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11 Most Fun & Amazing Things To Do In Varkala, India

things to do in varkala india

Varkala, a quaint village, is home to many tourist places in the vicinity such as a wide variety of beaches and has been a Hindu pilgrimage site since the 12th-century. Take a dip in the holy waters here to purge the body of the impurities and the soul of all its sins. The city enjoys a favorable climate throughout the year and due to its religious importance, is often referred to as the ‘Kashi of the South’.

Varkala’s beaches are less crowded and cleaner than the bustling ones at Kovalam, and hence we have come up with the best things to do in Varkala for you to relax in their serene environment.

1. Varkala Beach/Papanasham Beach

The beach in Varkala, Kerala
Source: Wikimedia

Varkala Beach is a beach along the Arabian Sea in Varkala, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala also known as Papanasham Beach. The word ‘papanasham’ means destroyer of sins. Hence many Hindu people come to this beach to take a dip in the waters to wash away their sins. Moreover, a segment of the beach is used by the Hindus to scatter the ashes of their dead relatives as is the belief that the water of the beach will cleanse the soul of the dead.

Varkala Beach is the only beach in southern Kerala to have tertiary sedimentary formation cliffs called the Varkala Formation next to the Arabian Sea, which is a unique geological feature on the otherwise flat Kerala coast. There are frequent water jets and spas on the sides of these cliffs and hence is a preferred location for people wanting to sunbathe and swim. The evening vistas of the sunset are worth lingering over.

There are numerous small restaurants and shops near and around Varkala Beach on the cliff, attracting maximum visitors both visiting for leisure and religious motives. A small car parking facility is available atop the cliff, however visitors can’t bring their cars near the beach.

Varkala Beach

Address: Varkala, Kerala 695141, India

Website: Varkala Beach

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2. Bekal Beach

Bakel Fort Beach Kasaragod
Source: Wikimedia

Kappil Beach also called Bekal Beach is a fabulous beach for strolling, especially at sunrise and sunset. The beach is clean, uncrowded and beautiful, fringed by coconut palms, which mimics a tropical paradise. The Kappil Beach is not advised for swimming, even for experienced swimmers, as the sand is uneven and drops abruptly into the ocean floor. You can gauge the unevenness of the ocean floor by watching the waves drop and rise abruptly. Moreover, there are no lifeguards at this beach so play it safe when entering the sea water.

The sand at Kappil Beach is clean and the kids can have fun building sand castles while you can take a break and enjoy the beautiful views of the Arabian Sea. You can also take a lazy stroll along the coast during the evenings or early in the morning when the weather is pleasant.

Bekal Beach

Address: Bekal Fort Rd, Kasaragod District, Bekal, Kerala 671316, India

Phone: +91 04672310700

Hours: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm (All days)

Website: Bekal Beach

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3. Anjengo Lighthouse

Anjengo Lighthouse
Source: Wikimedia

The Anjengo Lighthouse was built by the British about a century ago. It is one of the important landmarks that throws light into the places that encountered with the European colonial powers in Anchuthengu. The lighthouse is 40 m (130 feet) in height with around 11 floors and has around 200 steps to reach the top. The Anjengo Lighthouse is located 13 kms (8 miles) from Varkala Beach, but is worth the effort to pay a visit to this edifice. It’s a long climb to the top, but rewards you with some amazing views of the sea, the nearby fort, the lake and palm trees. The lighthouse stands tall in an attractive little park with trees and flowers. The view from the top of the lighthouse is awe inspiring.

You need to purchase a ticket to get inside the lighthouse. There isn’t much in terms of education or history of the place, and they do charge a small fee for cameras. But it is worth it; if you are a photography enthusiast, you will get an amazing view from the top with one side showing you the beautiful Arabian Sea in all its glory and on the other side there is this beautiful landscape of backwaters and coconut trees aligned in a row, creating a picturesque landscape.

