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Surabaya’s 1st Theme Park: Suroboyo Carnival Night Market

Surabaya’s 1st Theme Park: Suroboyo Carnival Night Market

Ahh, Surabaya, isn’t that the city where you do your business and shopping and nothing else? Wrong! Check out the Suroboyo Carnival Night Market (SCNM), the first theme park ever in Surabaya! The theme park, established in July 2014, is the place you want to visit to get an all-in-one taste of Surabaya with your friends and family.

Affordable traditional and modern entertainment

Suroboyo Carnival Night Market

The place comprises a mix of traditional and modern entertainments in Surabaya at an affordable price. Entry ticket goes as low as 6 USD per person on weekdays. The experience is awesome even for locals who have visited this place for a couple of times, as there are more than 25 attractions and activities that it’s impossible to try or ride them all in one night. To make the most out of your time at the theme park, don’t miss the most interesting sections, which include the Family Fun House, magic shows and exhilarating rides!

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Everyone gets their share of excitement

Kid-friendly Games

Who says that theme parks are only for kids? Suroboyo Carnival has a whole range of games, which are kid-friendly and adult-friendly. This place even has a small archery range. With the amazing array of available games for all ages, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Keep in mind that some of the games will cost you extra bucks. But a buck or two for a chance to get some excellently made plush toys of cartoon characters or cute animals and other rewards? The challenge is hard to resist!

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The shows will blow your mind away

The Fire Dance - Don’t try this at home

Just when you think that you’ve seen it all, there’s more. This place provides you with endless surprises. You will be entertained by acoustic bands, magicians and even fire dancers! Worry not, as they are professional stunt performers. They dance and put fire into their mouth without getting burned, but it is a dangerous thing for you to do. So don’t do this at home, dude!

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It’s all about the rides!

Bledek (Lightning) Coaster - Because we all want to see Surabaya from the top at the speed of lightning

Ahh, adrenaline! Isn’t that the main reason you visit a theme park? Suroboyo Carnival isn’t just a night bazaar. It has a whole selection of rides to entertain you. It even has a laser tag game for those who find physical activities more exciting. Create your team, shoot people of the other team and beat them!

The ghost house is, well, different. Indonesian ghosts might look a bit funny, but it’s going to scare the life out of you. Some of the rides are kid-friendly too, so your family will have a great time either way.

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All-in-one culinary experience

Nasi Rawon Surabaya - This particular dish is no joke, people!

All the excitement will eventually wear you out. Worry not, as Suroboyo Carnival has restaurants spread across the site. Stop by the food court and experience the different extravagant cuisines of Surabaya. If you like Chinese food, Kwong Bing is definitely the food stand to consider. It has the best seafood.

If you like to try local delicacies, there are many food stands that sell famous food from Surabaya like nasi rawon (rice and dark beef soup with herbs) and lontong balap (a kind of rice cake, sliced and mixed with beef, bean sprouts and the famous dark sauce called “petis” that is made of fermented shrimp). Mind you, you can’t say that you have visited Surabaya if you haven’t tasted all these amazing food selections!

One thing to remember, almost every cuisine has “sambal” as the side dish. This has been voted the number 1 spiciest food on Earth. It is made of chili, shallot, salt, and a bit of sugar. So, if you are not used to spiciness, don’t take too much of it. You WILL NOT like a fire-breathing dragon in the tummy to wake you up in the morning!

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Other entertainment at Suroboyo Carnival night market

Art & Wax House

There are a lot more that this place can offer. For a bout of edutainment and photo opportunities, check out the ‘Gallery Suroboyo Museum’ where you can witness the history of Surabaya. The Art & Wax House showcases replicas of the world’s famous actors like Mr Bean! Curious? You just need to come and see them!

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Convenient way to get to Suroboyo Carnival night market

The best way to get to Suroboyo Carnival is by a cab, especially on weekends when the traffic is pretty bad. You may also find it hard to find a parking space With so much to offer for both the young and elderly, Suroboyo Carnival night market will give you a memorable night of great fun and food!

So, why wait? Come and experience Soroboyo Carnival Night Market firsthand!

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Affordable traditional and modern entertainment1
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