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things to do in avila spain
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Located in the province of Avila in Spain, carrying the same name, Avila is an enchanting city that is overwhelming with rich Catholic heritage, exquisite medieval architecture, a lot of striking landmarks, and more. It is a city that is popular for its astonishing pilgrimage sites that attract devotees from around the world. Culture and architecture enthusiasts are also drawn to the city. Spanish cuisine is definitely another reason to visit Avila, and so are the friendly people who will welcome you to their city with open arms and big smiles. If you are planning a visit to this gorgeous city, northwest of Spain’s capital, here is a list of the best things to do in Avila, Spain. Feel free to browse below.

1. Admire the architecture of Basilica de San Vicente

things to do in avila spain | admire the architecture of basilica de san vicente
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Avila is home to several pilgrimage sites and remarkable catholic churches that are popular among devotees. One testament to that is Basilica de San Vicente in Calle San Vicente. This stunning catholic church is also called Basilica de los Santos Hermanos Mártires Vicente by locals. It is an exquisite landmark that was built in the 11th century, featuring a breathtaking Romanesque architectural design with Gothic accents. Its exterior design will definitely take your breath away, but when you enter the church, you will find that the beauty of it is unearthly. It features excellent foundation-work with colorful stones accentuating it. Basilica de San Vicente is definitely a must-visit, not only because of its beauty but also because of its relevance to the Catholic heritage of Avila.

Basilica de San Vicente

Address: Calle San Vicente, 4, 05001 Ávila, Spain

Website: Basilica de San Vicente

Opening hours: 7:30pm (daily mass); 10:30am, 12pm, 1pm (holidays); 12pm (Sunday mass)

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2. Check out the antiques at Museo de Ávila

A tour escapade will not be complete without getting to know the history and heritage of the cities you visit. If you agree with this idea, while in Avila, swing by Museo de Avila and browse through its exhibits and uncover some of its untold stories. Located in Plaza Nalvillos, Museo de Avila houses permanent exhibits that will catch your attention. Three rooms tackle the city’s traditional culture, several areas for History of the Province topic, and a high courtyard dedicated to everything about the city. It also displays archaeological artifacts, art pieces, and vintage items that are essential to the city’s heritage. Not only that, but Museo de Avila also offers programs for a more in-depth learning experience.

Museo de Ávila

Address: Plaza Nalvillos, 3, 05001 Ávila, Spain

Website: Museo de Ávila

Opening hours: Tue - Sat: 10am - 2pm, 4pm - 7pm; Sun: 10am - 2pm (closed on Mon)

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3. Visit Los Cuatro Postes

things to do in avila spain | visit los cuatro postes
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Translated as the Four Posts in English, Los Cuatro Postes is an astonishing landmark, located within a short drive from Avila. It showcases a fascinating cross, bordered by four adjoining posts. Los Cuatro Postes is a sacred shine and considered one of the most visited pilgrimage sites in Avila. According to stories, this exact spot was where Mother’s Teresa’s uncle discouraged her from running away to pursue martyrdom during the war era. When you’re in Los Cuatro Postes, you will be treated to spectacular views of the medieval walls of Avila.

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4. Head to the marvelous Convento de Santa Teresa

Another site that you should stop by while on a pilgrimage tour in Avila is Convento de Santa Teresa. This remarkable convent was constructed on the exact place where Saint Theresa was born. Built in the 17th century, Convento de Santa Teresa exudes a Carmelite exterior style while the interior reflects a Valladolid classicist architectural style. The convent has three main points–the church, the breathtaking baroque-style chapel that is accentuated with gold, and a fascinating museum that houses valuable relics. Also, a hostel called Casa Natal Sta. Teresa de Jesus is located in the compound, offering shelter to tourists who want to stay in this sacred place.

Convento de Santa Teresa

Address: Carmelitas Descalzos, Plaza la Santa, Nº 2, 05001 Ávila, Spain

Website: Convento de Santa Teresa

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5. Be awed by the spectacular Catedral de Ávila

Mystical and sacred are two words that best describe Catedral de Avila. Also known as Cathedral of the Saviour, Catedral de Avila nests in a medieval castle in Spain. Just like most of the iconic landmarks in Avila, this Catholic cathedral boasts of astonishing Romanesque architectural design with Gothic influences. It is built into the city walls like it is guarding the famed fortress. Because of its sanctity and beauty, it is one of the most visited churches in Avila. Be sure to swing by Catedral de Avila and say a few prayers of thanks and well wishes. Also, have your camera ready as you might like to take souvenir pictures.

Catedral de Ávila

Address: Plaza de la Catedral, 8, 05001 Ávila, Spain

Website: Catedral de Ávila

Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 10:30am - 8pm; Sat: 10am - 9pm; Sun: 11:30am - 8pm

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6. Tour Walls of Ávila

Muralla de Avila in Spanish or Walls of Avila is a stunning medieval fortress that was constructed from the 11th century and completed in the 14th century. The city of Avila is famous for this intrinsic architecture aside from its pilgrimage sites. When you tour during the night, you’ll notice the walls glisten with lights directed to it, and from above, the city looks like it’s illuminated, as if it’s glowing in the dark. Visit its official website and check out the tour packages that you can take advantage of if you want to see this enchanting landmark conveniently.

