Get A Taste Of Bulgarian Cuisine: 11 Best Places To Eat In Bulgaria!

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Are you interested in exploring the traditional Bulgarian cuisine? Indeed, this is one of the most exciting moments when you arrive in a new place that you have never visited before. Surely, there’s a lot of delicious and curious meals that you could order right off the bat, so let’s not waste more time. Instead, let us present you with the finest dining establishments all over, where you will surely be heavily impressed by the exquisite taste and aroma of the traditional Bulgarian cuisine! Let’s do it!

1. Restorant Vodenitsata, Burgas

Posted by Воденицата on Wednesday, 20 June 2012

As a foreigner, you probably don’t know that any dining establishment that goes by “vodenitsata” symbolizes the traditional Bulgarian cuisine. Surely, it takes a couple of months in Bulgaria to get to know more about such tiny details. But basically, if a restaurant can be depicted as “vodenitsa” it practically means that you will encounter a wonderful atmosphere presented by the authenticity of Bulgaria and its delicious cuisine! With this in mind, you’d surely want to taste a few of the typical meals, such as Musaka or Banitsa!

Enjoy it: come on in and fall in love with the top Bulgarian meals served at the authentic “Vodenitsata”.

Restorant Vodenitsata, Burgas

Address: Kraybrezhna aleya, 8000 Burgas

Facebook: Restorant Vodenitsata, Burgas

2. Ethno, Burgas

Posted by Ethno on Thursday, 6 October 2016

Ethno restaurant is a wonderful place where you could satiate your hunger. It’s not a Bulgarian one though. Regardless of this tiny fact, the famous Ethno restaurant has become one of the classiest and most prominent places in Burgas. As you know, Burgas is an example of some of the biggest and most successful Bulgarian cities. Besides, every year it hosts hundreds of thousands of visitors who don’t forget to stop by the fanciest local restaurants. And Ethno restaurant is certainly an example of such.

Enjoy Greek food: come on in and try out the delicious Greek and Bulgarian cuisine at Ethno, Burgas!

Ethno, Burgas

Address: 49, Alexandrovska Street, 8000 Burgas

Facebook: Ethno, Burgas

3. Dayana, Plovdiv

Posted by Ресторант Даяна-1 on Monday, 27 October 2014

Located on the Dondukov Korsakov 2, Dayana restaurant is surely a great example of a restaurant that deserves to be paid lots of attention. Indeed, your sightseeing tour of the city may get you really exhausted by the end of the day. Therefore, you may want to come by and enjoy some mouth-watering dishes at the lovely Dayana restaurant in Plovdiv.

Come on in: Along with its great setting, guests are mind-blown by the friendly atmosphere and staff at the great restaurant.

Dayana, Plovdiv

Address: Dondukov Korsakov 2, 4000 Plovdiv

Facebook: Dayana, Plovdiv

4. Restaurant Megdana, Plovdiv

Posted by Ресторант Мегдана on Wednesday, 12 October 2016

With its authentic setting and atmosphere, it’s definitely no wonder why we’re talking about this gorgeous restaurant now. Thanks to its welcoming staff and great food, the famous Restaurant Megdana has become one of the most renowned dining establishments in the lovely city of Plovdiv. Surely, you have to come inside in order to get the feeling and understand its unique nature.

Enjoy great food: unlike many other fancy and ultra-modern places, Restaurant Megdana focuses on authenticity and traditions even in the way food gets served.

Restaurant Megdana, Plovdiv

Address: 11, Odrin Street, 8000 Plovdiv

Facebook: Restaurant Megdana, Plovdiv

5. Brestovitsa Wine House, Plovdiv

Posted by Brestovitsa Winery on Friday, 19 April 2013

What would you say if we offered you the chance to try out refined wines while having fun and exploring this lovely Bulgarian city? Located on Druzhba Street, the unique Brestovitsa Wine House is a gorgeous dining establishment which, apparently, has maintained the authentic setting on the inside and on the outside. Upon entering, visitors are impressed by the unexplainable vibes floating up in the air. The staff is friendly and multi-lingual, so your time around here will surely be a rememberable experience.

Wine connoisseurs: wine lovers will totally love this place since they are able to try out different kinds of high-class wine varieties. Isn’t that simply awesome?

Brestovitsa Wine House, Plovdiv

Address: Druzhba Street, 8000 Plovdiv

Website: Brestovitsa Wine House, Plovdiv

6. Leventa Winery & Restaurant, Ruse

Posted by Daniela Sirakova on Saturday, 17 June 2017

With its lovely and quiet location, the traditional Leventa Winery and Restaurant is simply a must-see stop while being in the beautiful city of Ruse, Bulgaria. Visitors can try out fine selections of various wines while enjoying a wonderful range of local meals and delicious dishes which are quite typical for every Bulgarian family. With this in mind, you certainly must pop in here to grab a traditional meal!

