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Best Places To Stay In San Diego: Coastal Quality Abounds!

Published Dec 07, 2017

Thinking about where best to stay in San Diego? Look no further than this article! San Diego is known far and wide as one of the nicest locations in the world, partly due to its climate, but also because it is one of the globe’s foremost authority with regards to great hospitality. You can always expect a wonderful experience when you stay at a hotel in San Diego—one of California’s friendliest cities.

Some accommodations are found only minutes from the ocean, while others are delicately tucked away off the beaten path. Some are architectural marvels, while others are cozy opportunities for luxurious experiences. San Diego boasts an excellent portfolio of hotels. Staying in San Diego is something you’ll want to experience for yourself. After all, with such an amazing reputation preceding it, what have you got to lose? No matter where you stay in San Diego, expect world-class treatment. And no matter what your reason is for staying in Southern California, prepare to have your expectations raised when it comes to authentic, coastal hospitality.

1. Hard Rock Hotel San Diego

Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, CA, USA

Posted by Myhouseidea on Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Hard Rock Hotel San Diego is listed consistently among the top stays in all of San Diego. This is the case on virtually any and all of San Diego’s hospitality rankings, and with good reason. This rock ’n’ roll themed hotel has unique amenities, the likes of which effectively allow businessmen, luxury travelers, and even family men to find a legitimate reason to relax.

This hotel features California hospitality! Here, you can expect amenities such as a spa, two on-site restaurants (which cook everything in-house with only the finest San Diego ingredients) as well as a rooftop bar! No matter your age, no matter your preference when it comes to the treatment you want on the road, you’ll find something to fall in love with at Hard Rock Hotel San Diego.

You only need to take a few steps into the lobby before you realize that the site itself pays tribute to some of the greatest rock legends and icons ever to set foot on stage. From past concert memorabilia to the immortalized quotes of rock star legends peppered throughout the site itself, this venue serves to commemorate one of the greatest genres of music of all time. This hotel offers a bevy of accommodation options that will surely suit your needs and wants. This hotel has affordable suites, studio rooms and family-friendly getaway packages. Rest assured that when it comes to this unique flavor of musically-inclined hospitality, this location gets it right, every time.

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2. The Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina

The Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina is equal parts captivating and first-class. It is found closer to the shoreline than the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego. Located directly on the decorated San Diego waterfront, The Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina effectively provides a warm welcome to the city’s downtown district. Journey back to this hotel and along the way, you can gaze upon uninterrupted views of the beautiful westernmost coast.

As an added bonus, The Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina is incredibly close to everything you’re going to want to experience when it comes to Downtown San Diego! From the Gaslamp District to Petco Park, The Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina is only a few steps away from all the action. Furthermore, the San Diego Airport is only a short distance from this hotel’s inviting front doors.

The rooms here are nothing short of sensational. From their traditional guest rooms to their deluxe suites, you will surely have an enjoyable experience. You can even request rooms with a perfectly calculated view of the San Diego sunset for an especially self-indulgent stay. Rooms of all sizes and price ranges are available nearly all year round, so no matter which season you elect to stay at The Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina, you’re going to find a package that is perfect to suit the preferences and needs of you and your fellow travelling companions.

The Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina effectively redefines what luxury means on the San Diego waterfront. Together with its incredibly impressive portfolio of award-winning amenities, you can expect truly dedicated, friendly staff. You can expect excellent hospitality all round if you choose to stay at The Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina.

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3. Omni San Diego Hotel

Posted by Omni San Diego Hotel on Monday, 30 January 2017

Continuing the Downtown San Diego theme—why settle for anything less if you can stay in the heart of the city—the Omni San Diego Hotel is truly the place to be if you’re in search of world-class hospitality. This hotel has long since established itself as a reputable name in the hospitality world, impressing patrons far and wide with top-tier hotel and resort locations in enviable destinations like Palm Springs, Chicago, Boston and Houston. This hotel is also found internationally in Toronto, Cancun, and Puerto Aventuras. This hotel’s first-rate reputation hints at the first-rate experience to be expected at the Omni San Diego Hotel.

Notably, the design of this hotel is unique and a far cry from a cookie-cutter hotel experience. The Omni San Diego Hotel aims and succeeds at allowing guests to experience a degree of hospitality not replicated at any of its other destinations. This is accomplished via the fact that each and every Omni accommodation boasts a completely unique architectural appearance. More than anything else though, it is the unique slew of world-class amenities offered by the Omni San Diego Hotel that establishes this location as a premiere hotel in San Diego.

