Top 8 Street Food You Must Try In Marrakesh, Morocco

street food in marrakech

When it comes to street food, we already knew Marrakesh is in the top list of places to explore. They have numerous varieties of street food with excellent spices and flavors to offer. Most people say the best Moroccan food is found at home. But the truth is every street vendor brings the taste of homemade food because they are fresh and filling and can be bought at affordable rates. Even for breakfast and lunch, the street foods draw attention. Moroccan’s mix of Arab, Berber, and European flavors and spices are the secret ingredient that makes the food unique and tasty. The usual dinner time for Moroccans would be ideally after 9pm - that’s when you get the best food. Here is the list of top street food you must try in Marrakesh, Morocco.

1. Brochettes

Brochette with tuna and vegetables (5799720948)
Source: Photo by user Luca Nebuloni used under CC BY 2.0

If you are not really into red meat, Marrakesh serves the best chicken kebabs. Brochettes are basically a skewer dish that is marinated with different varieties of spices. Any meat can make for the best combination with this marinade. Just while they are about to grill, it is rubbed with the salt, paprika, and cumin mixture that brings out the unique taste in them. It is served with the harissa, a red pepper sauce, or khobz for elevating the flavor. It is a tasteful yet quick dish to service. The lamb version is more famous than other meat but you can stick to chicken as they do not make a lot of varieties with the chicken. The charcoal burns for almost two hours before the skewers are introduced.

2. Maakouda

Source: Photo by user Jeouit used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Maakouda is a small snack for the late evening. It is made of egg, spices, and coriander. Parsley is added to enhance the flavor. Usually, this is deep-fried and is an easy, quick snack. The potato fritters are best made by the Moroccan families. They are usually crisp, spicy, and made of fine herbs and spices. The mashed potatoes are then dipped into an egg mixture before frying. This makes a mouthwatering appetizer. Before you dive in for the various Marrakesh dishes, go for some maakouda. Almost all the street food places serve this food as a starter.

3. Sardine sandwich

Sardine Sandwich
Source: Photo by user Robert Judge used under CC BY 2.0

This is a typical Moroccan dish prepared with almost all varieties of fish found in this region. Most of the households also make the dish as a staple food. Being the largest exporter of Sardines in the world, Morrocans have several varieties of preparing and serving sardines. Chermoula is a flavored spice that has authentic ingredients from Morocco. The flavor actually comes from a paste made with tomato, chili, garlic, coriander, paprika, preserved lemon juice, cumin, and olive oil. The sardines are marinated and left to absorb the spices. They are slow-grilled and then fried with the green chili until crisp. To make the sandwich, sardines are mixed with herbs and spices, shaped into balls, and fried. These are then placed inside bread slices and served. This is among the best food that one can experience in Marrakesh.

4. Lamb tanjia

Source: Photo by Flickr user Kevin Walsh used under CC BY 2.0

When it comes to famous food of Morocco, tanjia is among the best. It is made in a traditional clay pot that was used for making myriad of dishes. You can get this dish from top-notch restaurants, however the street vendors are masters at making them. Lamb shoulder is slowly roasted in the tanjia for four hours and more. Spices, lemon, and aged butter are added along with the olive oil and are slow-cooked along with the lamb. The taste is tender and incredible. The long roasting with the spices makes the dish unique, with the meat absorbing the taste completely.

5. Snail soup

Snail Soup
Source: Photo by user Kwameghana used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Stalls sell snail soup in the streaming vats that are popular across the cities. The snails have a different earthy flavor, though they may taste like mushrooms. When served hot, you need to pluck the snail out of their shell with a toothpick. Then you slurp the soup and enjoy every bit of the essence. The specialty of the soup is that it is concocted with 15 different spices. The chopped vegetables along with the butter give a creamy texture to the soup. It is also a common practice to offer this broth to people who suffer from fever and cold. Also, it is believed to help in digestion.

6. Tehal (stuffed camel spleen)

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Tehal is an authentic Marrakesh dish made of stuffed camel spleen. Usually the spleen is stuffed with ground beef, camel meat, or lamb along with other spices. Instead of frying, the dish is baked completely until the fats have melted down in the communal bread oven. It is usually slow-cooked as the meat is rich in protein. Then, cumin, saffron, garlic, lemon, and gingers are added along with the unique ras al hannout (an occasional spice). They are tender and soft. It tastes incredible with all the juicy spices added in the latter part of baking.

7. Zaalouk

Source: Photo by user Tamorlan used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Zaalouk is typically a Moroccan salad. It is made of eggplant and tomato as the base ingredient. It is utterly delicious with the warm berber or griddle bread, preserved in the fridge. The taste increases as it is kept for a longer duration in the fridge. However, the preparation must start at least a day before as this must be chilled overnight before serving. The eggplant is slightly roasted and mixed with the famous spices. This dish is served as one of the appetizers in most of the restaurants and cafés. The ripe red tomatoes are finely chopped and canned, bringing the country’s traditional flavor.

8. Couscous

Source: Photo by user Khonsali used under CC BY-SA 3.0

It is known fact that Moroccans eat from nose to tail. But if you badly wanted to taste vegetarian street food, try couscous. Made as a delicacy and served with the aromatic flavors, this is also one of the occasional dishes made for the spring season. Couscous is made of semolina grain and often topped with vegetables and, occasionally, meat. It is light, fluffy, and zesty. There are plenty of spices including cinnamon and turmeric that make it a favorite dish of locals. The hit of onion and garlic in every bite will make you want more.

9. B’stilla

Chicken B'Stilla
Source: Photo by user Kimberly Vardeman used under CC BY 2.0

B'stilla is a common dish seen across the city. They are made traditionally with pigeon meat and now served with different varieties. It is also served with chicken and fish. It is almost like a pie made with thin layers of dough. The almonds and eggs spiced with the saffron make this a perfect dessert after a heavy meal. Ground almonds, cinnamon, and sugar give a surprising, unique taste. You can find this dish at the every street corner in Marrakesh.

Everyday celebrations in Morocco's street food

Morocco is a place with everyday celebration when it comes to food. They have tons of varieties, whether for savory dishes or desserts. Experience this vibrant destination’s delicious and diverse fare by sampling all these street foods you cannot miss!

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