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Year-round sunshine, epic road trips, historical museums, culture, food, and nature’s masterpieces in land formations are just but a few of the beguiling attractions responsible for bringing millions of visitors to the state of Arizona. The temperatures may sometimes be unforgiving, but this is nothing compared to the incredible thrill that comes with hopping from one attraction to another. However, Arizona is not all about landscapes and outdoors. It is also a cradle of festivals. Unlike most states, it pays very little respect for the weather, and since it is sunny most of the time, any day is a good day to hold a festival. If you would love to spice up your stay by attending festivals, read below to discover the top festivals in Arizona, USA.

1. Tacolandia

festivals in arizona | tacolandia
Source: skyybites on Instagram

Tacolandia is an annual festival dedicated to lovers of traditional Mexican tortillas. During the event, attendees can try unlimited samples of tacos from some of the region’s top taquerias. While you go about sampling the delicacies, you will also enjoy great entertainment from some of the best folklorico and mariachi dancers in Arizona. This is a fantastic Mexican fair that you shouldn’t miss if you will be in Arizona during the last week of January.


Address: Margaret T. Hance Park, Phoenix, Arizona

Website: Tacolandia

Takes place: January

2. First Friday

We will be having a Grand Avenue Festival planning meeting on Thursday, May 23rd at 6pm at Hazel and Violet in the Bragg...

Posted by First Fridays on Grand Avenue on Monday, 20 May 2019

Every first Friday of every month is a festival day in Phoenix, and this is one of the beauties of being in a state that cares nothing about winter. On this day, downtown Phoenix becomes the venue for one of the largest self-guided art walk in North America. Both locals and visitors have the chance of roaming the streets of Roosevelt Row and the art districts while they view some of the local artworks. Also, the area becomes littered with local food trucks, live music, and shops selling all manner of merchandise. If you have no plans for Fridays in Phoenix, you need not look any further. Simply head downtown.

First Friday

Address: 333 E Roosevelt St, Phoenix, Arizona

Website: First Friday

Takes place: First Friday of every month

Price: Free

3. Arizona State Fair

Ferris wheel in Phoenix, Arizona
Source: Photo by user Kevin Dooley used under CC BY 2.0

Arizona State Fair is one of the oldest festivals and state traditions in the United States, having been held for the very first time in 1905 even before Arizona became a state. It is an incredibly popular family event among the locals and one of the leading tourist events—known to attract a crowd of at least 1 million attendees. The festival features all manner of fun and exciting entertainments, with the most notable ones being rodeo rides, homemaking arts, lots of delicious food from the many booths, competitions, carnival rides, and live concerts. With the inclusion of so many fun activities and record attendance, it is easy to understand why Arizona State Fair is so popular—and why it is still going strong a century after it premiered.

Arizona State Fair

Address: 1826 W McDowell Rd, Phoenix, Arizona

Website: Arizona State Fair

Takes place: October

Price: 12 USD

4. Scottsdale Whiskey Festival

Whiskey Festival
Source: Pixabay

Scottsdale Whiskey Festival takes place in October, and it provides an epic opportunity to go on a tasting spree featuring more than 20 varieties of whiskeys, scotches, and bourbon drawn from different regions around the world. Lots of food and live entertainment are also featured at the event. However, due to the nature of the festival, only participants above the age of 21 years will be admitted.

Scottsdale Whiskey Festival

Address: Wasted Grain, Scottsdale, Arizona

Takes place: October

5. Decadence Arizona

If the beginning of the year will find you on the West Coast—and you love music and have a great passion for adventure—then this should be one of the festivals you need to get your year going on high gear. It is a two-day New Year’s Eve extravaganza featuring an impressive lineup of artists and performers. It is a chance to start the year right by getting thoroughly entertained by some of the leading performers from all over the country. Complete schedules and lineups are always available online to help you plan your time if you are keen on watching performances by just a few artists.

Decadence Festival

Address: Rawhide Event Center, 5700 W North Loop Rd, Phoenix, Arizona

Website: Decadence

Takes place: December

6. Annual Taco Festival

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

How many tacos can you fit in your hand at once? Get a grip of as many tacos you can at the 10th Annual Arizona Taco...

