20 Popular Festivals In Seattle, Washington

festivals in seattle

Seattle is the epicenter of festivals in Washington. When the months of summer come knocking, you can’t help but notice the entire neighborhoods being engulfed in massive festivals. Most of these events are traditional and have been taking place for decades. They are Seattle’s way of welcoming and celebrating summer—three glorious months when the skies open up to offer reprieve before the perpetual cycle of rain, snow, and mist. If you are a party animal or a free soul in need of spectacular gatherings in the Washington area, scroll down below for a brief description of some of the popular festivals in Seattle, Washington.

1. The Great Wallingford Wurst Festival [Last event in 2019]

Source: Pixabay

Oktoberfest Wurst Festival is an end-of-summer celebration held at St. Benedict’s School in North Seattle. This event started more than four decades ago, following a small fundraiser that was held to help the school. Currently, it is an attractive weekend that sees attendance go way past 10,000 people. During the festival, participants engage in a myriad of fun and exciting activities, with the major ones being inflatable rides, crafts, book sales, raffle contests, a wide range of delicious foods, and live entertainment on an outdoor stage every evening.

The Great Wallingford Wurst Festival

Address: St Benedict School, 4811 Wallingford Ave N, Seattle, WA

Takes place: September

Price: 12 USD

2. Greek Festival

Seattle Greek Fest 2010 - 01
Source: Photo by user Joe Mabel used under CC BY-SA 3.0

St. Demetrios Greek Festival is an annual event that takes place every September at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in Seattle. Just as the name suggests, this is a pure Greek affair whose main aim is to celebrate the vibrant Greek culture among the Greek community and any other willing participants in Seattle. The festival features a lot of homemade Greek delicacies prepared and served under a large tent. Other than the food, you can also expect to enjoy live Greek music and dances performed by renowned Greek dancers. The festival also features a variety of children games, shopping, wine tasting, and docent-led church tours, making it an interesting opportunity to indulge deep into the Greek culture.

Greek Festival

Address: 2100 Boyer Ave E, Seattle, WA

Website: Greek Festival

Takes place: September

Price: 3 USD

3. Seattle Boat Show

Bell Harbor Marina, Seattle, Washington
Source: Photo by user Another Believer used under CC BY-SA 3.0

South Lake Union is usually the venue of Seattle Boat Show—a festival for boating enthusiasts that takes place between late January and early February. It is one of the largest boat shows in the United States and a major crowd puller, normally attracting thousands of crafts and a display of the latest accessories in the recreational boating industry.

Seattle Boat Show

Address: 800 Occidental Ave S, Seattle, WA

Website: Seattle Boat Show

Takes place: Late January to early February

Price: 16 USD

4. We Out Here

Source: Pixabay

We Out Here is a festival geared towards the African American community in Seattle. It brings together elders, artists, organizers, and other like-minded individuals to make connections, raise visibility, and offer assistance to community members where necessary. Just like any other festival, We Out Here also features lots of food and music that point towards the rich heritage and culture of African Americans.

We Out Here

Address: Seattle, WA

Website: We Out Here

Takes place: June

5. Seattle St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

Kenmore & District Pipe Band, Saint Pats Parade Seattle
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Steve Voght used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Seattle St. Patrick’s Day Celebration is believed to be the oldest and the largest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in North America. It is an event known to easily attract more than 30,000 spectators and participants who are usually more than delighted to take part in the parades and engage in the various festivities of the day. It is a day for showcasing Celtic handicrafts and Irish films, dancing to non-stop Irish songs, and indulging in lots of Irish dishes. CNN once referred to this Seattle celebration as “one of the best places you should consider going to get your green.”

Seattle St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

Address: King County Administration Building, Seattle, WA

Takes place: March

Price: Free

6. Make Music Day Seattle

Posted by Make Music Seattle on Friday, 28 June 2019

Make Music Day began as Fete de la Musique in France—a humble music celebration that has now grown to become a summer solstice tradition celebrated in over 800 cities across the world. Unlike other festivals, it is not held in a single venue but organized in multiple locations, with each focusing on a specific music-related event. The highlights of the festival include jam sessions, drum circles, music classes, and other related activities enjoyed by persons of all ages.

Make Music Day Seattle

Address: Seattle, WA

Website: Make Music Day Seattle

Takes place: June

Price: Free

7. West Seattle Summer Fest

Tacocat - West Seattle Summerfest 2016 - 07
Source: Photo by user Joe Mabel used under CC BY-SA 2.0

If you are interested in a summer festival that will take care of the needs of all family members, then you will have a lot of delight taking your family to West Seattle Summer Fest. This is one of the most popular summer celebrations in Seattle and one that truly captures the authentic spirit of summer—lots of shopping, dancing, drinking in beer gardens, and digging into some of the region’s finest cuisines. There are also a plethora of games, contests, and competitions for both adults and younger guests. It is a highly family-friendly festival worth checking out when you are in Seattle with the entire household.

