15 Most Delightful Christmas Markets In Salzburg, Austria

christmas markets in salzburg
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Salzburg, Austria, is a beautiful city that offers tourists a wonderful time on vacation. The landscape is stunning and excellent for hiking or skiing. You can book the best hostels and take a trip to any of the several museums and galleries found in this region. It is the birthplace of Mozart and full of art and culture. Aside from these attractions, Salzburg is one of the best places to spend Christmas with the family. It has a long and rich history with this holiday. The world-famous Christmas carol “Silent Night, Holy Night” was first sung in one of the squares of the city. The Christmas markets here are some of the best in Europe. They offer a magical atmosphere and bring back lovely memories of the glorious season. The spots are traditional and provide an unforgettable experience. Here are some of the most delightful Christmas markets in Salzburg, Austria.

1. Glanegg Advent Farmers' Market

Christmas market
Source: Pixabay

One of the unique Advent markets in the mesmerizing city of Salzburg is Glanegg Advent Farmers’ Market. The specialty of this market is products from the well-known Mayr-Melnhof family farm. Meat products like Venison ham and sausage frontline the shops at Glanegg. You’ll also find seasonal jams, doughnuts, and pastries sold from other nearby regions. Besides food, homemakers also flock the Advent market for its selection of fine wood, textile, and ceramics. Treat yourself to some Christmas shopping at Glanegg Advent Farmers’ Market!

Glanegg Advent Farmers' Market

Address: Schloß Glanegg 1, 5082, Austria

Website: Glanegg Advent Farmers' Market

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2. Salzburg Christmas Market

Christmas Market Salzburg Austria
Source: Photo by user Salzburger Nockerl used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Salzburg Christmas Market is one of the most memorable places to be in the city. The market lies in Cathedral Square and offers a thrilling, romantic experience for every traveler. The fair showcases around 100 events, and each shows visitors a glimpse of the various local social and cultural programs. Come here and see an exhibition of Christmas mangers, enjoy enthralling folk songs, and participate in the exciting dance performances. The surrounding area offers a stunning view as you can see different monuments and edifices, like the fortress and the cathedral.

Salzburg Christmas Market

Address: Residenzpl, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

Website: Salzburg Christmas Market

Dates: November 18, 2021 - January 1, 2022

Hours: Mon - Thu: 10am - 8:30pm; Fri: 10am - 9pm; Sat: 9am - 9pm; Sun, public holidays: 9am - 8:30pm

Special holiday hours: December 24: 9am - 3pm; December 25 - 26: 11am - 6pm; December 31: 10am - 1am (11am - 6pm for merchandise stands); January 1: 10am - 6pm (11am - 6pm for merchandise stands)

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3. Hellbrunner Adventzauber

You do not want to miss the magical Adventure at Hellbrunn Palace. Known as Adventzauber, this Christmas market is an incredible place you will remember for a very long time. It is held right in the courtyard of an intimidating castle and offers a fantastic experience. Stroll around the wooden stalls that line the square and buy different stuff you can’t get elsewhere. You will find cribs, Christmas decorations, and more. This Salzburg Christmas market also caters to children as there are several kid-themed events. They can enjoy cooking classes, storytime, and exploring the Christmas train and post office. There are, of course, Christmas carols and choirs.

Hellbrunner Adventzauber

Address: Hellbrunn Palace, Fürstenweg 37, 5020 Salzburg

Website: Hellbrunner Adventzauber

Dates: November 18 - December 24, 2021

Hours: Wed - Fri: 1pm - 8pm; Sat - Sun, public holidays: 10am - 8pm; December 24: 10am - 2pm (closed on Mon & Tue)

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4. Mirabell Square Christmas Market

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Posted by Weihnachtsmarkt Mirabell on Thursday, September 27, 2012

This Christmas market held on Mirabell Square is one of the smallest but offers tourists an unforgettable experience. It is held in front of the beautiful Mirabell Palace, providing a beautiful view of the castle’s gorgeous gardens. The market is home to stalls that sell objects like dolls, Christmas-themed dresses, sweets, decorations, and more. You can also have a taste of delicious wine, baked potatoes, roasted sausages, and more. Come here with the family, and enjoy a quaint Christmas fair.

