Top 25 Things To Do In Langley City, Canada

things to do in Langley
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If you happen to travel to the Metro Vancouver Regional District, then do check out Langley City. This lush green city is nestled on the eastern side of the City of Surrey. The city is a blissful haven for nature lovers who constantly are in search of a serene environment. Currently, there are over 17 public parks in Langley City. These parks are perfect to indulge in outdoor activities such as football, frisbee, skateboarding, and even picnicking with family. But there’s also several recreational centers and museums where you can leisurely spend some time. Take a tour to new start-up companies specializing in food and drinks, where you can certainly derive inspiration for creative ideas. And if you’re ready to explore this beautiful city then do check our complete list of things to do in Langley City, Canada below.

1. Live your fantasy at Exit Langley

If you’re a fan of the Westworld TV series then Exit Langley will be a place where you would not mind getting stranded for a few hours. This attraction offers you an ultimate, real-life simulated gaming experience. From the notorious Wild West setting to the Himalayan cavern to a laboratory escape, you can enjoy role-playing just about anything you can imagine. Lively, exciting, and adventurous, this place is a real escape. Live your fantasy with a bunch of your friends and family and be ready to reach the highest level of your mission. Book a theme-based room and make sure you have at least eight people in your room to be able to play.

Exit Langley

Address: 20121 Willowbrook Dr, Langley City, BC V3A 5E6, Canada

Website: Exit Langley

Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 3pm - 9pm; Fri: 3pm - 10pm; Sat: 12pm - 10pm; Sun: 12pm - 9pm

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2. Spend a fun time at Cascades Casino Resort

If you wish to get rid of the sedate lifestyle while visiting Langley City, then there is no better place to go than Cascades Casino Resort where the fun begins. With a premier gaming space that has a mind-blowing 1025 slot machines and 23 table games, this casino will make you feel like you can stay forever. In addition, the resort features a six-table poker room which is linked with a bad beat jackpot. For those who wish to play in a private setting then there is the crystal room. Enjoy a chilled cocktail drink at Summit Bar x Gaming Lounge which includes several gaming machines.

Cascades Casino Resort

Address: 20393 Fraser Highway Langley, BC V3A 7N2

Website: Cascades Casino Resort

Opening hours: 24 hours (daily)

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3. Visit Canadian Museum of Flight and be inspired

Source: Photo by user http://www.mableh... used under CC BY 2.5

Back in the 1970s, a group of aviation enthusiasts made a huge effort to create a non-profit society in order to save historic aircraft and as a result, Canadian Museum of Flight was founded. Today, thanks to this effort, many visitors can feast their eyes on a myriad of outstanding historic aircraft and learn about their history. Whether it’s about a Family Day event or Exposition Day, the museum has always been on the forefront to promote a sense of community as well as inspire fellow aviation enthusiasts. Visitors get a unique chance to climb inside a real vintage aircraft and witness the usual activities inside the hangar.

Canadian Museum of Flight

Address: 5333 216 St, Langley City, BC V2Y 2N3, Canada

Website: Canadian Museum of Flight

Opening hours: Mon - Sat: 10am - 4pm (closed on Sun)

Price: 7 USD

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4. Get insights about the city at Fort Langley National Historic Site

Fort Langley Community Hall, Fort Langley National Historic Site of Canada
Source: Photo by user Kevin Philipson used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Tucked away on the banks of the Fraser River, this sublime historical site is reminiscent of the colonial period where trade was at its peak. Built in 1827, Fort Langley was a former trading post which operated under Huston’s Bay Company during the British rule. It was built primarily to supply trading products such as furs, salmon, and local cranberries. Visitors will have numerous occasions to take some beautiful snaps of the bucolic buildings made of rough-hewn timber and straws. There are also some insightful guided tours where historical events are recounted.

Fort Langley National Historic Site

Address: 23433 Mavis Ave, Langley City, BC V1M 2R5, Canada

Website: Fort Langley National Historic Site

Opening hours: 10am - 5pm (daily)

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5. Take a leisurely stroll at Nicomekl Park

Nicomekl river, with heron (9604862663)
Source: Photo by user waferboard used under CC BY 2.0

Langley City is a place where there is an abundance of green areas among which are its many lush parks where you can easily spend some quality time in the midst of nature. And if you’re craving for some fresh air then head to Nicomekl Park where it abounds with duck ponds, walking trails like Nicomekl Floodplain Trail system, and the small Hunter Park. Other features include several duck ponds, enchanting gardens, spacious playgrounds, and amenities such as washrooms and picnic areas. Children will enjoy watching the adorable geese and ducks. This site is also a favorite wedding spot.