From its outdoor pool, to its 24 hour fitness center, the Omni San Diego Hotel knows what you need when you travel. This locale also boasts a restaurant and coffee shop that doubles as a café. This is so that you can conveniently get all the fuel you’ll need. For guests who want to ensure that they enjoy a good time in San Diego, there isn’t even a need to go off-site! You can stay on the premises of the Omni San Diego Hotel and enjoy its poolside bar and lounge, where friendly service staff cater to your every need. With a Jacuzzi, a tanning deck and (of course) a terrific view of the amazing San Diego skyline, there is little else you need when it comes to the authentic San Diego experience.

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4. La Jolla Cove Hotel & Suites

As amazing as the stays are in Downtown San Diego, sometimes there’s a need to see and experience everything that this region has to offer! When it comes to doing sightseeing in the area, there are few better hotels to base yourself than the La Jolla Cove Hotel & Suites. When it comes to the La Jolla cove region of San Diego, there is no name in hospitality more respected than the La Jolla Cove Hotel & Suites.

This homey location has everything you’re looking for in a world-class San Diego hotel, starting with the view from its outer decks. In fact, there are few places in all of La Jolla with a better, more pristine view of the La Jolla Shores than the La Jolla Cove Hotel & Suites. Breakfast is complementary during your stay. This means you’ll have one less thing to worry about in the mornings. This location also boasts a pool, so you can enjoy some freshwater entertainment while gazing upon the world’s largest saltwater basin!

Rooms are, as you would expect, heavenly. These rooms dance a fine line between simplistic and elegant, and are wonderfully affordable, especially given its prime location. The area around the La Jolla Cove Hotel & Suites is well-lit, vibrant, and teeming with life. In addition, you only need to open the sliding glass door of your room’s balcony to enjoy the wonderful ocean breeze rising to meet you! You’ll feel refreshed after staying at the La Jolla Cove Hotel & Suites, where excellent hospitality meets affordability. This excellent experience is topped by an ocean view that will all but take your breath away.

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5. Wyndham San Diego Bayside

Wyndham San Diego Bayside, is another dedicated name in the hospitality industry. This hotel features strongly in the San Diego area. It is a wonderful hotel well suited to travelers of many demographics. It is no wonder why the Wyndham San Diego Bayside is an up-and-coming choice for one of San Diego’s top hotel destinations.

When it comes to the Wyndham San Diego Bayside, there’s a legitimate temptation to spend the majority of your time inside the hotel. This is due to its sheer propensity to amaze! Wyndham San Diego Bayside’s rooms feature expansive, sweeping views of the San Diego Bay. From a comfortable seat, you can drink in everything that makes San Diego one of the foremost destinations for travel, at any time of year. From your hotel room, you can watch the arrival and departure of ships, and check out the hustle and bustle of the shoreline taking place just beneath your feet.

This locale also allows guests to enjoy wireless Internet virtually anywhere on the property, so that you can stay connected all day long. Their pool is, of course, surrounded by some of San Diego’s most amazing views. This feels like a recurring motif among San Diego’s top hotel destinations, You’re not going to be disappointed in the least when it comes to your vantage point of California’s western coastline. With the water all but laid out before you, the Wynham San Diego Bayside is a wonderful location for travelers, pleasure-seekers, and families alike!

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6. Pantai Inn

Despite the fact that it does not sport a readily recognizable industry name, the Pantai Inn is an underdog that succeeds in providing world-class hospitality. If travelers and guests of the Pantai Inn have anything to say, this comfortable location found on the very edge of the west coast is well on its way to counting itself among the ranks of San Diego’s best hotels.

We’ll start with the rooms AKA the crux of the stay for most travelers. Fortunately for the inn itself and prospective travelers, the rooms at the Pantai Inn deliver in a large way. Expect well-lit hallways that give way to vibrant rooms, furnished tastefully and with a deliberate nod to a cohesive first-class experience. Select rooms even include items like fireplaces, glass tables and beautiful wall paintings!

You would be remiss if during your visit to the Pantai Inn, you did not find yourself gazing out of its windows to enjoy the splendid view—a theme all too familiar to frequent guests. Beholding the ocean waves for a spell makes for a mesmerizing experience.

Once the sun has set, you can enjoy a choice glass of wine while relaxing and recounting what was surely a memorable day. When it is finally time to relax in own bed after the day has come to a glorious conclusion, you can rest easy (literally), because the Pantai Inn has beds like no other! Individualized rooms provide each and every guest with a thoroughly unique experience, and is more than enough to warrant a return trip. The next time you find yourself in San Diego, and are in search of a stay a tad off the beaten path, come in search of the Pantai Inn!