Mirabell Square Christmas Market

Address: Mirabellplatz, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

Website: Mirabell Square Christmas Market

Dates: November 18 - December 24, 2021

Hours: Sun - Thu: 10am - 8pm; Fri - Sat: 10am - 9pm; December 24: 10am - 3pm

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5. St. Leonhard Advent Market

Posted by on Sunday, 29 January 2017

Come and enjoy craftsmanship in its most excellent form at St. Leonhard Advent Market. It lies at the foot of the Untersberg. The huts that serve as shops are right by the pilgrimage church and create a pleasant atmosphere that is festive and memorable. Most of what you will find at this market are genuine arts and crafts from the area and from all over the region. You will find carved figurines, candles, exciting gift ideas, cookbooks, and plenty of other things from different parts of Austria. You will also enjoy festive music and dancing here. All the proceeds from the event go to charities for disabled people.

St. Leonhard Advent Market

Address: Adventmarkt St. Leonhard Marktfeld 1, 5083 Grödig, Salzburg, Austria

Website: St. Leonhard Advent Market

Dates: November 27 - December 19, 2021

Hours: Sat: 2pm - 7pm; Sun and December 8: 11am - 7pm (closed on Mon - Fri)

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6. Advent Market in the Hohensalzburg Fortress Courtyard

Our Concierge Tip For The Weekend: Experience Christmas Market flair in the courtyard of the historic Fortress...

Posted by Hotel Goldener Hirsch, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Salzburg on Friday, 7 December 2012

This Advent market held on Hohensalzburg Courtyard is a charming sight. It features sellers peddling local crafts, drinks, and food. This Christmas market is set in a beautiful location that provides Instagram-worthy backgrounds for your photos. Since the site lies at the apex of one of the tallest hills in the area, it offers guests a beautiful view of the surroundings. During the event, you can enjoy concerts held in the medieval hall of the castle.

Advent Market in the Hohensalzburg Fortress Courtyard

Address: Mönchsberg 34, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

Website: Advent Market in the Hohensalzburg Fortress Courtyard

Dates: November 26 - 28, 2021

Hours: 11am - 7pm

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7. Sternadvent Salzburg

Stenadvent is held at Steingarten in Salzburg. It is one of the smallest Advent markets, so it doesn’t offer as much of a light show as the others of its kind. However, if you want to experience a quiet yet festive Christmas market, this beautiful place is right for you. The spot features plenty of wares for sale. You can buy decorative blown-glass objects, chandeliers, ceramics, frames, and more. You can also enjoy delicious Christmas biscuits, homemade punch, and mulled wine.

Sternadvent Salzburg

Address: Getreidegasse 36, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

Website: Sternadvent Salzburg

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8. St. Gilgen - Wolfgangseer Advent

During the Advent season, enjoy an unforgettable experience in Salzkammergut. The market here offers delicious delicacies, mulled wine, and tastefully chosen gift ideas. It is one of the most beautifully decorated Christmas bazaars in the country. Come and soak in the sights of giant Christmas trees, stars, candles, lanterns, and more. You can even enjoy the market from the nearby lake, where there is a large Advent hut built on a big raft.

St. Gilgen - Wolfgangseer Advent

Address: Wolfgangsee Tourismus Gesellschaft, AU 140, A-5360, St. Wolfgang, Salzburg, Austria

Website: St. Gilgen - Wolfgangseer Advent

Dates: November 19 - December 19, 2021 and December 26 - 31, 2021

Hours: November 19 - December 19: Thu - Sun: 10am - 7:30pm (closed on Mon - Wed, except December 8); December 26 - 31: 1pm - 6pm

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9. Christkindl Market - Obertauern

Christmas stand
Source: Pixabay

Christkindl means Child Jesus, and this market displays the Christmas spirit and exudes festive air in abundance. It is held in the center of Salzburg and is one of the most popular Christmas markets in the region. Around 100 huts that serve as stalls offer visitors several wares to buy. You will find decorative objects, candles, toys, handcrafted materials, sweets, mulled wine, and much more. Stroll around and hum along to the music from the musicians that play Christmas carols. Come to the center on Domplatz and Residenzplatz to enjoy an authentic Christmas experience.

Christkindl Market - Obertauern

Address: Pionierstraße 1 5562, Obertauern, Salzburg, Austria

Website: Christkindl Market - Obertauern

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10. Radstadt Christmas Market

Radstadt is an iconic town in Austria, and Radstadt Christmas Market is held right in the center of this quaint town. The site is an ideal place to come with the family and forget your pre-Christmas worries. The stalls are richly furnished and styled. There are several items up for sale, and you will surely find something that will catch your fancy. Enjoy mulled wine, fried meat, and other delicacies. The market features several bonfires, which contribute to a friendly, beautiful atmosphere. There are also many musical performances you can enjoy.

