Top 21 Things To Do In Odda Municipality, Norway - Updated 2024

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Odda is a small municipality in Sørfjorden and a branch of the majestic Hardangerfjord. Surrounded by fjords, vast ice sheets, and mountains, Odda is an ideal place for a fun holiday. You can stay in amazing Airbnb vacation rentals in Odda. Here you will find hiking trails and a myriad of opportunities to partake in outdoor activities such as swimming, cycling, fishing, climbing, and camping. In addition, if you feel more adventurous, you can embark on a guided glacier tour, try climbing a Via Ferrata, zip-lining, or even kayaking under the famous Trolltunga. Such adventures are exhausting and upon return, you can relax in the city restaurants and bars as you indulge in local dishes and drinks. Scroll down to discover the top things to do in Odda municipality, Norway.

1. Go glacier hiking at Folgefonna National Park

Lake Bondhus Norway 2862
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Alchemist-hp used under FAL

One of Folgefonna National Park’s standout features is the opportunity for glacier hiking. The park’s pristine glaciers and ice-capped peaks provide an unparalleled backdrop for adventurers eager to explore. Glacier hiking in Folgefonna is not only a thrilling physical challenge but also an opportunity to witness the awe-inspiring beauty of the icy landscapes up close.

The park also offers year-round recreational activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and ice climbing, making it a versatile destination for those seeking both adventure and natural beauty.

Folgefonna National Park

Address: Skålafjæro 17, 5470 Rosendal, Norway

Website: Folgefonna National Park

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2. Delve into the past at Norwegian Museum of Hydropower and Industry

In the small village of Tyssedel is the Norwegian Museum of Hydropower and Industry, a beautiful monument commemorating the adventure of hydropower from the early 1900s. Lest we forget, the museum is also dedicated to preserving the rich history of Tyssedal and Odda. Today the museum has great exhibits of spectacular control equipment and machinery including the Tysso I, distribution pool, guardhouses, and pipelines. At the guard’s apartment, you can see dry tunnels, the distribution dam, and penstocks used to rotate the power plant’s turbines. Families can also participate in experiments, interactive exhibits and science shows at the Odda science center.

Norwegian Museum of Hydropower and Industry

Address: Naustbakken 7, 5770 Tyssedal, Norway

Website: Norwegian Museum of Hydropower and Industry

Opening hours: Tue - Fri: 10am - 3pm (closed from Sat - Mon)

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3. Pay a visit to Ringedals Dam

Ringedalsdammen granittforblending
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user David40226543 used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Still in Tyssedal village is one of the largest gravity dams in Europe, the Ringedals Dam. The reservoir serves the Oksla Hydroelectric Power Plant which generates approximately 900 GWh of power annually. This dam is a good site for excursions. Here visitors will have an opportunity to interact with fascinating designs of historic architects. This spectacular construction comprises of Cyclopean concrete reinforced with large stones and dressed on both sides with the largest hand-cut granite stone in Norway. Lastly, a visit to Ringedals Dam presents a unique opportunity to check the ancient writing of Ragnvald Blakstad, an industrialist and one of the pioneers of hydropower.

Ringedals Dam

Address: 5770 Tyssedal, Norway

Open hours: 24 hours (daily)

Price: Free

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4. Check out the beautiful Låtefossen Waterfall

Don’t know what to see in Odda? Head to Låtefossen Waterfall, which is arguably the most beautiful waterfall in the country given the number of tourists who frequent the area, especially for hiking and sightseeing. Besides being easily accessible, the waterfall is an amazing thing to see. You will be thrilled by the twin streams as they flow from Lake Lotevatnet and merge into one massive stream flowing under the 150-year arc bridge. At one end of the waterfall, there is a path leading to an old hotel that was a favorite spot for early German and English visitors. Although there is not much left here, you can still view the ruins of the hotel.

Låtefossen Waterfall

Address: R13(old) 7, 5763 Skare, Norway

Opening hours: 8am - 8pm (daily)

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5. Wine and dine at Glacier Restaurant, Bar & Cafe

Indian Vegan meal Cooked cauliflower, potato, carrot and tomato, mixed with Indian spices, served with rice #India...

