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meditation retreat in malaysia
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Meditation retreats are a great way to unwind after the stress and chaos of daily life. They help you connect with your inner-self and contemplate life. By signing up for a meditation retreat, you get an opportunity to take the edge off daily life and dive deep into yourself. Meditation retreats also give you the space to ponder and cultivate values of compassion, humanity, and deep love of life. The guidance of experienced practitioners at retreats can help you heal, nurture, and develop your body and soul. Reinvent yourself as a person who takes on everyday life with a balanced clarity and say bye-bye to stress and anxiety. Read this article to see our list of meditation retreats in Malaysia to begin your journey inwards.

If you’re looking for accommodations in Malaysia, the country has a vast range of options ranging from farm stays to Muslim-friendly hotels. Take your pick!

1. Malaysia Vipassana Meditation

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Posted by Dhamma Malaya, Vipassana Meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka on Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Experience inner transformation at Malaysia Vipassana Meditation, also known as Dhamma Malaya. This center, situated three hours from Kuala Lumpur, follows S.N. Goenka’s Vipassana meditation tradition. Rooted in self-observation, this ancient technique aims to alleviate suffering and foster peace. Nestled in a breezy plantation, the center offers two halls, 104 air-conditioned cells, and multi-language facilities. Non-center courses are held in Johor’s Saleng Eco Farm and Kuala Ketil’s cozy houses.

Courses welcome all backgrounds to learn this technique, emphasizing adherence to discipline and teacher guidance. Embark on a profound journey towards harmony, regardless of beliefs, and embrace the path of self-discovery.

Malaysia Vipassana Meditation

Address: Lot 49658 Jalan, Lebuhraya Pantai Timur, Lbh Persiaran Tun Khalil Yaakob, Kampung Melayu Gambang, 26300 Gambang, Pahang, Malaysia // 30, Jalan PJS 3/47, Taman Sri Manja, 58200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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2. World Yoga Association

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

"VEERABHADRA ASANA - EAST & WEST DEFENCE" (वीरभद्र आसन: पूर्व और पश्चिम - युद्ध / आत्मरक्षा अभ्यास) EXERCISE TO MAKE...

Posted by World Yoga Association on Saturday, September 25, 2021

The World Yoga Association is dedicated to upholding the age-old traditions of Indian yoga, encompassing various disciplines including Hatha Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga, Mantra Yoga, and Tantra Yoga. The federation extends opportunities for yoga events, instructor training, and both certification and accreditation for those desiring to learn and propagate genuine yoga methodologies.

Their retreat focuses on rekindling the timeless essence of yoga, guiding attendees toward achieving equilibrium, serenity, and contentment in their daily lives. It incorporates classes on asanas, pranayama, mantras, and tantra, complemented by insightful talks on yoga’s rich philosophy and history. This retreat welcomes all, from novices to seasoned practitioners, who aspire to enrich their comprehension and mastery of classical yoga.

World Yoga Association

Address: Yoga Training (Outdoor) @ Taman Rekreasi, Jalan USJ 11/2g, UEP Subang Jaya, 47620 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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3. Malaysian Buddhist Meditation Center

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Successful Ceremony on 16.01.2020

Posted by Malaysian Buddhist Meditation Centre on Monday, February 3, 2020

Malaysian Buddhist Meditation Center is ideally located in Jalan Masjid Negeri, Penang. Adhering to the Theravada Buddhist tradition, this Buddhist retreat in Malaysia offers Vipassana meditation programs. Vipassana means “insight” in Pali and this meditation method aids in achieving serenity of mind with the ultimate goal being liberation. A day at this Vipassana retreat involves 14 hours of meditation interspersed with chanting, resting, and dhamma talks. Participants must observe silence and follow the eight precepts.

The retreat is open to everybody and is available throughout the year. Accommodation for men is in a shared dormitory room, while women stay in a “kuti”. You will be served nutritious and delicious home-cooked Malaysian dishes.

Malaysian Buddhist Meditation Center

Address: 355, Jln Masjid Negeri, Taman Green Lane, 11600 Jelutong, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Website: Malaysian Buddhist Meditation Center

Price: From 2 USD

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4. Kechara Forest Retreat

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Kechara Forest Retreat nestles within a sprawling forest area in Bentong and is a sanctuary of Tibetan Buddhism. It offers age-old teachings and practices of Buddhism in a pragmatic method. Open to all, it provides several programs for spiritual exploration, mindful existence, and sustainable living. Its special initiatives include animal rescue.

