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things to do in hamburg germany

A prominent port city which is located at the head of the sprawling funnel-shaped estuary of Elbe River, Hamburg is a crucial and the biggest city after Berlin in Germany. It is well-known for its popular harbor space, the Port of Hamburg. It serves as a significant link between Germany’s network of inland waterways and the sea and several islands. In the vicinity of its core, you can find Inner Alster Lake dotted with many boats and outlined by cafes. The central Jungfernstieg promenade connects Altstadt (Old Town) to Neustadt (New Town).

Besides being a prominent transportation hub, Hamburg is a famous tourist destination, home to several tourist attractions, and one of the prominent cultural and commercial centers of Europe. It encourages visitors to explore various tourist hotspots and enjoy fun-filled activities to build positive, memorable memories of pleasant travel. So, if you are wondering which exciting activities you should not miss when touring through Hamburg, think no further. Keep reading to find a list of the best things to do in Hamburg, Germany, during your sabbatical.

1. Admire the green houses at Planten un Blomen

Planten un Blomen Rosengarten 1
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Wolfgang Feld used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Experience a refreshing environment by visiting greenhouses at Planten un Blomen, an excellent park in Hamburg, during your holidays here. This enchanting 47-hectare (116.14-acre) park was founded in 1821 by planting a Platanus tree which you can still observe at this place. This green space helps you have a wonderful time, as you enjoy a picnicking, relax in nature, and watch Water and Light concerts at night. Do not miss visiting the greenhouses, which are open throughout the year, to watch exotic plants and trees. Enjoy incredible biotopes which resemble arid deserts, tropical rainforests, and other habitats.

Planten un Blomen

Address: Planten un Blomen, St. Petersburger Straße 28, 20095 Hamburg, Germany

Website: Planten un Blomen

Opening hours: Sun - Fri: 7am - 8pm; Sat: 7am - 10pm

Price: No entrance fee

2. Enjoy a night out around St Pauli Street (from USD 25.0)

Enjoy exploring one of the most vibrant areas of Hamburg by going for an evening walk around St. Pauli Street. Learn about the colorful history of St. Pauli and listen to the tales and legends from its checkered past. You will find the history of this district interesting. Go for a pleasant stroll among the neon lights of glitzy Reeperbahn. Watch party lovers in the city coming out to play here.

St Pauli Evening Walking Tour

Duration: 2 hours

2 reviews

3. Cruise on Elbe River (from USD 18.16)

things to do in hamburg germany | cruise on elbe river

Enjoy cruising on charming Elbe River and explore Hamburg from the water. Watch the Hafen City, several bridges over the Elbe River, and glorious new Elbphiharmonie as you traverse through the water. Learn all crucial and interesting facts about the Port of Hamburg. Hamburg has a greater number of bridges than any other city in Europe. There are about 2,400 structures over water, channels, docks, and canals in the Hanseatic City here. Do not miss viewing interesting Fischmarkt. Get to see the busy container terminals while cruising.

Hamburg: 1-Hour Harbor Cruise

Duration: 1 hour

1090 reviews

4. Discover the classical displays at Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe

Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, Ostfassade mit Hauptportal
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user UweRohwedder used under CC BY-SA 4.0

If you love arts and crafts, make sure you visit Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg during your excursion in this fascinating German city. This incredible museum of fine, decorative, and applied arts ranks as one of Germany’s most comprehensive displays of European, Asian, and German applied art. It was founded in 1874 and is famous for its displays of furniture, china, and silver from northern Germany, a great collection of works by Oskar Kokoschka, and applied art from East Asia. Besides these, here, you can also find a large collection of amazing keyboard instruments and a fine display of porcelain.

Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe

Address: Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Steintorpl., 20099 Hamburg, Germany

Website: Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe

Opening hours: Tue - Wed: 10am - 6pm; Thu: 10am - 9pm; Fri - Sun: 10am - 6pm (closed on Mon)

Price: 9 - 23 USD and free for under 18 years old

5. Walk through Speicherstadt (from USD 244.0)

Take time out to go for a walking excursion in Speicherstadt, which is well-known as the biggest warehouse district on the earth, when vacationing in Hamburg. Gain an insight into the trading heritage of this noteworthy district. As you walk, visit various shops, such as oriental carpet store, sample exotic spices, and go to the famous Kaffee-Roesterei coffeehouse. As you reach Hafen City, watch super-yachts and stunning views of marvelous Elbe River.