Posted by ARIZONA TACO FESTIVAL on Wednesday, 11 September 2019

The people of Arizona seem to have an everlasting love for tacos, and this easily explains why they have more than one taco festival. At Annual Taco Festival, Salt River Fields becomes the grounds where various local taco establishments gather to feed the residents and visitors with every kind of taco you may have ever imagined. All the popular brands will be on-site to showcase their prowess in making the tastiest tacos in Arizona. Also featured during the festival are taco-eating competitions, margarita mixology expos, lots of live music, tequila expos, and chihuahua beauty competitions.

Annual Taco Festival

Address: WestWorld of Scottsdale, 16601 N Pima Rd, Scottsdale, Arizona

Website: Annual Taco Festival

Takes place: Usually held in October

Price: 15 USD

7. Festival of the Arts

Tempe Festival of the Arts
Source: Photo by user Visitor7 used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Festival of the Arts is an annual event held in December. It brings together the local communities with art vendors and cultural organizations in a bid to promote the state’s vibrant art scene. The attendees are treated to lots of local music and poetry, and they also have a chance to take part in the Phoenix Mural Projects—practical experience for the locals to paint alongside their favorite participating artists. If you have any tinge of creativity, and you are not afraid to explore, then you will find a lot of meaning in this festival.

Festival of the Arts

Address: 310 S Mill Ave #2834, Tempe, Arizona

Website: Festival of the Arts

Takes place: December

Price: 10 USD

8. Wet Electric

Posted by Wet Electric on Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Imagine the thrill that comes with joining thousands of rowdy revelers in a pool party while you dance and shout your lungs out to eclectic live performances. Well, you don’t have to imagine because this is exactly what happens at Wet Electric in Tempe every April. The two-day festival takes place at Water Park, and it is graced by some of the crème-de-le-crème DJs and leading electronic musicians. Aside from the music and the wild pool parties, attendees to this festival will have a lot of fun at the wave pools, waterslides, and several cabanas. For sure, you will have indelible memories of the happenings that April day.

Wet Electric

Address: 1500 N McClintock Dr, Tempe, Arizona

Website: Wet Electric

Takes place: April

Price: 25 USD

9. Cosmic Music Festival

Posted by Cosmic Music Festival on Friday, 4 August 2017

Cosmic Music Festival was formerly known as Cosmic Bloom. It is one of the many music festivals on Arizona’s events calendar and one that has grown from strength to strength every year. The celebration features a myriad of great musicians drawn from genres such as reggae, hip-hop, rock, and electronics, among others. It is ideal for anyone who enjoys great music and loves having fun in environments that are full of life and energy.

Cosmic Music Festival

Address: Phoenix, Arizona

Website: Cosmic Music Festival

Takes place: Usually held in March

Price: 15 USD

10. M3F Fest

M3F 2018 O.A.R.
Source: Photo by user Kenneth Hagemeyer used under CC BY-ND 2.0

Also known as McDowell Mountain Music Festival, M3F Fest is a relatively new entrant to the Arizona events calendar but has since grown to become a highly anticipated event by fans in and out of the state. The festival is known to attract some of the leading artists and music groups on the West Coast, and it is extremely popular among college students. Past events have attracted names such as Kid Cudi, Griz, DJ Mustard, The Shins, and The Avett Brothers, among others.

M3F Fest

Address: 1200 N 1st St, Phoenix, Arizona

Website: M3F Fest

Takes place: March

11. Mortimer Farm Pumpkin Festival

Source: Pixabay

This is a monthlong celebration in fall on the 15-acre (6 ha) pumpkin patch at Mortimer Farm. It includes a variety of family-friendly activities, a bulk of which are themed around pumpkins. They include but are not limited to hayrides, barn dances, pig races, and pumpkin launches with a trebuchet. In addition to all the fun spectacles, attendees are also free to purchase fresh pumpkins, corn, pies, and cider right at the farm.

Mortimer Farms Pumpkin Festival

Address: 12907 East, AZ-169, Dewey, Arizona

Website: Mortimer Farms Pumpkin Festival

Takes place: October

12. Dusk Music Festival

Posted by Dusk Music Festival on Friday, 15 November 2019

Dusk Music Festival is a thrilling music experience held in November right at the heart of Tucson. The festival is extraordinary since it brings in some nationally recognized performing artists and other music groups for the entertainment of the locals. It is a well-planned extravaganza that also features delicious food, offering a true representation of Tucson’s culinary diversity. This event is worth attending if all you care about is great music and delicious food.