Posted by Glacier Restaurant Odda on Thursday, 12 April 2018

Indeed there are many joints in Odda municipality where you can wine and dine but one spot that stands out is the Glacier Restaurant, Bar & Cafe. First, the establishment is easily accessible as it is situated in the city center and only two minutes’ walk from the main bus station. At the restaurant, you will find the best of the European, Asian, and middle eastern cuisine. Here you will enjoy a variety of dishes including beef kebab with rice, bread, and hummus topping, fried egg noodle served with shrimp and grilled kubi. The seating space upstairs and downstairs is large, cozy and suitable for hosting concerts and private parties.

Glacier Restaurant, Bar & Cafe

Address: Eitrheimsveien 9, 5750 Odda, Norway

Website: Glacier Restaurant, Bar & Cafe

Opening hours: Mon - Thu: 4am - 10pm; Fri - Sun: 1am - 10pm

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6. Warm up to hike Lilletopp

Posted by Photos from Odda on Sunday, 7 April 2019

A hike to Lilletopp. Relax and experience majestic views of Norwegian nature. It is also a perfect warm-up for a major trek to Trolltunga heights. The path to Lilletopp is accessible along route 13 and is well demarcated and maintained with stairways and handrails for safety purposes. At the top of the pipelines, you will enjoy breathtaking views of Folgefonna and Sørfjorden. You will also be given a guided tour through the tunnels where water used to flow before exiting into the power plant pipelines. This exciting hike is suitable for adults as well as kids.


Address: 5770 Tyssedal, Norway

Website: Lilletopp

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7. Explore the gorgeous Espelandsfossen

Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Jerzystrzelecki used under CC BY 3.0

The picturesque Espelandsfossen waterfalls are often confusing. Although similar in many ways, it is worth noting that there are two waterfalls by that name in Norway: one is at the Granvin municipality while the one of interest in this discussion is at Oddadalen valley near the famous Låtefossen. Many people come to Espelandsfossen for adventure and sightseeing. From here, you will be fascinated by the water as it descends in tiered plunges through an impressive 246 feet (75 meters) high cliff. Moreover, splashes from the waterfall produce beautiful projection with the summer rays. For photographers, the waterfall provides a perfect background and an important contribution to your collection of nature photos.


Address: 5736 Granvin, Norway

Website: Espelandsfossen

Opening hours: 24 hours (daily)

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8. Have a tryst with the magical Tjørnadalsfossen

Unlike the other waterfalls in Oddadalen, the Tjørnadalsfossen is not clearly visible from the popular road 13. To catch a glimpse of Tjørnadalsfossen, hiking through the thick green canopy is necessary but worth it. For instance, it’s not until you get to the base that you will discover the waterfall. It is not stepped as it appears from far but a consistent waterfall which is actually one of the tallest single-tiers in the continent. Those who visit in the evening usually have an added advantage of watching the sun as it gracefully disappears between the valleys. For couples looking for a romantic gateway, Tjørnadalsfossen presents a rare opportunity to experience such magical moments.


Address: 5750, Odda, Norway

Website: Tjørnadalsfossen

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9. Visit the ancient town of Røldal

Røldal Stave Church
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user [Unknown] used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Take another scenic tour from the valley of five waterfalls in Odda to Røldal which is famous for its ancient stave church. The church is remembered for its healing crucifix, an important artifact still residing in the church. A legend among the pilgrimage community has it that the crucifix sweat once every year during Olsok and when it does, it is believed to contain some healing power. Røldal is also located in a valley surrounded by great mountain ranges which make it a favorite winter destination among the winter sports enthusiasts. In addition, the town is a good place for sightseeing considering its close proximity to the Hardangervidda national park, SVR nature reserve, and Novlefoss waterfall.

Stave church

Address: Kyrkjevegen 34, 5760 Røldal, Norway

Opening hours: 10am - 4pm (daily)

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10. Check out the fascinating sights from Opo River Viewpoint

Beautiful view across Odda, with the River Opo flowing down to Sørfjorden. . . . #odda #norway #hordaland #sørfjorden #norwaypic #travellingtheworld

Posted by Lifejourney4two on Monday, 15 July 2019

If you are in Odda municipality, then you shouldn’t miss the Opo River Viewpoint. It is a great place to relax with family as you enjoy exceptional views of the surrounding. For instance, the river follows a slightly erratic course as it flows past the town into the lake. If you are close enough the whooshing of the waves against the banks is an exhilarating experience. Overlooking the river is a scenic landscape comprising of mountain ranges covered with thick canopies and patches of glaciers. The Opo river viewpoint is photogenic: the river together with the surrounding features create a great background where you can pose for some memorable photos.

