The 10 Most Romantic Things To Do In Lisbon With Your Sweetheart - Updated 2024

romantic things to do in lisbon
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If you are looking for a romantic place to spend time with your partner, then Lisbon is the right choice. Lisbon, intertwined with such a long, rich history, provides the most romantic places. Walking through the old district with its unique architecture, watching the sunset on one of the breathtaking viewpoints, or listening to fado music in the oldest area of Lisbon are just some of the romantic options for you. If you are a melancholic soul, Lisbon will enchant your heart. Read these tips on romantic things to do and surprise your beloved.

1. See the blooming Jacaranda trees together - contributed by Tour Guide, Beatrice Sacco

Many say that the best season to come to Lisbon is spring: perfect temperature, sunny days and colorful flowers. My opinion? Totally agree.

From May to June, Lisbon is painted in a beautiful lilac with the blooming of Jacaranda trees. It’s an exotic species originally from Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay that has adapted very well to this climate. Seeds of Jacaranda were probably brought here from Brazil at the beginning of the XIX century in order to integrate the collection of plants in the botanical garden of the royal Ajuda Palace.

Behind this, there may have been a man. Felix Avelar Brotero, known as the father of botany in Portugal, was the director of the botanical garden from 1811 to 1826. It is said that he also offered the seeds of Jacaranda to anyone who wanted to grow them in the city.

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2. Take in the views from Costa do Castelo 120 - contributed by Tour Guide, Beatrice Sacco

Costa do Castelo 120
Source: Beatrice Sacco

Pay a visit to the lovely Costa do Castelo 120, which is one of my favorite spots in the region. You and your partner can together revel in one of the most intimate vistas of Lisbon overlooking Graça and Senhora do Monte Miradouros. You will also encounter a quaint cornfield that somehow perseveres amidst the rows of houses and downhill structures, offering a serene and picturesque escape.

Costa do Castelo 120

Address: 1100-179 Lisboa, Portugal

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3. Miradouro de Graça

Vista do Mirador da Graça sobre o Castelo de S. Jorge
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Duca696 used under CC BY-SA 3.0

The official name of this view is Miradouro Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen but more often is called Miradouro de Graça. Sophia Andresen was a poet who spent a lot of time near this overlook, which she found inspiring for her work. There is a bronze bust here that was even included in one of her Portuguese poems. The viewpoint is situated on the hill called Santo André. The Miradouro de Graça provides fantastic views over the neighborhoods of Alfama and Mouraria, and you can also see the Tagus River with its famous 25th of April Bridge. There is a small stall where you can buy drinks, so there is everything you need to enjoy this perfect view.

Miradouro de Graça

Address: Calçada da Graça, 1100-265 Lisboa, Portugal

Price: free

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4. Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcantara

Lisbonne - Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Jean-Christophe B... used under CC BY 4.0

This viewpoint offers a breathtaking panorama of Lisbon’s attractions and landmarks. Countless religious and other monuments, including Sao Jorge Castle, can be seen from there. This viewpoint features garden seating with a baroque fountain.Gloria’s Funicular is a popular way to reach the viewpoint, so it’s a good option if you would like to try also this attraction. It’s such a romantic place where you can walk through the garden and enjoy the peaceful surroundings while holding your beloved’s hand.

Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcantara

Address: R. São Pedro de Alcântara, 1200-470 Lisboa, Portugal

Price: free

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Lisbon Tour Guide

Ana-Cristina Paiva

Ana Cristina Paiva

I am an australian-born Portuguese living in Lisbon since I was 8 years old. I studied Tourism and became a Licensed Guide and I absolutely love my job! The Portuguese landscape, history, food, traditions have won me over and I hope to share all this with you! I live in an historical neighborhood and believe that the best way to get to know a city is by walking. During the tours I hope to answer your questions and curiosities, proving a memorable and fun learing experience.