Nicomekl Park

Address: 208 Street and, 54 Ave, Langley City, BC, Canada

Website: Nicomekl Park

Opening hours: 7am - 10:30pm (daily)

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6. Skateboard at Penzer Action Park

If you happen to be an outdoorsy person then you will enjoy spending time at Penzer Action Park. This well-equipped action park is widely used by outdoor enthusiasts. There are several skateboarding pump tracks, parkour facilities, sports courts, a toddler climbing park, and numerous walking trails. On-site amenities consist of restroom facilities, water refill stations, and benches as well where parents can rest and keep an eye over their little ones.

Penzer Action Park

Address: 4847 200 St, Langley City, BC V3A 8G2, Canada

Website: Penzer Action Park

Opening hours: 7am - 10pm (daily)

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7. Get some fresh air at Sendall Botanical Gardens

things to do in langley | get some fresh air at sendall botanical gardens
Source: instagram

Another relaxing place to soak up the fresh air is at Sendall Botanical Gardens where visitors can find their moments of peace. This verdant site where you can do several things like picnic with family, read a book, or take some incredible pictures of the diverse flora and fauna (including swans, geese, and ducks). The park is also a famous place for weddings.

Sendall Botanical Gardens

Address: 20210 50 Ave, Langley City, BC V3A 3S9, Canada

Website: Sendall Botanical Gardens

Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 4:30pm (closed on Sat & Sun)

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8. Attend a performance at Chief Sepass Theatre

Are you looking for a family-friendly activity while visiting Langley City? Then look no further. Chief Sepass Theatre is where you can bring your children to enjoy some amazing children’s plays, dance recitals, and more. Located conveniently close to Walnut Grove and Maple Ridge, Chief Sepass Theatre is a huge complex where several art performances are organized. From music concerts to storytelling and drama, each performance is beautifully executed by talented artists. There are several facilities including a washroom, seating facility that is fully wheelchair accessible, and a snack corner where visitors can buy foodstuffs as well.

Chief Sepass Theatre

Address: 9096 Trattle St, Langley City, BC, Canada

Website: Chief Sepass Theatre

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9. Pay tribute at Douglas Park, War Memorial

Douglas Park (City of Langley, BC)
Source: Photo by user James.bc used under CC0

Douglas Park is a beautiful park and memorial where you can pay tribute to brave veterans who sacrificed their lives fighting wars. This peaceful place is also the burial site of soldiers who fought battles in order to maintain freedom and liberty. Solemn and quiet, this place is a good spot to reflect.

Douglas Park, War Memorial

Address: 20452-20458 Park Ave, Langley City, BC V3A 4N3, Canada

Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 4:30pm (closed on Sat & Sun)

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10. Play sports at McLeod Athletic Park

Sports fanatics will enjoy paying a visit at McLeod Athletic Park which is a full-fledge multi-sport stadium where several major sports events take place. It is the home of the Langley Rams football team who, in 2014, hosted and played in the Canadian Bowl National Championship Game here. The stadium has a capacity to hold 2,200 spectators. It is equipped with brand new art field turf and a Jumbotron digital replay screen where spectators can view the match. On site there is also the Rams Room which is a private clubhouse. The stadium has several spaces to practice javelin, high jump, discus, and long jump, among other disciplines. In addition, there are six soccer fields, four tennis courts, and a lacrosse box.

McLeod Athletic Park

Address: 56 Avenue & 216 Street, Langley, British Columbia

Website: McLeod Athletic Park

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11. Take your dog for a walk at Langley Meadows Park

For all of your fun outdoor activities, Langley Meadows Park is a family-friendly spot to enjoy a day packed with fun. This small park is fitted with areas where you can engage in several amazing activities like baseball, tennis, football, or even play with your dog. There is also a large grass area where family and friends can play frisbee and spend a great time together. Facilities include washrooms and shaded parking lots.

Langley Meadows Park

Address: 19916 64 Ave, Langley City, BC V2Y 1A2, Canada

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12. Visit pumpkin fields at Aldor Acres Ltd.

A few kilometers away from Fort Langley, this beautiful farm is tucked away in the enchanting Glen Valley. And if you’re in search of a peaceful haven where your children can be happy then Aldor Acres Ltd. is definitely the place. This lovely family-owned farm is a place where your children will be entertained by cute animals. The farm is home to several pumpkin patches and is filled with Christmas trees. This is a place where your young ones can learn about gardening and taking care of animals.

Aldor Acres Ltd.

Address: 8301 252 St, Langley City, BC V1M 3N1, Canada

Website: Aldor Acres Ltd.

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13. Get your adrenaline rushing at Fast Track Indoor Karting

Get ready for a huge adrenaline rush at Fast Track Indoor Karting located at Production Way. Ride the ultra-modern kart like a real race car driver and enjoy driving at full speed in a secured setting. Remove your fears and feel the rush of adrenaline in your vein as you set for this thrilling adventure where you will be always guided by the professionals. There are different tracks adapted for different levels of drivers, including the junior and adult tracks. The karts are very easy to use. There are integral sliding protection systems and adjustable seats and pedals as well. Thought it is important to note that racers under 18 will need a parent or guardian signature on their waiver form, while the rest need to present a valid driving license.

