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New Design Hotel With Cooking Classes In Kyoto, Japan

Updated Nov 21, 2018

Kyoto is a city filled with tradition, history and culture. This city goes to great lengths to ensure that its value and history does not fade away even during modern times. Kyoto holds a true appreciation for its arts and does so by featuring it in places like The Museum of Kyoto. Special exhibitions are also held occasionally throughout the year, making some of the exhibitions exclusive to visitors. You may think that traditional art will no longer be popular today, but that is not the case here. Classical Japanese musical (Takigi-noh) continues to leave a deep impression on its audience with its recitative chants and elaborate masks. This traditional musical remains to be one of the most popular activities by tourists all around the world.

Another thing that Kyoto values are its culinary arts. Saryo Tsujiri Gion and Nishiki Ichiha are some of the tea houses that sells popular traditional Japanese sweets. They take great pride in the food they serve and thus, it comes to no surprise that their signature dish (Nishiki Ichiha Fondue) is served in a three-storey box that is filled with desserts and fondue. Don’t just eat the desserts, learn how to make them too. Complete your trip by staying at this new dining-themed hotel, ENSO ANGO TOMI I, which offers cooking classes and private dinners; perfect for those who are curious about the culinary scene. Read on to know more about the unique features TOMI I has to offer that promotes Kyoto living.

Attend cooking classes in this Kyoto design hotel

Tomi i guestkitchen

TOMI I has a guest kitchen that is arranged with a dining table and an island, creating an open atmosphere for guests to share and exchange food with family and friends. Guests will find that the professional kitchen unit in the lounge can be used for events such as cooking classes and private dinners with hired chefs. If you love to cook, do sign up for Obanzai Cooking Lesson that will be held on Wednesday, 24th October 2018. In this two-hour lesson, you will learn the traditional way of Kyoto cooking called “Obanzai”. You will also learn to cook healthier food that will be beneficial for your body and mind.

Obanzai Cooking Lesson

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Superior King rooms

Source: Enso Ango

TOMI I offers a total of 29 double rooms, with the interior boasting light wooden furniture and a pop of eccentric artwork. Each room comes with a variety of amenities such as refrigerator, hair dryer, cotton nightwear, towels, toiletries, slippers and an electric kettle.

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A 5-in-1 innovative hotel experience


Guests of TOMI I are free to visit and use the guest lounges in each of the five ENSO ANGO properties (ENSO ANGOs). Thus, they can experience all five different themes and characteristics of Kyoto living. With different themes in each ENSO ANGO property, guests will be amazed at this 5-in-1 innovative hotel experience. Each property is only a short three-minute walk from one another, with the exception of YAMATO I, which takes around 12 minutes.


Address: 152 Sujiyacho, Takatsuji-agaru, Tominokoji-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8061 Japan

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What is ENSO ANGO?


Enso is a Zen concept that everything is connected in a great cycle. Ango, on the other hand, represents action and opportunity; a space of self-discovery. Together, they aspire to be an innovative hotel that connects people, activities and endless possibilities. Paying attention even to the tiniest detail, ENSO ANGO hopes to bring people together from different walks of life. A broad team of interior and exterior designers have come together to bring different flavour and theme to each of the ENSO ANGOs. Each property has been created with international designers from the likes of Masanobu Ando, Uchida Design Inc., Katushiko Hibino, atelier oï and, Naoki Terada. All furniture and decor were carefully selected to showcase their personal taste and theme. If you are a fan of their works, take a little walk around the neighbourhood to check out the lounges and decor of each property.

All ENSO ANGOs are within the central area of Kyoto, between Shijo and Gojo Street. As the properties are within walking distance of each other, it encourages travellers to walk around the neighbourhoods of Kyoto to have an authentic experience of the cultural life and lifestyle of Kyoto. This concept also allows the traveller to discover certain places often overlooked by tourists. You will truly be able to blend in with the local community once you have tasted the local cuisine, explored the different areas, and participated in the festivals. True to its concept, you will also find that your property will not have everything you may need. It further promotes the idea of exploring the neighbourhood and incidentally, the other ENSO ANGOs. You never know what you might discover while exploring the streets of Kyoto!

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Live life like the locals when in Kyoto


Museums, classical musicals, matcha desserts, and a customised themed hotel: all these make up a perfect vacation! Not just any vacation, but also an authentic experience for Kyoto living. Remember to pack your camera and journal for this will be a journey you would want to share with your family and friends. Let their imagination wander as they listen to your personal recount. So, if you are ready for a true blue Kyoto experience instead of the typical touristy things, do check out ENSO ANGO for a whole new hotel experience.

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Address: 152 Sujiyacho, Takatsuji-agaru, Tominokoji-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8061 Japan

This article was brought to you by ENSO ANGO.

This article was originally published on Oct 15, 2018

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