The center also has a dedicated area for a bird aviary and a koi fish pond. Its programs are customized and range from a day to a month. Accommodation is available in two types of guesthouses with scenic views of the surroundings.

Kechara Forest Retreat

Address: Lot 3189, Jalan Chamang, 28700 Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia

Website: Kechara Forest Retreat

Opening hours: 10am - 5pm (daily)

Price: From 20 USD

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5. The Golden Space Malaysia

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

The Golden Space Malaysia is a new meditation and life transformation center located within The Strand Mall in Petaling Jaya. Open to people from all walks of life, its programs have high relevance to self-discovery and everyday life. It has a variety pack of programs designed to improve specific aspects of life. Courses are offered by acclaimed teachers who also share their real-life stories, thus creating an honest and inspiring start towards your personal development.

The Golden Space Malaysia

Address: 27-2, Jalan PJU 5/20, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Website: The Golden Space Malaysia

Opening hours: 10:30am - 6:30pm (daily)

Price: From 30 USD

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6. Isha Yoga Center

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Posted by Isha Foundation on Thursday, January 20, 2022

Isha Yoga Center, a part of Sadhguru’s Isha Foundation, is located in Petaling Jaya at Selangor. Essentially a yoga retreat center in Malaysia, it offers a variety of programs for beginners and advanced practitioners to explore inner-self, spirituality, and life. Its tailor-made programs include five-minute daily practices like Isha Upa Yoga that can help you approach life with ease and clarity. Its inner engineering program helps to intellectually explore the basics of life through yogic practices. A series of customized hatha yoga programs for memory and focus as well as those targeted at children are also available here.

Isha Yoga Center

Address: Suite G.03, Ground Floor Block-B, Dataran Hamodal, Jalan 13/4, Section 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Website: Isha Yoga Center

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7. Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary

Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Tony Ng used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary sits nestled within an orchard adjacent to Greeneries Memorial Park in Taiping, Perak. A sanctuary for Buddhist monks to practice and study Dhamma Vinaya, it has opened a retreat center to promote spiritual, mental, and physical health. Group, guided, and self-retreats are the categories of programs offered here. Group and guided retreats vary in audience size and are taught by experienced practitioners and teachers. Self-retreats are restricted to advanced meditators. Camps for young people are also offered. The secluded environment of this spiritual retreat center in Malaysia has guest lodges, a shrine, and numerous paths and platforms for meditation, making it one of the most impressive places to visit.

Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary

Address: 34000 Taiping, Perak, Malaysia

Website: Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary

Price: Free

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8. Appamada Vihari Meditation Center

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Dhamma Talk

Posted by Appamada Vihari Meditation Center on Thursday, February 13, 2020

Appamada Vihari Meditation Center is located in the serene environs of Balik Pulau, Penang. Founded with a vision of promoting Buddha Sasana, it has a wide community of Buddhist monks with deep knowledge and understanding of Abhidhamma. The center has opened its doors as a personal retreat for the benefit of experienced practitioners and meditators.

You can head off on a personal retreat or pursue one under the guidance of experienced practitioners. Single-day retreats are also available. A typical day in retreat would involve sitting group meditation, walking meditation, interview in groups or with teachers, dhamma talk, and chanting.

Appamada Vihari Meditation Center

Address: Jalan Balik Pulau, Kampung Titi Serong, 11000 Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Website: Appamada Vihari Meditation Center

Price: Free

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9. Vajrapani Kadampa Buddhist Center

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Posted by Vajrapani Kadampa Buddhist Centre on Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Located in Jalan Perlis of George Town, Penang, Vajrapani Kadampa Buddhist Center offers a peaceful sanctuary at the heart of the city. A member of the New Kadampa tradition, it offers meditation and study programs on modern Buddhism. All its courses carry a contemporary outlook and are based on practical methods to tune the mind through meditation. Meditation classes here are tailor-made for various levels of practitioners.