Have fun: indeed, you’ll surely enjoy the friendly and authentic setting at the fine Leventa Winery and Restaurant!

Leventa Winery & Restaurant

Address: Leventa, 7000 Ruse

7. Restaurant Djanny, Sunny beach

Posted by Djanny Restaurant on Monday, 8 May 2017

Here we are with another super shiny and awesome place where tourists and beach goers love popping in. Located in the Sunny Beach Resort, the high-class Restaurant Djanny is a wonderful restaurant that has made a name for itself as a refined place that’s worth the time and money. Not only does it serve delicious food, but the staff is so friendly and welcoming that you’ll totally grow fond of this spot for sure.

Be a food-lover: once inside, you’ll want to taste a mouth-watering range of traditional local dishes alongside many famous international gourmet meals and chocolate-filled desserts.

Restaurant Djanny, Sunny beach

Address: Sunny Beach Resort, 8240 Sunny Beach, Nessebar

Facebook: Restaurant Djanny, Sunny beach

8. Pastorant, Sofia

Posted by Pastorant on Saturday, 27 February 2016

Are you fond of the exquisite Italian cuisine? If so, then you’ve got no idea what we’ve prepared for you! Hold your breath since you’ll surely love our little Italian secret! Right at the heart of Sofia - the gorgeous Bulgarian capital - rests the renowned Italian restaurant named Pastorant. Famous for its extremely tasty Mediterranean dishes, the lovely Pastorant is surely another place that tourists often come by.

Enjoy Italian food: pasta, gourmet meals, and high-class desserts await any tourist in the lovely Bulgarian capital! Don’t miss it!

Pastorant, Sofia

Address: 16, Tsar Ivan Asen I, 1000 Sofia

Facebook: Pastorant, Sofia

9. Mehana Chiflika, Ruse

Posted by Механа Чифлика Русе on Thursday, 27 April 2017

Just in case you’ve been planning on popping in Ruse for a couple of days as well, then don’t miss the chance to stop by the lovely and traditional Mehana Chiflika. You may not know this, but in Bulgarian “chiflika” means tavern, which doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go home fairly drunk in the middle of the night. Usually, all types of dining establishments which go by the name of “tavern” often represent the traditional and authentic spirit of the city and the culture of this place.

Enjoy the traditions: therefore, don’t expect to be ushered into a super luxurious setting, since that is hardly the idea of this spot. With this in mind, come on in and try out some of the best Bulgarian meals at this traditional restaurant.

Mehana Chiflika, Ruse

Address: 2, Otec Paisii Street, 7000 Ruse

Facebook: Mehana Chiflika, Ruse

10. Beso Restaurant, Sofia

Sushi Toppings (11833720623)
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user EHRENBERG Kommuni... used under CC BY-SA 2.0

It’s exactly sushi o'clock at the lovely Beso bar and restaurant! By the way, are you a fan of sushi? Because if you happen to hate it, then this place is certainly the wrong one for you. As for the rest of us, who deeply enjoy Japanese food and sushi, Beso bar & restaurant sure is a super fancy stop which you should not miss out on under any circumstances! At Beso, guests are simply spoiled with an immensely rich array of refined Japanese appetizers and seasoned meals.

Lick your fingers too: also, you will certainly want to lick your fingers one by one right there in front of so many people!

Beso Restaurant, Sofia

Address: 45, Todor Kableshkov, 1618 Sofia

Facebook: Beso Restaurant, Sofia

11. Manastirska Magernitsa, Sofia

Rhodope Mountains Bulgarian food 05
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Bin im Garten used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Get to know more about Bulgarian culture and traditions while being in its shiny and friendly capital. In this sense, what better way to do so than with a lovely stay at the authentic Manastitska Magernitsa? Located on 67, Han Asparuh Street, the renowned restaurant is surely a worthwhile stop of any sightseeing tour of the gorgeous city! After all, you’ve got to pop along and satiate the hunger eventually, right?

Enjoy the authentic setting much like the previous tavern-like dining establishments, which simply go by the name of “mehana”, the hospitable Manastirska Magernitsa is a refined restaurant that serves delicious food and exquisite homemade wine varieties!

Manastirska Magernitsa Sofia

Address: 67, Han Asparuh Street, Sofia

Website: Manastirska Magernitsa, Sofia

Welcome to Bulgaria!

With its gorgeous and rich abundance of high-class bars and restaurants, it’s no wonder why tourists often depict the traditional Bulgarian cuisine as superb and quite extraordinary! With this in mind, just come around, blend with the crowd and satiate the hunger at some of the best restaurants located in the biggest and loveliest Bulgarian cities!

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