Anjengo Lighthouse

Address: Chilakkoor Vallakkadavu Rd, Anchuthengu, Kerala 695309, India

Hours: 9:00 am to 6:30 pm

Website: Anjengo Lighthouse

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4. Varkala Cliff

Varkala Cliff
Source: Wikimedia

Balanced almost terrifyingly along the edge of a 15 m-high red laterite cliff, the North Cliff part of Varkala has an unsurprisingly attractive setting that has gradually grown into Kerala’s most popular tourist hang-out. A small strand of beach nuzzles into Varkala’s cliff edge, where restaurants play mild world music and stalls peddle kitschy memorabilia and jewelry. It’s touristy and the sales pitches can be tiring, but Varkala Cliff is still a great place to watch the days slowly turn into weeks, and it’s not hard to escape the crowds further north or south where the beaches are cleaner and quieter.

Varkala Cliff

Address: Varkala Helipad Rd, Varkala, Kerala 695141, India

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5. Kappil Pozhi

Kappil Pozhi - Mouth of Edava Nadayara Lake Varkala to Arabian Sea
Source: Wikimedia

About 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) north of Varkala town is the tranquil and picturesque Kappil Pozhi Lake. Surrounded with coconut groves and trees this peaceful inlet wanders elegantly and joins the Arabian Sea. Get on the bridge that is constructed across the lake and you will get the most captivating view of the lake striding toward the blue horizon. The more exploratory can go boating to relish the exquisiteness of this lake.

One can avail the boat hire arranged by the department of tourism, where one can rent pedal boats, which is another way to cruise along this relaxing waterway. The peaceful environment here, without the racket of the city, will certainly cool your anxieties.

Kappil Pozhi

Address: Kappil Thekkumbhagam Paravur Rd, Kappil, Kerala 695311, India

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6. Janardhanaswamy Temple

Part of Janardhanaswamy Temple, Varkala
Source: Wikimedia

Janardanaswamy Temple is a 2000-year-old temple located on the summit of a table-land adjoining the sea at Varkala, Thiruvananthapuram, known also as the Varkala Temple. Janardanaswamy is a manifestation of Lord Vishnu and the temple dedicated to him is atop one of the hills, reached by a long and wearisome flight of steps.

The temple of Janardana is a fine example of Kerala art and architecture. The circular ‘Sanctum sanctorum’ prevailed by a conical dome of copper sheets, the square ‘mandapa’ with beautiful wooden carvings of ‘Navagrahas’ (nine planets) on the ceiling and copper-plated roof over it, the quadrangular enclosures around them, and a hall containing a ‘bali peetha’ (food offering pedestal) in front of the inner temple, are the characteristic features of Kerala style architecture.

Annually, in the months of March–April, a ten-day Arattu (holy bath) festival is commemorated at the Janardhanaswamy Temple. The festival commences with a flag hoisting ceremony, and concludes with a procession of five decorated elephants through the streets of Varkala. During the fourth and fifth days of the festival, the revelries include all night long entertainment in the form of traditional Kathakali dancing.

Janardhanaswamy Temple

Address: Temple Rd, Padinjarae Nada, Varkala, Kerala 695141, India

Website: Janardhanaswamy Temple

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7. Ponnumthuruthu Island

Road to Ponnumthuruthu (Golden) Island, Kerala, India

Ponnumthuruthu is an island situated about 12 km (7.4 mi) south of Varkala. To reach the island you can board a makeshift jetty where the walkway to the ferry is made up of coconut husks, mud and the waste from coconut coir from Nedunganda and cruise through the backwaters. The name Ponnumthuruthu plainly means Golden Island. Legends say that the queens of the Travancore Royal Family used to hide their reserve of gold and ornaments on the island for safe keeping, and hence it earns its name. This lush island is a perfect retreat for those who need a break from the hustle and bustle of the urban life.

This island is also recognised for the Shiva Parvathi Temple, natively known as `Thuruthu kshethram.’ The temple is located amongst dense coconut groves, grown over the entire stretch. The temple is more than 100 years old and the entire island belongs to the temple committee. The island harbors different types of flora and fauna and is a bird watcher’s pleasure to visit, thanks to the cormorants, egrets, herons, eagles and gulls seen in this area along with numerous water birds.