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7. La Valencia Hotel

La Valencia Hotel is also located in the La Jolla area. La Valencia Hotel is known not only for its sensational sunsets, but also for its award-winning hospitality! Perhaps no hotel is better known for representing La Jolla hospitality than the La Valencia Hotel. It is notably only a short, two minute walk from the shore! La Valencia Hotel boasts, among a wonderful litany of other amenities, an in-house restaurant, so you don’t even need to venture out of the hotel to receive world-class meals!

Rest assured that La Valencia Hotel has each and every one of your need covered. It also has a sports bar, private parking, complimentary Internet access hotel-wide, and perhaps most importantly, sensational views of the immediate coastline! If you’re staying at the La Valencia Hotel and you don’t plan on taking advantage of its shockingly close proximity to friendly shores, you’re going to want to re-organize your priorities.

La Valencia Hotel truly has it all—the complete package for any prospective traveler to the immediate or the extended San Diego area. The hotel even allows its residents to book a rental car through the hotel itself! If you’re into sunsets, feeling the sand between your toes, and receiving one of the best bargains when it comes to San Diego hospitality, you’re going to want to try staying at the La Valencia Hotel!

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8. Hotel Indigo San Diego Gaslamp Quarter

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The Hotel Indigo San Diego Gaslamp Quarter is widely known in Downtown San Diego by its shorter name—Hotel Indigo. Hotel Indigo is one of the foremost authorities in coastal California hospitality. If you’re looking for a legitimate excuse to visit one of the state’s finest beaches, all while enjoying a level of hospitality you have likely never experienced before, then you should definitely stay at Hotel Indigo.

When it comes to Hotel Indigo, reviewers rave about the sensational bargain of their wonderful stay here. Expect well-lit, spacious rooms decorated with boutique furnishings. If you’re looking to go all-out during your next San Diego outing, it is recommended that you try staying at the Presidential Suite of Hotel Indigo on their ninth floor. This private residence features a private terrace that is immediately adjacent to the hotel’s rooftop bar itself!

You’re going to find signs of the sheer elegance of this place virtually anywhere you turn if you stay at Hotel Indigo. From its hardwood floors and well-sized bathrooms, to its proximity to the San Diego Gaslamp District, Hotel Indigo earns its reputation as a frontrunner in San Diego’s hospitality scene. For an experience you can write home about, stay at Hotel Indigo!

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9. Tower23 Hotel

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Posted by Tower23 Hotel on Monday, 26 December 2016

Named after one of the lifeguard towers which typify the local shores, Tower23 Hotel is well known in the San Diego region for both its wonderful selection of amenities as well as its affordable pricing! Located right on the shore, and easily identifiable by its white, sleek exteriors, Tower23 Hotel is decorated during holiday seasons with brilliant lighting, and is always a great place to view the sunset! No matter your price range, Tower23 Hotel can easily succeed in transforming your next vacation or business outing into an adventure. Do you want champagne waiting for you in your room when you arrive? The friendly staff at Tower23 Hotel can make that happen. Make a wise decision today by familiarizing yourself with Tower23 Hotel for a one-of-a-kind experience that you’re not going to want to live without!

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Hospitality, elevated

Habor Drive San Diego

When it comes to the sheer beauty that you’re going to experience in San Diego, everyone wants to talk about the beach, the sunsets, and the sand between your feet. It’s time for these top stays in San Diego to shine. These enviable, award-winning destinations boast sensational amenities, great pricing (especially during off-peak periods), and personalized services, to boot!

From Tower23 Hotel to Pantai Inn, you’re going to find affordable prices for the entire family to enjoy. From the Omni San Diego Hotel to the La Jolla Cove Hotel and Suites, you’re going to find world-class attractions and amenities that will surely make your stay a memorable one! From The Hard Rock Hotel San Diego to The Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina, you’ll find your expectations raised and fulfilled time and time again. This is made possible due to the wonderful combination of local culture, oceanic proximity and friendly staffing.

With this list of excellent hotels in the San Diego area, you’re not going to go wrong when it comes to selecting a wonderful getaway which boasts world-class hospitality! Whether you’re in town for a day, a week, or for the foreseeable future, take the time to appreciate these finest stays San Diego area, and carve out a little piece of happiness for you and your travelling companions!

What are some great places you’ve stayed at in San Diego? Let us know about your wonderful experiences (and even your misadventures) in the comments below!

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