Hamburg Speicherstadt, HafenCity Private 2-Hour Walking Tour

Duration: 2 hours

3 reviews

6. Cycle through Elbe Tunnel (from USD 28.24)

things to do in hamburg germany | cycle through elbe tunnel

If you are a cyclist or fond of cycling, discover the maritime flair of Hamburg by biking through the amazing Elbe Tunnel. Enjoy exploring the lesser-known off the beaten tracks of the harbor. Bike along the historic docks and gaze at the spectacular views of Hamburg’s skyline. Visit the German Greenpeace Center during your biking excursion. Ride along the fabulous Moldau Harbor to Hafen Museum and have a coffee break here.

Hamburg: Bike Tour of the Speicherstadt & Old Harbor

Duration: 3 hour

28 reviews

7. Check out the artifacts at International Maritime Museum

check out the artifacts at international maritime museum

Discover the rich maritime history of Hamburg and all amazing sea-related things by paying a visit to the International Maritime Museum when vacationing in this impressive tourist hotspot. This private museum situated in Hamburg’s Hafen City quarter in a large red-brick heritage building is home to Peter Tamm’s collection of maritime art, model ships, uniforms, and construction plans with more than 40,000 items and over a million photographs. Watch amazing exhibits here that cover over 3,000 years of the human’s connection to water. Dugout boat, which is recovered from the River Elbe, is the oldest artifact displayed. Learn how shipping progressed from galleys of Phoenicia to dragon boats of Viking. Admire maritime art displayed at this museum.

International Maritime Museum

Address: International Maritime Museum, Koreastraße 1, 20457 Hamburg, Germany

Website: International Maritime Museum

Opening hours: 10am - 6pm (daily)

Price: 10.59 - 14.49 USD

8. Admire the architecture of Hamburg Rathaus

Hamburg Rathausmarkt und Rathaus
Source: Photo by user Arnoldius used under CC BY-SA 4.0

If you are an admirer of impressive architecture, make sure you visit Hamburg Rathaus, i.e. Hamburg City Hall. It is not just the seat of the senate and citizenry, but also it is one of the most magnificent buildings in Hamburg’s Hanseatic City. Till the year 1842, this predecessor structure stood at the Alsterhafen and was popular as the economic and political center of the city. This Neoclassical building was constructed in the period from 1884 to 1897 by a group of skilled architects known as ‘Rathausbaumeisterbund.’ By visiting this impressive landmark in Hamburg, you simply can’t avoid admiring it.

Hamburg Rathaus

Address: Hamburg Rathaus, Rathausmarkt 1, 20095 Hamburg, Germany

Website: Hamburg Rathaus

Opening hours: 7am - 8pm (daily)

Price: 4.46 - 5.57 USD, free for children up to 14 years old

9. Visit St Michael’s Church

Do not miss visiting St. Micheal’s Church, which is the most prominent baroque church situated in northern Germany, when you are touring through Hamburg. This multifaceted church is a landmark of this fabulous city and is regarded as one of the best Hanseatic Protestant baroque churches. Its bell tower gifts you a spectacular view over the city that you would like to capture in your camera. The massive nave of the church can accommodate 2,500 people, and it features five different organs. A 20-meter (65.61-foot) tall altar is famous as the centerpiece of the church interiors. Admire it when you visit it.