Tours by Ana-cristina

Lisbon Tour Guide



Hello!!! My name is Francisco, but my friends call me Chico, so, feel free to call me that! I was born, raised and live in Lisbon, but I am a well travelled person, as I work for almost 30 years in the Tourism Industry. I am a family man, father of 3 grown up boys, and my friends say I am a "Social Animal" as I easily make friends! I love sports ( especially soccer and rugby), walking the streets of Lisbon ( I always discover new things. . . ); talking to people; trying a new wine or a different type of food. With a degree in Social & Cultural Anthropology, and with the experience as a Tour Guide, I have learned to look and feel our City and its people with tourist's eyes and heart. I believe that Life is a wonderful gift and must be enjoyed every single day, and in every moment, so my Tours reflect this philosophy. You can expect I will inform you about facts, but I will tell you the stories that made these facts interesting. My favourite themes are History and Traditions, Art and Gastronomy, Sports and People. . . Lisbon People!!! My Tours are relaxed; they are made for people who seek to Know, but also, to Enjoy!!! Aahh. . . and I can customize any of my Tours according to your special interests. Just ask me. So, this is Me. . . I am waiting for your contact!

Tours by Francisco

Lisbon Tour Guide

Marta Côrte-Real

Marta Côrte Real

I was born in Lisbon and I'm forever in love with it! After my family, guiding is my greatest passion: I love what I do! I have a 5 year degree called Touristic Information, specifically to work as a Tourist Guide, as well as the Certificate of Competence acquired through a qualifying examination, in order to be able to exercise this regulated profession. I own and manage a tour company licensed by the Turismo de Portugal IP, Portugal's National Tourism Authority. Tour guiding has been my full time job since 2003 and it has always been incredibly rewarding. In 2021, I was recognized by the Wanderlust Awards as one of the world's "Best Specialist Guides", which I think is a result of doing what I love every day. Waking up knowing I'll meet enthusiastic people who are excited to discover my city makes me a very grateful and happy person. For almost two decades (how am I that old already?!) I travelled around the world as a tour guide and tour manager in Portugal, Europe, South and Central America. I stopped being so nomadic when my first child was born and in 2016, I became part of ToursByLocals' amazing team and since then I've been 100% dedicated to my lovely Lisbon and its surroundings. I am a mother of 3. I love planning family trips. I know how important it is to create special family memories. Travelling means getting to know new places and cultures, experiencing nature more closely, walking and playing more, discovering history through cities, monuments and palaces! Our childhood travel memories are often the sweetest and along with other remarkable moments, we build who we are and how we live in the world. So if you're in need of someone to guide you and your kids and have them thrilled about travelling, I'm your guide! I'm also very fond of small groups of friends, extended family trips and solo travellers. It's a much more personal approach and very interesting and grateful, too. It's so lovely to get to know you! My wish is to make you feel all the unique details of this fairytale country the way I proudly do, welcoming you as a friend, however always assuring professional, original and interesting tours. I offer walking tours or if you prefer to just sit and relax, I also provide tours with transportation included (private minivan, minibus, bus). You can choose from my many tours the one you're most interested in, or we can build together a tailored experience, everything at your pace. Once you send me a message, I'll try to answer right away, but if I'm delivering a tour or busy with my family, I'll let you know that I'll get back to you soon. I'll be happy to create a customized tour just for you and if you have a special request, if it's a family with different age ranges. . . let me know so we can build the best option for your group. Some of my tours can perfectly be combined. I can also help you plan the best timings to avoid the crowds and even buy your tickets, if needed. There are lots of magic places in Portugal: let me know about you, your interests and ideas and according to that I will work on your time here! The most recent experience has been incredible: the virtual tours. The idea came up with the 2020 pandemic scenery and I decided to keep them going in the future as they're such a pleasant way of travelling differently and sustainably. These tours are perfect to gather families and friends who live away from each other and for schools to complement their teaching, as well as to help those who cannot travel for many reasons, to be able to see the world. I believe we always need to make the best out of the worst. Portugal is a country to visit all year round: weather is wonderful and even during the winter you can enjoy the simple pleasures of life like sitting on an esplanade, absorbing each sunbeam! Plus, I love cooking and baking and I'm happy to share my recipes. Portuguese food is simply delicious and the wine is just perfect for a toast to celebrate life! Get ready to deeply fall in love with Portugal! Can't wait to meet you!

