Enjoy an elegant time at the top-class resort Hoshinoya Karuizawa surrounded by the nature

Review of 星のや軽井沢 | 長野県軽井沢町星野
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Many of you have probably heard about the luxurious Japanese inn Hoshinoya in Karuizawa. Its top-class facilities are well known, but maybe some of you wonder how to spend a holiday in a luxurious inn without regretting the money invested for their stay in this resort. Therefore I will introduce Hoshinoya Karuizawa summer resort and will suggest ways of spending an unforgettable holiday.

Go to this extraordinary resort and immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere

What Hoshinoya Karuizawa resort offers you is a strong sense of extraordinary life. After you arrive at the entranceway you’re welcomed with a drink and taken with a special car to the cottage village where the reception and the rooms are. The ride with the car is quite symbolic. As you go between the trees you’re stripped off your usual daily worries and arrive to this new world with a refreshed mind. Your destination is a resort surrounded by nature which is on par with international resorts. And the cottages don’t spoil the landscape at all! That’s the first impression you get from Hoshinoya Karuizawa.

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The rooms are wide, cosy and with many amenities for your pleasant stay

There are three types of rooms with three different views: the lake cottages, the mountain cottages and the garden cottages. All of the cottages are separate from each other and wide enough to have a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom. The sound of the swaying tree branches and the gentle breeze enter the room as you enjoy your pleasant time with a book or a drink. Since the concept is “extraordinary life”, there are no TV sets, but you can rent a monitor and a DVD system to have a quiet movie night.

The bed is wide and low enough to sleep together with your child. In the room you will also find a garment for walking around inside the resort, nice pajamas and a small pouch to take with you when you go to the hot springs. With so many amenities there’s no need to bring much stuff from home. The bath tub in the bathroom has the floating fragrance of mint leaves or citrus fruits. Child toys are also left for the kids to play with. You will be very impressed by the sense of hospitality found in all little details like the natural materials used in the room.

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Where to eat? At Hoshinoya or at Harunire Terrace?

Eating is one of the pleasures of travelling. Hosinoya Karuizawa’s restaurant “Kasuke” has big windows occupying the entire walls so the view there is splendid, but you should definitely try the room service at least once during your stay. I recommend the breakfast room service! Sit in the wide guest room and slowly eat the breakfast they brought for you. Enjoy this unique pleasure slowly. You really can’t get it more extraordinary than this. Breakfast includes several different types of fragrant bread in a true Karuizawa fashion.

If you stay for several days, you might want to go and eat out. There is a free shuttle bus to Harunire Terrace where you can enjoy many Japanese and foreign restaurants, cafés, bakeries and souvenir shops. Nearby is the famous Maruyama Café which is a must visit in Karuizawa. It takes just about 10 minutes on foot walking in the nature. Here is also the hot spring facility “Tonbo no Yu”, so you can first eat at Harunire Terrace, then have a bath and finally return back to your cottage. Isnt’t that a great way to spend your day?

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Endless number of relaxation activities in this brilliant resort

In Hoshinoya Karuizawa you will find a library with interesting books and magazines, a kids room daycare, workshops and many different activities. Many of them are seasonal and make good use of the nature that surrounds the resort. For example, trail running and spa, watching the starry sky and the flying squirrels for the kids, hiking with professional guides and having a picnic on the top of the mountain, and many others. You’ll never get bored with all those interesting activities. For your relaxation there is a spa and two hot springs. The spa isn’t only for treatment. Here you can join a special program where you’ll learn more about healthy food and lifestyle. “Tonbo no Yu” hot spring, known for its skin beautification effect, has two relaxing meditation baths called the “light room” and the “dark room”. You cannot have this experience at any other hot spring in Japan.

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At Hoshinoya Karuizawa you will find everything you need for your trip

To stay at Hoshinoya Karuizawa means to book some “time”, rather than to book a room. You can safely spend your entire holiday in this resort without going anywhere else. Actually, it’s a waste of your reservation if you don’t make good use of everything that Hoshinoya Karuizawa has on offer for you! Here the nature and the creative aesthetics complement each other. Visit this resort not only once, but in different seasons in order to see its many faces.

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