Opo River Viewpoint

Address: 5750, Norway

Opening hours: 24 hours (daily)

Price: Free

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11. Savor local snacks and delicacies at Iris Scene Odda

Uavgjort ved pause, og VM-burgeren vår selger som hakka kjøtt?

Posted by Iris Scene Odda on Monday, 18 June 2018

This is a good place to unwind with friends and family after a tedious day of hiking in the valleys and mountains is Iris Scene Odda. The establishment has a cozy café serving a variety of homemade delicacies including fish and chips, hamburgers, and pizza. In addition, there is a pub where you can relax and enjoy great cocktails, beer, and wine. For music and art enthusiasts, Iris Scene has a great live concert arena well furnished with big screens, proper lighting and sophisticated sound system to keep you entertained with dance and other interesting acts. The premises are suitable for hosting parties, exhibitions, and conferences.

Iris Scene Odda

Address: Smelteverket 121, 5750 Odda, Norway

Website: Iris Scene Odda

Opening hours: Wed -Thu: 1pm - 6pm; Fri: 1pm - 2:30am; Sat: 11am - 2:30am (closed from Sun - Tue)

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12. Drive through the scenic Røldalsfjellet

things to do in odda norway | drive through the scenic røldalsfjellet
Source: instagram

Røldalsfjellet is a beloved summer destination amidst the great mountain ranges of Røldal. It is accessible via the old E134 road connecting Seljestad and Røldal and this is only possible during summertime when the road is open. The journey along this secluded mountain pass is a versatile experience filled with spectacular natural attractions near Odda. Here you will see steep mountainsides, deep fjords, and thick forest stands. As can be seen, Røldalsfjellet has an exciting and changing landscape in the background suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. However, fishing around this area without a license from the local authority is restricted.

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13. Trek to the edge of Buarbreen

things to do in odda norway | trek to the edge of buarbreen
Source: instagram

Buarbreen is an offshoot of the mighty Folgefonna glacier that stretches down into the Buerdalen valley, southwest of Odda municipality. The glacier beautifully drains into river Jordalselvi, which flows into Lake Sandvinvatnet. Getting to the glacier from Odda is easy, it is a mere 8-km (4.97 mi) drive to the parking lot at Buer. From here, you can walk to the glacier as you admire the spectacular landscape made of mountain peaks, valleys, thick forests, and streams. The trails are well demarcated and easy to follow but to better enjoy the hike, remember to wear hiking shoes since the terrain gets steeper as you approach the glacier.

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14. Click Insta-worthy photos at Vidfossen Waterfall

A few miles to the Early Stave Church at Roldal is another scenic waterfall called Vidfossen. The waterfall looks magnificent from all angles. At the top, it resembles an overflowing sink which appears to fan-out midway like an off-centered broom. However, it is worth noting that this waterfall is not easily accessible as it is situated in front of a restricted piece of land. So to explore this area you will need an alternative route perhaps with the help of a local guide. In addition, there is no parking but you can still appreciate the beauty of the waterfall and the river from the roadside.


Address: 5710 Skulestadmo, R13(old) 40, 5763, Norway

Website: Vidfossen

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15. Admire the majestic Furebergsfossen waterfall

things to do in odda norway | admire the majestic furebergsfossen waterfall
Source: instagram

On your way from Odda, stop along route 551 at Furebergsfossen to view this majestic and perhaps one of the most accessible waterfalls in Norway. The waterfall is just on the side of the road and you can stop here to stretch your legs as you explore the area. Significant water sprays from the free fall can be felt by the roadside and even though this may hinder photography it is still a lot of fun for visitors. The road is usually clear and many vehicles do not slow down in this area, so you should be mindful of passing traffic.

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16. Travel along the picturesque Eidesnuten

things to do in odda norway | travel along the picturesque eidesnuten
Source: instagram

Eidesnuten 903 m.o.h is a perfect spot for hiking and sightseeing. There is a lot you can see here considering the viewpoint is surrounded by astonishing landscape comprising of high mountains, beautiful valleys, high waterfalls, quiet lake and patches of snow and glacier on mountain tops. Further, Sandvinsvatneti Lake is easily accessible at Eidesnuten 903 m.o.h. The lake has great sceneries which can be best explored using a canoe. Fishing and swimming are also possible in this lake and with a permit from Odda camping, you can enjoy such activities. However, the terrain is uneven and so be sure to pack the right gadgets including a pair of hiking boots that have a firm ankle grip and support.

