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How To Travel From Enoshima To Kamakura With A Local Train, Enoden

Published Feb 29, 2016

Enoshima and Kamakura are popular destinations for both domestic and international travelers in Kanagawa, Japan. The area has a unique mixture of beach culture and traditional culture. Travelers will enjoy visiting traditional Japanese temples and shrines that flourished during the Kamakura Period while also visiting beautiful beaches with great landscapes. In this article, you’ll find useful travel tips to maximize your adventure using the local train, Enoshima Electric Railway, in Enoden.

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Enoshima Electric Railway, Enoden


Wherever you are traveling within Japan, using a train is the most reliable and convenient way to travel. The popularity of local trains is so massive, that when you travel around in Japan, you see people with big cameras at the platforms and railroad crossings taking pictures of their favorite trains. Enoshima Electric Railway, known as Enoden, is definitely one of the most popular and more well-known local trains in the Kanto region. Travelers can enjoy Enoden by visiting the Enoshima and Kamakura areas, the popular coastal beach area a little ways outside of Tokyo.

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The history of Enoden and its incredible sceneries


What is so special about Enoden, is the area where this local train travels between. The distance the train travels is only 10 kilometers (6.21 miles), covering the popular beach area, Shonan from Fujisawa station to Kamakura station. The history of this railway system is 100 years so this is also a historical site.

When you are on the Enoden at some areas, the train travels between very narrow residential areas, very close to houses, giving a surreal experience that you do not usually have when riding other trails around Japan. On the contrary, at some areas, the view from the train all of a sudden opens up to an incredible view of Sagami Bay, so you will be constantly entertained by simply taking Enoden from Fujisawa to Kamakura from one end to the other. The truth is, some people simply visit to ride this train, and it is their ultimate travel goal.

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Use the one day pass, Noriorikun


Again, it is only 10 kilometers from Fujisawa station to the Kamakura station, but between these stations, there are plenty of exciting places where you’ll want to get off the train. Unless you want to only spend time at one location, you should get the one day pass, Noriorikun. This one day pass is 600 JPY (5 USD) for adults and 300 JPY (2.5 USD) for kids, and you can get on and off anywhere between Fujisawa to the Kamakura area as often as you like. You can get this one day pass at any of the stations along Enoden or even at some of the hotels in the area, so if you want to enjoy a full day in this area, you should definitely purchase it. In addition, some places, like restaurants, may have a special discount like 10% off of your meal if you show them your one day pass.

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Get a travel guide in your own language


When you are on Enoden, you probably realize the signs indicating the next stop are not only in Japanese, but also in English and other languages. Enoden attracts people from all over Japan and the world, thus the railway system is well prepared to cater towards people from various places. When I was on a train one sunny winter day in February, I ran into many international travelers who were there to visit historical sites in Kamakura, and also visit locations that have inspired the movie creators, musicians, and authors of their favorite manga based stories in Enoden and the surrounding areas.

On top of train signs, you can get the area guide in English. At Shonan Fujisawa Concierge, found at Fujisawa station, you can find travel guides of Enoshima as well as Kamakura in English along with some other languages. Hopefully having these language options will help to guide your adventure in Enoshima and Kamakura more easily. Most of the temples, shrines, and other touristy areas along Enoden also have traveler’s guides in English, so do not be afraid to ask for one when you are visiting.

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Get your Enoden items


As indicated earlier, some local trains in Japan are very popular, and Enoden is one of those which has strong fan base with the locals and anybody who enjoys local trains in Japan. Because of this popularity, there are many Enoden goods found at stations and travel information centers between the Enoden routes.

For example, the travel information center found at Fujisawa station called, Shonan Fujisawa Concierge, carries many souvenirs from the Shonan area, including local snacks, local artist’s creations, and other Enoden goods. On top of the Shonan Fujisawa Concierge, there is one mini shop right in front of the Enoden station that is fully dedicated to Enoden goods. At these places, you can find such items like Enoden socks, logos, cups, stuffed animals, and miniature trains that would be great gifts for those who like Japanese trains. Surprisingly, these are not only for children, but those who like trains appreciate having these as souvenirs even they are adults.

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Explore Enoshima and Kamakura with Enoden

When international travelers visit Japan, many are surprised to find how reliable, convenient, and clean Japanese trains are. People are also impressed by the quality of the bullet train, Shinkansen. Enoden, though, provides you with a different experience from that of other trains because of where it runs. With a rich history dating back to 100 years of connecting people from Fujisawa to Kamakura, it runs through very unique residential areas, beaches, and historical towns. It is a small train, intimate in size, and an incredible experience for those that are visiting Tokyo. You’ll definitely want to venture out to this area to take the Enoden.

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