Japan’s best large stone and wooden baths at Izu Amagi Yugashima’s “Shirakabeso” inn

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Amagi Yugashima is a popular hot springs town known for its scenic beauty that has been depicted in famous songs. The old “Shirakabeso” inn surrounded by the picturesque nature is a great hot spring facility where you can enjoy Japan’s largest wooden and stone baths. This place was loved by many famous writers including Yasushi Inoue, and many great literary works were born here. Let me introduce you “Shirakabeso” in details.

The main of theme of the inn’s design is folklore

japan’s best large stone and wooden baths at izu amagi yugashima’s “shirakabeso” inn | the main of theme of the inn’s design is folklore

The inn consists of several connected buildings and is designed in a folklore art fashion. The names of various Edo period craftsmen – dyers, lacquerer and jar pot masters – as well as the names of folklore story characters like Hikoichi and Uriko-hime are placed around the rooms. For example in the lacquerer and jar pot makers hallway you can find actual lacquered objects and pots, so staying in this inn is like walking through the world of folklore.

A relaxed interior

japan’s best large stone and wooden baths at izu amagi yugashima’s “shirakabeso” inn | a relaxed interior

The interior of Shirakabeso is full of various nostalgic items which remind you of Japan’s good old past, such as marbles, bean bags, palanquins and sunken fireplaces. Yasushi Inoue used to visit Shirakabeso quite often and is said to have written his novel “The Hunting Gun” and many poems here. The lyricist Osamu Yoshioka also stayed in this inn and wrote the famous song “Beyond Amagi”. The place has a strong atmosphere of Japanese style which attracts plenty of literary masters. You will also feel quite relaxed in this inn. Now let me introduce you the unique inns of Shirakabeso.

This one is very high

japan’s best large stone and wooden baths at izu amagi yugashima’s “shirakabeso” inn | this one is very high

See the photo. On the left side you will see the red roof of the changing room and entrance to this giant stone bath. It’s 1.5 meters tall and looks quite high from above. The stone is 5.4 meters long, 3.8 meters wide and weighs whole 53 tons! It’s undoubtedly Japan’s largest stone bath. It was originally a rock dug up during construction works in the inn and the owner came up with the idea to make a bath of it. What a fantastic idea that was!

Upon entering inside you will immediately feel like a noble feudal lord resting in his good-quality bath. The size of the rock helps you relax and enjoy your bathing experience. This hot spring uses a free-flowing water source. Be sure to experience the feeling of entering this giant stone bath! You’ll be amazed by its size.

The warm and cosy giant wooden bath

japan’s best large stone and wooden baths at izu amagi yugashima’s “shirakabeso” inn | the warm and cosy giant wooden bath

This giant wooden bath is made of a type of an African rosewood tree called bubinga. The one used here was 1200-year-old, 50-meter tall, 150-ton heavy and was imported from Gabon. Now it’s Japan’s biggest wooden bath! The feeling of the wood on the skin is very pleasant, and the warmth of the material complements the water warmth to produce a relaxed and cosy atmosphere. The contrast between the rugged giant stone bath and the warm and nice wooden bath is a unique feature of Shirabakeso. The baths can be used by men and women in changing shifts. They can be used also by daytrip visitors. Please check the link in the memo below for more details.

Information about the hot spring: Hot spring quality: sodium-potassium sulphate Temperature: 46 degrees Celsius Daytrip visit: Possible


There are many sightseeing spots around Shirakabeso, such as the roadside station “Amagigoe”, Joren Falls, the old Amagi tunnel and others. In addition to the giant stone and wooden baths in, there is also a male bath called “Ruri no yu” and a female half-open air bath called “Daikojin”. You can also eat a special meal made with wasabi which is the local famous product. Relax and energize yourself in the giant stone and wooden baths in Shirakabeso!

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