Muralla de Ávila

Address: 05001 Ávila‎, Ávila, Spain

Website: Muralla de Ávila

Opening hours: Tue - Sun: 10am - 8pm (closed on Mon)

Price: 6 USD

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7. Explore Capilla de Mosén Rubí de Bracamonte

Nesting in Plaza Fuente el Sol, Capilla de Mosén Rubí de Bracamonte is a marvelous Catholic church in Avila, built in the 16th century, that showcases an exquisite Spanish Gothic architecture with Mannerist style accents. Historians argue that this church features Freemasonic decorations. When you get inside, you will surely marvel at the beauty of its interiors with a stunning gold-accentuated altar as its centerpiece. If you’re in the city for a pilgrimage journey, you should add this church in your itinerary.

Capilla de Mosén Rubí de Bracamonte

Address: Plaza Fuente el Sol, 2, 05001 Ávila, Spain

Website: Capilla de Mosén Rubí de Bracamonte

Opening hours: Tue - Sat: 4pm - 6pm; Sun: 11am - 1pm (closed on Mon)

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8. Marvel at the stupendous views from Sierra de Gredos

things to do in avila spain | marvel at the stupendous views from sierra de gredos
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If you’re done with all the sightseeing, city walks, and other touristy stuff, you might want to slow down and admire the landscape of Avila, Spain, especially the views of Sierra de Gredos. This astonishing mountain range is part of a protected natural park in the city. If you’re an adventure seeker who wants to reconnect with nature, feel free to explore this natural park and its scenic hiking routes. Through the journey, you’ll come across wildlife in its natural habitat and lush greeneries of pine trees, evergreen oaks, and exotic flora.

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9. See the sculptures around Palacio de los Verdugo

Set in a street called Calle de López Núñez, Palacio de los Verdugo is another fascinating museum in Avila. It was constructed in the 15th century. Featuring an exterior design that is built with stone walls and granite and two towers that seem to guard the structure, this landmark features symbols and sculptures that reflect the defense system of Avila as well as its history. Also, in Palacio de los Verdugo, you’ll find two governmental agencies - the Department of Heritage and Tourism and the Municipal Archive.

Palacio de los Verdugo

Address: Calle de López Núñez, 4, 05001 Ávila, Spain

Website: Palacio de los Verdugo

Opening hours: Mon - Sat: 10am - 2pm, 5pm - 8pm; Sun: 10am - 2pm

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10. Visit the fabulous Real Monasterio de Santo Tomas

Complete your Avila tour by dropping by Real Monasterio de Santo Tomas in Plazza Granada. This remarkable monastery exudes a charming, Gothic-style architecture, built in the 15th century. It showcases three various cloisters - namely, the Kings cloister, the Noviciate cloister, and the Silence cloister. The monastery also houses an astonishing church, a museum, and eight chapels.

Real Monasterio de Santo Tomas

Address: Plaza Granada, 1, 05003 Ávila, Spain

Website: Real Monasterio de Santo Tomas

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11. Explore the 16th-century Convento de Nuestra Señora de Gracia

If you still have time on your hands, check out the 16th-century Convento de Nuestra Señora de Gracia in Calle Cuesta de Gracia. Also known as Monastery of the Lady of Grace, this convent is run by nuns. Here you’ll find the birthplace of Queen Isabel I la Católica and the Palace of John II. Some of the features of the old palace are still intact, such as a chapel, the bedroom of Queen Isabel I la Católica, and the Ambassador’s hall. Also, it houses a collection of art pieces and documentaries that are significant in the city’s rich history.

Convento de Nuestra Señora de Gracia

Address: Calle Cuesta de Gracia, 2, 05002 Ávila, Spain

Website: Convento de Nuestra Señora de Gracia

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12. Go to the historic Convento de las Clarisas

Situated in Calle Cristo de la Luz, Convento de las Clarisas is another interesting convent that you should check out while in Avila. Also known as Convent of the Poor Clares, gives guests a glimpse of the Franciscan lifestyle, fascinating Herrera-style architecture, and a gorgeous garden. In the convent, you’ll find the remains of V Count of Chinchón, who was also the founder of Convento de las Clarisas. It also houses a stunning church with a baroque altar as its centerpiece. Before leaving the convent, you might want to bag home some sweet treats that are the convent’s specialties and are handmade by the nuns.

Convento de las Clarisas

Address: Calle Cristo de la Luz, 6, 05001 Ávila, Spain

Website: Convento de las Clarisas

Opening hours: Mon - Sat: 9:30am - 7:30pm; Sun: 11am - 7:30pm

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13. Stroll along Paseo del Rastro

things to do in avila spain | stroll along paseo del rastro
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On your last night in Avila, you might like to stroll along the Paseo del Rastro and reflect on all the things you learned about the city. It is a lengthy historic site where you can marvel at the uniqueness of the 11th-century medieval walls. Aside from the walls, you can see the charming countryside from this well-preserved walkway.

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Explore the enchanting city of Avila

Avila, Spain
Source: Pixabay

Whether you are a Catholic on a pilgrimage tour, an architecture enthusiast or a regular Tom that is fascinated by fascinating cultures, Avila in Spain is a fabulous tourist destination for you. Its culture and architecture are two characteristics that attract people from around the world. Add the people and the cuisine, and you definitely have a complete recipe for a memorable vacation experience. If you are planning to visit this gorgeous city anytime soon, use this list of the best things to do in Avila as your guide.

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