Tours by Marta

Lisbon Tour Guide

Beatrice Sacco

Beatrice Sacco

Hello! My name is Beatrice, I'm originally from Milan and I'm currently living in Lisbon. Travel, nature, music and art are among my passions. I'm curious and determined and I love meeting people from different countries. I moved to Portugal after finishing my studies in Art History. Now I'm putting into practice what I have learned by working as a tour guide. I love to share with people all the history, culture and local insights about the beautiful city of Lisbon and its surroundings! Come with me, if you want to go deep into the richness of this place!

Tours by Beatrice

Lisbon Tour Guide

Rita Jardim

Rita Jardim

Rita has been a tour guide in Portugal since 2015. She is a passionate storyteller and a history buff whose goal is to immerse curious travelers in the beautiful Portuguese tale. Rita creates customized tours, cultural experiences, and food adventures in Lisbon, Belém, Sintra, Évora, and lesser-explored corners of Portugal. If you're looking for a genuine and immersive experience beyond the typical tourist route, Rita is your guide.

Tours by Rita

5. Miradouro de Senhora do Monte

Miradouro Senhora do Monte
Source: Photo by user Raphaël Chekroun used under CC BY-ND 2.0

One of the highest points in the city, which is especially well-known for its stunning sunsets, is also worth a visit anytime in the day. Miradouro de Senhora do Monte provides a panoramic view of Lisbon, similar to the previously mentioned viewpoints. Also from here, you can see Sao Jorge Castle, Lisbon center, the banks of the Tagus River, and Bairro Alto. The point is named for Our Lady of the Mountain, which is observing the viewpoint from a small image. It is easily accessible and one of the most romantic places in Lisbon.

Miradouro de Senhora do Monte

Address: Largo Monte, 1170-107 Lisboa, Portugal

Price: free

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6. Walking along the banks of the Tagus River

Lisbon is located on the northern bank of The Tagus River, which helps to create Lisbon’s charming, romantic atmosphere. Not only is it romantic, but the Tagus River also has a major role in the history and city development. The most popular place on this bank is surely Belém. Belém is a civil parish of Santa Maria de Belém and features famous historical monuments and rich culture. The most popular monuments include 25th of April Bridge, Jerónimos Monastery, and Tower of Belém.

Tower of Belém is a fortified tower that was commissioned to be part of the defense system and ceremonial gateway to Lisbon. The monument was important during the time of maritime discoveries, and it’s UNESCO World Heritage Site. The other direction from the Tower of Belém is the 25th of April Bridge. Looking at the bridge, you may feel transported to San Francisco, because of its close resemblance to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Besides the history, the waterfront of the Tagus River is filled with countless bars and restaurants. You can stop by after a romantic walk and enjoy the perfect view while the sun sets.

Tagus river and Tower of Belém

Address: Civil parish Santa Maria de Belém, Municipality of Lisbon, Portugal

Price: Free. Except the entrance to Tower of Belém: 6.35 USD (6 EUR) or 12.70 USD (12 EUR) (Combined ticket: Jerónimos Monastery + Tower of Belém + Museu Nacional de Arqueologia)

Opening Hours: Torre de Belém: October to May: 10 am to 5 pm. May to September: 10 am to 6:30 pm.

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Have an ice cream or two...

Do you know anyone who doesn’t like ice cream? Having an ice cream is without a doubt, a fun thing to do with your sweetheart. Ice cream will be a good idea for anyone, especially in summer when the temperature in Lisbon reaches 40 degrees C (104 degrees F). There are some great ice cream shops that are worth a visit. Let me share three of them with you:

7. Amorino gelato

Amorino Gelato Flowers
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Rebecrs used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Amorino is a famous ice cream shop with a stores worldwide. The first Amorino shop was opened in the Paris and since its initial success, this chain has grown quickly. Amorino was founded in 2002 by Cristiano Sereni and Paolo Benassi, two childhood friends. They pride themselves on high-quality production without artificial colors and additives. The flavor range is truly huge and you can choose from various ice cream or sorbets flavors. You can also find them in Lisbon at two locations: Amorino Baixa and Baixa Chiado!