Dusk Music Festival

Address: 221 S 6th Ave, Tucson, Arizona

Website: Dusk Music Festival

Takes place: November

Price: From 269 USD

13. Arizona Roots Festival

#ThrowbackThursday We Arizona Roots! Are you in the crowd? Tag your crew! Photo: Jacob Tyler Dunn

Posted by Arizona Roots Festival on Thursday, 21 March 2019

Arizona Roots Festival is another music festival you shouldn’t miss if you are in Arizona in February. The organizers behind the event are the same group responsible for the incredibly popular Cali Roots in Monterey. Hence, you can expect nothing but world-class performances that will leave indelible festival memories. Come and join the dancing with leading roots artists from not just the West Coast but the entire country.

Arizona Roots Festival

Address: Rawhide Western Town, 5700 W North Loop Rd, Chandler, Arizona

Website: Arizona Roots Festival

Takes place: February

Price: From 109 USD

14. Pot of Gold Music Festival

Let the countdown begin!! We're just TEN days away from announcing the 2019 Pot of Gold artist lineup!!

Posted by Pot Of Gold Music Festival on Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Pot of Gold Music Festival is a two-day music extravaganza that takes place on the weekend of St. Patrick’s Day. It features a variety of top performances from both local and internationally recognized artists. As usual, also featured heavily during the festival are lots of delicious food to give you the energy you will need for the endless hours of dancing and merrymaking. Expect to find great servings of delicacies such as corndogs, fried alligator, waffles, and chicken prepared in all conceivable styles. A word of caution: have your water bottle ready, and keep it full. It is Arizona, and the food and the dancing have a sneaky way of getting you dehydrated quickly.

Pot of Gold Music Festival

Address: 300 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, Arizona

Website: Pot of Gold Music Festival

Takes place: March

15. Street Eats Food Truck Festival

Posted by Street Eats Food Truck Festival on Saturday, 15 June 2019

If you wish to experience Arizona’s culinary diversity, then you won’t find a better festival to attend than Street Eats Food Truck Festival, held in Scottsdale. This is a festival that attracts all the top food trucks in the Southwest for two days of all things cooking. It is a chance to delve deeper into Arizona’s food culture, discover the common local food, and sample the incredible variety usually presented by the over 50 food trucks that attend the festival. Also expect to get lots of entertainment from the cooking demos and competitions, not forgetting about the numerous eating contests held throughout the celebration.

Street Eats Food Truck Festival

Address: Salt River Fields at Talking Stick, Arizona

Website: Street Eats Food Truck Festival

Takes place: February

Price: Free

16. Gem and Jam Festival

It's that time again for our favorite question: Who do you want to see on the Gem & Jam 2020 lineup ?

Posted by Gem and Jam Festival on Monday, 22 July 2019

Over the last five years, Gem and Jam Festival has risen steadily in organization and attendance to become one of the top festivals in Tucson. The festival attracts lots of big names, nationally and internationally, in the electronic and jam genres. Apart from the great musical experiences, Gem and Jam Festival also features high-end art galleries and dance workshops among other visual performances, arts and crafts display, and live arts—hence, effectively taking it out of the scope of a pure music festival. And as usual, there will be plenty of food provided by the numerous food vendors who will be on standby to feed the tens of thousands of festival-goers at the event.

Gem and Jam Festival

Address: Tucson, Arizona

Website: Gem and Jam Festival

Takes place: January to February

Price: From 249 USD

17. Crush Arizona

Posted by Crush Arizona on Thursday, 28 February 2019

Crush Arizona is headed to its 10th year, and it has already established itself as a premier music festival that is never to be missed. To the attendees, it boasts delightful entertainment that features crushing systems and magnanimous productions. Its schedule is very elaborate and features some of the hotshots in the industry, including already-established artists as well as a nice blend of upcoming and talented young lads.

Crush Arizona

Address: Rawhide Event Center, Chandler, Arizona

Website: Crush Arizona

Takes place: February

18. Phoenix Lights

Posted by Phoenix Lights Festival on Thursday, 12 September 2019

Phoenix Lights is a two-day music gala that—unlike most music festivals that are usually themed around a certain genre—encompasses a variety of music styles, with the most notable ones being country, RnB, hip-hop, techno, rap, electro, and many others. So good has the festival become that the number of stages for the glorious performances has been increased from the initial two to the current four, with strong indications that they will be further expanded as the crowds continue to swell and the organizers add more variety to meet every attendee’s entertainment needs.