St Michael’s Church

Address: St Michael’s Church, Englische Planke 1, 20459 Hamburg, Germany

Website: St Michael’s Church

Opening hours: May - Sept: 9am - 7:30pm (daily); Oct - April: 9am - 6:30pm; Nov - March: 10am - 5:30pm

Price: 1.67 - 7.8 USD

10. Watch a concert at Elbphilharmonie

Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Hackercatxxy used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Do you wish to attend a concert during your excursion in Hamburg? If yes, make sure you visit Elbphilharmonie, which is an outstanding concert in Hamburg’s Hafen City. It is one of the biggest and acoustically most advanced concert halls on the globe. Its new glassy structure resembles a water wave, hoisted sail, iceberg or quartz crystal. This concert hall is popularly known as Elphi, which is its nickname. Take some time out of your busy travel schedule and attend a concert here.


Address: Elbphilharmonie, Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1, 20457 Hamburg, Germany

Website: Elbphilharmonie

Opening hours: 9am - 11:30pm (daily)

Price: 11.15 - 66.55 USD

11. Relax at Jungfernstieg

Spend some relaxing time by having a pleasant stroll on the Jungfernstieg, a historic promenade in Hamburg. Also, it’s a prominent boulevard of the city. This amazing promenade stretches along Alster’s southern bank. On its one side, a marvelous building silhouette is present, while Inner Alster Lake adorns the other side of the promenade. In good weather, you get to enjoy a good panorama. Jungfernstieg offers you direct access to some of the biggest shopping malls in the city, and it features many upscale shops and art galleries. So, have a great time here.


Address: Jungfernstieg, 20354 Hamburg Germany

Website: Jungfernstieg

Opening hours: Daytime

Price: Free

12. Check out some modern art at Kunsthalle Hamburg

Hamburg: Kunsthalle
Source: Photo by Flickr user Jorge Franganillo used under CC BY 2.0

Kunsthalle Hamburg is a prominent art museum in Hamburg, Germany. The word ‘Kunsthalle’ in its name indicates that the history of the museum has an ‘art hall’ when it was founded in 1850. It is one of the biggest museums in the country. It comprises three outstanding buildings, and it features one of the few German art collections and masterpieces from Middle Ages till today. See impressive paintings which date backs to 14th, 16th, and 17th centuries, and admire international modern art.

Kunsthalle Hamburg

Address: Kunsthalle Hamburg, Glockengießerwall, 20095 Hamburg, Germany

Website: Kunsthalle Hamburg

Opening hours: Tue - Wed: 10am - 6pm; Thu: 10am - 9pm; Fri - Sun: 10am - 6pm (closed on Mon)

Price: 8.92 - 15.61 USD, free for children and teens under 18 years old

13. Visit the Fischmarkt (from USD 35.3)

visit the fischmarkt

Do you crave to eat fish during your excursion in Hamburg? If you nodded along positively, check out the Fischmarkt, i.e. fish market here. As you tour through this widely popular fish market, learn about interesting stories about Altona Fish Market. Walk down the alleyways and watch the fresh fish and other seafood. Visit Fish Auction Hall and enjoy eating typical Hamburg specialties and having a coffee with vibrant music.

Hamburg: Reeperbahn, Port, & Fish Market Morning Tour

Duration: 3 hour

116 reviews

14. See the penguins at Tierpark Hagenbeck

Tierpark Hagenbeck 2012
Source: Photo by user bibliothekarin used under CC BY 2.0

Do penguins fascinate you? If yes, do not miss visiting Tierpark Hagenbeck when you are vacationing in Hamburg. This incredible animal park is home to more than 1,850 animals, which come from all continents and have found a home in this sprawling park. You can find various species of penguins, such as Eselspinguin, Humboldt penguin, and King penguin, here. Besides penguins, you can find here a wide variety of free-roaming animals, such as little panda, impala, ice bear, Chapman’s zebra, African lion, Asian elephant, Asian camel, and many more.

Tierpark Hagenbeck

Address: Tierpark Hagenbeck, Lokstedter Grenzstraße 2, 22527 Hamburg, Germany

Website: Tierpark Hagenbeck

Opening hours: 9am - 6pm (daily)

Price: 16.72 - 22.3 USD

15. Check out the graffiti at Sternschanze

Do you admire murals or street art? Then, Sternschanze awaits you. Sternschanze is a quarter in the heart of Hamburg that is known for cozy restaurants, eye-catching graffiti, and buzzing music venues. After Reeperbahn, Sternschanze is the best-known entertainment district in Hamburg and is also famous as Schanzenviertel. As you tour through this area, you can find spectacular, multi-hued graffiti paintings throughout this quarter. Click photos of this impressive street art which portray various themes.


