7 Best Things To Do In Xinxiang, China

best things to do in xinxiang china
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Xinxiang county is a pretty county located in the Henan province. It is situated between the Taihang Mountains and the Yellow River. The richness of the natural scenery and rural splendor makes Xinxiang an ideal tourist destination. Besides the environmental wonders in Xinxiang, the city is also home to many cultural points of interest. Below are 7 best things to do while in Xinxiang.

1. Guoliang Tunnel Road

Guoliang tunnel road 2011-4-29 17-24-01 (5689275863)
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user FANG Chen used under CC BY 2.0

One of the most amazing road routes, the Guoliang Tunnel Road is a must-visit road located in the Xinxiang county. This tunnel which was dug through the side of a mountain entirely by hand provides visitors access to a small, remote village in China. The tunnel road, which has been said to be highly dangerous as well, was constructed to provide the Guoliang village residents with some transportation convenience. Since then, the sheer beauty of the tunnel road has made it a popular tourist attraction. At the end of the tunnel road lies this small village. Access to the village is not always allowed and tourists should check the internet for updated visiting status.

Guoliang Tunnel Road

Address: Guoliang Village. Shayao Country, Huixian 453648, China

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2. Offer a prayer at the Temple of Bi Gan

Emperor Xiaowen of the Southern Wei Dynasty commissioned the construction of this temple to honour Bi Gan’s honesty and righteousness. Bi Gan was the uncle of King Zhou who ruled during the Shang Dynasty. In 1494 AD, the temple was reconstructed and called “the First Temple Under Heaven.” This was because of the graves and the temple the entire complex contained. Several precious cultural relics are preserved in this temple and are simply spectacular. For instance, there are steles that have been carved by Confucius during spring and autumn and it also contains the only evidence of what Confucius’ actual handwriting looked like. If you are looking to experience the rich Chinese history, then this is the place to visit.

Temple of Bi Gan

Address: Bigan Ave, Weihui Shi, Xinxiang Shi, Henan Sheng, China

Website: Temple of Bi Gan

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3. Mausoleum of Prince Lu


Posted by Yan-chen Chen on Saturday, 15 September 2012

Yet another masterpiece belonging to the Ming dynasty is the mausoleum of Prince Lu. This well-preserved mausoleum is actually the grave of Lu Jian, the 4th son of Emperor Muzong. During the early 17th-century, Prince Lu was entombed in this site along with his second concubine, Zhao. This mausoleum is situated at the foot of the Fenghuang Mountain in the district of Fengquan. For many years, this site has attracted many visitors as it offers stunning scenery and spectacular architecture. The mausoleum also attracts visitors who are interested in the research of ancient tomb construction, stone sculpture carving and architecture deriving from the Ming Dynasty.

Mausoleum of Prince Lu

Address: Foot of Phoenix Hill, Fengquan District, Xinxiang 453000, China

Website: Mausoleum of Prince Lu

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4. Baligou Scenic Area

The Baligou Scenic Area is situated at the foot of the Taihang Mountains, 50 km (31 miles) away from Xinxiang City. Legend has it that the Baligou Scenic Area embodies the qualities of the surrounding mountain ranges like the Huashan, Taishan, Qingcheng and the Huangshan ranges. This area is always comfortable and is a popular summer resort for locals as well. The scenic area is home to five main resorts, over 150 scenic spots and almost 100 waterfalls. The most famous waterfall worth seeing in the Baligou Scenic Area is the Baligou Waterfall. There are also several famous caves which you can visit while in this site.

Baligou Scenic Area

Address: Huixian, Xinxiang, Henan, China

Website: Baligou Scenic Area

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5. Xinxiang Museum


Posted by Lei Zhang on Thursday, 6 June 2013

This is an understated attraction which definitely deserves more mention. Housed in a big and modern building, the museum contains a large number of artifacts with each one describing the history of Xinxiang. As such, there is much to learn from the museum, especially those who are keen on Chinese history. Unfortunately, only Chinese speaking guides are available in the museum. Therefore, if you do not understand Chinese, then you should simply tour the museum by yourself.

Xinxiang Museum

Address: No.367 Heping Road, Hongqi District, Xinxiang 453000, China

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6. Baiquan Scenic Area

Posted by 王振 on Thursday, 17 September 2015

The Baiquan Scenic Area is located close to the famous Yanqi Lake and Yougushentan Natural Scenic Area. It is also not too far from central Beijing. A prime icon in this area is the Baiquan Mountain which is surrounded by endless springs. With stunning mountain ranges, misty forests and endless springs, the Baiquan Scenic Area is one natural wonder that has to be visited. During spring, the area is beautiful with the abundance of colorful flowers in full bloom till June. In contrast, in winter, the scenic area presents icy waterfalls. The mountains in the area are said to be life-like as their rounded peaks resemble animals like lions and eagles. One has to visit this place to truly know the beauty that it embodies.

Baiquan Scenic Area

Address: Huixian, Xinxiang, Henan, China

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7. Jinghua Park Scenic Area

Pan'an, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China - panoramio (12)
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user song songroov used under CC BY 3.0

The Jinghua Park Scenic Area depicts the culture and history of China’s complexities. This Scenic Area is arranged according to China’s various nationalities and geographical demarcations. The park consists of various types of dwellings that the different groups of people lived in. For instance, it presents the high stilted wooden houses belonging to the Miao, the Mongolian yurts and houses of the Uygur community. The scenic area also features the several festivals that all the communities celebrate.

The Jinghua Park Scenic Area on its own is a miniature model of Chinese geography, including the Great Wall and the symbolic ropeway. Many such respresentations are featured in this scenic area. Several gardens are also featured such as the Garden of Pines, the Garden of Bamboos and the Garden of Chrysanthemums. Visit this area to know exactly what is offered.

Jinghua Park Scenic Area

Address: Xiaoji Town, Xinxiang City, Henan Province

Website: Jinghua Park Scenic Area

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Beauty in one city, Xinxiang

If you are in China and looking for attractions steeped in history and beauty, then Xinxiang is the place for you. With so much natural beauty at your disposal and varied attractions, you can be sure that you will be in for a good time.

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