West Seattle Summer Fest

Address: 4210 SW Oregon St, Seattle, WA

Website: West Seattle Summer Fest

Takes place: July

Price: Free

8. Seattle International Film Festival

Harvard Exit during SIFF 2015 - 23 (theater hall) (18031805245)
Source: Photo by user Joe Mabel used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Seattle International Film Festival is the largest event in the state of Washington—not to mention one of the most highly attended. It is a 25-day affair that has been running yearly for the last four decades, currently attracting more than 150,000 participants every year. The event usually features more than 500 films curated from over 85 countries around the world. Additionally, it brings together film directors, producers, actors, and other industry players to interact and share what they know about the global state of the film industry. Also featured is award presentation for nominees in various categories, including Best Documentary, Best New Director, Best New American Actor, and much more.

Seattle International Film Festival

Address: Seattle, WA

Website: Seattle International Film Festival

Takes place: May to June

Price: 15 USD

9. Seattle Seafair

Seattle Seafair DVIDS1092462
Source: Photo by user Petty Officer 3rd... used under PUBLIC DOMAIN

This community event has been taking place for the last 58 years, making it one of the oldest, most popular, and largest festivals in the Northwest region. It features a variety of events held at different venues, ranging from Seafair Triathlon at Lake Washington to Milk Carton Derby contested at Green Lake. Other highlights of this festival include amateur athletics, boat racing, air shows, hydroplane races, Miss Seafair, and several parades.

Seattle Seafair

Address: Club Sur, 2901 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA

Website: Seattle Seafair

Takes place: July to August

Price: 40 USD

10. Festival Sundiata: Black Arts Fest

Sundiata hip-hop 2007 - 11 rebalanced
Source: Photo by user Joe Mabel used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Black Arts Fest has been around for the last 32 years. The event is named in honor of Sundiata Keita—a famous King of Kings who ruled the Malian Empire centuries ago. The focus of the festival is to celebrate the African American heritage in Seattle, including the community’s arts, culture, and history. The festival is always a good place to indulge in the cultures of West Africa since it usually features lots of themed regional and local performances, a plethora of photo exhibits, a wide range of delicious foods, and several children’s activities.

Festival Sundiata: Black Arts Fest

Address: Seattle Center, Seattle, WA

Website: Festival Sundiata: Black Arts Fest

Takes place: July

11. Bumbershoot

Mural Amphitheater during Bumbershoot 2008 - 01
Source: Photo by user Joe Mabel used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Bumbershoot is an annual event considered as Seattle’s biggest comedy, arts, and music festival. Seattle Center is always the venue, and it is a celebration that attracts thousands of participants and attendees from all over the United States. It brings together lots of popular touring artists and local talents drawn from arts, music, and comedy spheres. Ensure that joining this party is part of your schedule to lift your spirits up during your travels.


Address: Seattle Center, Seattle, WA

Website: Bumbershoot

Takes place: August to September

Price: 240 USD

12. Issaquah Salmon Days Festival

Salmon Days - Issaquah, WA
Source: Photo by user Tuzen used under CC BY-ND 2.0

Issaquah Salmon Days Festival is a highly coveted event that has won several awards from the Washington Festival and Events Association. It is an annual event dedicated to celebrating the return of salmon to the lakes and streams of Washington. Though a salmon-themed event, it features lots of free entertainment, salmon dishes from across the world, arts and crafts markets, 10K and 5K runs, and the famous Grande Parade. Canine aquatics is also available for the furry family members. You can join in the fun or watch from the sides—either way, you are ensured an exciting and pleasant time.

Issaquah Salmon Days Festival

Address: 155 NW Gilman Blvd, Issaquah, WA

Website: Issaquah Salmon Days Festival

Takes place: October

Price: 20 USD

13. Seattle International Beerfest [Last event in 2019]

Seattle International Beerfest
Source: Photo by user Zach Petersen used under CC BY-SA 2.0

If you want to have the full scope of how the Northwest loves its beers, then you must plan to attend Seattle International Beerfest, held every July. This is a three-day specialty-beer celebration that features over 200 world-class beers from top brewers all over the globe. It is the festival you don’t want to miss if you want to sample classic beers such as pilsners and pales as well as exotic new-world hybrids. And just like most of the other festivals, there is always lots of food and music on the lawn set to help you imbibe your drinks and make merry under the bright summer skies.

Seattle International Beerfest

Address: Seattle Center’s Fisher Lawn and Pavilion, Seatlle, WA

Website: Seattle International Beerfest

Takes place: July

Price: From 30 USD

14. Bite of Seattle [Last event in 2019]

The Bite of Seattle
Source: Photo by Flickr user Randy Stern used under CC BY 2.0

Bites of Seattle is an insanely popular Seattle festival known to attract more than 400,000 visitors yearly. It is considered as Seattle’s largest and original food and beverage fiesta that brings together more than 80 restaurant chains and independent vendors to showcase what they’ve got. The event also features lots of cooking competitions, live food demonstrations, and craft beer and cider tastings. At night, the festival is kept alive with free outdoor movie shows as well as live performances from bands on three outdoor music stages.