Fast Track Indoor Karting

Address: 5760 Production Way, Langley City, BC V3A 4N4, Canada

Website: Fast Track Indoor Karting

Opening hours: 10am - 12am (daily)

Price: From 16 USD

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14. Catch a hockey match at Langley Events Centre

Source: Photo by user Garrett James used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Langley Events Center is a multi-purpose facility that opened its doors primarily to host gymnastics championships. Located in the beautiful Fraser Valley, this center has hosted many events but mainly sports competitions. Today, it is a one-stop-shop for different sports events where visitors can enjoy watching many hockey and basketball matches. The complex is fitted with amenities such as a banquet hall, a fieldhouse, and parking stalls among others.

Langley Events Centre

Address: 7888 200 St, Langley City, BC V2Y 3J4, Canada

Website: Langley Events Centre

Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 5pm; Sat - Sun: 9am - 5pm

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15. Enjoy a golf session at Fort Langley Golf Course

Another interesting thing to do while staying in Langley City is to play some golf with your friends. One such place to enjoy playing golf is Fort Langley Golf Course which is situated in close proximity to Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge. This lush green golf course is nestled in a countryside area on the banks of the Fraser and Salmon rivers. Created in 1968, the golf course has been meticulously designed to accommodate all levels of golf players. There are also on-site facilities including a restaurant offering a wide option of delicious menus.

Fort Langley Golf Course

Address: 9782 McKinnon Crescent, Langley City, BC V1M 3V6, Canada

Website: Fort Langley Golf Course

Opening hours: 7:30am - 5:30pm (daily)

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16. Relish fresh cider at Fraser Valley Cider Company

It all started with a passion for cider. Today, Fraser Valley Cider Company has become a place where aspiring entrepreneurs can take inspiration from. This cider farm has been operating for six years. It consists of several orchards which produces more than 2,000 cider apples. The place has hosted many tent parties where guests have the pleasure to taste the fresh cider and get the chance to learn more about its production. There are also some artisanal gifts that are worth buying. The company also organizes group tasting sessions which last for an hour.

Fraser Valley Cider Company

Address: Metro Vancouver Regional District, 22128 16 Ave, Langley Twp, BC V2Z 1L3, Canada

Website: Fraser Valley Cider Company

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17. Sample craft beer at Trading Post Brewery & Tasting Room

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

The Trading Post Brewery & Tasting Room is a wonderful place to spend some quality time with your friends while visiting Langley City. This place inspires people to connect with each other over palatable food and delicious beer. Its tasting room, which seats about 60 people, is where you can enjoy a glass of fresh beer. But there also drinks such as kombucha, craft soda, local cider, and wine, of course, which you can always try. Besides, they also have an on-site kitchen where snacks like delicious sausages can be paired with your favorite drink.

Trading Post Brewery & Tasting Room

Address: 20120 64 Ave #107, Langley City, BC V2Y 1M8, Canada

Website: Trading Post Brewery & Tasting Room

Opening hours: Thu - Sat: 12pm - 11pm; Sun - Tue: 12pm - 8pm; Wed: 12pm - 10pm

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18. Work out at W.C. Blair Recreation Centre

Source: Photo by user Themightyquill used under CC BY-SA 3.0

If you wish to burn a few calories then head to W.C. Blair Recreation Centre - a family-friendly place where you can work out with your family while staying in Langley City. This recreation center comes with convenient amenities consisting of cardio and weight room, free form wave pool, climbing walls, diving board, sauna, restrooms, and a whirlpool tub. Children can spend their time swimming in the pool and having fun. And to top it off, you can also request assistance from fitness program staff.

W.C. Blair Recreation Centre

Address: 22200 Fraser Hwy, Langley City, BC V3A 3T2, Canada

Website: W.C. Blair Recreation Centre

Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 6am - 10pm; Sat - Sun: 6:30am - 10pm

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19. Buy vintage items at Napier's Country Antiques

things to do in langley | buy vintage items at napier's country antiques
Source: instagram

Napier’s Country Antiques is a haven to find exceptional vintage items. Located in the quaint village of Milner, this small farming community of Langley is 40 minutes away from Vancouver B.C. This place is where you can find items to complete your antique collection at an affordable price. You can find numerous things from vintage mirrors to gramophones, stained glass, garden gates, crates, and typewrites. There are many beautiful items that can enhance the interior of your room.

