Unparalleled Views From The Top 10 Rooftop Bars In Lisbon, Portugal!

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Let’s face it: the view from a rooftop is always the best. Now, with our recommended portfolio of the absolute best rooftop bars in all of Lisbon, you can easily make that view your own! Check out the diversified selection of rooftop bars that Lisbon offers, each seemingly more unique and action-packed than the one before it. When you make the full selection of services at each Lisbon rooftop bar your own, you’re in for a world-class bar experience that you’ll never want to forget!

1. Lost in Esplanada Bar

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If you’re looking for a verified outdoor privilege of a Lisbon rooftop bar experience, look no further than the Lost in Esplanada Bar! At Lost in Esplanada, you’re always going to be treated to the finest combination of award-winning service, tantalizing drinks, and unbeatable company. Make sure that you take advantage of their sensational outdoor seating arrangements, and get a glance at the unbeatable view from your distinct vantage point above the ground! When it comes to the diversified selection of food and beverage options, you simply cannot go wrong. Choose from among a bevy of terrific menu selections, including chili sauce, tomato soups, red prawn curry, and more! This certified romantic venue also offers a winning portfolio of drinks, from IPAs on tap to lemonade! It’s a bar that’s perfect for you in all the right ways!

Lost in Esplanada Bar

Address: Rua D.Pedro V Nº56-D, 1250-094 Lisboa, Portugal

Website: Lost in Esplanada Bar

2. Silk Club

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For the finest in modern, contemporary furnishings and a brilliant finish of simple excellence, you’re going to want to check out the Silk Club! This establishment, known in both the immediate and the extended area for its unique Japanese cuisine, is the place to be as soon as the sun goes down. From the bar’s edge, you can look out across all of Lisbon, for an unparalleled, panoramic glimpse as to why Lisbon is known the world around as a gem of the region. Sushi, steaks, and delicious desserts all await your palate, where you’ll easily fall in love with the sensational combination that is the top culinary options to be found in the heart of the Chiado district. From the time you walk through the friendly front doors of the Silk Club until the time your unforgettable experience inside meets its completion, you can expect nothing less than a night defined by its opportunities for fine foods, the best drinks in the area, and many reasons to keep a smile on your face!

Silk Club

Address: R. da Misericórdia 14, Edifício Espaço Chiado - 1200-273 Lisboa, Portugal

Website: Silk Club

3. Topo

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First and foremost, when you make Topo your Rooftop Bar edpr inception the next time you’re in Lisbon, you’re going to be treated to one of the best rooftop views that the region has to offer. You’d be hard-pressed to find a bettr view anywhere else! On top of a large commercial center, Topo is readily identifiable by its long countertop, and its vibe as a staple social hangout of the area. Featuring the earl blend of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, Topo instantly raises, then satisfies, anyone’s idea of a good time. Locals and visitors alike rave about the high quality of the cocktails at Topo, and the sheer affordability of the establishment pairs perfectly with its amazing menu. For an easy good time, you are encouraged to familiarize yourself with the local wonder that is the Topo rooftop bar!


Address: Commercial Center Martim Moniz, Praca Martim Moniz, 1100-341 Lisboa, Portugal

Website: Topo

4. Upscale at Epic Sana Lisboa Hotel

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Sometimes, your rooftop bar experience simply necessitates pulling out all of the stops. For those moments when nothing save for a world-class endeavor will atisfy your drive for adventure, there’s always Upscale at Epic Sana Lisboa Hotel! This local Lisbon five-star Hotel delivers the same professional-grade hospitality services in the form of a rooftop bar, to each and every guest that is lucky enough to discover it! The fun begins on the ninth floor of the hotel, where hospitality transforms from an excuse for relaxation into an excuse for excitement. The menu at this rooftop bar routinely features novel specials and well-proves cocktails, with a specific focus on delivering a unique blend of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Whether you’re in the mood for their sushi and tapas, or for their wine variety of available drinks, you’re in for the evening of a lifetime when you choose Upscale at Epic Sana Lisboa Hotel!

Upscale at Epic Sana Lisboa Hotel

Address: Av. Eng. Duarte Pacheco 15, 1070-100 Lisboa, Portugal

Website: Upscale at Epic Sana Lisboa Hotel

5. Sky Bar at Tivoli Lisboa

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On a clear day in Lisbon, there’s simply nowhere you’d rather be than at the Sky Bar, located on the premises of Tivoli Lisboa! This rooftop bar excellently and effortlessly pairs a sensational view from the rooftop with some of the best cocktails featured in the region, all with a dedication to culinary and beverage quality that promises to have you clawing for more. Located in the best part of downtown Lisbon, this classy, upscale yet cosmopolitan bar rides the fine line between elegance and affordability. It’s serves a variety of its drinks in chilled jars, for a chic vibe, and is always a great place to relax and to enjoy views of the water nearby! Take in the finest that Lisbon has to offer, while you make the sights and sounds of this Portugal setting your virtual backyard!

