Take A Sweet Break, Try Warabimochi At Dankazurakosuzu In Kamakura, Japan

Take A Sweet Break, Try Warabimochi At Dankazurakosuzu In Kamakura, Japan
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If you are visiting Kamakura, immersing yourself in traditional Japan, why don’t you try eating a traditional sweet at your break in between visiting shrines and temples in a historical city at Dankazurakosuzu? There are plenty of choices to have an afternoon tea in Kamakura since the streets are filled with yummy smell left to right, but why don’t you try something very Japanese?

What is warabimochi?

take a sweet break, try warabimochi at dankazurakosuzu in kamakura, japan | what is warabimochi?

If you like Japanese food, you have probably heard of “mochi.” Mochi is rice cake, and “warabimochi” is like mochi, but is not rice cake. Even though the term mochi is used, warabimochi is not exactly rice cake. The texture is like mochi; it is chewy and goes well with kinako and toasted soybean flour, but it is made from bracken starch. It is jelly-like, sweet, and people eat it with kinako and sweet syrup. It is a Japanese sweet, “wagashi.” The name “warabimochi” comes from bracken, which is “warabi” in Japanese. Because the starch is collected from bracken, this name was used.

Take a sweet break at Dankazurakosuzu

take a sweet break, try warabimochi at dankazurakosuzu in kamakura, japan | take a sweet break at dankazurakosuzu

If you love sweets and Japanese food, by now you must be eager to try warabimochi. o where can you eat it in Kamakura? There are many cafes and restaurants near Kamakura train station, and it is probably hard to just pick one if you are looking for a place to sit down and enjoy an afternoon tea. If you are not sure where to go, try Dankazurakosuzu, which is a Japanese style restaurant famous for warabimochi, and soba. For trying warabimochi, you cannot simply go to a sweet shop in Japan. You have to look for a traditional Japanese café and restaurant, and Dankazurakosuzu is just the right one for you. It is a 7 minute walk from Kamakura station, and is along the main street leading up to Tsurugaoka Machimangu, the most famous shrine in Kamakura city, and there are flags indicating soba and warabimochi. The building also retains this feel of good-old-day Japan so it is hard to miss!

Relaxing décor at Dankazurakosuzu

take a sweet break, try warabimochi at dankazurakosuzu in kamakura, japan | relaxing décor at dankazurakosuzu

Also seen from the picture of the entrance, Dankazurakosuzu seems to create an atmosphere of good-old-day Japan, which is simple, yet precise with details and care. Inside Dankazurakosuzu the main color used for the restaurant is green, creating a calming feeling for those who want to eat and drink quietly. There are many trendy cafes, and restaurants in Kamakura, which are also great, but if you are one of those people who want to take a moment to enjoy a space as well as what you eat and drink, this is a great place.

As well as warabimochi, this restaurant is famous for “teuchi-soba”, handmade soba, so if you are hungry, it is a good idea to visit for lunch and have fresh soba before trying warabimochi.

Sweet souvenir for yourself

take a sweet break, try warabimochi at dankazurakosuzu in kamakura, japan | sweet souvenir for yourself

If you enjoy warabimochi at Dankazurakosuzu, you can also take it home with you. If you still have some time left on your vacation in Japan, it may not be a good idea to take it back to your home country.The expiration date is 5 days after purchase, however, you can take it back to your hotel room to enjoy it again after your adventure in Kamakura. It is 700 JPY (5.8 USD) for 9 pieces, and 1000 JPY (8 USD) for 14 pieces. If you love it so much, they also do internet shopping so you could perhaps order it online, or it could be a treat for you to try when you visit Kamakura.

Dankazurakosuzu’s warabimochi is well known for those who love Japanese sweets, and Kamakura. This is one of the go-to restaurants/cafés for warabimochi. Some people even go to Kamakura just to have warabimochi instead of visiting the magnificent temples and shrines that Kamakura has to offer!

Continue with your adventure!

continue with your adventure!

After filling your stomach, and heart, by Dankazurakosuzu’s handmade soba and warabimochi, you will still have time to explore Kamakura, especially if you are not too tired from all the walking you have been doing. Dankazurakosuzu is only 5 minutes or so from Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, one of the most symbolic shrines in Kamakura, so you can return to your adventure in Kamakura, and now satisfy your eyes. The restaurant is only open during brunch, lunch, and afternoon tea time. It is not open during dinner time, so if you are eager to try it, go and visit Dankazurakosuzu between the hours of 11:30 am to 18:30 pm, except for Mondays.

Immerse yourself in Japanese tradition head to toe, and stomach!

Kamakura is one of the most popular tourists destinations for both Japanese and international travelers. There are many great places to visit and of course, there are many great places to dine. If you are looking for one of a kind, Japanese experience, why don’t you pick a traditional Japanese restaurant, Dankazukakosuzu. It welcomes you with sweet chewy warabimochi, which is perfect to eat while resting your feet from walking all over Kamakura. If you are hungry, you can also try their handmade soba as well. Once you try it, I will guarantee you to return to this location as some visitors who have traveled to Kamakura for two days went back to Dankazukakosuzu after their initial visit the next day because it is so good!

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