Power Up with the Best Breakfast in Japan! Seafood Donburi, Grilled Seafood, and Sweets at La Vista Hakodate Bay

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La Vista Hakodate Bay has been featured in Japanese media, proclaiming it has the “best breakfast in Japan” and that it’s “a hotel with an amazing breakfast”. The reasons? Guests can make their very own seafood donburi (meat over rice), and the staff keep bring out fresh seafood right through the very end of breakfast time. You can also get grilled food, western style food, local specialties, and even sweets in an all-you-can-eat buffet style. And the hotel has more to offer than just good breakfast – the rooms have an elegant Japanese style, and there’s even an open air communal bath with natural hot spring water!

The Most Popular Menu Item is Seafood, of Course

power up with the best breakfast in japan! seafood donburi, grilled seafood, and sweets at la vista hakodate bay | the most popular menu item is seafood, of course

Head to the in-hotel dining room, Kita-no-ban'ya, and breakfast is served. The most popular thing here is the seafood – and it’s served raw, sashimi style. What they serve depends on the season and what was able to be caught that day, but there are plenty of different dishes available, and they keep it coming right up until breakfast is finished.

Make Your Own Seafood Donburi

power up with the best breakfast in japan! seafood donburi, grilled seafood, and sweets at la vista hakodate bay | make your own seafood donburi

On the day I was there they had raw shrimp, salmon roe, raw octopus, flying fish roe, and maguro (tuna). Some people might think it’s too much just for breakfast, but forget about that and just enjoy! And since it’s buffet style, you can eat as much as you want of all your favorites. Many guests like to make their own seafood donburi – that’s what this place is famous for! Put your favorite seafood on top of rice, add wasabi and however much soy sauce you like and enjoy!

Don't Like it Raw? Get it Grilled

power up with the best breakfast in japan! seafood donburi, grilled seafood, and sweets at la vista hakodate bay | don't like it raw? get it grilled

If sashimi isn’t your thing, they also prepare a grilled menu. They’ve got pumpkin and potatoes, for which Hokkaido is famous, as well as salmon, squid, mackerel, and shishamo (a small, tube-shaped fish popular in Japan, eaten whole).

And there’s more than just grilled food. You’ll find a variety of small side dishes, including the very Hakodate-esque Matsumae pickles, shiokara (salted squid innards), and sanpei-jiru, a local soup. It’s a great chance to try some very authentic local dishes.

It’s almost impossible to decide what to eat next. Oh.. right… it’s a buffet. Stop thinking, start eating!

Prefer Western Food? There's Plenty of Bread and Salad!

power up with the best breakfast in japan! seafood donburi, grilled seafood, and sweets at la vista hakodate bay | prefer western food? there's plenty of bread and salad!

So, what about those who arrive with a group of Japanese food lovers but prefer western food for themselves? No need to worry. There are a variety of delicious breads including croissants and danishes, eggs prepared scrambled and sunny side up, salads, and even desserts like panna cotta and green tea pudding. It’s a menu sure to satisfy those loyal to the western style breakfast!

La Vista Hakodate Bay has More than Just Good Breakfast

la vista hakodate bay has more than just good breakfast

La vista Hakodate Bay’s breakfast is undeniably famous, but the hotel has plenty of other great services and features. The design theme for the modern Japanese style rooms is the Roman Era. Each room comes complete with coffee beans, a grinder, a coffee cup, and a saucer. Coffee lovers are sure to love it. Look out over Hakodate Bay from your room as you sip a delicious cup of coffee.

On the 13th floor lies a rotenburo (open air public bath) and observation deck. You can enjoy the wonderful rotenburo long after breakfast has finished. The outdoor sections of male and female sides each contain two stone baths, one ceramic bath, and one wooden bath. One tile bath and one more wooden bath lie indoors for a total of six bathtubs on either side. All baths other than the tile bath and stone bath are free-flowing spring water, and there’s a great view from the outdoor baths. The natorium-chloride bath is great for warming up and fighting off the chills. There is also a dry sauna and a mist sauna, so take a seat inside and get the blood flowing. Once you’ve finished your bath you can take a short break in the resting area outside. They’ve also got free ice cream snacks – what could be better?

In Closing

Although Hakodate is perhaps most famous for having one of the three best nighttime views in Japan, there’s plenty more to see, such as the Yamate district’s famous churches and plenty of places to experience Hakodate’s famous gourmet products. There’s more than enough reason to keep coming back. If you need a way to power up before heading out for the day in Hakodate, definitely try making your own seafood donburi breakfast at La Vista Hakodate Bay Hotel!


La Vista Hakodate Bay Address: 12-6 Toyokawacho, Hakodate, Hokkaido Prefecture 040-0065, Japan TEL: +81 138-23-6111

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