Sky Bar at Tivoli Lisboa

Address: Av. da Liberdade 185, 1269-050 Lisboa, Portugal

Website: Sky Bar at Tivoli Lisboa

6. Hotel Mundial Rooftop Bar

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Whenever you’re looking to plug yourself directly into the fun that typified Lisbon as truly unforgettable, stop by the Hotel Mundial Rooftop Bar! Welcome to an unbridled opportunity to put your finger directly on the pulse of this thriving Portuguese city. This location features only the best in local cocktails, with some of the lowest prices you’re going to find in the action-packed region. Better yet, yo will receive a coveted view of the local Tejo River! This location is known specifically for its gins, but of course allows you the privilege of selecting from a winning beverage menu, one that includes all of the cocktails that have locals and visitors alike clamoring to gain entrance. When it comes to the Hotel Mundial Rooftop Bar, you won’t have to settle for anything less than the absolute best that Lisbon

Hotel Mundial Rooftop Bar

Address: Hotel Mundial, Praça Moniz, 2, Mouraria, Martim, Portugal

7. PARK Bar

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If you’re in the mood for a rooftop bar that offers a sensational portfolio of beverages, only to be outdone by the view from the railing, it’s time that you checked out PARK Bar! Where there’s authentic excitement to be had at any rooftop bar in Lisbon, there’s the PARK Bar, the ideal combination of a modern atmosphere and all of the staple features of a lightning rod hangout. Follow the music up to the sixth floor, and you’re going to find PARK Bar waiting for you! Swing by at any time of day, although locals and visitors alike regularly flock to the PARK Bar for its amazing views of nighttime Lisbon! From the roof, you can take in all of the lit majesties of the surrounding regions, from its bridges to its waterways. The earlier you get to the PARK Bar, the better, as this location is no stranger to crowds! Make the PARK Bar your next home run of a rooftop bar experience!


Address: Calçada do Combro, 58 1200-115 Lisbon, Portugal

8. Deck 7 Bar & Rooftop Lounge at Porto Bay Liberdade

Lisbon Portugal 350 (5107944795)
Source: Photo by user DAVID HOLT used under CC BY-SA 2.0

When it comes to the Deck 7 Bar & Rooftop Lounge at Porto Bay Liberdade, you need to understand that you’re in for the rooftop bar experience of a lifetime. The furnishings, even from the ground floor, are simply astonishing, a perfect combination of white elegance with aged decorations that beg th sufficient respect of each and every passerby. If the atmosphere isn’t alone is enough, you have the beverages to whet your whistle, a stunning selection of riveting cocktails that are sure to upgrade your understanding of local hospitality! Atop a five-star hotel, the Deck 7 Bar & Rooftop Lounge at Porto Bay Liberdade brings the same world-class hospitality that you’re going to find in the hotel to the roof itself, where you’re treated to friendly service, affordable beverages, and an infectiously enthusiastic vibe. The privilege of the rooftop bar experience that is the Deck 7 Bar & Rooftop Lounge at Porto Bay Liberdade, similar to the rest of amazing hotel accommodations, are simply unbeatable.

Deck 7 Bar & Rooftop Lounge at Porto Bay Liberdade

Address: R. Rosa Araújo 8, 1250-195 Lisboa, Portugal

Website: Deck 7 Bar & Rooftop Lounge at Porto Bay Liberdade

9. Rooftop Varanda do Castelo

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Your search for the perfect location at which to relax casually has found its end: the Rooftop Varanda do Castelo is the place for you! Fine dining meets the perfect mixture of a casual atmosphere and fine company, in a full Lisbon immersion of a rooftop bar endeavor. The price range is readily affordable, the environment is romantic and classy, sophisticated yet low-key, and the selection of beverages always available onsite has even the strictest locals dying for more. Offering both wine by the glass and a simply stunning view of the entire city from above, the Rooftop Varanda do Castelo is the perfect excuse to familiarize yourself with the area’s layout, while you rejuvenate and unwind amidst cozy accommodations! This rooftop venue also offers amazing views of the river, and is equipped with onsite, wireless Internet connection, so you never have to lose touch with the world at any point during your Rooftop Varanda do Castelo experience. Take thrill to another level, at the Rooftop Varanda do Castelo!

Rooftop Varanda do Castelo

Address: R. Rodrigo da Fonseca 2, 1250-191 Lisboa, Portugal

Website: Rooftop Varanda do Castelo

10. Topo Chiado

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

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Posted by TOPO on Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Simple elegance meets the genuine desire to serve each and every guest, at Topo Chiado! Featuring a wonderful array of winning beverages and low prices, this location capitalizes on each visitor’s organic drive for thrill and social excitement. Unique to this establishment is its ability to cater to the culinary preferences of each and every individual who frequents it! From their kettle chips to their freshly-made sandwiches to their on tap beverages, there isn’t a loser to be found anywhere at Topo Chiado, on any menu. The perfect opportunity to chill and to relax in the heart of Lisbon is yours, each and every time you elect to make Topo Chiado your preferred social hangout!

Topo Chiado

Address: Terraços do Carmo, 1200-288 Lisboa, Portugal

All the right ingredients for a sensational stay

Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Deensel used under CC BY 2.0

Where there’s thrill to be had, there’s a rooftop bar in Lisbon that needs to be seen to be believed! From their sensational diversity to their stunning views of the surrounding region, each and every rooftop bar in Lisbon that has been included in our recommended list of must-see bars is a winner. From the time you step through the friendly doors of each of these certified unforgettable rooftop bars, until the time your stay has reached its conclusion, allow this unique definition of Portuguese hospitality to shock and amaze you, with friendly service, affordable pricing, and all the right ingredients for a sensational stay!

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