Address: Sternschanze, Schanzenviertel, 20357 Hamburg, Germany

Website: Sternschanze

Opening hours: 24 hours (daily)

Price: Free

16. Go boating along Inner and Outer Alster

Experience the pleasure of boating in serene waters of Inner and Outer Alster Lakes. Beautiful Outer Alster Lake and its sister lake, Inner Alster, are well-known as the ‘Jewel of Hamburg’. Outer Alster Lake is famous as AuBenalster, while the Inner Alster Lake is popular as Bineenalster. They have been the heart of Hamburg way back from the 1100s. Today, these lovely lakes provide respite from hectic urban life to the visitors. Watch green parks, eye-catching ancient trees, and magnificent mansions as you sail on the waters of these Alster Lakes.

Inner and Outer Alster

Address: Inner and Outer Alster, Alster Lakes 20148 Hamburg, Germany

Website: Alster Lakes

Opening hours: 10am - 6pm (daily)

Price: 21.18 USD for a two-hour boat ride that takes you to both the lakes

17. Admire the beautiful Chilehaus

Located in Kontorhausviertel, Chilehaus is an outstanding 10-story building in Hamburg which you should not miss visiting when holidaying in this enchanting city. This prestigious and iconic building features spectacular designs. This structure is an exceptional example of the impressive architecture of the 1920s Brick Expressionism style. Before you enter it, watch eye-catching colonnade featuring the sculpture of the ships and arcade’s inside ceiling which is adorned by low relief of mermaids. You surely won’t stop appreciating this masterpiece of architecture.


Address: Chilehaus, Fischertwiete 2A, 20095 Hamburg, Germany

Website: Chilehaus

Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 6.30am - 8:30pm (closed on Sat & Sun)

Price: Free

18. Tour the Dialogue in the Dark

Dialogue in the Dark offers you a unique experience of discovering the world, which we generally take for granted, in an entirely different way in about 90 minutes. It is an experimental exhibition conducted in complete darkness in such a way that you cannot explore it all by yourself. A blind or visually impaired host will guide you through this fully darkened exhibition in a limited group of not more than eight individuals. Experience crossing a bustling city-street, walking in a park and going for a boat trip as you tour through this peculiar exhibition.

Dialogue in the Dark

Address: Dialogue in the Dark, Alter Wandrahm 4, 20457 Hamburg, Germany

Website: Dialogue in the Dark

Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm; Sat: 10am - 7pm (closed on Sun)

Price: 17.84 - 23.97 USD

19. Have a picnic at Jenisch Park

Delight your kids by planning a picnic at Jenisch Park, when you are holidaying in Hamburg. Located in the Othmarschen quarter, Jenisch Park is a tranquil and the oldest landscaped park in this German city on the shore of Elbe River. It is home to two museums, namely Ernst Barlach House and Jenisch House. Experience the beauty of nature with old maple, oak and chestnut trees, hilly meadows, and a lovely small stream present here. Watch your kids play and enjoy exploring this park.

Jenisch Park

Address: Jenisch Park, Baron-Voght-Straße 50, 22609 Hamburg, Germany

Website: Jenisch Park

20. Watch a game at FC St Pauli

Are you a big fan of football? If yes, enjoy watching a game of football FC St. Pauli during your trip to Hamburg. FC St. Pauli is an outstanding German sports club situated in the St. Pauli quarter of Hamburg. This sports club is widely recognized for its noteworthy social culture and a huge following. So, become its follower and watch a football match here to make your excursion in this German city more enjoyable.