Weekly drop-in meditation sessions are held under trained practitioners. It offers several retreats, each aimed at cleansing and strengthening the spiritual self. Suitable for any practitioner, each retreat typically involves chanting of prayers, silent time for meditation, and guidance.

Vajrapani Kadampa Buddhist Center

Address: 28, Jalan Perlis, 10400 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Website: Vajrapani Kadampa Buddhist Center

Price: from 3 USD

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10. Johor Bahru Meditation

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Posted by Johor Bahru Meditation on Monday, January 7, 2019

Johor Bahru Meditation, located in Taman Molek, Johor Bahru, is open to everyone. Founded on the age-old wisdom of transcending the physicality of body and mind, this center has developed a unique method of meditation.

Classes are conducted every day with step-by-step guidance from trained practitioners. Each class lasts for two hours and participants are welcome to take more than one class. Introductory lectures are offered free of charge by prior appointment. The meditation programs here are aimed at helping participants de-stress and achieve a positive outlook on life.

Johor Bahru Meditation

Address: 37-01, Jalan Molek 1/29, Taman Molek, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Website: Johor Bahru Meditation

Opening hours: 9:30am - 11:30pm (daily)

Price: From 72 USD

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11. Manjushri Kadampa Buddhist Center, Selangor

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

It is very important to receive blessings. For example, if we are growing outer crops, even if we remove the weeds and...

Posted by Manjushri Kadampa Buddhist Centre on Sunday, October 24, 2021

Manjushri Kadampa Buddhist Center is located in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Adhering to the new Kadampa tradition, all its courses have a contemporary outlook to impart spiritual values into everyday life. It offers meditation classes for all levels of practitioners and also conducts sessions on chanted prayers. Walk-in meditation classes are also available on certain days at this non-profit organization. Special courses on meditation and mindfulness for children are also available.

Through its foundation program, you can gain a deeper understanding and experience of Buddhist teachings and develop a regular practice of meditation. Sessions are conducted by experienced teachers. It offers numerous retreats, each focused on healing, cleansing, and strengthening your inner self.

Manjushri Kadampa Buddhist Center

Address: Zenith Corporate Park, Jalan SS 7/26, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Website: Manjushri Kadampa Buddhist Center

Price: From 2 USD

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12. Persatuan Brahma Kumaris Bangsar

Editor's Note: There's no photo available at the time of writing

A part of Brahma Kumaris Malaysia, this center is also a rejuvenation sanctuary offering a variety of programs and lectures on meditation and personal growth including character development, stress management, and enhancing concentration. This meditation retreat is located in Kuala Lumpur, which is also one of the things Malaysia is famous for. Courses are practical and based on Raja Yoga meditation, a versatile form of meditation that can be practiced by anyone, anywhere.

Open to all, its courses are offered free of charge by experienced practitioners. Accommodations are available in an independent block with a pack of options ranging from private rooms to dormitories. Vegetarian meals are provided here. An ideal place to self-reflect and more, you can also enjoy its vast collection of books and numerous seminars.

Persatuan Brahma Kumaris Bangsar

Address: 36, Jalan Ang Seng, Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Website: Persatuan Brahma Kumaris Bangsar

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Rejuvenate with meditation

Malaysia offers plenty of fascinating things to do and places to visit. While you’re here, be sure to give meditation the time of your day, as it can show you the path to the serenity of mind and help you see life with clarity. Take a break to self-reflect and dive deeper into your conscience at these top 10 meditation retreats in Malaysia.

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Frequently asked questions about meditation retreats in Malaysia

  • Which meditation retreats in Malaysia offer a course on Vipassana?

    There are several meditation retreat centers in Malaysia that offer courses on Vipassana meditation, a technique rooted in the Buddhist tradition that focuses on insight and mindfulness. Some of the notable meditation retreats where you can learn Vipassana in Malaysia include: Malaysia Vipassana Meditation, and Malaysian Buddhist Meditation Center.

  • Which meditation retreats in Malaysia are led by Buddhist monks?

    There are several meditation retreats in Malaysia that are led by Buddhist monks. These retreats offer participants a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Buddhist teachings, mindfulness practices, and a serene environment conducive to self-discovery and inner peace. Here are a few notable ones: Malaysian Buddhist Meditation Center, and Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary.

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