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Rome, the capital of Italy, is one of the most popular travel destinations for its historical attractions and fabulous shopping choices. Like most cities, the prices of hotel stays in Rome can be pretty costly. You might be able to find some affordable choices near to the Termini station but these are further away from the key places of attractions. Centrally located in the heart of Rome, Inn Spagna Deluxe hotel is a convenient yet affordable choice for travelers. Priced from 143 EUR (approximately 158 USD) per night, it is one of the most price-competitive hotels within the Spagna region.

Around Inn Spagna Deluxe Hotel

Horse cartridges and surrounding boutiques in Spagna – steps away from the hotel

Inn Spagna Deluxe Hotel is located steps away from Piazza di Spagna metro station (known as only Spagna on the metro map/station), which connects directly to the airport as well as many places of interest. For travelers on a budget, taking the metro from the airport is most cost-effective but you would have to transit at Termini Station and walk a distance for the metro to Spagna, which is 2 stops away from Termini.

Once you are out from the Piazza di Spagna metro station, you will be greeted by the crowd at the famous Spanish steps and all the surrounding luxury boutiques on the west. The hotel is located in a building on the east of the metro station. First timer to Rome may find it slightly challenging to find the hotel since the hotel is located within a residential building. There is no signage on the building but if you get to the main door of the building, you will be able to spot the name of the hotel within the building.

Advanced booking is recommended at this boutique hotel with limited rooms!

Front building of the hotel

In the building, there is a small elevator that can take only 1 passenger with 2-3 luggages at each time, depending on your luggage size. The elevator will bring you to level 4 where the hotel is located. If you are checking in with your luggage, you will certainly need to take the elevators, otherwise taking the staircases will be a better choice since the former can be quite slow and cumbersome.

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the friendly hotel staff or even the boss. You can obtain a location map over the front counter. The friendly staff is also able to offer you directions to places if needed. There are 5 guest rooms in addition to the front counter and a small but cozy cafeteria. Due to its limited rooms, you are highly recommended to book the room way in advance!

Small but cosy rooms at the Inn Spagna Deluxe Hotel

centrally located inn spagna deluxe hotel for time-starved travelers in rome | small but cosy rooms at the inn spagna deluxe hotel

Like most hotels in Rome, the room is small but clean and comfortable. The beds and pillows are also comfortable especially after a long day out in the city. The television is molded on the wall to maximize the room space and comes with a good variety of international channels. Inside the wardrobe, there is a safe box where you can store your passport and valuable items. The size of the safe box is unusually small, so larger items would not be able to fit.

Pickpockets are very common in bustling Rome, so do consider keeping your passport and some cash or credit cards in the safe and bring a duplicate copy of your passport out with some cash and a credit card. The hotel staff will hand you the keys of the safe with the room keys upon check in.

Your room comes with basic toiletries and clean towels, which will be changed daily. If you are heading out, you would need to hand over your room key to the hotel staff, so that they can clean up your room for the day. However, do remember to separate the key of the safe box from the room key before you hand it over to the staff.

Enjoy complimentary breakfast at the hotel cafeteria

centrally located inn spagna deluxe hotel for time-starved travelers in rome | enjoy complimentary breakfast at the hotel cafeteria

The hotel also comes with a small cafeteria at the side whereby you can enjoy your complimentary simple breakfast every morning. This is a bonus for the guests since food prices can be high in Rome. Having your first meal in the hotel can save you some money! However, the breakfast selection is limited given that there are only 5 guest rooms. A beverage machine is available so you can select your choice of hot drink. There is 1 guest room just outside the cafeteria, so you may want to avoid that room since it may get a little noisy in the morning if everyone is having breakfast at the same time.

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Within walking distance to various attractions

centrally located inn spagna deluxe hotel for time-starved travelers in rome | within walking distance to various attractions

Most attractions are within walking distance from the hotel. The famous Spanish step is only a 2-minute walk from the hotel and is a great place for people-watching. Horse cartridges await tourists along the street together with numerous selfie-stick sellers. Many luxury boutiques such as Chanel; Prada or Dior are situated along the street, making it convenient for energized and/or window shoppers. In Rome, there is a wide options of restaurants, so do not be worried that you are unable to find good food there. The prices of the food around the Spagna area can be slightly more expensive, so explore the rest of the city where great and affordable food can also be found. From Piazza di Spagna metro station, many major attractions such as the Pantheon, Piazza Novona, Trevi fountain are within walking distance from the hotel. To explore this amazing city, you are also encouraged to walk to the Colosseum and Vatican City which may take about 30 to 45 minutes but there are interesting sights along the way. Alternatively, you can take the metro and arrive at these famous destinations easily.

Inn Spagna Deluxe Hotel is a great choice for travelers who have limited time in Rome!

Lane from the hotel leading to the main plaza

Checking out from the hotel is a breeze but you have to pay the mandatory city tax of 3 EUR per night (approximately 3.30 USD) to the hotel, which applies to all hotels in Rome. If you wish to take a taxi to the airport, the hotel can arrange it for you at 50 EUR (approximately55.30 USD). Alternatively, there are plenty of public taxis across the street waiting for passengers. These public taxis charge a flat rate of about 47 EUR (approximately52 USD) to the airport although many drivers will keep the extra 3 EUR (approximately3.30 USD) if you pass them a 50 EUR bill.

A choice to consider

Inn Spagna Deluxe Hotel is a great choice for those who have limited time in Rome and wants to maximize your time within the city! With its affordable pricing and strategic location, the hotel is highly recommended to all visitors.

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