Phoenix Lights

Address: The Park at Wild Horse Pass, Chandler, Arizona

Website: Phoenix Lights

Takes place: April

19. FORM Arcosanti

Posted by FORM on Sunday, 12 May 2019

How FORM Arcosanti is organized and executed is slightly different from what you would expect with typical Arizona music festivals. Instead of being open to all, it is a three-day creative retreat designed to offer a more personal festival experience. The crowds are always small, and in addition to the music, the festival features a myriad of other activities, including but not limited to wellness programs, architecture, and arts and crafts, among others.

FORM Arcosanti

Address: 13555 S Cross L Rd, Mayer, Arizona

Website: FORM Arcosanti

Takes place: May

20. Brunch Bash Festival

Start your Saturday morning off right at Brunch Bash! A match made in heaven...Phoenix's very own Serafina Coffee...

Posted by Brunch Bash on Friday, 25 January 2019

Brunch Bash Festival is one of the newest—and perhaps one of the yummiest—festivals in the valley. Its sole focus is to celebrate the culinary diversity of the area by showcasing some of the region’s leading cuisines. The gathering is a subtle indication that a hot party doesn’t have to be after sunset since it is held from 10am to 4pm. Just from the name alone, you won’t be wrong to think of it as an eating affair. Feel free to think of it as the ultimate breakfast combined with a huge lunch, featuring a variety of cocktails from leading brands such as Korbel, Deep Eddy, Don Julio, and Amazing Bloody Mary, among others.

Brunch Bash Festival

Address: Downtown Phoenix, Arizona

Website: Brunch Bash Festival

Takes place: Usually held in January

Price: From 30 USD

21. Innings Festival

2020 Innings Festival tickets are available NOW. Lock-in your 1-Day or 2-Day tickets and join Dave Matthews Band,...

Posted by Innings Festival on Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Innings Festival is a two-day music event that’s usually held at the end of February or early March. It is one of the elite music festivals in the region, bringing together more than 20 artists—with performances on two different stages. It may sometimes even feature Major League Baseball legends. The kinds of musical performances featured cut across different genres, including rock, techno, RnB, country, and pop, among others. Apart from the music, which is always the main attraction, other notable highlights include fun family activities, plenty of food vendors, eating contests, and cooking demos. If you avoid the alcohol section, then this can also be one of the best family-friendly festivals in Arizona.

Innings Festival

Address: Tempe Beach Park, Tempe, Arizona

Website: Innings Festival

Takes place: Late February to early March

22. Country Thunder Arizona

Source: Photo by user ZonaLov used under CC BY-SA 3.0

If you are passionate about country music, then Country Thunder Arizona should be on the top of your must-attend festivals list. It is purely a country music festival that happens yearly in Florence, and through the years, it has become a major country music affair attended by thousands of fans from all over the country. Given that it takes place over four days, it provides ample time for fans to listen to and interact with most of their favorite country musicians, including the legends as well as upcoming artists who are trying to create a name for themselves in the industry. Come learn more about country and western songs, and immerse your mind, body, and soul in this old but evergreen genre of music.

Country Thunder Arizona

Address: 20585 E Water Way, Florence, Arizona

Website: Country Thunder Arizona

Takes place: April

Price: From 50 USD

23. Arizona Vegetarian Food Festival

Photo by Jacob Tyler Dunn |

Posted by Arizona Vegetarian Food Festival on Wednesday, 20 February 2019

It is easy to think of Arizona Vegetarian Food Festival as a festival for vegans, and though you may be right in a way, it actually encompasses more than just a showcase of vegan food. The festival is one of the best venues that exhibit vegan innovations in the United States. It is an event that brings together food students, innovators, food scientists, entrepreneurs, culinary experts, and vegan enthusiasts to promote the creation of healthy and sustainable dietary habits. Additionally, it features lots of education on the importance of clean meat and plant-based diets. Apart from the charter on healthy eating, the other highlights of the festival include a fitness area for both the body and mind, a kids’ play area, and of course, lots of vegan food and vegan alcohol.

Arizona Vegetarian Food Festival

Address: Scottsdale Civic Center Mall, Scottsdale, Arizona

Website: Arizona Vegetarian Food Festival

Takes place: January or February

Price: 30 USD

24. Corks & Cactus

Source: Pixabay

At the Corks & Cactus festival in Phoenix, you get to sample and savor over 40 different boutique wines while you enjoy the splendid desert beauty. Apart from enjoying the smooth wines, you will also meet representatives from various wineries who will tell you more about their products and how they differ from the other wines. At the end of it all, you may choose to buy a bottle or a case of wine at a discounted garden price.