FC St Pauli

Address: FC St Pauli, Fußball-Club St. Pauli v. 1910 e.V., Harald-Stender-Platz 1, 20359 Hamburg, Germany

Website: FC St Pauli

Opening hours: Mon, Wed, & Fri: 10am - 5pm; Tue: 2pm - 5pm; Thu: 10am - 6pm (closed on Sun & Sat)

Price: 8.92 - 35.67 USD

21. Tour the Rickmer Rickmers and Cap San Diego

If you love maritime history and antiques, make sure you visit Rickmer Rickmers and Cap San Diego while exploring this amazing city in Germany. Rickmer Rickmers is popular as the floating landmark of Hamburg. It is a big, fully rigged sailing ship dating back to 19th-century that is now opened as an art museum and heritage attraction. You get to watch nautical exhibits, old photos, and large display boards featuring maritime-related information. Also, visit Cap San Diego, which is the biggest museum cargo ship on the planet. It goes on museum trips several times with up to 500 passengers. Enrich your maritime knowledge and experience by visiting both these museum attractions.

Rickmer Rickmers

Address: Rickmer Rickmers, Bei den St. Pauli-Landungsbrücken 1a, 20359 Hamburg, Germany

Website: Rickmer Rickmers

Opening hours: 10am - 6pm (daily)

Price: 3.34 - 5.57 USD per person

Cap San Diego

Address: Cap San Diego, Überseebrücke, 20459 Hamburg, Germany

Website: Cap San Diego

Opening hours: 8am - 6pm (daily)

Price: 2.79 - 15.61 USD

22. Enjoy art at Deichtorhallen

Haus der Photographie
Source: Photo by Flickr user used under CC BY 2.0

Do you love watching contemporary art and photography? If so, Deichtorhallen is the place for you to explore when holidaying in Hamburg. It is one of the biggest art centers in Europe featuring contemporary art and photography. Visit both the historical buildings dating back from 1911 to 1913. They are developed in iconic style featuring open steel-and-glass structures. Remarkable and fine contemporary art and photography featured here are sure to amaze you. So, make it a point to visit this incredible museum.


Address: Deichtorhallen, Deichtorstrasse 1, 20095 Hamburg, Germany

Website: Deichtorhallen

Opening hours: Tue - Sun: 11am - 6pm (closed on Mon)

Price: 6.69 - 31.21 USD

23. Catch a show at Kampnagel

Kampnagel außen (c) Frederik Röh
Source: Photo by user Claire10raison used under CC BY-SA 4.0

If performing arts fascinate you, do not miss visiting Kampnagel during your excursion in Hamburg, Germany. Kampnagel, a theater in Hamburg, is popular as the largest independent production venue in Germany for the performing arts. This outstanding theater is based on the area of a former mechanical engineering factory. It is popular for producing and hosting concerts, dance and theater performances, and cultural activities. It also organizes several festivals, such as the Live Art Festival and Internationales Sommerfestival (which means International Summer Festival).


Address: Kampnagel, Jarrestraße 20, 22303 Hamburg, Germany

Website: Kampnagel

Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 4pm - 7pm (closed on Sat & Sun)

Price: 15.61 - 33.44 USD

24. Explore the remarkable Hamburg Museum of Ethnology

Does ethnology interest you? If yes, make sure you visit the noteworthy Hamburg Museum of Ethnology when touring through this prominent city in Germany. It was founded in 1879 and is famous as one of the biggest museums of ethnology in Europe. It houses about 350,000 objects in its incredible collection. Some of the highlights of this outstanding museum include an African exhibition with cultural, religious, and traditional items, a binder which was used to cover a Torah that dates back to 1711, and hand-on exhibits, such as xylophones, foosball, and cameras. Get an insight into the past by visiting this amazing museum.

Hamburg Museum of Ethnology

Address: Hamburg Museum of Ethnology, Rothenbaumchaussee 64, 20148 Hamburg, Germany

Website: Hamburg Museum of Ethnology

Opening hours: Tue - Wed: 10am - 6pm; Thu: 10am - 9pm; Fri - Sun: 10am - 6pm (closed on Mon)

Price: 5.02 - 9.48 USD

25. Relax at The Port of Hamburg (from USD 45.39)

relax at the port of hamburg

The Port of Hamburg is a fascinating seaport on the spectacular Elbe River in this German city. Refresh yourself by spending some leisure time at this port. Experience the fun of a scavenger hunt and explore this pleasant region all by yourself. Solve riddles which lead you to the sights and visit various wonderful landmarks, such as Hafen City. Enjoy a pleasant time with your family and friends here.