Napier's Country Antiques

Address: 6743 216 St, Langley City, BC V2Y 2N9, Canada

Website: Napier's Country Antiques

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20. Savor delicious spring rolls at Ban Chok Dee Thai Cuisine

Decked with red walls and dark wood, this Thai restaurant offers an intimate setting where you can celebrate birthdays or any special day during your vacation in Langley City. If you are a lover of spicy and tangy food, then go through the extensive list of menu where you will find unique and interesting authentic Thai dishes. Whether it’s the spring rolls or the spicy calamari and even the broccoli stem salad, each dish is prepared with much attention. Thanks to its utmost commitment, the restaurant has received several awards for its outstanding cuisine.

Ban Chok Dee Thai Cuisine

Address: 20563 Douglas Crescent, Langley City, BC V3A 4B6, Canada

Website: Ban Chok Dee Thai Cuisine

Opening hours: 11am - 3pm, 4:30pm - 9pm (daily)

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21. Spend an exciting night-out at Rendezvous Pub

For a fun time, Rendezvous Pub is your definite next go. Being always in the limelight, the pub has no doubt attracted many party animals in the city. Opened in 1983 by the legendary Larry Fisher, the pub is a success story. With new concepts and lots of creative ideas, the pub has been able to harmoniously combine drinks, music, and full entertainment for locals and foreign visitors alike. Each time, there is something new going on. For instance, on Sundays guests can enjoy the Karaoke party with their friends.

Rendezvous Pub

Address: 20620 56 Ave, Langley City, BC V3A 3Z1, Canada

Website: Rendezvous Pub

Opening hours: Sun - Thu: 11am - 12am; Fri - Sat: 11am - 1am

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22. Groove to country music at Gabby's Country Cabaret

Whether you are celebrating your birthday or bachelorette party in Langley City, there’s no better place than Gabby’s Country Cabaret where you can groove to country music. For over 30 years, Gabby’s has been a favorite among the locals. It’s a place to put your stress at bay and meet new people over a cocktail. This place has also welcomed renowned local and international artists like Lisa Brokop, Rick Tippe, Patricia Conroy, and others. But entertainment is not only limited to country music - you can enjoy everything from reggae to rock or any of the latest pop music.

Gabby's Country Cabaret

Address: 20297 Fraser Hwy, Langley City, BC V3A 4E7, Canada

Website: Gabby's Country Cabaret

Opening hours: Wed - Sat: 8pm - 2am (closed from Sun - Tue)

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23. Shop for the latest fashions at Willowbrook Shopping Centre

Willowbrook Shopping Centre
Source: Photo by user Clee7903 used under CC BY-SA 4.0

For your last-minute shopping, Willowbrook Shopping Center can come to your rescue. This shopping center is a huge complex in the region where you can shop a wide range of items from clothing to boots, jewelry, and books. Conveniently located on Fraser Highway near Langley Bypass, the shopping center features over 140 stores where you can find renowned brands such as H&M, Sport Chek, and Victoria’s Secret, among others. In addition, there is a myriad of food courts, grocery stores, and mobile stores where you can easily find the latest mobile phones.

Willowbrook Shopping Centre

Address: 19705 Fraser Hwy, Langley City, BC V3A 7E9, Canada

Website: Willowbrook Shopping Centre

Opening hours: Mon - Tue: 9:30am - 6pm; Wed - Fri: 9:30am - 9pm; Sat: 9:30am - 6pm; Sun: 11am - 6pm

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24. Watch your favorite movie at Cineplex Cinemas Langley

things to do in langley | watch your favorite movie at cineplex cinemas langley
Source: instagram

Has your favorite movie been released lately and you don’t know where to watch it in Langley City? Cineplex Cinemas Langley is just the right place. Equipped with the latest technology and modern infrastructure, this theatre movie invites movie fanatics to spend a wonderful time with their families and friends. The complex is also fitted with facilities like restaurants and pubs where you can dine before or after watching your favorite movie. So get ready to grab some popcorn and enjoy your time watching a great movie from comfortable seats.

Cineplex Cinemas Langley

Address: #20090 91a Ave, Langley City, BC V1M 3Y9, Canada

Website: Cineplex Cinemas Langley

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25. Camp at Brae Island Regional Park

Escaping the daily grind is easy when you decide to spend some time at Brae Island Regional Park where you can connect with nature, camp, and hike with your family. This place is surrounded by the Fraser River and coastal mountain ranges making it an ideal place to retreat. Soak up the incredible views and breathe some fresh air. Get lost in nature and find rejuvenating moments in this little paradise.

Brae Island Regional Park

Address: 9451 Glover Rd, Langley Twp, BC V1M 2R9, Canada

Opening hours: 7am - 6pm (daily)

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Discover interesting things to do in Langley City

This enchanting city is packed with some lush green parks which make it an ideal destination for nature lovers. But apart from the verdant setting, Langley City is home to numerous pubs, restaurants, and sports centers where you can have a great time. Check out these things to do and have a splendid holiday ahead at Langley City.

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