Las Nubes Natural Energy Resort: An Eco-Stay In Paradise At Costa Rica

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Las Nubes Natural Energy Resort
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Costa Rica is one of the most popular destinations in the world right now, and it is easy to understand why. One of the things that makes Costa Rica appealing to so many travelers is the abundance of natural beauty filling the country. Unfortunately, a lot of areas in Costa Rica have become crowded with hotels, restaurants, and tourists and are losing their original ties to nature. Las Nubes Natural Energy Resort is not one of those places. This beautiful eco-resort is nestled in the heart of Costa Rica’s natural environment and celebrates that natural beauty that has caused so many travelers to fall in love with Costa Rica.

Live in your own private paradise

The view from Las Nubes Natural Energy Resort

Las Nubes Natural Energy Resort is not the kind of place you can easily stumble upon. You’ll either need detailed directions from the owner, Filip, or wait in town for his assistant to show up on an ATV to bring you to the resort. The drive is reasonably short, but it hardly takes any time for the city to disappear and soon you are bouncing over dirt roads, wandering through towering trees, and making your way to the top of the mountain. That’s where you find this striking resort. The minute you step into the resort, the rest of the world melts away. The songs of birds and cicadas fill the air and seas of green treetops stretch into the distance, ending in the ocean on one side and the mountains on the other.

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Relax like you have never relaxed before

Open air cabana in Las Nubes Natural Energy Resort

After a few hours at Las Nubes Natural Energy Resort, any stress or worry you were holding onto will melt away. The peaceful environment is enough to make anyone feel calm, but the resort goes even further in their commitment to creating a tranquil home for your vacation. Whether you are staying in an open air cabana (215 USD/117,723 CRC) or a two-room suite (370 USD/202,593 CRC) you are bound to be blown away by the clean, modern, and luxurious rooms. Each cabana is removed from the main building and tucked in between the trees, creating a quiet slice of paradise that is all your own. You can spend hours swinging in your own private hammock, sipping tea on your private patio, or simply sitting and listening to the birds sing. For a change of scenery and another stage of relaxation, head up to the main house. There, you will find a pool and a patio offering unbeatable views of the sunset. You can also talk to Filip while you are there about the therapeutic massages offered at the resort. For those looking for a more active vacation, there are a ton of hiking trails surrounding the area and the Las Nubes staff offers tailored, off-the-beaten-path tours of and activities in the local area.

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Be proud of your footprint

The farm at Las Nubes Natural Energy Resort

One of the things Las Nubes Natural Energy Resort proudly boasts is its limited eco-footprint. All of the energy is solar, the water comes from a nearby mountain spring, and they even have their own filtration system using lava rocks and plants to clean and recycle the water. Filip worked closely with students from a nearby college to create a truly self-sustaining property. The property may just look green and beautiful upon arrival, but a closer look reveals that every inch of the property is brimming with edible plant life. From bananas and pineapple to vanilla and cinnamon, the biodynamic garden at Las Nubes Natural Energy Resort provides all sorts of fresh vegetables, fruits, and seasonings for the kitchens. And trust me, you can taste this freshness with every bite of their truly delicious gourmet meals. The staff at Las Nubes is truly proud of their eco-friendly operation, but not a bit of luxury is lost in their mission to make the resort eco-conscious. Which means when you leave feeling restored and renewed, you can also leave feeling great about the impact you are having for supporting their eco-endeavor.

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From couples to retreat groups ... everyone is welcome

The individual cabanas are ideal for couples or small families, but the resort as a whole is the perfect place to host a retreat. Whether you come with one special someone or a whole group of yogis and wellness aficionados, your stay at Las Nubes Natural Energy Resort is bound to be unforgettable. Filip and his wife are incredibly nice and will make you feel right at home. The location is stunning and you won’t want to ever leave. The food is delicious and you will be dreaming about it for months to come. The eco-efforts are inspiring and allow you to feel good about your stay. Las Nubes Energy Resort is bringing tourism back to the roots, giving travelers a chance to connect to Costa Rica’s amazing natural environment and celebrate what Costa Rica is all about.

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Las Nubes Natural Energy Resort
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