Ponnumthuruthu Island

Address: Panayil Kadavu Road, Vakkom, Kerala 695312, India

Phone: +91 09886816417

Hours: 6:00 am to 6:00 pm (All days)

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8. Spend a quiet day Varkala's Black Beach

Varkala Cliff Sunset

Although Varkala is surrounded by multiple beaches, Black Beach stands out for its rather serene area where the water and the surroundings are much quieter than other beaches in Varkala. If you’re not really into swimming, Black Beach is the place to be as the waters are rather choppy and is usually just best for just sunbathing on the shore. However, it’s also a spot many local surfers go to catch waves at and also a place to go shopping at their local shops for authentic souvenirs. Spend a couple of hours at this quiet part of Varkala and enjoy the sun, sand, waves, and shopping at this hidden gem for travelers.

Black Beach

Address: hiruvambadi Rd, Varkala, Kerala 695141, India

Opening hours: 24 hours, Sundays to Mondays

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9. Try cardamom coffee at the Coffee Temple

Masala Tea and South Indian Coffee

When in Varkala, India, it’s always interesting to try different food from various parts of the country, since the way they use spices differs in various cities and provinces. When in Varkala, having a cup of coffee at the Coffee Temple is a must as it is one of the best places to get breakfast and try fusion style Indian Mexican cuisine. Their best selling cardamom coffee is beloved by tourists and locals alike as it uses cardamom, a type of ginger that lessens acidity in coffee. Make a pit stop at Coffee Temple and enjoy a cup of joe at some of Varkala’s best cafes.

Try Cardamom Coffee at Coffee Temple

Address: Varkala, Kerala 695141, India

Website: Coffee Temple

Opening hours: 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm, Sundays to Mondays

Contact: +91 81290 50685

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10. Take surfing lessons at Soul & Surf

Surfing on Kerala Waters

If you’re traveling to Varkala alone, do something spontaneous and learn how to surf at Soul & Surf, open seven days a week for surf lessons. They offer surf lessons from beginners to advance and are just a week-long before you are set to go off on the waves alone. Surf instructors are professionally trained and also work with qualified lifeguards that make learning a new water sport all the safer and also nothing short of exciting. Training starts at 6:30 am and typically ends at 11:00 am for surfing lessons and is followed by sunset yoga, chill-out sessions at the Arabian Sea, and having a couple of drinks at bars by Varkala Cliff. Make the most out of your solo-travel, learn a new skill, meet cool new people at Soul & Surf.

Surfing Lessons at Soul & Surf

Address: Golden Beach, South Cliff, Janardhanapuram, Varkala, Kerala 695141, India

Website: Soul & Surf

Opening hours: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, Sundays to Mondays

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11. Join yoga classes in the yoga capital of India


Get a little zen and learn how to do “the crow” during some yoga lessons at the yoga hub of India, Kerala. Varkala town specifically is scattered with yoga studios, ashrams, and beach retreats that welcome locals and travelers alike to join. Yoga is widely practiced in this part of India and offers beginners to advanced level classes that are meant to improve and deepen your skills in an open and non-polluted environment. These classes more often than not also teach basics to meditation and help in the mentorship of those who are traveling for soul searching purposes with the help of some of the masters of such skills. Expert meditators, yogis, and mindfulness coaches are all over Varkala and are usually teaching classes in the area. Indeed, if you wish to do something a little more different in your travels, yoga classes are definitely one to check off your bucket list.

Yoga Classes

Address: Varkala town, Kerala, India

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A captivating beach town with a devotional ambience

Varkala is indeed a charming beach hamlet located about one and half hour’s drive from the state capital Thiruvananthapuram. Varkala is an optimistic mix of beach exquisiteness and devotional ambiance. This is perhaps the only location in Southern India where the steep cliff and flat land adjoins the Arabian Sea. The golden island with its virgin landscape and the enthralling Kappil Pozhi with its linear landscape transports you to an ethereal world of peace and relaxation.

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Varkala cliff
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