permanent exhibits of real human bodies, including organs and translucent body slices, at BODY WORLDS London. It is time to discover the mysteries and beauty of what lies underneath your skin through interactive presentations and hands-on experience.

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London: Body Worlds

Duration: 1 day

32 reviews

28. Queen's House (from USD 73.0)

Last but not least, make sure to drop by Queen’s House, a historic house that used to be a royal residence. Indulge in the beauty of the art that decorates every part of the house. Highlights include The Great Hall ceiling that is known to have a perfect cube shape and intricate designs on the wall, The Tulip Stairs, a spiral stairway that you can climb, and the Queen’s Presence Chamber in which you can admire the full portrait of Queen Elizabeth I.

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London: City Highlights Walking Tour and Queen's House Visit

Duration: Wheelchair accessible

29. Chelsea Football Club Stadium and Museum (from USD 35.56)

chelsea football club stadium and museum

Chelsea Football Club is one of the most successful and popular English football teams in this century. It has its own stadium and museum. Situated in Stamford Bridge, Chelsea Football Club Stadium and Museum features interactive tours through hands-on experience and exhibits to help you understand more about the history of the football club. Make stops at the Chelsea FC Dressing Room, Press Room, Television Room, and Visitor Dressing Room, among others.

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London: Explore the Chelsea Football Club Stadium & Museum

Duration: 1.0 hour

2390 reviews

30. Westminster Abbey (from USD 29.73)

westminster abbey

Westminster Abbey, a gorgeous Gothic abbey church that is set in the City of Westminster, is one of the most important landmarks in London. The church is not just a common church. It is the place where royal coronations and other national ceremonies that are deemed highly important, such as royal weddings and funerals, take place. Let the pieces of marble stone throughout the church take your breath away. The high altar along with the choir area that boasts an excellent example of blue, red, and gold Victorian Gothic motifs are also worth admiring.

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London: Westminster Abbey Entry Ticket

2389 reviews

Explore all the attractions for the most amazing vacation in London

With all the superb attractions that can be found in London, no wonder the city is on every traveler’s wish list. If you really want to enjoy the most amazing vacation in London, then it is a must to explore all the above-mentioned landmarks.

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