Amorino Baixa is located on the famous street Rua da Augusta, which leads to the Liberdade de Avenida. This outlet is a great option if you want to combine enjoying ice cream with a walk along the Tagus River.

Amorino gelato

Address: Amorino Chiado - R. Garrett 49, 1200-203 Lisboa, Portugaland Amorino Baixa - R. Augusta 209, 1100-042 Lisboa, Portugal

Price: from 3 USD to 9 USD (~2.80 EUR to 8.50 EUR)

Website: Amorino gelato

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8. Gelato Therapy

Lisboa L1190835 (24600124694)
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user tak.wing used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Gelato Therapy is another ice cream shop located in the Baixa neighborhood. Besides their ice cream, they also offer waffles, crepes, and cakes. On the menu, you find pancakes and waffles with ice cream, chocolate, or caramel. Gelato Therapy has the usual flavors and also some unique flavors such as vanilla with basil or lemon with rosemary and honey. If you love ice cream, you can buy “take away” buckets of ice cream to enjoy at home!

Gelato Therapy

Address: 1100 332, R. da Madalena 83, 1100 - 010 Lisboa, Portugal

Price: from 3 USD (~2.80 EUR)

Opening Hours: 11 am to 7 pm

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9. Gelato Davvero

Source: Needpix

Gelato Davvero translates to “gelato for real.” Gelato Davvero makes delicious ice cream from natural ingredients, using a combination of Italian and Portuguese products.

Gelato Davvero

Address: Praça de São Paulo 1, Lisbon, Portugal

Price: from 2 USD (~1.90 EUR)

Facebook: Gelato Davvero

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10. Tap into the secrets of fado in the oldest district of Alfama

Lisbon Alfama Night
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user TeWeBs used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Alfama, the oldest district of Lisbon, is situated on the hill between Sao Jorge Castle and the Tagus River. It’s the most romantic area of the city and features many historical monuments. You will find many beautiful houses that represent typical Portuguese architecture. If you are keen for a trip, then walk to the top of Alfama where Sao Jorge Castle is located. This spot also offers fantastic views over Lisbon.

Alfama is also the center of fado music. The streets are lined with a lot of fado bars, which plays live music and serve delicious, traditional cuisine. Is there anything more romantic than listening to live fado music, while drinking a local port wine? Let me recommend the most popular fado bars in Alfama:

Sr. Fado

Address: R. dos Remédios 176, 1100 Lisboa, Portugal

Opening Hours: 7:30 pm to midnight. Closed on Mondays.

Website: Sr. Fado

O Faia

Address: R. da Barroca 54-56, 1200-050 Lisboa, Portugal

Opening Hours: 8 pm to 2 am. Closed on Sundays.

Website: O Faia

Tip from tour guide



Lisbon viewpoint

You can enjoy Lisbon and its viewpoints from many spots in Alfama. In any other capital city, these points and monuments would be hot-spots with never ending lines. But in Lisbon, we still have it almost just to ourselves. 

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Ready for a romantic getaway?

In Lisbon, it is not necessary to have a car. The best way to explore the city is by walking through Lisbon’s streets to enjoy the unique mood of this charming place. Lisbon looks like it was made for couples! It offers many fantastic views, the beautiful tones of live music, and the chance to relax with a glass of a good port wine. It’s easy to have a romantic holiday with your loved one here. In Lisbon, you will always find a hidden small restaurant or another wonderful viewpoints tucked between the houses. There is no doubt that Lisbon is one of the best romantic European destinations.

Any must-sees we missed? Tell us about them in the comments section or write a post here to help out fellow travelers!
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