Food To Try In Berlin, Germany

food to try in berlin

When traveling around Europe, some cuisines stand out more than others. French, Italian, Greek, Spanish, all seem to be more prevalently found in restaurants the world over, but German food is vastly underrated. Much like other places around the world, food can be a regional thing and German food in Berlin is no different. Berlin is a huge city filled with tons to see and eat so if you’re visiting the capital, indulge a little and try out some quintessential German food, Berlin style. Read below to learn about some of the best food to try in Berlin.

1. Brezel

What should be familiar with most people is the Brezel or the Anglicized name; Pretzel. Pretzels are pretty ubiquitous around most major German cities and are a great snack to pick when you’re traveling around the city. Available anywhere from local bakeries to street stalls, they will typically run you about a couple of euros. They are crunchy on the outside and soft and doughy on the inside with a salty taste. These snacks offer a great way to soak up some alcohol after a pub crawl.

Pretzel Berlin cafe & more

Address: Kalckreuthstraße 16, 10777 Berlin, Germany

Price: 2 Euros (2.26 USD)

Website: Pretzel Berlin cafe & more

2. Eisbein

Posted by Eisbein on Thursday, 18 February 2010

Literally meaning “ice leg” Eisbein is a traditional German culinary dish made up of pickled ham hock which is also cured and then boiled. The southern German version is similar but instead of being boiled it is sometimes roasted instead. The dish is traditionally also served with pease pudding which is the common variation of it found in Berlin.


Address: Dolziger Str. 1, 10247 Berlin, Germany

Price Under 10 Euros (11 USD)

Website: Eisbein Eck

3. Kartoffelpuffer

Mutti kocht App
Source: Photo by Flickr user Volker Toensing used under PUBLIC DOMAIN

Close to what is known as a latke in Jewish communities or a potato pancake in English-speaking areas, the Kartoffelpuffer is a shallow fried pancake made out of a ground or shredded potato. It is often garnished with onions, garlic and other seasonings. It is usually offered as a side dish but it can be purchased on its own and makes for a tasty late night snack.


Address: Wilhelmstraße 77, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Price: 15 Euros (17 USD)

Website: Alt-Berliner Wirtshaus

4. Königsberger Klopse

Königsberger Klopse is an old Prussian specialty of meatballs served in a white sauce with capers. The name comes from the old German city of Konigsburg and was even known to be one of the specialty dishes of East Prussian cuisine. The dish is usually a minced pork or beef and it is served alongside a boiled potato or beetroot.

Königsberger Klopse

Address: Mommsenstraße 9, 10629 Berlin, Germany

Price: 13 Euros (15 USD)

Website: Marjellchen

5. Currywurst

Source: Photo by user used under CC BY 2.0

Currywurst is such an iconic fast food item to Berliners that it might as well be on the flag. Currywurst is a pork sausage that is steamed and then cut into slices and served with a curry ketchup topping which is then served with more powdered curry. It is almost always served alongside a portion of fries which you then use to dip into any spare sauce that you have on your plate. It’s so iconic that there is even an entire museum in Berlin dedicated to the dish.


Address: Schützenstraße 70, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Price: 2.20 Euros (2.50 USD)

Website: Currywurst Musuem

6. Spätzle

food to try in berlin | spätzle
Source: _hager_fathy on Instagram

Spätzle is a quintessential part of German cuisine and it is quite popular around areas bordering Germany as well. It is a soft egg noodle type dish that can be found in both handmade versions and commercial ones as well as with the most popular versions being sold as a dry noodle then boiled at home like a typical egg noodle. They typically accompany meat dishes and are served with a sauce or gravy.


Address: Seydelstraße 2, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Price: 5 Euros (5.65 USD)

Website: Spätzle Club

7. Apfelstrudel

Apfelstrudel is quite possibly one of the most iconic German desserts known around the world but the delicious pastry is actually from Vienna. Popularized during the heyday of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the dessert has since outlived its roots. An Apfelstrudel is a pastry stuffed with apples and apple filling. Once baked, it is served warm with a powdered sugar topping and is typically also served alongside ice cream, whipped cream, custard or a vanilla sauce.


Address: Sprengelkiez, 13353 Berlin, Germany

Price: 3.50 Euros (4 USD)

Website: Strudelka

8. Schnitzel

Schnitzels are perhaps another iconic food that people will tend to associate with Germany. Typically found in just about every German restaurant and beer hall, the iconic dish is a simple and delicious one. Schnitzels are a meat cutlet that is thinned by beating it then fried in a pan. Most people associate it with being breaded first before being fried, and while that is often a popular method of serving it, it is not always the case. Schnitzel can be breaded or unbreaded.


Address: Röntgenstraße 7, 10587 Berlin, Germany

Price: 20 Euros (23 USD)

Website: Schnitzelei

9. Maultaschen

Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user AchilleT used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Maultaschen is a traditional dish that originates from the Swabia region. It is made out of an outer layer of a pasta-like dough that has minced meat, breadcrumbs and onions on the inside as well as spices and herbs. It is essentially the German take on the more traditionally known dumpling. The dish has been recognized as a specialty dish from Baden-Wuttenburg and it is also commonly found throughout Bavaria, but can easily be found in restaurants around Berlin.


Address: Gryphiusstraße 10, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Price: 12 Euros (13.55 USD)

Website: St. Mauli Maultaschen

10. Berliner Pfannkuche

Berliner Pfannkuchen
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Sebastian Koppehel used under CC BY 4.0

Berliner Pfannkuche is something people all over the world would certainly enjoy as it is basically a jelly doughnut! Made from yeast dough and fried in fat or oil, it is then stuffed with a marmalade or jelly and is topped off with powdered sugar. Berliner Pfannkuche is a common and inexpensive treat found throughout Berlin.

Berliner Pfannkuche

Address: Schönfließer Str. 12, 10439 Berlin, Germany

Website: Siebert Bakery

Berlin gourmet

When you’re visiting the city of Berlin, make sure you taste some of the local delicacies. Berlin is a huge city where people can get any type of cuisine, but if you really want to try living like a Berliner, there are a few quintessential dishes you need to try. Make sure to drop by some of these amazing places and get your hands on some real Geman food.

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