Corks & Cactus

Address: 1201 N Galvin Pkwy, Phoenix, Arizona

Takes place: February

25. Chili Bourbon Festival

Hi chili lovers! We still have just a couple of spaces left for home chefs to compete in our chili cook off. If you make...

Posted by Chili Bourbon Festival on Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Great food and great music await you at Chili Bourbon Festival in Chandler every February. The event is an annual festival whose major highlights include a ton of chilies, lawn games, lots of thrilling country music performances, bourbon, and a variety of cornbread- or chilidog-eating competitions. It is a great festival to learn the “hot side” of Arizona’s culinary diversity—and also to interact with lots of local restaurants and learn about the unique dishes they have to offer.

Chili Bourbon Festival

Address: AJ Chandler Park, 178 E Commonwealth Ave, Chandler, Arizona

Website: Chili Bourbon Festival

Takes place: February

26. Devour Week

Posted by Devour Phoenix on Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Devour Week is a classic multi-event festival started by a coalition of chefs to portray Phoenix as a potential food-and-drinks destination that’s worthy of a place on the national stage. Devour Week is thus a classic culinary affair that brings together some of Arizona’s finest chefs, artists, wineries, and food lovers to showcase and indulge in the various culinary delights that Arizona has to offer. All this happens while you are engulfed in the sounds, feel, and the sights of the desert atmosphere.

Devour Week

Address: 1625 N Central Ave, Phoenix, Arizona

Website: Devour Week

Takes place: February

Price: 175 USD

27. Italian Festival

The final list of all the food vendors! A lot of different Italian food at the 4th Italian Festival! March 25th-26th

Posted by Italian Association Of Arizona on Wednesday, 15 March 2017

If you admire anything Italian and you find yourself in Scottsdale in February, then this is a festival you can’t afford to miss. It is a two-day celebration whose aim is to showcase the Italian culture in Scottsdale. As such, it features plenty of traditional live music, Italian wine tasting, a wide range of Italian arts and crafts, and several tantalizing Italian cuisines. If you have been fascinated by Italians and their way of life, this will be a great chance to have a glimpse into their culture.

Italian Festival

Address: Scottsdale Waterfront, Arizona

Website: Italian Festival

Takes place: February

Price: Free

28. Arizona Cocktail Weekend

Arizona Cocktail Weekend features three signature events that run through President’s Day Weekend. What you find here is a festival featuring some of the best brands showcasing their top spirits. The event is held in multiple venues, each with a distinct theme, and it also involves celebrations, seminars, and lots of competitions to create happy moments and forgettable memories.

Arizona Cocktail Weekend

Address: Phoenix, Arizona

Website: Arizona Cocktail Weekend

Takes place: February

Price: 40 USD

29. Sweets Festival

Posted by Sweets Fest on Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Sweets Festival is nothing but a paradise for sugar lovers. It is a family-friendly festival—with sweets for the younger ones and drinks and cocktails for the elders. Prominently featured are cotton-candy tacos, macaroons, pies, funnel cakes, beers, wines, crafts, and lots of photo opportunities to make beautiful memories.

Sweets Festival

Address: Gilbert Civic Center, Gilbert, Arizona

Website: Sweets Festival

Takes place: February

Price: 7 USD

30. Arizona Strong Beer Festival

Arizona Strong Beer Festival
Source: Photo by user Lauren Topor used under CC BY 2.0

If you have a special spot for craft beer in your heart, then this is one of the festivals you must never miss in Arizona. What you’ll find here is an incredibly humongous selection of craft beer drawn from over 130 breweries—featuring over 500 craft beers on tap. Whether you are interested in the stronger flavors, prefer the specialty types, or perhaps want unique flavors you wouldn’t normally find in the local joints, you can bet that this festival will carry them all.

Arizona Strong Beer Festival

Address: Steele Indian School Park, Phoenix, Arizona

Website: Arizona Strong Beer Festival

Takes place: February

Price: 15 USD

Join in the fun and enjoy the top festivals in Arizona

With such a humongous selection of festivals, Arizona can be termed as a little paradise for festival enthusiasts. All you have to do is check the dates and the venues, then make necessary reminders. When coupled with the other fun opportunities the desert state offers, attending these festivals is a great way to add a little magic to your visit. Depending on your travel date, go through the top festivals in Arizona, USA, given above and adjust your itinerary accordingly.

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