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17. Go biking, hiking, and climbing at Trolltunga (from USD 183.88)

go biking, hiking, and climbing at trolltunga

If you love adventure, a hike to the magnificent rock formation of Trolltunga is something you should try. The tour involves a mix of fun activities near Odda including hiking, cycling, ziplining, and rock climbing. The hike starts at Ringedalen Dam followed by a 7-km (4.3 mi) cycling path to the end of lake Ringedalen where you will find a Via Ferrata. This point marks the start of an interesting ziplining escape along a course of approximately 600m (1969 feet). Here you will enjoy stunning sceneries over the lake as you zip through the scenic azure waterfalls. It is advisable to start the tour a bit early because the daylight hours from September are shorter than the nights, which are often cold.

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Odda: Full-Day Trolltunga Hiking, and Climbing Tour

Duration: 10.0 hour

56 reviews

18. Encourage your mates to climb Via Ferrata (from USD 451.26)

encourage your mates to climb via ferrata

Take a vacation far from the polluted air in urban centers and enjoy fresh breaths as you scale up the heights of Trolltunga. Here you are guaranteed a day full of fun activities such as trekking, cycling, hiking, and climbing. At the Via Ferrata, you will be marveled by great sceneries of the landscape as you climb up the steep rockface with the help of safety harness. Many visitors often opt to camp in the area due to fatigue and the fact that it’s not safe to maneuver this steep and rocky area at night. At the campsite, you will have an opportunity to watch the sunset and sunrise as you engage in Norwegian fairy tales at the comfort of the sunset dome.

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Odda: Trolltunga Via Ferrata, Sunset and Sunrise

Duration: 26 hour

2 reviews

19. Set camp at Trolltunga (from USD 353.16)

set camp at trolltunga

For those seeking to explore more of Trolltunga, camping here is the option to consider. The journey from Odda to Trolltunga is exciting; on the way you will be delighted by great views of the majestic valley, surrounding glacier and the resultant features. The best time to get to the cliff is around 5 pm because that’s when you can watch the sun as it beautifully sets in the horizon. At the campsite, not far from the cliff, you will discover an exquisite pulpit rock which is not popular but it’s as magical as the Trolltunga. After dinner, which mainly comprises of rice, reindeer-stew, and lingonberry, you can either relax at the tents or go for a night swim at the secret pond.

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Odda: Overnight Hike to Trolltunga

Duration: 26 hour

16 reviews

20. Try snowshoe hiking in Trolltunga (from USD 162.93)

try snowshoe hiking in trolltunga

Have you ever thought of visiting the glorious fjords of Odda at a time without tourist congestion? Winter is just the right time to do so. Join an off-season trip to Trolltunga and explore different attractions while it’s snowing. Start the tour early in the morning with a quick warm-up from Skjeggedal to Mågelitopp, the point where you will encounter significant glacier. Switch to snow attires and hike through Gryteskar, Floren Endåne and finally Trolltunga. Throughout the tour, you will be surrounded by natural sceneries of Lake Ringedalen, Folgefonna glacier, and the vast Hardangervidda mountain plateau. The trip is suitable for adults with normal physical fitness.

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Odda: Trolltunga Winter Snowshoe Hike

63 reviews

21. Book a boat tour of the Hardangerfjord (from USD 116.38)

book a boat tour of the hardangerfjord

The Hardangerfjord area is an important tourist destination offering spectacular nature and rich cultural heritage. Explore the beauty of this region with a boat tour from Odda. On the way, you will pass by the power station in Tyssedal where you will learn the important role water has played in the industrialization of Norway. As you cruise through the fjord you will be thrilled by incredible views of steep slopes and fruit farms growing cherries, apples, plums, and pears on the hillsides. Finally, the guards are friendly and informative about the history and culture of the area hence you will learn a lot while listening to fascinating stories told.

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Odda: RIB Boat Tour on the Hardangerfjord

Duration: 2.0 hour

5 reviews

Experience the best of the countryside

Although small, Odda has many charming places to visit and countless things to see. Coupled together, these attractions guarantee a tour full of fun and adventure. So if you are planning a trip to Norway, use this list to guide you on interesting things to do in Odda municipality.

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