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Updated Nov 13, 2017

When it comes to Onsen (hot springs), most people may think of Japan, but its neighbouring country, Taiwan, is also a hit with hot spring lovers! Jiaoxi hot springs are located in Yilan County in the northeastern part of Taiwan and it takes less than an hour from Taipei Bus Station to get there.

The hot springs in Jiaoxi contains sodium bicarbonate, and the water is said to have wonderful skin enhancing effects so most ladies (and even guys!) would love to dip in this beauty spring.

There are numerous hotels in Jiaoxi but if you want a one-stop rest area where you could sleep in comfort and relax in a hot spring, Just Sleep Jiaoxi may be the perfect choice for you!

Steps away from the bus stop

Hotel front

The Kamalan bus departs from Taipei Bus Station (Taipei Main Station metro) every 30 minutes or so. You will arrive in Jiaoxi in approximately 50 minutes. Upon arrival at Jiaoxi bus station, do not alight yet, as you will have to walk further from there. Exit the bus a stop after the Jiaoxi bus station and you can see a Watson store where you turn right twice. The hotel is just 3 minutes’ walk from this bus stop.

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Relax in the Japanese-style concept room

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Just Sleep Jiaoxi’s concept is pretty similar to the concept of Japanese rooms. All rooms are clean and sleek and visitors can select between a normal large bed or a tatami mat, which is used as a flooring material in traditional Japanese-style bedrooms.

The 24-hour reception provides swift check-in and recommendations of attractions and dining options around the vicinity. Wi-Fi services are complimentary throughout the hotel, so surfing the net and checking your emails is a breeze. The rooms provide clean rubber slippers, which you can wear to the various parts of the hotel like the public hot springs.

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Try out the public hot springs

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The open public hot spring is just outside the hotel, on level 1, like a swimming pool, except it is smaller and it is open to every guest for free. Even in cold weather, the hot water promises to warm you up once you dip into the pool.

If you are worried about the chill during cold seasons, head down to basement 1 for their indoor public hot springs, which are free for all guests and are segregated by gender. Remember that you have to take a shower before dipping into the public pool, while ladies with long hair should also tie up their hair to avoid getting hairs in the water. These are both for hygiene purposes.

Lockers are provided so you can keep your valuable items in there while you enjoy your soak in the hot spring.

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Enjoy the hot spring in the privacy of your room

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There are various public hot spring baths in Jiaoxi but why step out from your room when you have a hot spring tub in the comfort of your bedroom? If you are shy or conscious about stripping off in front of others, you will be delighted to know that each bedroom comes with a clean and roomy bathroom, which has a standing bath and a hot spring tub.

The hotel provides stool like in Japan so you could sit and enjoy your shower before dipping into the hot spring tub. The pebbled tub is spacious enough for 2 adults and 1 child.

It takes a while for the water to fill up the tub so do take a shower while waiting for it. The temperature of the water can be adjusted but for a real hot spring experience, let the hot water flow without turning on the cold tap and you can open your window slightly to allow some cool air flow.

As the bathroom is facing other units, be sure to roll down the window blinds first!

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Cozy breakfast corner

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Breakfast starts from 7.30am and ends as late as 11am, so you can laze in bed till later if you prefer. Breakfast is served in a cozy corner on level 1, which is beautifully decorated with simple Japanese wooden tables.

Japanese-style dishes, such as miso clam soup and Saba fish, are available, as well as other international dishes, such as scrambled eggs. Complete your breakfast with a cup of hot coffee from the fresh coffee bean machine – the aroma of the coffee is bound to start your day fresh!

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Complete your vacation with a full body massage


Once you walk out from the hotel, you will be greeted in the street with numerous parlors offering spa services and body and foot massages. A visit to Jiaoxi is never complete without a dip in the hot spring tub and massage to relax your entire self. A 50-minute feet and shoulder massage costs around 400 TWD (12 USD) for an average parlour; the higher-end spa centers may cost more but they usually have a much better ambience.

If you are feeling adventurous, do try out the fish massage, whereby you soak your feet in a tank with numerous small fishes. These fishes supposedly eat up the dead skin on your feet, leaving your feet smooth and silky afterwards.

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Just Sleep Jiaoxi: Simply a great choice

Upon check-out, simply reserve the shuttle service and the hotel van can bring you conveniently back to Jiaoxi bus station where you can continue your journey to the rest of Taiwan.

Just Sleep Jiaoxi offers you the ultimate experience of its local hot spring in the comfort of your room. With excellent customer-services, a good variety at breakfast, free Wi-Fi, shuttle service, and an in-room hot spring, Just Sleep Jiaoxi is probably the best hotel that you can find in Jiaoxi, Yilan!

This article was originally published on Apr 19, 2016

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Just Sleep Jiao Xi
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