Scavenger Hunt through the Port of Hamburg

Duration: 4 hour

65 reviews

26. Visit the alluring Treppenviertel Blankenese (from USD 247.13)

visit the alluring treppenviertel blankenese

Tour through the historic landmark popular as Treppenviertel Blankenese, by traversing through its little winding streets and watch elegant homes with tranquil gardens and little villas on the Elbe River. As you discover this mesmerizing town of Blankenese, learn about its Prussian, Danish, and Austrian past of this area. Climbing 74 meters (242.78 feet) high Süllberg will gift you panoramic views of Elbe River, spectacular harbor, and the city. Gaze at the lighthouse and old shipwrecks. Walk leisurely in the beautiful parks here and experience the tranquillity of this area. Experience the extravagant view of the Hanseatic City.

Hamburg: Tour of Blankenese on the Banks of the Elbe

Duration: 2 hour

8 reviews

27. Enjoy harbor views at Park Fiction

A small green oasis which is artistically staged and situated along the surface of the fish market on the charming Elbe River, Park Fiction is a wonderful attraction in Hamburg to visit. It is a public area developed by a local community hosting event programs and film screenings. Individuals of all age groups love to visit this green area to spend leisure time. Watch spectacular views of the harbor as you have a stroll through Park Fiction.

Park Fiction

Address: Park Fiction, 20359 Hamburg, Germany

Website: Park Fiction

Opening hours: 24 hours (daily)

Price: Free

28. Bike around Außenalster (from USD 33.29)

bike around außenalster

Außenalster, which is also popular as Outer Alster Lake, is the bigger one of the two charming artificial lakes formed by Alster River in the city limits of Hamburg. Almost all banks of the Outer Alster Lake are public and are outlined by beautiful green and extensive public parks. This lovely lake and its shores are used for various recreational and sports purposes, such as rowing and sailing. Explore this fascinating area along Outer Alster Lake by riding a bike. Learn various anecdotes about the development and history of Hamburg. Ride over exquisite bridges and traverse through beautiful green parks. Watch impressive city villas and the Blue Mosque and follow the footsteps of popular personalities after you reach St. Georg.

Hamburg: 3-Hour Bike Tour around the Outer Alster Lake

Duration: 3 hour

13 reviews

29. Wander in the HafenCity

wander in the hafencity

Your trip to Hamburg won’t be complete without visiting Hafen City, which is famous as the largest inner-city development in Europe. Make sure you explore new as well as old landmarks of the city that include impressive medieval churches of St. Jacobi and St. Petri. Pay a visit to Hamburg’s beautiful Town Hall. Learn about Störtebeker, an infamous pirate. Also, get to know about the interesting history of Hamburg.

Hamburg: Free Walking Tour with Booking Fee

Duration: 2.5 hour

1288 reviews

30. Be amazed at Miniatur Wunderland (from USD 26.12)

be amazed at miniatur wunderland

Have fun visiting Minuatur Wunderland along with your family and kids. View miniature landscapes of the biggest model railway in the world. You will be surprised to watch trains and railways traversing through the redeveloped landscapes of fascinating Switzerland. View technicians and modelers working on the next stages of this amazing Miniatur Wunderland. Gaze at the miniature night scene of Las Vegas, Airport Knuffingen, and the cityscape of Hamburg.

Priority Entrance: Miniatur Wunderland inc. Booking Fee

4508 reviews

Enrich your travel experience exploring Hamburg

Hamburg speicherstadt
Source: Photo by user Uli used under CC BY-SA 1.0

Hamburg is a fascinating city blessed with numerous landmarks, historic and outstanding attractions, and Elbe River. Visiting this German city will gift you a wonderful travel experience with a plethora of fun-filled activities to enjoy. Now that you know these exciting this to do in Hamburg, Germany, make sure you enjoy them during your excursion to this fabulous city. Hamburg awaits you.

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