Radstadt Christmas Market

Address: Residenzpl, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

Website: Radstadt Christmas Market

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11. Franziskischloessl Advent Market

Christmas market
Source: Pixabay

Pre-Christmas in Franziska Schloessl is a beautiful experience, and the Advent market held in the area is one reason why. This beautiful city lies in the center of the forest on Kapuzinerberg and is situated high above the surrounding town. The location offers visitors a way to escape from the stress of Christmas shopping. It might not be as widely known as the other fairs, but over the years, that has slowly begun to change. Enjoy crackling fires, delicious food and drink, arts, crafts, and more. This idyllic market mainly focuses on food and delivers some of the best organic local food in the area.

Franziskischloessl Advent Market

Address: Salzburg, Austria

Website: Franziskischloessl Advent Market

Dates: November 27 - December 19, 2021 (Sat & Sun only)

Hours: 11am - 5pm

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12. Hohenwerfen Castle Advent Market

This Christmas market held in Hohenwerfen is the highest Christmas market in the city. It is held at the medieval Hohenwerfen Castle and is one of the most atmospheric venues you will visit in Austria. The vibe is friendly, with the local culture on display. Come and enjoy Pongau customs, eat local food, watch a Nativity play, and listen to original folk music. Your kids will also enjoy a great time here as there is a supervised children’s program that features storytelling, baking, arts, and games.

Hohenwerfen Castle Advent Market

Address: Hohenwerfen Adventure Castle, Burgstraße 2, 5450 Werfen, Salzburg, Austria

Website: Hohenwerfen Castle Advent Market

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13. Advent of the Villages at Fuschlsee

In Fuschlsee, the quiet time of the year is not just sung but richly celebrated. Come and join in the celebrations by visiting. This holiday region welcomes visitors with warmth in the cold winter. Advent time is unique here, and the beautiful Advent of the Villages makes you feel like getting transported to a magical land. The markets are held at Ebenauer Fountain Garden, Guggental Church, the lime tree in Faistenau, and Jagdhof. If you have pleasant Christmas memories, Advent of the Villages is sure to awaken them. Bask in the rich scent of roasted almonds, beautiful decorations, warm Christmas carols, and more. The markets also feature bakeries for adults and kids alike.

Advent of the Villages at Fuschlsee

Address: Dorfplatz 15330 Fuschl am See, Salzburg, Austria

Website: Advent of the Villages at Fuschlsee

Dates: November 27 - December 19, 2021

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14. Oberndorf Town Christmas Market

This Christmas market in Oberndorf is a beautiful sight to behold. Aside from the decorations, the main attraction here is the local rendition of the “Silent Night” Christmas carol. This location holds the distinction of being the first place where this world-famous composition was sung. Come and enjoy this Christmas market on Silent Night Square. Aside from the singing, this fair is also renowned for Christmas-themed wood carvings and mulled wine. Join the crowd of visitors who come every year to have a magical time.

Oberndorf Town Christmas Market

Address:Stille Nacht-Platz 1, 5110 Oberndorf bei, Salzburg, Austria

Website: Oberndorf Town Christmas Market

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Nearby option

15. Gut Aiderbichl Christmas Fairy Tale

animal sanctuary
Source: Pexels

Little ways away from Salzburg is Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf. This institution is only one estate of the entire Gut Aiderbichl sanctuary for rescued animals all over Europe. If you are fond of animals, this could be your chance to make a difference. You can head to Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf and spend some quality time with our little (and not-so-little!) friends. Instead of purchasing presents for Christmas, be this year’s Santa to the rescued animals at the sanctuary and make a donation. The estate also releases episodes of Gut Aiderbichl Christmas Fairytale, which shows how the animals are taken care of and how well they’re doing this season.

Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf

Address: Henndorf am Wallersee, Austria

Website: Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf

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Have a magical Christmas in Salzburg

If you are spending Christmas in Salzburg, searching for the right gift doesn’t have to be a frantic, stress-inducing activity. You can soak yourself in yuletide glee and cheer while shopping at any of the Christmas markets in the city. Enjoy several treats like a cold glass of punch, mulled wine, an assortment of sweets, and your fill of roasted almonds while looking for the best bargains to take home. Enjoy a beautiful and magical holiday experience in Salzburg.

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