Bite of Seattle

Address: Seattle Center, Downtown Seattle, WA

Website: Bite of Seattle

Takes place: July

Price: Free

15. Bellevue Arts & Crafts Fair

Kinetic sculpture at Bellevue Arts & Crafts Fair 5
Source: Photo by user Wade Rockett used under CC BY-ND 2.0

Bellevue Arts & Crafts Fair is a juried event and a premier one of its kind in North America. For nearly three decades, the fair has been attracting more than 150,000 art lovers every year, and it features hundreds of the finest and most talented musicians, artists, craftsmen, and dancers in North America. Free live entertainment, delicious foods, and lots of fun activities ideal for families are also part of this annual extravaganza. The festival even has a segment known as Kidsfair, which is specifically designed for children—to give them a chance to try their hands on various types of arts and crafts.

Bellevue Arts & Crafts Fair

Address: Bellevue Square, 510 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue, WA

Website: Bellevue Arts & Crafts Fair

Takes place: July

Price: Free

16. Fremont Fair

Source: Photo by user Sean O'Neill used under CC BY-ND 2.0

Fremont Fair is a four-decade-old street event known to be responsible for attracting hundreds of thousands of people every year. The crowds gather in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood to appreciate local talents, enjoy music from local bands, and indulge in food and drinks as a way of celebrating the summer solstice.

Fremont Fair

Address: Fremont Neighborhood, Seattle, WA

Website: Fremont Fair

Takes place: June

17. Seattle Pride Parade

Drag Show at Seattle PrideFest 2017
Source: Photo by user Kiteinthewind used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Back in the day, LGBT pride festivals were not commonplace in most of America’s metropolises. However, Seattle and the likes of San Francisco and New York were the pioneers in gay cultural acceptance and LGBT pride festivals and parades. Seattle’s Pride is one such festival. The event is all about celebrating gay cultural acceptance, and it features a beer garden, live music, lots of gay craft fairs, informational booths to dispel myths and enlighten the public about LGBT, and, of course, lots of delicious foods. Everyone is welcome to join in the party, so invite your friends to check out the scene should you happen to be vacationing in the city around the end of June.

Seattle Pride Parade

Address: Downtown Seattle, WA

Website: Seattle Pride Parade

Takes place: June

18. Seattle Chamber Music Society Summer Festival

A #tbt look at the Lakeside days. Lots of familiar faces, including Erin Keefe, Che-Yen Chen, and Richard O'Neill who are back to join us this summer!

Posted by Seattle Chamber Music Society on Thursday, 18 May 2017

While Seattle Symphony takes a break during the summer months, Seattle Chamber Music Society sets up a month-long program for serious classical music. During July, walk into Benaroya Hall for eclectic classical musical performances from students and veterans—featuring works by industry greats such as Stravinsky, Mendelssohn, Beethoven, Brahms, and many others. If you are a passionate lover of music, or classical music turns you on, then this is an event you wouldn’t wish to miss when you are in Seattle.

Seattle Chamber Music Society Summer Festival

Address: 10 Harrison St #306, Seattle, WA

Website: Seattle Chamber Music Society Summer Festival

Takes place: July to September

Price: Free

19. Seattle Dragon Fest [Last event in 2019]

Seattle - Chinese New Year 2015 - 14
Source: Photo by user Joe Mabel used under CC BY 3.0

Seattle Dragon Fest takes place in Chinatown, and it features a magnificent display of dragons in a manner that appeals to participants of all ages. It is an exceedingly inviting festival where the streets come alive with a myriad of dragon-themed performances, including songs, dances, walking tours, food tours, and lots of activities for kids. If you happen to be around during this festival, don’t miss the $3 Food Walk, which will give you a chance to sample several foods from different parts of the world.

Seattle Dragon Fest

Address: Seattle, WA

Website: Seattle Dragon Fest

Takes place: June

Price: Free

20. Capitol Hill Block Party

Aesop Rock Capitol Hill 2007 DSC 0185
Source: Photo by user Alex Blackstock used under CC BY 2.0

Capitol Hill is one of Seattle’s coolest neighborhoods and the venue of this three-day large-scale weekend music festival in June. This is essentially a classic street party that pays tribute to Seattle’s energy and creativity when it comes to music. During this festival, the best bands and musicians present in the Pacific Northwest will all set up shop on several outdoor stages around the district for non-stop musical performances. Though the focus is music, the festival will never miss showcasing loads of art and crafts exhibits, a plethora of food vendors, and other exciting activities to spice up the festival.

Capitol Hill Block Party

Address: Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA

Website: Capitol Hill Block Party

Takes place: July

Seattle, a cradle of festivals

In summer, it is possible to find a festival happening during all the weekends in Seattle. This alludes to the strong festival culture the city enjoys, as well as the locals’ dedication to hold on to traditions that have been observed for years through the celebrations. And the beauty of these festivals is that they are so diverse that they take care of the entertainment needs of everyone, including kids. If you will be in Seattle during summer, peruse through these popular festivals in Seattle, Washington, so that you don’t have a reason to have dull summer days.

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